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Chapter 112 - Inner Essence Transforming Sword

Beside the Jade Armored Rhinoceros' Spirit Spring, it appeared to be sleeping. Qin Yun would occasionally fetch water but he did not wake it up.

The bracelet of holding he forged this time around was more than two hours faster than before.

"It's too hard to carve lines on small things. You have to be careful and slow down."

The second bracelet of holding that Qin Yun had forged was for the younger sister, Qi Meilan.

After that, he began forging a Spirit Treasure for Xie Wufeng and the other two.

During this period of time, Qin Yun had gone through a few battles with the three of them. He had a sense of trust towards each other and was a friend worth befriending.

He went out to ask Huo Zhong and the other two about the storage belt because they felt that it was already a very high grade belt.

Of course, to them, having a simple storage bag was already good enough.

The belt was much larger than the bracelet, so Qin Yun could forge it quickly and easily. It only took a few days to complete.

"Brothers, drip some blood to take a look!" Qin Yun grinned as he handed the black belt over.

The belt was forged using spiritual iron. After special treatment, it could become very flexible and not easily damaged.

Xie Wufeng did not take it, instead he asked, "How many crystal coins are these?"

Qin Yun said with a smile, "Why are you guys being so polite with me?" I will need all of you to take care of me in the Three Profound Academy in the future! "

Huo Zhong frowned, "How can you not want crystal coins? A storage spirit artifact with the shape of a belt is truly priceless! I only have five hundred thousand crystal coins on me, so I'll give it to you. In the future, I will earn even more crystal coins.

Not to mention the honest Huo Zhong, who did not dare to accept it, even a fella like Murong Dazren had given Qin Yun 500,000 crystal coins.

Xie Wufeng had quite a few crystal coins, around eight hundred thousand gold. After he received the blood from his belt, he sighed, "Brother Yun, your smithing skills are truly brilliant! That's right, after we go back, the Profound Points we exchanged will all be at your disposal. If it wasn't for you this time, we wouldn't have had such a great harvest. "

Huo Zhong and Mu Rong Jun also smiled and nodded their heads.

They were overjoyed to finally have their own storage spirit artifacts.

Especially Huo Zhong, he put his long rod in it, then took it out and put it in again …

"I can finally bring this precious stick with me!" Huo Zhong smiled.

Xie Wufeng also smiled, then he began to collect the beast corpses that he could not keep stored away.

"Brother Yun, once I earn enough crystal coins, I'll come find you to customize a spirit artifact!" Mu Rong Jun said with a smile, "You brat, you aren't even an adult yet, but you can still forge a Spirit Treasure. With this ability, marrying two Xiao Yue Lan shouldn't be a problem. If you were to go to the Star Black Martial School, you would be able to get those talented young beauties. "

Xie Wufeng appeared calm on the surface, but he was unable to calm down from the shock in his heart. This was because Qin Yun's aptitude in artifact forging was too astonishing. He was comparable to many old weirdos.

It had to be known that many people found it difficult to reach Qin Yun's current achievements in the path of the forging of strange patterns, even though they had lived their entire lives in poverty.

Qin Yun asked, "Brother Xie, don't you have a weapon? I can feel that there's a strong sword qi in your inner strength aura. Do you want me to help you refine a sword? "

Xie Wufeng smiled and shook his head, saying, "I am obsessed with the way of the sword, after I train a sword technique to perfection, I will condense a sword martial spirit, and then fuse my internal energy and martial spirit, turning it into a life sword! Unless I have no other choice, I will not release this sword! "

Inner Yuan Condensation Sword, Origin Vessel!

This made Qin Yun look astonished. He said, "The path of martial arts is truly filled with all sorts of strange phenomena that encompass everything!"

Suddenly, a soft moo came from the depths of the cave. The Jade Armored Rhinoceros, which had been asleep for several days, finally showed some movement.

