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Chapter 74 Caught in a Crisis

Xia Changfeng's kick had contained his full power. Long Chen was sent flying dozens of meters away and then continued rolling on the ground for another dozen of meters before stopping.

Looking from the fresh blood on his blade to the distant headless corpse that was Xia Changfeng, Long Chen took a deep breath.

Xia Changfeng's hidden cards were truly many. He had always been feeling extremely restless, as if something catastrophic  was always about to happen.

That Blood Gathering Palm of his was definitely not one of his strongest attacks. He had only been unfortunate that Long Chen had managed to grab onto a rare chance.

Long Chen's cultivation base was not in his Dantian, but in his concealed FengFu Star. So that kick hadn't caused any misgivings for Long Chen. Even if he had to risk his life to in exchange, he would still cut him down.

He had an extremely strange feeling in his heart now. It was a very vague feeling of danger that seemed to be there and not there. That feeling had been there from the beginning, a kind of indescribable feeling.

Xia Changfeng most likely had even more powerful attacks. Having obtained this rare chance, Long Chen naturally wouldn't give it up.

Just like that, Xia Changfeng had ended up dying. But that kick of his when facing death had still contained his entire cultivation base's power. When it had landed on Long Chen's stomach, the terrifying energy within it had caused Long Chen's blood to wildly surge. His internal organs were greatly shaken and almost burst apart.

He hastily swallowed an Organ Nourishing Pill and suppressed his wounds. He thanked his luck for this win. Xia Changfeng had truly been extremely powerful.

If Xia Changfeng had truly used his full strength, it really would have been difficult to say just who would have died. And even if he was defeated, the price would definitely not have been small. It definitely wouldn't have been as simple as the present. His luck had truly played an important factor.

Taking a deep breath, the blood poison on his hand was already being suppressed by medicinal energy and was slowly recovering.

All the medicinal pills Long Chen kept on his body were all life saving pills. They were all higher grade, which allowed for extremely fast recovery. That was the capital a Pill Cultivator possessed.

He walked over to Xia Changfeng's corpse. He took away his spatial ring, however now still wasn't the time to examine his harvest.

Not even glancing at that glassy-eyed severed head, Long Chen immediately rushed to Aman's battlefield.

The current Aman was shouting to his heart's content. The battle-ax in his hand whistled through the air, becoming more and more valiant as he fought. The battle-ax weaved deftly throughout the air. Although there was no technique, its power was shockingly great.

Wang Mang was now using both hands to wield his broadsword as he fought all out against Aman.

It appeared as if fate had destined Xia Changfeng to die. Wang Mang was a terrifyingly powerful expert, but because his head had become a bit heated, he was fighting with Aman using brute strength.

If he actually used his full repertoire and just used the slightest bit of technique and skill, he would have easily defeated Aman. But warriors who had relied purely on strength to fight might simply have incomprehensible minds.

With another intense collision, Wang Mang was sent flying back. From the very start he was unable to withstand the seemingly infinite power of Aman.

Wang Mang was no longer as furious as he was at the beginning. Instead he was absolutely shocked. He had used his powerful strength to defeat countless powerful enemies. But today his strength completely failed him and he was pushed back over and over.

As he was staring at Aman with a complicated expression, he was unaware that another person had appeared behind him. Silently drawing his blade, Long Chen cut it right across his neck.

Wang Mang suddenly felt as if he was rising through the air. His first reaction was that he didn't remember jumping, but when he looked down, he saw that his body was still on the ground as before. That was his last thought as his mind sunk into darkness.

When Aman saw that Long Chen could behead Wang Mang in a single blow, fear appeared in his eyes.

The Mountain Splitting Battle-Ax in his hand fell to the ground.

Looking at Aman's terrified expression as he looked at Wang Mang's corpse, Long Chen knew that this reaction was normal, as this was the first time Aman had seen a person be killed.

"Aman, this is cruelty of reality. If we want to continue living, they had to definitely die," sighed Long Chen.

"Brother Long, I'm fine." Aman shook his head. "As long as brother Long believes they must die, they must absolutely die."

Long Chen bitterly smiled. Talking sense to Aman was essentially useless. But Aman's trust in him truly did touch him greatly.

"We should leave quickly-" But just as Long Chen was about to bring Aman away….

He had always been feeling that something was wrong throughout the entire day. His body suddenly tightened. It was as if he was being stared at by a giant, ancient Desolate Beast. A powerful aura of death immediately enveloped him, causing him to feel as if he was encased in ice.

Slowly turning his head, he saw a person indifferently looking back at him on top a distant mountain cliff..

His pupils immediately shrunk. He finally understood the reason for his fear. It wasn't because of Xia Changfeng, but because of that person.

That person lightly clapped a couple times and exclaimed in admiration, "With just a cultivation base in Qi Condensation, you were able to continuously kill Blood Condensation experts, and one of them was actually at the peak of Blood Condensation. Haha, I have no choice but to admit that you, Long Chen, are truly a genius. You truly are worthy of being Long Tianxiao's son."

That voice was soft and feminine, the voice of Ying Hou! He was standing high on a cliff around a hundred meters tall, looking down on Long Chen arrogantly. He was just like a leopard stalking his prey.

Long Chen's heart tightened. No wonder he had been continuously feeling as if catastrophe was just one step away. He had actually caught the attention of Ying Hou.

Obviously Ying Hou had long since arrived. He had merely been concealing himself until he had killed Xia Changfeng. Only then did he come out.

