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Chapter 1141: 1141

"Senior Xu, you should also be clear about the current situation of Ancient Domain, right?" Qin Yun hastily brought Xu Lun into the Nine Condensation Pagoda .

"Destruction of the Dragon God Altar means the destruction of Dragon Race's foundation! Dragon Race are very worried now, so they want to rely on their current strength, when they are at their peak, to fight against the Nether Sect to determine the ruler of Ancient Domain!" Xu Lun said with nod .

The news of the confrontation between the Dragon Race and Nether Sect has been spread very quickly . Those who keep up with news, all of them know what is about to happen .

"Holy Sects and Demon Beast Alliance are on Dragon Race's side . And majority of the factions from Spirit Desolate still have not decided whether to split from Holy Sects or not!" Xu Lun said with sigh .

"Join Nether Sect! My relationship with Nether Sect's leader is very good!" Qin Yun said with smile .

"Ohhh? I want to but I am afraid that others in the Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain would not want to . " Xu Lun feels very helpless : "After joining the Holy Sects, our Nine Sun Sects have been split up bit by bit and now we are like loose sands!"

Xu Xiaoba coldly groaned and said : "Bunch of idiots! They will regret it later!"

"Holy Sects are worried that you Nine Sun Sects would join together and usurp their position, so it is very normal for them to split you up!" Qin Yun said .

"Hundred Pagoda Sect on the other hand are in very good position . Jian family and other factions from Ordinary Realm joined them and bolstered their position and solidified their unity even more . Although there were several pagodas against Shen Bajian, they are now on the minority and have no choice but to leave and become subordinates of Holy Sects!" Xu Lun said .

"Senior Xu, I will have to trouble you to go ask people from the Nine Sun Sects to see whether or not they want to join Nether Sect . If they do, bring them over . It doesn't matter how many!" Qin Yun said with smile .

These ancient and powerful Nine Sun Sects have met such sad end, Qin Yun sighed just thinking of this .

A few days later, Xiao Yuemei returned to the floating island . Hong Menshu and others continued staying in the Nether Sun Star . Yu Shutian is especially curious about the Nether Sun Star . Since she is Qin Yun's friend, she has been given special privilege to research Nether Sun Star as much as she wants . Xiao Yuemei has returned because she wants to know what those spiders found under the holy lake . It has been 5 days and finally those small spiders discovered something .

"There is reaction! One of the spider's talisman is vibrating!" Long Tianji hastily sent mental message to Qin Yun .

"Where is it?" Qin Yun looked at the sky, fortunately it is very late at night .

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Long Tianji came out of the Nine Sun Divine Soul and brought Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei to the location where the talisman buzzed . Luckily this area is in the territory of Dark Institute . So Qin Yun is relieved because if some great commotions arise, it won't have anything to do with Holy Institute and Demon Beast School District . Long Tianji has already ordered all of her small spiders to congregate on this location . She now ordered the spiders to emit red light . The bottom of the holy lake is dark and filled with all kind of watery plants causing the area to be even more dark . Now with red light emitting from the spiders, the scenery can be seen perfectly . There are no large water beasts in this area, mostly because the Demon Beast Alliance can not breach the area of Dark Institute . Qin Yun let Long Tianji return to the Nine Sun Divine Soul .

"There's truly a barrier here! And it is even very powerful! We can't use Mysterious Penetration Divine Ability to pass through it!" Qin Yun said to Xiao Yuemei .

"I will use Space power to see whether or not we can bypass the barrier!" Xiao Yuemei said .

Xiao Yuemei experimented and managed to get her hand through the barrier . She then asked : "Are we going in now?"

"No . " Qin Yun shook his head .

They don't know what's inside the barrier, what kind of danger lurks within, so they can't just enter on a whim . Qin Yun took out Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron, as well a newly crafted Half Immortal shield . These items will be used to protect themselves from any danger after entering the barrier .

"Now we can go in . " Qin Yun said .

Xiao Yuemei fused together Space power and Mysterious Penetration Divine Ability and brought Qin Yun and Long Tianji through the barrier . There is a gigantic space filled with white light inside the barrier . Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei are shocked by what they can see . The Evil God Altar is right in the middle of this white space, it's surfaced filled with cracks, as if it might break apart any moment but the pure black altar looks very dazzling surrounded by the white light .

"What kind of space is this?" Qin Yun is filled with suspicion as he looked all around .

"Apart from the broken altar, there is nothing here!" Xiao Yuemei tried to run around but Qin Yun stopped her .

Qin Yun let Long Tianji release several tens of small spiders . Those spiders began exploring the space . Suddenly, one of the spiders exploded .

"What just happened?" Xiao Yuemei yelled in shock .

Bang bang bang . . .

One after another small spiders exploded until none are left . Qin Yun looked at Long Tianji, she shook her head indicating that she doesn't know what is going on .

