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Ai Xiaoxue and the rest chatted as they walked into the battle.

"Swish, swish, swish."

At this time, Xiao Bai kept releasing the spider silk to try and catch Su Fei.

However, Su Fei was extremely fast, and continued to throw out afterimages as he continuously escaped from the spider silk that was chasing after him.

Not long later, the ground was filled with spider webs.

With a casual swipe of his claw, Su Fei was able to break the spider silk in front of him.

She once again dodged the spider silk that came in pursuit.

"Water Dragon!"

Hua Niang was also constantly using blue colored water dragons, interfering with his speed.

However, her water dragon was useless against the flesh god.

"Hua Niang, Ai Xiaoxue, Senior Sister, and Liu Ying, eat this."

Without hesitation, Qin Chao threw out four Ninety-nine Heavenly Human Pill s, which landed in the hands of the great devil puppet.

"What is this?"

Zhao Jingjing held onto the inconspicuous pill, and felt that there was an extremely refreshing fragrance on it.

"Eat the things that will help you break through."

Qin Chao flung out his Soul-imprisoned Lock and chased after Su Fei.


The few of them had no doubts and swallowed it into their stomachs.

Not long later, the magic prints on their backs lit up at the same time.

"It's so hot …"

"There is such a strange power..."

"It's as if something has been undone …"

The bodies of these few people began to emit all kinds of light.

Hua Niang's body was blue, silver white, yellow and purplish black.

These four rays of light instantly shot into the sky.

"Mr. Qin, what did you give them to eat? They broke through the restriction."

Xiao Bai was shocked, and immediately asked.

"Ninety-nine Heavenly Human Pill, we need them to break through."

Qin Chao said, "This way, everyone will have the power of a flesh god. Moreover, they are all at the flesh god with the power of god mixed within."

"Mr. Qin... The devil puppet will go out of control this way. "

"Xiao Bai, from the beginning, I did not want to control anyone."

Qin Chao shouted loudly, "Xiao Bai, remember, I am not your master."

"Then what are you to us?"

Xiao Bai asked subconsciously.


"Eh …."

Xiao Bai's face instantly flushed red.

Qin Chao realized that his words were a little inappropriate.

This made sense to the other girls.

But Xiao Bai... It didn't seem right.

"Master, you are my man. You have been demoted."

Liu Ying asked Qin Chao who was in the air as he carried a Icy Hammer.

"Except you."

Qin Chao said snappily.

How could he forget about this girl?

"Hehe, don't be like this, I also want to be Master's woman, look at my Icy Hammer."

As Liu Ying spoke, his body suddenly turned into nothingness and disappeared into the air.

The Nine Hell Demonic Hound's speed was not slow either.

But to chase up to Su Fei, there seemed to be a small gap.

But Liu Ying only wanted to keep up with Su Fei's speed, that was enough.


Her figure appeared behind Su Fei and she flung the Icy Hammer in her hand.


Su Fei quickly turned around, with a wave of his claws, he tore the Icy Hammer apart.

However, a large amount of cold air suddenly burst out of the Icy Hammer.

Su Fei's figure instantly shifted, but there was still some cold air on his left calf.

The cold froze her calves, temporarily suppressing her speed.

"Stop it right now."

Zhao Jingjing suddenly raised his left leg high up in the air.

She was currently dressed in a red Martial Clothes s, and still had that valiant and valiant look on her face.

At the same time, her foot landed heavily.



The entire ground started to shake, especially that crack, which started to spread towards Su Fei.

In the blink of an eye, the ground beneath Su Fei's feet started to shake continuously.

Because of this, Su Fei was unable to stand up, and his body fell towards the ground.

"Water Dragon's Roar."

Hua Niang also made her move, she formed a seal.

A wave burst out from underneath Su Fei's body, turned into several tiny water dragons, and entangled itself around her body, causing her to be unable to move for a moment.


But Su Fei seemed to be extremely unreconciled, as she let out a roar of a tiger.

Quite a number of the water dragons on his body were instantly broken through.


At this time, Ai Xiaoxue suddenly fired a shot, startling Su Ji.

Did she want to beat her sister to death?

However, the moment the bullet hit Su Fei's body, it became like a virus and continuously spread across Su Fei's body. In the blink of an eye, half of her body was wrapped up in the rocks and connected to the ground.

"I've arrested you."

Ai Xiaoxue said.

"You scared me to death..."

Su Ji patted his chest. This was too shocking.

Compared to the violent female officer, Su Ji felt like he was an obedient girl.

's eyes unceasingly emitted white light.

"Not good, she's brewing a huge tiger's roar."

Luo Rumeng who was also from the Evil Tiger devil puppet felt it and quickly warned, "You guys be careful."

"Leave it to me."

Xiao Bai made his move.

Countless spider threads wrapped around Su Fei's body, wrapping around her along with the rocks.