"A trap."

Long Chen immediately realized that Ying Hou had come to kill him.

"Did the fourth prince send you here?" Long Chen kicked the broadsword on the ground into his hand. That was Wang Mang's weapon. Such a heavy weapon gave him a slight sense of security.

Ying Hou was surprised, but immediately indifferently laughed, "What do you think?"

Long Chen shook his head and sighed, "I really was stupid to think I was clever. I actually didn't realize just how well calculated the fourth prince's words were."

"Why are you certain it was fourth prince who sent me here and not just me coming of my own volition?"

"You wouldn't come here just because of that small matter from last time to take your anger out on me. If you did, then you wouldn't be Ying Hou. Waiting patiently is your strongest suit. Otherwise you would have long since been slaughtered by my father." Long Chen's voice was completely steady.

Many scenes began to run through his head. From Ying Hou's words, he was now certain that the fourth prince wanted to him dead.

If he assumed that it was the fourth prince who had been abusing the Long family from the start, then he had truly schemed deeply to get him to assassinate Xia Changfeng.

First, back at the auction, he had intentionally allowed him to recognize the man who had assassinated Li Hao.

That man might be one of the crown prince's guards on the surface, but he must definitely be one of the fourth prince's men. He had done this in order to draw Long Chen's hatred onto the crown prince.

And then when he went to visit Chu Yao, he ended up helping him. By then telling him that he had investigated the Long family's matter but acting like he didn't dare say anything, he had stealthily and vaguely pointed to the hidden enemy being the crown prince.

That was to trick Long Chen, making him think that the crown prince was the true person controlling the strings behind the curtain.

Originally Long Chen had only half believed him, but then when the fourth prince brought up when Xia Changfeng would be leaving and what path he would be taking, he had immediately brought Long Chen's line of thinking to there.

Back then, Long Chen had considered the possibility that he was planning on borrowing Xia Changfeng to kill him, but for Chu Yao, he was willing to jump in even if it was a trap.

If the fourth prince really did betray him, the worst case scenario would be for him to flee to the alchemist guild and seek shelter under grandmaster Yun Qi. Then no one would dare attack him.

But Long Chen knew the fourth prince wasn't that stupid. That was just equivalent of making himself his public enemy. A smart person would never do it like that.

Now that Ying Hou had appeared, Long Chen realized he had been thinking too simply back then. He had clearly underestimated the fourth prince's methods.

Although he was a bit dismayed, Long Chen had no choice but to admit that he had been duped. It was truly a powerful ability to be able to muddy his thoughts and force him into crisis now.

"Long Chen, looking at the current you, it's just like I'm looking at a younger Long Tianxiao. You have the same kind of spirit and smarts. Back then when I lost to your father, I considered it the greatest disgrace of my life. And even after all these years, I've never had a chance to get revenge. But now I'm ready to openly challenge him again. But before that, I should prepare a gift. What do you think his expression will be like when I give him his son's head? Haha, I trust that it will definitely be marvelous." Ying Hou laughed, but his face was covered with a gloominess that caused shivers throughout the body.

"I think the greatest disgrace is that you are on the same level of fame as my father. You aren't sure of beating my father, so you actually want to use such an atrocious method. In my father's eyes, you will forever be a loser. The current you doesn't even have the qualifications to challenge him." Long Chen shook his head with pity.

Ying Hou's always indifferent expression finally changed to become incomparably malevolent and sinister. Long Chen's words had pierced the sole sore point in his heart.

Back when he was young, he had been an extremely talented genius with much success. But he was born at the wrong time. Within his same generation was also Long Tianxiao.

He had challenged Long Tianxia several times, all ending in defeat. In the last fight he had actually lost a finger to Long Tianxiao.

Ever since then, Ying Hou had begun to secretly bitterly cultivate. He also became more and more dark and feminine. Although he later also advanced to the Muscle Rebirth realm to become one of Phoenix Cry's top three experts, he could never forget the crushing defeats he had suffered to Long Tianxiao.

Once he reached the peak of the mid Muscle Rebirth realm, he found that his severed finger had badly damaged him and he was unable of stepping into the late Muscle Rebirth realm. His hatred of Long Tianxiao grew even greater.

Now he had coincidentally obtained the Flesh Bone Restoration Pill and had regenerated his finger. That had allowed him to finally break through to the seventh Heavenstage of Muscle Rebirth, entering its late stage.

That was why the current Ying Hou was filled with high spirits. He decided that this time he would definitely kill Long Tianxiao, wiping away his shame.

But although he had advanced to the late Muscle Rebirth realm, Long Tianxiao was his heart devil, and he was unsure of victory.

Luckily he now had a chance to kill Long Chen. If he used Long Chen's head to infuriate Long Tianxiao, his chances of victory would definitely rise.

Now Long Chen had used just a single sentence to point out his goal, causing him to be enraged out of humiliation. He was just like a hypocrite whose camouflage was torn off by others. Killing intent overflowed from his eyes.

"Did I touch on a sore spot? Are you too ashamed to show your face? Then just crush your head into the cliff and everything will be resolved," advised Long Chen.

Although his words were light, his grip on the broadsword tightened. At the same time, his cyclones slowly revolved and all his nerves were stretched tight.

"You fucking brat, go die!"

Ying Hou angrily roared, and a cold light appeared over half the sky just like lightning. By the time Long Chen sensed anything, he was appalled to find that Ying Hou had already arrived right in front of him with a sword pressed against his throat.

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