Xie Wufeng said, "The spirit spring is about to dry up, and the last bit of its energy will be absorbed by the Jade Armor Rhino. Let's go. Its injuries are also completely healed, so there's no need to worry."

Qin Yun nodded. Just as he was about to leave, he was surrounded by the sound of wind. The commotion was extremely loud. His expression changed as he hurriedly said, "It's a horde of evil beasts!"

Another herd of evil beasts had come!

"Isn't the Black Flood Dragon the leader of the demonic beasts?" There are actually other groups of evil beasts, and just how many of them are within the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range! " Mu Rong Jun stood at the entrance of the cave, ready to fight.

Xie Wufeng was quite calm and collected. He gazed at the forest before him and said, "As long as we do not have a vicious beast like the Black Flood Dragon as a leader, we do not need to worry. With the strength of the four of us, we are sufficient to deal with a hundred ferocious beasts."

Huo Zhong was the first to rush out. Qin Yun followed behind him while Xie Wufeng floated above.

Lord Murong was guarding the entrance of the cave. While cooperating with Qin Yun and company, he could prevent evil beasts from disturbing the rhinoceroses by entering the cave.

Huo Zhong, who was leading the charge, was the first to be attacked by a ferocious beast. He was a toad with a body like a cow. It's entire body was black and there were many goosebumps on it's back.

"Old Huo, the toad is poisonous!" When Xie Wufeng saw this, he waved his hand and released a stream of inner Qi, like a sudden storm. It blew away the poisonous toad as well as the tree trunk.

"Don't get close to those poisonous beasts, just leave it to me!" Mu Rong Jun shouted from afar. The fan in his hand flew out like a spinning blade. It cut the toad into two halves.

Ow ow ow ow!

The howls of the wolves sounded out, and countless huge wolves with red eyes jumped out. Most of these beasts were giant wolves!

Qin Yun held the hammer in one hand and the saber in the other. He simultaneously executed the six forms of Wind Slasher and Dragon's Six Styles. The black wolves that pounced at him were killed by the explosive force.

"It's only a level five beast! You actually know how to send poisonous toads as a lead, thinking that we would be poisoned. " Qin Yun sneered.

His feet stomped on the ground and he leaped towards the wolves that were about to arrive. He wielded his blade and hammer, and before the wolves could approach him, they were cut down and killed.

There were only a large number of wolves and they were much weaker than Class 6 beasts. Huo Zhong and Qin Yun had destroyed more than half of them in an instant!

The remaining were injureded by Xie Wufeng and Murong Datong as they waited for Qin Yun and Huo Zhong to finish them off.

"They are here to gift us Xuan Points!" Huo Zhong chuckled as he stabbed the howling wolf to death with his long rod.

"The Wolf King did not appear. It might have been scared away by us." Mu Rong Jun said with a smile.

Just like that, they once again easily obtained a few dozen corpses of vicious beasts. In total, there were more than 130 of them.

Qin Yun frowned as he looked at the reeking forest. Suddenly, he said, "It seems like there are evil beasts as well … No, it isn't a beast! It is a group of humans! "A lot of people!"

Suddenly, an extraordinary person appeared. It was most likely a student from the Three Mysterious Academy who had come to train!

"They must be the students of the Three Mysterious Academy. They are even more frightening than vicious beasts." Xie Wufeng said coldly as he stood at the entrance of the cave, his eyes filled with a cold light.

Qin Yun and company were guarding the entrance of the cave. There was a Jade Armor Rhino inside. If they left, the Jade Armor Rhino would most likely be killed!

More than forty students leapt out from the forest in all directions. When they saw the mess, the broken trees, and the blood of beasts on the ground, they knew that many of the beasts had been killed here.

These were the two squads.

A square-faced man dressed in blue walked out, his face dark and gloomy.

His name was Yu Sen and he was a member of the Yu Family. He looked coldly at Xie Wufeng and the others, asking arrogantly, "Where are the wolves? Killed by you? "

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