Then, a purple light flashed on the surface of the spider web.

In the end, they all led to a wormhole in the sky that had spider silk extended out from it.

The white light in Su Fei's eyes slowly faded away.

It was like there wasn't enough power.

Her hair had begun to turn black, and her head was hanging down, slowly losing consciousness.

Using the spider silk as a medium, Xiao Bai sent all of the berserk energy in his body into outer space …

Qin Chao realized that Xiao Bai was a true genius.

Seeing that Su Fei had calmed down, the few devil puppet retracted their powers.

After losing his support, Su Fei slowly fell to the ground.

Qin Chao instantly appeared in front of her and hugged the beauty who had gone berserk just now.

"I have finally calmed down."

Qin Chao said as he wiped his sweat.

"I can only suppress the feeling of being unable to have a good fight. This is too unpleasant."

Zhao Jingjing clenched his fists and said, "Next time when there's a fight, come find us."

As he spoke, he turned around to leave.


Qin Chao immediately shouted, "While everyone is here, I have something to explain!"

A few devil puppet s turned and looked at him.

"If you see a man wearing a clown mask, his name is Military Advisor, remember, he is our enemy, whoever sees him, don't be polite, kill him first. For the Evil Tiger devil puppet, it is also his fault."

"Got it."

Zhao Jingjing waved his hand, "I will smash his nose."

"I will arrest him."

Ai Xiaoxue didn't even turn his head around, "I won't do it."

"Hehe, disciple will listen to my man."

Liu Ying said while grinning, and almost got Qin Chao to pat her.

This girl was getting more and more fond of being cocky.

It was time for Liu Chang to properly educate his little sister.

"Hua Niang will follow your orders, Young Master."

Hua Niang was the most caring, and she just stood there with a gentle smile on her face.

"Don't worry Mr. Qin, Xiao Bai will instruct the organizations of Luo Sha to investigate this person."

"Very good!"

Xiao Bai was the most at ease with what he had to do.

"Su Ji, send them off first."

Qin Chao said, "I still have other things to tell Xiao Bai, and that's right, I'll leave this Ninety-nine Heavenly Human Pill in your hands. If you don't want to be a vampire anymore, you can eat it and recover your human body."

"Alright, I understand."

Su Ji nodded her head and accepted the Ninety-nine Heavenly Human Pill. When Qin Chao had other women present or was busy with business, she understood the general situation.

This was the place that Qin Chao liked her the most.

After Su Ji and the others left, Qin Chao carried Su Fei and turned to ask the Rakshasa School people that were following him.

"Have any of you heard of the Taikoo City?"

he asked.

"Taikoo City."

Xiao Bai had read most of the books on the cultivation world and was the first to react, "Was it the city built by the cultivators?"


Qin Chao nodded.

"I have heard of it, but have never been there."

Xiao Bai said.

"So it's like this …"

Qin Chao laughed, "I took over the Taikoo City, speak, who wants to manage the city?"


For a moment, everyone in Rakshasa School looked at each other.

The sect master had actually taken over the Taikoo City.

How is that possible?

This was a city that everyone in the cultivation world coveted.

No matter how many sects wanted to establish themselves, they were unable to do so. How could they allow their own families to host them?

Sovereign, too formidable.

"To manage a city..."

Everyone had difficult expressions, even Xiao Bai could not help but shake his head.

"Mr. Qin, one Rakshasa School, one Raksha, this is my limit."

She also really wanted to help Mr. Qin shoulder the burden, but if she couldn't do it and had to do it forcefully, she could only implicate him.

"I can't do it either."

Hua Niang also waved his hand, "I don't have the brains to do business here."

"Chiyo only knows how to kill people."

Chiyo also revealed his own capabilities, "Even the clan of Gozen is currently managed by Huizi together."

"I'm really worried now..."

Qin Chao said, "Could it be that we will let Zhao Wenyue continue to be the City Lord?"

"How about, I give it a try..."

It was at this time that a weak voice came from Qin Chao's embrace.

When everyone saw it, they realised that Su Fei had awoken at some point in time.

"I study economics. "And with such a large clan managing the city, I would like to give it a try …"

When Su Fei saw that so many people were looking at him, he suddenly became a little bashful.

Although she was a strong woman in the business world, that was in her area of expertise.

In terms of cultivation, she was truly a novice.

Adding on what had just happened, even though his mind was in a mess, he could still remember everything that had happened.

She was ashamed to have done so much to everyone.

Fortunately, he had been stopped. Otherwise, he would have made some unforgivable mistake. What should he do then?

"You want to become the city lord of Taikoo City?"

Qin Chao supported himself as he hugged her and asked.

"Hmm …"

This was the first time Su Fei hugged him so intimately in front of so many people.

She could not help but blush, but very quickly, she calmed down and said.

"I have experience in running a business, and I want to do something for you, so I'm going to try."

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