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Chapter 104 White Fire

Duan Gan was originally smiling, but when he saw Qin Yun's expression, he was given a fright. He hurriedly asked, "Qin Yun, what's wrong? Has the purple gold fire martial spirit been promoted? "

"I... "I don't know, my elemental energy was originally purplish gold, but now that it has turned pure white, I can't seem to use fire with my internal energy!"

Qin Yun was sweating profusely. He did not know what had happened.

He activated the white Inner Qi, but didn't produce any flames.

Everyone was secretly shocked. They looked at each other in excitement, especially Master Wei. A hint of glee appeared on his face.

Duan Qian hurriedly took out a small Spirit Pagoda and said, "Test your martial soul!"

Qin Yun infused his internal energy into the Tower, but it did not change at all!

"His martial spirit … Dead, haha!" Master Wei said with a smile, "This is the result of your greed. You are still not satisfied with your Purple Gold Fire Martial Spirit, and you still want to advance. Forcefully raising a purple-gold level martial spirit, that's why the martial spirit died! "

This was only Master Wei's deduction, but the elders of Blue Spirit Star Palace also thought so.

"Your Innate Qi is still there, but it has a strong inner strength. However, it has no attributes. It can basically be confirmed that your Martial Spirit is dead! You must know that the attribute of inner force is bestowed by the Martial Spirit. Your inner force does not have any attribute, so the Spirit Pagoda has not changed at all. " An old man with wrinkles all over his face smiled happily.

When Liang Shuijin saw Qin Yun's ashen face, his mood turned better. He said with a sneer, "You are still not satisfied with your Purple Gold Fire Martial Spirit. You have received retribution! You only have one spirit vein, and now that you don't have a purple gold fire martial spirit, you're completely crippled!"

Qin Yun gritted his teeth. He would never believe such nonsense. Because his Oscillating Martial Spirit was still there, he could still use its internal energy.

He didn't know what had happened to the purple gold fire martial spirit. Why did it become like this after fusing with the meteor fire?

"Qin Yun, let's talk when we get back!" Duan Gan helped Qin Yun up and brought him away.

When they left, everyone in the hall started laughing heartily, especially Master Wei and Liang Shuijin.

"We need to quickly report this to the Heavenly Qin Palace. They will definitely be very happy to hear about it." One of the Inscription Masters laughed.

"Come, let's go together!"

"All the hard work Qin Yun has put in for the past five years has been in vain. The Purple Gold Fire Martial Spirit is his greatest asset. Now that it's gone, it means that he's done for when he was forging those mysterious patterns. "

"Hahaha... It's all because he's too talented that he won the Alchemy Competition, obtained the Fallen Flame, and caused his own purple gold fire martial spirit to die. Master Wei said with a smile.

As Qin Yun's purple gold fire martial soul had died, the group left the hall laughing as though it was the new year.

Duan Qian brought Qin Yun to a secret chamber and carefully probed his elemental energy. It was pure white and did not have any attributes.

He paced back and forth in the secret room, obviously panicking. "What's going on?" he asked with a sigh.

Qin Yun gradually calmed down and wiped his sweat. He said, "Grandpa Duan, let me calm down first. Perhaps the situation isn't as bad as we imagined."

"Alright, you know your own situation the best. I hope it's just a false alarm!" Duan Gan said.

If Qin Yun's martial soul were to die, he would feel extremely guilty.

After Duan Qian left, Qin Yun closed his eyes and allowed his elemental energy to unleash his primordial spirit. He was able to unleash his primordial spirit very smoothly.

However, this was the primordial spirit of the black tribulation.

"The purple gold fire martial spirit isn't dead, I can feel it!"

Qin Yun calmed down and tried to sense the situation in his dantian. He discovered that there was still a tiny connection between his Dantian and the fire martial spirit. However, it was not as strong as before.

He took out the purple gold flying soul stone and absorbed the energy from within before channeling it into his dantian.

"I can only try using the flying spirit stone and see if I can trigger the Martial Spirit."

As soon as the energy entered his dantian, it was quickly absorbed by his white internal energy.

In just over two hours, the purple gold flying spirit stone had been completely absorbed.

When Qin Yun opened his eyes, he was pleasantly surprised. "As expected, the fire martial spirit is still here. It's just that a situation has occurred … "After I absorbed the energy from the flying soul stone, the sensation has become much stronger. Do I need to absorb even more energy before the Fire Martial Spirit can come back?"

Looking at the white internal Yuan power, he suddenly felt that the white internal Yuan power might be nurturing a strong fire martial spirit!

However, because of the lack of energy, the Violet Gold Fire Martial Spirit became "malnourished" during its advancement.

"Could it be that after fusing the Purple Gold Fire Martial Spirit with the Fallen Fire, one would need an additional source of energy to condense a stronger Martial Spirit?" He could only think so.

After leaving the secret room, he saw an anxious Duan Gan walking back and forth in the hall.

"How is it?" Duan Qian hurriedly asked.

"I feel like it's due to the lack of energy. There's still a connection between the Fire Martial Spirit and me." Qin Yun spoke of his conjecture and said, "The martial soul is still in the inner elemental energy region. It might have already fused with the inner elemental energy. It will require sufficient energy for it to be born."

Duan Qian let out a long sigh of relief and said, "Since the connection between you and the Fire Martial Spirit is still there, I am relieved! Because there had never been a case where a purple gold fire martial spirit fused with a meteor fire, no one knew what would happen! Maybe it's like you said. "The internal Qi is nurturing a powerful fire martial spirit."

Even so, he was still worried, and sighed: "Your Fire Martial Spirit cannot be released for the time being, then doesn't that mean that your internal energy is of no attribute? What do we do now, you can't use flames anymore! "

Qin Yun was also having a headache over this matter as he sat on a chair. With a frown, he said with a bitter face, "Without fire, I won't be able to forge talismans!"

"Wait, you said that you have a connection with your own fire martial spirit. What kind of connection is that?" Duan Qian stared at Qin Yun with widened eyes. He looked somewhat anxious, as though he was in a hurry to know the answer.

Qin Yun thought for a moment and said, "I can sense the existence of the Fire Martial Spirit … "Yes, I need to infuse my psychic power into my dantian in order to sense it."

Duan Gan slapped his thigh and said, "Try and see if you can use your inner strength and mental strength to condense a flame."

Qin Yun had no intention of doing so. Without asking why, he did as Duan Gan said.

He concentrated his mind and sent it into his elemental energy, fusing it with the elemental energy within him. Then, through his strong will to form a flame, his elemental energy suddenly moved and a white flame surged out.

"It's a success!" Qin Yun opened his palm and looked at the overflowing white flames. He was pleasantly surprised.

"So it's like that. Your Fire Martial Spirit is sleeping, you need to absorb spiritual power to release the flames!" Your white flames are also known as the spiritual fire. The stronger your mental energy is, the fiercer the flames will be.

Duan Qian was now completely relieved. His old and tense face broke into a smile …

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