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Chapter 129 - Du Gui

There were more than fifty students from the Black Level Martial School. Most of them were in their twenties. Their faces were filled with pride. Not only did they look down on the students of the Three Profound Academy, they did not even put the other Profound Grade Martial Academies in their eyes.

"Only the students of Tianxuan Martial Arts School and Ling Xuanxuan Martial Academy have come!" Huo Zhong said. His voice was naturally loud, so it was heard by the Black Level Martial School students.

A long-faced student of the Sky Profound Martial School sneered and said, "We can come because our mental strength is strong enough. The mental strength of the people from the Star Profound Martial School is too weak, so they naturally did not come. "

A strong Spirit Power was also a type of talent, so this group of Profound Grade Martial Arts Academy students were very arrogant.

All the students in the valley gathered at the Martial Arts Practice Grounds. A hunchbacked elder wearing a black robe suddenly flew over. Behind him followed Guo Cheng, the Vice Principal of the Sky Profound Martial School, and the Vice Principal of the Ling Xuan Martial Arts Academy, Luo Ke.

When Qin Yun saw the hunchbacked elder, he could not help but feel a sense of fear. Huo Zhong and Mu Rong, who were beside him, had looks of horror on their faces.

Xie Wufeng was also sweating profusely.

Even the 20 plus students of the Profound Rank Martial House had expressions of terror.

The hunchbacked old man said, "I am Du Gui, a teacher of the Star Martial Arts Academy who majors in Mental Energy! Although the students of our Star Martial Arts Academy are not qualified to possess Mental Energy, I am still here to teach you all Mental Energy martial arts so that you can go deal with the ghost beasts. "

Du Gui was originally short and hunched, making him look even smaller. However, there weren't many wrinkles on his face. His snow-white brows were very long, reaching all the way down to his cheeks, and his pair of small eyes glittered brightly, making him look like a gentle old man.

After he withdrew his mental pressure, he continued, "There are more than two hundred students in the Three Mysterious Academy. I will choose from among them to see if there are any who have a strong mental strength.

Those students from the Xuan Wu Academy suddenly frowned! They looked down on the students of the Three Mysterious Academy and thought that they would be a burden.

"Teacher Du, if the weak chickens come with us then don't blame us if they die." A young man said coldly.

"I definitely won't blame any of you..." Du Gui laughed and said, "Also, all of you have to pass my mental test before you can cultivate my cultivation technique."

The test of Mental Energy did not give any pressure to the students of the Xuan Wu Academy. They had to pass the test to be able to come to this place.

They lined up and waited for the test to begin.

Du Gui took out a large plate of small white stones and sprinkled it on the ground and said, "I refined this kind of stone. It's called the Flying God's Stone. To float more stones on air, you will need to use more spiritual force. "

"Um... Generally speaking, you would need to float twenty stones before you qualify, but now you need to deal with ghost beasts, so I raised the standard to thirty stones in order to pass.

The students of the Black Level Martial Academy began their tests. Although they were proud, they restrained themselves in front of Du Gui.

Qin Yun watched on seriously from the side. He wished that he could take the test to see his own level of mental strength.

The first examinee's name was Hong Yu and he came from the Sky Profound Martial School. He stood beside the hundred white stones and covered them with his spirit energy.

Soon, a few pieces of God's Stone floated into the air.

When Hong Yu saw this, he became extremely anxious. He released even more spiritual energy to cover the God Soaring Stones on the ground, and then another ten or so of them began to float upwards.

"Only eighteen stones!" Du Gui shook his head.

Guo Cheng said anxiously, "Elder Du … This … Hong Yu's mental power is not bad after all! "

Du Gui shook his head and said, "No, his level is not high enough. He can't learn my spiritual power cultivation technique."

Hong Yu's forehead was covered in sweat and his face was flushed red. However, the other God Soaring Stones were unable to float in the air. In total, there were only 18 of them!

He actually couldn't pass Du Gui's Spiritual Energy Test!

Those proud Profound Grade Martial Arts Academy students were all secretly surprised!

They finally understood why there weren't any students in the Star Martial Arts Academy. It was because they were unable to pass this difficult test!

"Next!" Du Gui shouted.

The one who came up to take the test was a bewitching red-clothed woman. She could only levitate twenty God Soaring Stones. If it was in normal times, that would be enough. But to deal with the spirit beasts now, she needed to use thirty of them, so she wasn't qualified either!

From the very beginning, two people had failed. This caused the Profound Grade Martial Arts Academy students to worry endlessly. Du Gui's test was too harsh. It was extremely likely that they would be eliminated. This was a very humiliating matter.

After continuously testing a few, they all failed.

The young man who came up next had a cold and arrogant expression, brimming with confidence, as if he had passed the test!

"Wu Youchen, he's among the strongest Soul Energy in our Lin Xuanwu Academy. Since he's from a family with a Spirit Power, he'll definitely pass the test!" A person said.

Wu Youchen walked over, and the moment he released his spiritual energy, the God Soaring Stone floated into the air. Soon, it reached twenty-five!

When everyone saw this, they couldn't help but exclaim in admiration.

Wu Youchen's expression turned slightly solemn. He let out a groan and increased his mental energy. Then, another two God's Stone floated into the air …


"29, I'm still missing one more!"

Suddenly, another five God's Stone floated into the air.

"34 is amazing!"

The students of the Three Mysterious Academy cried out in shock.

Wu Youchen's entire body was covered in sweat, and it was obvious that he had put in his all. Even though his face was pale, the arrogance on his face had yet to fade. To be able to pass Du Gui's test made him even more proud.

Du Gui nodded and said, "Wu Youchen has passed. Next!"

Soon after, the remaining forty plus Xuan grade Martial Arts Academy students were tested one by one.

Needless to say, there were quite a few students who had a strong mental strength, and quite a few of them had reached twenty-five years of age or higher.

Currently, only fifteen people had passed.

Apart from Wu Youchen, the rest of them could only float thirty God Soaring Stones. It would be extremely difficult to add one more.

"When it's Xiao Yue Mei's time, she's the youngest and also the last. I wonder if she'll be able to pass."

"It's been a while, she seems to have become more beautiful again."

"She is only fourteen years old and is already at the sixth level of the Martial Body realm. Her Spirit power is also strong. She is just like her elder sister. Her talent is very high!"

As soon as Xiao Yue Mei arrived, everyone began to discuss her. She was a very beautiful young girl, and she was also very strong, so she naturally attracted a lot of attention.

Xiao Yue Mei's pretty face was cold as she walked to the side of the God Soaring Stone.

She humphed lightly and released her spirit power. A large amount of God Soaring Stone started to float up!

Dozens of God's Stone were floating in the air as they casually flew. Suddenly, a burst of noise came from the surroundings; everyone was shocked!

Du Gui's face was also filled with surprise as he said, "Fifty-five pills, and … You haven't even used your full strength yet! "

Xiao Yue Mei only released her mental energy for a moment before she quickly withdrew it with a relaxed expression. In front of him, the rest of the examinees seemed to have lost half their lives.

"Little girl, show me all your Spirit power!" Du Gui laughed.

"I don't feel like it, it's so tiring!" Xiao Yue Mei snorted and walked to the side: "No matter how talented I am, I am still a student of the Sky Profound Martial School. What does it have to do with you?"

"If your spiritual force talent is good, I will give you another cultivation technique to learn!" Du Gui laughed.

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