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Chapter 118 - King Kong/Vajra(a mythical creature) Mastery

Although Iron Man appeared aggressive, Qin Yun remained calm.

Iron Man's speed was not very fast, so he did not underestimate him.

"You only need to endure for two hours?" Qin Yun chose to dodge. Stepping on the Cloudfire Steps, he quickly retreated to a corner of the stone chamber.

Something unexpected happened. The iron man's huge iron head suddenly left his body, bringing with it a strong inner strength that shot over like light.

Qin Yun immediately dodged. He thought that he could easily dodge it, but to his surprise, the steel head turned and continued charging at him.

"What an evil thing!" He cursed silently in his heart. Knowing that dodging was useless, he swung his palm and unleashed the Qi Explosion Technique, sending the iron head flying.

The iron head slammed into the wall, and after it fell to the ground, it flew back up into the air. Just like before, it continued to fly forward.

Qin Yun finally experienced the power of iron men and knew why they were so difficult to deal with.

The iron man was made of high grade spirit iron, and his entire body was hard.

With the cultivation of the 6th level of the Martial Body, it was impossible to harm an iron man with bare hands.

When he was about to attack the incoming iron head, the headless iron man suddenly moved. One of his arms actually left his body and came with a strong internal force.

What was terrifying was that even the iron man himself flew over!

Qin Yun brandished both fists and punched out twice. He used explosive gas to send the incoming iron heads and arms flying. Then, he quickly dodged the incoming iron men!


After the iron man rushed over, he threw out a very terrifying punch!

The surging inner strength was like a violent gale. If he was hit, he could only crawl out!

"It's really difficult to persevere for two hours!" Qin Yun gritted his teeth. He was going to face a tough battle.

Although it was difficult to fight, he felt an indescribable excitement in his heart.

The iron man was very strong, just enough to temper his combat experience. This was also a type of cultivation.

"Iron lump, come! I'm not afraid of you! " Qin Yun encouraged himself as he punched out at Iron Head and Steel Arms that were flying at him again. He happily fought with the iron man.

After six hours, Qin Yun came out of the cave with a swollen face. With a large amount of light pattern equipment, he could last for six hours. He had also received a net worth three hundred thousand Xuan Points.

Xie Wufeng and company had recovered from their injuries and were waiting outside the cave. When they saw that Qin Yun could walk out, they could not help but smile.

"I just went to ask the dean, we can also enter other caves, they can't beat the iron men, so they can only go out to hunt the beasts to earn Xuan Points." Mu Rong Jun patted Qin Yun on the shoulder.

"I'm going in!" After Huo Zhong finished speaking, he strode into cave number eight.

After that, Xie Wufeng and Mu Rong Da Ren also entered the other caves.

Qin Yun went back to rest and replenish the energy of the equipment.

If things continued like this, the four of them would soon reach three million.

One day later, the four of them would be in the living room, recharging their light rune equipment.

With the assistance of the light pattern equipment, they could last three to four hours against the iron men.

"In just a few days, we already have two million Xuan Points, and we can gather three million Xuan Points by tomorrow!" This is all thanks to Brother Yun's light pattern equipment, I finally completely understand why Inscriptionists enjoy such a high status! " Mu Rong Jun sighed.

Xie Wufeng replied, "If you guys could cultivate the King Kong inner strength, with our team's abilities, entering the Star Xuan Wu Academy would be much easier. In about three months, the examination to enter the Profound Rank Martial Academy will begin. "

They all knew that Qin Yun was participating in the wedding. Only by breaking through to the next level before then would they have more confidence to participate.

Qin Yun said with a smile, "Let's work hard together and become a martial arts expert!"

They rested at night and went to challenge Iron Man at dawn.

Going in for three to four hours would be enough. In a day, the four of them added up together could get more than a million Xuan Points!

A few days later!

The students who had gone out to hunt down the ferocious beasts were quickly shocked to learn that Qin Yun and company had managed to get three million points!

What made them even more shocked was that Qin Yun and company could last for six hours after entering the cave. They could not believe it!

The door to Dean Bai's room was full of students and teachers.

"Principal, Xie Wufeng's group competed with the iron men and used a large amount of light pattern equipment in order to persevere for so long. This is unfair!" The one who spoke was a teacher from Tianxuan Martial Arts Academy.

Dean Bai opened the door and said with a cold expression, "What's unfair? You can use it too! This rule was originally decided upon after discussion with the teachers. Now that you want to change it, what is the standard for it? "

They wanted to use it too, but there was no use!

Although the light pattern equipment wasn't as hard to buy as storage spiritual tools, it wasn't cheap. Even the teachers couldn't afford it.

Seeing the displeased expression on Principal Bai's face, the students and teachers all dispersed without saying anything else.

As for the Blue Spirit Star Palace's teacher, he hastily sent someone to report this matter to the Blue Spirit Star Palace.

Otherwise, if Qin Yun and company were to continue, they would be able to obtain more Xuan Points in exchange for a large amount of resources.

Xie Wufeng and the others also knew about this matter. Seeing that Dean Bai did not change the rules because of this, they felt at ease and continued to challenge Iron Man.

A few days later, the Blue Spirit Star Palace really did send someone to evacuate the iron man.

The rules couldn't be changed, but the iron men could be recalled. It was evident that the Blue Spirit Star Palace attached great importance to this matter.

Xie Wufeng and the others also knew about this. Fortunately, they had gathered enough Profound points, so they were able to exchange for the spirit pellets they needed.

Even if they evacuated the iron men, it wouldn't have much of an impact on them, as they would only lack the means to quickly obtain profound points.

They took many Xuan Points to Elder Xu for one Gold Vein Spirit Pill and three Gold Origin Spirit Pills.

"Next up, everyone will receive a huge upgrade!" Xie Wufeng said with a smile. Although he had exchanged the Xuan Points for Qin Yun and company's items, he did not mind it at all.

"We are about to reach the Diamond Inner Yuan. Hehe, I really hope the final exam will come soon. We need to enter the Xuan Level Martial Arts Academy as soon as possible!" Mu Rong Chenyi chuckled, "There must be a lot of great beauties inside. I am quite satisfied with just three or four of them."

Qin Yun said with a smile, "I'm going back to my room to cultivate. I need to catch up to all of you as soon as possible!"

He had obtained the Gold Vein Spirit Pill and the Gold Origin Spirit Pill, he could refine the three great Diamond Classic and the Diamond Inner Yuan at one go.

Over the next few days, Qin Yun, Huo Zhong, and Murong Danren were in their rooms to consume the elixir.

Although Qin Yun needed to ingest two pills, he was the fastest of the trio to successfully ingest them. It meant that his absorption rate was extremely high.

When Xie Wufeng saw Qin Yun come out, he exclaimed, "Brother Yun, you are really fast! "How is your training progressing?"

"Very well, I have successfully cultivated the King Kong Inner Yuan!" Qin Yun smiled slightly and released a ball of inner Qi. It was much stronger than before his Vajra Transformation.

Now, he had the Black Gold Divine Heart. After stepping into the seventh level of the Martial Body, it would be of great use for cultivating the Golden Body Martial Body.

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