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Chapter 1151

Chapter 1151

The two Dragon Warriors are in the lead as they rushed to attack . Behind them is one of the Holy Sect disciple . Fang Zhijin has not rushed out because he can see that Ye Yaoxue and others possess very good strength . He is not at all clear as to how they managed to destroy all the devilish fiends at once which caused him to feel apprehensive .

"Don't go! We don't know the complete situation yet!" Fang Zhijin yelled .

"Coward! Just stay there and watch! We can kill them even without your help!" a Dragon Warrior said with sneer .

Fang Zhijin immediately took out a sword and looked all around with vigilance . He feels that the situation is not right . Because just now, Shui Weiwei was completely unable to hold on but suddenly released powerful attack and destroyed all the devilish fiends . His experience tells him that something is very wrong here and caused him to be very vigilant .

The other three in his group did not get close to the water barrier, instead they are bombarding the barrier from afar . Ye Yaoxue is continuously transporting her power into Shui Weiwei's body enabling her to strengthen the water barrier even more . This is keeping all the attention of those three people who are attacking continuously . Qin Yun is already out of the barrier and completely concealed . Since the barrier is keeping the 3 attackers busy, he can easily mount sneak attack on them .

"You killed our fiends! You will have to pay up! Pay with your lives!" a Dragon Warrior furiously shouted .

They are furious because they lost powerful servants . With the help of those devilish fiends, they would be able to easily kill many Star Devils . But now all of them are dead .

"Fang Zhijin, quickly come over and attack!" that Dragon Warrior even more furiously shouted .

Fang Zhijin's intuition is telling him that there is danger lurking around . He did not go to help, instead he focused his mind and sensed terrible danger approaching .

"Someone is lying in ambush! Be careful!" Fang Zhijin suddenly shouted .

"What nonsense is this? You coward! Quickly come over and help!" that Dragon Warrior furiously shouted again .

Fang Zhijin feels very resentful . He warned them out of kindness but not only it was not appreciated, he is now being insulted . Dragon Race is always very arrogant, they look down on all humans . Whether they are from Holy Sect or somewhere else, so long as they are humans, Dragon Race simply despises them .

Ye Yaoxue said to Shui Weiwei through sound transmission : "Weiwei, can you control your water flow to create a whirlpool? If you can create a whirlpool and suck in those guys, Xiao Yun will be able to kill them!"

"I will give it a try!" Shui Weiwei immediately began testing, the water barrier also gradually began to swirl .

As she continued to concentrate, the water barrier gradually began to steadily swirl even more . Ye Yaoxue also increase the amount of power she is transporting to Shui Weiwei . An attraction force gradually arose from the water barrier . Qin Yun has been waiting patiently for a chance to kill all 4 opponents in one go . But that Fang Zhijin is not joining in the attack, causing his plan to falter . At this time, the water barrier released a powerful attraction force and sucked in those 3 attackers .

"Wretched little girl, what are you doing?" that Dragon Warrior furiously shouted while being sucked in by the water barrier . Very soon the 3 attackers began rotating along with the water barrier's revolving .

"Fang Zhijin, you idiot! Still not coming to help us?" that Dragon Warrior is a high and mighty Dragon Race person . Now he is being pushed into a sorry state by a little girl . This caused him to be very angry . What caused him to be mad with anger is that Fang Zhijin is just watching the show from the side and not helping at all .

Qin Yun took out the Lion King Cannon and shot at Fang Zhijin . Fang Zhijin sensed some movement and immediately began to flee but he found out that his body is stuck and he is unable to move .

"This is . . Body Securing Talisman?" Fang Zhijin is extremely shocked and recalled Qin Yun because only Qin Yun has this kind of items . Suddenly, he saw a masked man appear in front of him .

"You . . . you . . . you are Qin Yun? Aren't you dead?" Fang Zhijin let out a loud scream in horror .

Qin Yun let out a cold laugh, took out his Ninth Heaven Mysterious King Saber and hacked down at Fang Zhijin .

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Qin Yun's saber has been blocked by a very strong power .

"Immortal Armor?" Qin Yun said in deep voice . Considering the fact that Fang Zhijin's grandfather Fang Rutian was the pagoda master of 1st pagoda, it is not uncommon for him to possess an Immortal Armor and give it to his grandson .

"You are truly Qin Yun!" Fang Zhijin is very shocked . Although his Immortal Armor managed to save his life, he still coughed out mouthful of blood due to the extreme shock from the attack .

Qin Yun hastily unleashed Suffering Divine Ability and injected it's power into Fang Zhijin's body .

"AHHHHHH!" Fang Zhijin let out a miserable scream .

The Dragon Warriors who are now continuously rotating on the water barrier, are extremely shocked knowing Qin Yun is still alive . They suddenly realized that it was Qin Yun who destroyed the Dragon God Altar . Everyone knows, that Xu Xiaoba wholeheartedly accepted Qin Yun after losing to him . And when the Dragon God Altar was destroyed, Xu Xiaoba was present .