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"How many traps are there in this place!" Qin Yun used Extinction Spirit Eye to look all around but found nothing .

He can only let Long Tianji go back . Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei can now only stand on their spot, they dare not move around because they don't know why those spiders exploded .

"This place must contain the secret of why the holy lake can increase people's comprehension!" Qin Yun took out the large golden Devil Horn .

"Evil God, your altar has been found but we can not approach it!" Xiao Yuemei yelled .

"What! So fast . . . what is your situation now?" Evil God asked in amazement .

Qin Yun described the situation to Evil God .

"That holy lake has always been mysterious . . now that I heard what you said, I think that space was created by someone . So the secret of holy lake increasing people's comprehension was constructed by someone else!" Evil God said .

"Who made it? Also, who can have such power?" Qin Yun is very curious .

"Ancient Domain will become very important soon, there are many people and it won't be destroyed by World Extermination . My guess, this space is an altar of some God but I am not sure which God!" Evil God said : "How about it, take my Devil Horn closer to my altar while protecting yourselves as much as possible!"

"Will this Devil Horn be useful?" Xiao Yuemei somewhat anxiously asked .

"Of course! It is a God Altar Origin Crystal, moreover, it is one of the strongest type!" Evil God confidently said .

Qin Yun nodded to Xiao Yuemei and they began walking towards the black Evil God Altar step by step very carefully . What caused them to be very amazed is that they were not attacked even once while they were walking, they arrived in front of the altar very smoothly . Evil God Altar is more than hundred meters wide, the Dragon God Altar was comparatively smaller . Although it has cracks all over it's surface, it is unknown how the altar has been fixed to it's current state . Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei felt a lot relaxed after arriving on top of the altar .

"Qin Yun, place the Devil Horn on the altar!" Evil God said .

After Qin Yun placed the Devil Horn on the altar, it began flickering with intense gold light that enveloped the whole altar .

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Ka ka ka . . .

Sound suddenly began coming out of the altar and the cracks on it healed up at a very fast speed .

"My altar is restored, ha ha ha . . . . " Evil God burst into laughter very happily .

The altar has been restored very quickly but the Devil Horn continued shining, in fact it has begun shining even more intensely .

"Evil God, your Devil Horn is still shining, are you controlling it?" Qin Yun asked .

"What? Still shining? Impossible! I am not controlling it! Is it shining very intensely?" Evil God yelled in shock .

"Very intensely!" Xiao Yuemei yelled : "It has lit up the whole space!"

Evil God said : "Not good . . . it is the God Altar Origin Crystal, moreover, it is inside a rather severely damaged altar which is now in the middle of absorbing energy from the crystal!"

Xiao Yuemei yelled in shock : "The altar is moving!"

Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei flew to the air, the altar below their feet became small very quickly . It is now as small as a table .

"Evil God, your altar has become as small as a table!" Qin Yun hastily yelled .

The large golden Devil Horn is now floating in the air and continuously rotating, it is constantly releasing very intense golden rays of light .

"Curses! What the devil is going on!" Evil God shouted loudly : "Qin . . . . Yun . . . "

"Evil God . . . Evil God . . . " hearing Evil God's voice being cut off, Qin Yun hastily yelled .

Xiao Yuemei cursed in low voice : "Damn it! Is Evil God abandoning us? Could it be that he doesn't want to reward us for our efforts?"

(TL NOTE : I am pretty sick and tired of Xiao Yuemei constantly whining about rewards! She is acting like a thot!)

Qin Yun shook is head : "Not likely! He is now sealed, he needs our help to break the seal . On top of that, we have his most powerful God Altar Origin Crystal, there is no way he would abandon us!"

He looked all around and said again : "There is an energy in this space now, it is blocking our connection with Evil God!"

"Correct!" an aged voice suddenly resounded within this white space .

Qin Yun immediately became vigilant . On one hand he grabbed Xiao Yuemei's hand and on the other, held the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron . He yelled : "Who are you?"

"I am not a person!" the aged voice said with laugh .

"Then are you a ghost?" Xiao Yuemei yelled : "Quickly come out! Don't dress up as God and play the Devil!"

"I am neither a ghost, nor I am a God!" the aged voice said with laugh : "No matter how strong the Ghosts, Gods and Devils are, they are like ants in front of me!"

"Bullshit!" Xiao Yuemei said in whisper .

"Senior, we disturbed you unintentionally! We only came here to take away the Evil God Altar . We disturbed you too much, I hope that you forgive us . " Qin Yun stored the Evil God Altar and said .

"Evil God is ranked 99th in the Divine Desolate God Ranking! You have Nether Sun, more importantly, you have Sacred Vein! Being a slave of Evil God is truly a disservice and injustice to you!" the aged voice said with sigh .

"I am not Evil God's slave, we are partners! We are cooperating with each other!" Qin Yun said : "Senior, do you also want to cooperate with me?"

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