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Chapter 127 - Totem Mark

Qin Yun had immersed himself in the Celestial Lion Pool for ten days. When he came out, he saw the mysterious and bizarre Celestial Lion totem on his left arm. He had no idea what it was.

Now, as he looked more carefully, he was surprised to find that the Heavenly Lion Totem Stone had many strange patterns within it, similar to the ape type of bright lines.

"Could it be... This Heavenly Lion Totem is also a mysterious pattern? " Qin Yun took a deep breath. If that was true, he would be able to create a puppet in the form of a lion.

Qin Yun looked more carefully as he observed the Heavenly Lion totem on his left arm. The more he looked, the more alarmed he became …

If he hadn't discovered the ape type totem from the iron man, he wouldn't have known that totems were also a type of mystical prints!

"I've read about this in the books on Inscription. To think that the Heavenly Lion Totem Stone is actually an Inscription among Inscriptions!"

Qin Yun hurriedly took out a large piece of paper and carefully inscribed the totem on it.

The process of drawing made him even more shocked. He was certain that the Heavenly Lion's totem tattoo was a mystical pattern, and one that was very profound. It was definitely not an ordinary spirit pattern.

"Great! I'll start forging the puppet immediately!"

After Qin Yun made a major discovery, he was overjoyed. He excitedly took out the furnace and threw a few Lion Tiger's and Evil Beast's bones into it.

His strength was limited, and he could only use ordinary materials to refine it.

Otherwise, he would have melted away the iron man, or used the dragon bone. Those were all materials used for high grade spirit weapons.

"I should be fine with just adding a bit of the dragon bone!" He thought for a moment, then put a small portion of the Evil Dragon Bone inside.

A month passed quickly.

Qin Yun held onto the remnant of the iron man and entered his room. He did not come out, but instead spent the entire day hammering on things inside.

While Mu Rong Jun was outside, he was very excited. He hoped that Qin Yun would be able to pull out a puppet.

On the floor of Qin Yun's room, there was a large skeleton of a beast. Its bones were sparkling and translucent, and there were exquisite engravings on the inside. These lines were all carved from his Celestial Lion totem.

He first forged a piece of bone, then carved the totem tattoos on the bones.

Then, he used the refined beast tendons and connected all the bones together to form a huge complete beast skeleton.

"The outer skin should be wrapped in the scales of the evil drake, and the melted animal bone in the middle should be used as muscle. As for how to move it, that will depend on whether the Heavenly Lion Totem Mark is effective or not."

Qin Yun studied the iron men of Blue Spirit Star Palace and noticed that the ape pattern had the greatest effect. It was like a soul in a body. This was the ingenuity of a puppet.

If the puppet lion he refined could not move, it would most likely be a problem with the totem spirit pattern.

"After special refinement, these bones can also accumulate inner strength. If I were to inscribe the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array on the inside of the shard, I would be able to absorb the nine suns' spirit energy to replenish my energy … "Hm, I still need to refine Will Beads, Energy Storing Beads, etc!"

For the past month, Qin Yun had only rested for two hours every day. The rest of his time was devoted to refining puppet lions.

He was already in a very excited state, so he didn't feel tired at all.

Now, he had completed more than half of it, and would soon be able to complete it!

A few days later, Qin Yun covered the skeleton with a layer of shell made from dragon scales.

After being refined with a special method, the scales of the flood dragon were as flexible as a piece of animal hide. It did not have the hardness of the scales, and its surface was a metallic, silver color.

The muscles, on the other hand, were made from melted animal bones and a portion of high-grade spirit iron.

Several important beads were placed in the middle of the lion's body. There were many refined "meat" wrapped around them, so the center was the strongest position.

A four meter long silver lion was finally complete!

The lion head was meticulously carved by Qin Yun. It was entirely silver and had a very strong metallic feel. It was immediately apparent that it was a metallic lion.

"I've already engraved the blood traces, and I also took care of dripping blood on the prayer beads. Right now, I only need to infuse the energy and I will know if it will succeed or not."

Qin Yun activated the puppet's Nine Suns Spirit Gathering Formation and began absorbing the spiritual energy into the Sphinx's internal Strength Accumulation Pearl …

The Power Storage Beads inside the Puppet Silver Lion's body were not as simple as storing internal energy. There was a storage space inside that could use the crystal coins as the driving force.

The current Silver Lion Puppet used the energy stored within the Strength Accumulation Pearl to activate the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array and absorb the nine suns' spirit energy into the Strength Accumulation Pearl. This way, after a period of circulation, it would be able to store all of the power inside the pearl.

Qin Yun closed his eyes. He could feel the Puppet Silver Lion absorbing the energy. He could not help but smile happily as he said, "Those iron men need to replace the Strength Restoring Beads. I will not use them! "Let's see if the Will Pearl can absorb my thoughts and use it to move the silver lion puppet."

"The key to success or failure lies in this step!"

After he calmed down, he sent his mind energy into the Silver Lion puppet, and after sensing the Pearl of Intent, he infused his mind into it …

Roar …

The Puppet Silver Lion suddenly roared. Thankfully, it didn't make much noise when it was inside the cave.

However, Xie Wufeng and the rest who were inside the cave were all shocked.

Qin Yun was also alarmed by the lion's roar. He could sense the terrifying strength of the silver lion puppet!

"Heavenly Lion Totem Stamp..." It truly is the soul of the Heavenly Lion, too terrifying! " He looked at the totem on his left arm and became excited.

After waking up, the Skylion puppet let out a roar, indicating that it was able to 'bring' the puppet back to life.

Qin Yun controlled the Heavenly Lion Puppet with his mind. It moved nimbly as it pounced and bit.

"I succeeded! To think that my first attempt at forging the puppet would be so successful!" Qin Yun was overjoyed as he wiped his sweat. Only now did he feel somewhat exhausted.

"Brother Yun, what happened?" Huo Zhong knocked on Qin Yun's stone door and asked loudly.

"I'm fine!" Qin Yun walked over to open the door and said with a smile.

Xie Wufeng and Mu Rong Jun were outside the door. When they looked inside, they saw a silver lion. With one look, they could tell that it wasn't a real lion.

"Brother Yun, you've succeeded!" Mu Rong Jun shouted as he rushed in. He looked at the tall and big silver lion and touched it. He was extremely excited.

Qin Yun nodded and said with a smile, "Yes, my current strength is limited. The strength of the puppet I refine is not enough. It should not be as durable as an iron man!"

Xie Wufeng and Huo Zhong were also very surprised. They quickly walked into the room and touched it with their hands.

"You were able to pull it off within a month … This is way too fast! " Xie Wufeng was experienced and knowledgeable, he knew that this puppet was not easy to make, so he was even more shocked.

"Haha, not bad!" Huo Zhong smiled and climbed onto his back.

"I don't know either …" This is something that completely depends on one's own feelings! " Qin Yun began to admire himself.

"It seems that you really are a genius in this aspect!" Xie Wufeng smiled.

"Brother Yun, you must refine a puppet beast for me when you enter the Star Martial Arts Academy in the future!" Mu Rong Jun said with a smile, "Only this kind of thing is worthy of the handsome and elegant me." "At that time, the little girl in the Star Martial Arts Academy will definitely scream crazily when she sees me riding on a puppet. She'll be captivated by me …"

Qin Yun could not help but smile and said, "This Golem Silver Lion is my first creation. It definitely has many flaws. When I improve it in the future, it will become stronger. Then, I'll refine another one for you."

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