"Fang Zhijin, you committed evil and brought this upon yourself!" Qin Yun's voice is filled with killing intent . He sent a palm attack towards Fang Zhijin .


A vast and mighty power, bringing along fierce vibration waves, exploded on Fang Zhijin's body . It is the Star Breaking Palm, the specialized Dao Technique that can be executed through Vibration martial spirit . Berserk Vibration power separated the Immortal Armor and began rampaging inside Fang Zhijin's body .

Huuuuu . . .

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The fierce Vibration power broke apart Fang Zhijin's entire body and turned it into red mist, the only thing remained is the Immortal Armor . Fang Zhijin, the former number one youth of Hundred Pagoda Sect has died without remains .

At this time, Ye Yaoxue shouted : "Xiao Yun, they are trying to transform into dragons!"

"As if I will let them!" Qin Yun rushed over in a flash and released Suffering Divine Ability .

Those three caught in the water barrier let out miserable scream . The Dragon Warriors failed to transform into dragons . Shui Weiwei also stopped the water barrier from revolving . Bai Kuang and Yan Tianjie immediately took action, they targeted the two Dragon Warriors and began attacking from within the barrier . Yan Tianjie vigorously swung his large pillar and smashed it on a Dragon Warriors body, completely deforming him .

"Let's attack together!" Shui Weiwei completely dissolved the water barrier . Then she and Ye Yaoxue attacked together .

Qin Yun suddenly sensed that formidable dragon power has begun to churn within the bodies of the two Dragon Warriors and immediately used his formidable mental power to attack and stop them . The battle caused a great commotion and gave rise to a great aura, which caught attention of many Heavenly Dragon Fiends which are residents of this star . Those three enemies lost consciousness from the heavy beating and Qin Yun hastily placed the three of them into the 3rd pearl of Nine Sun Divine Soul . Those two Dragon Warriors are big harvest for him .

"Let's leave this place fast!" Qin Yun yelled and led others away from the battlefield .

Martial Competition Plaza in Great Ancient College .

"Nether Sect, the 1st tribulation Heavenly Star was occupied by our Dragon Race for a long time . We performed many experiments there to create new life! Now, many powerful things must have been born there . You better be more concerned about your disciples!" a Dragon Race elder said with sneer .

Nangong Shuiru said in low voice : "Dragon Race created new species types using their dragon blood . Those monsters are very powerful, 90% of 1st tribulation Half Immortals who went there have been killed!"

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Long Huatai said with laugh : "They are not monsters, they are our Dragon Race's pets! They have our dragon blood in their bodies! Ha ha ha . . . "

You Feng said in cold voice : "You mean those monsters will obey your Dragon Race?"

"Who knows? I have never been up there so I don't know!" Long Huatai burst into laughter : "This first round is our win!"

While Long Huatai is still laughing, a Dragon Race elder suddenly flew over with extremely ugly expression and yelled : "Patriarch, soul pearls of the 4 we sent to 1st tribulation Heavenly Star are all broken, it means they are dead!"

Hearing this, Netherworld Great Emperor laughed loudly : "Dragon Race, the pets you created are truly terrifying, they even ate their own masters!"

A commotion rose among the people over at Dragon Race's side . Disciples and elders of Holy Sect are incomparably sad because Fang Zhijin is dead, he was a rarely seen talent . Fang Rutian's face became deathly pale but he is only worried about the Immortal Armor . To him, it is more precious than his own grandson, after all, it is a rarely seen Immortal tool .

Long Huatai looks like he has been slapped hard . His expression is incomparably unsightly . He was just bragging about the pets created by his Dragon Race and now 4 of his contestants have been killed . Dragon Race people doesn't believe that Ye Yaoxue and others are capable of killing those 4, they all believe that the culprits are Heavenly Dragon Fiends .

"Long Qiyue is still alive, we won't lose!" after he calmed down, Long Huatai said in loud and clear voice : "Long Qiyue is our Divine Dragon Warrior . Since childhood, he has grown up absorbing Divine power! Even though he is only 1st tribulation Half Immortal, he has even eaten 3rd tribulation Half Immortal humans!"

His words immediately raised the morale of the people of Dragon Race and they began loudly cheering .

Netherworld Great Emperor groaned . He is now somewhat worried about Qin Yun because he knows how dreadful a dragon who has consumed Divine power since childhood can be . The 18 layer Dragon God Altar existed for a long time . Dragon Race must have also obtained many Divine tier resources other than Divine Liquid . That Divine Dragon Warrior has not only been matured using Divine Liquid, he must also possess many powerful equipment .

Seeing Netherworld Great Emperor's expression is not good, Long Huatai said with laugh : "Even if a noble man suffers, he is still better than peasants! Even though our 18 layer Dragon God Altar has been destroyed, the foundation our Dragon Race has accumulated over so many years is not something you peasants of Nether Sect can compare to! Ha ha ha ha . . . . "

(TL NOTE : This guy still doesn't know that he has triggered death flag already!)

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