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241 – Breaching 10 Cities in Succession

The Red Earth City.

Since the departure of the hunting fang corps, the city lost the liveliness it gained not long ago.

However, the prostitutes and merchants didn’t leave. They were looking forward to the victory of the hunting fang corps, so that they could make a profit again.

Dust surged outside the Red Earth City, as a 2,000-strong cavalry galloped towards the Red Earth City alike a sharp arrow.

“Enemy attack!! Enemy attack!!” The complexion of a warrior patrolling atop the city wall of the Red Earth City suddenly changed greatly when he saw the 2,000-strong cavalry, and he shouted.

Hearing the scream, panic broke out in the Red Earth City. Squads of warriors were driven to the top of the city wall by officers. Everyone was in a state of uncertainty and panic.

When the hunting fang corps dispatched its troops, the battle-hardened elite troops inside the Red Earth City were also taken away and the city was only left with 1,000 local troops to defend itself.

The 1,000 local troops could barely suppress riots and gangs. However, they had no experience fighting a regular army. Besides, goblins, bugbears, and ogres of the Red Earth Wasteland would never attack a human city guarded by a city wall, as they couldn’t even build siege weapons.

When a guard officer saw the 2,000 cavalrymen commanded by Yang Feng, he immediately heaved a long sigh of relief and shouted, “It’s a cavalry! Don’t be afraid, it’s a cavalry. It’s impossible for it to besiege us! They should be just some mounted bandits! So long as we close the gate, there won’t be any problems!!”

Yang Feng sneered, silently recited an incantation, pointed at the gate, conjured the level-2 spell Fire Burst, and shot a flaming arrow straight at the gate.

With a loud bang, the gate of the Red Earth City was blasted into tatters.

On the Feisuo Plane, gates were divided into ordinary and special. Ordinary gates couldn’t withstand the bombardment from level-2 spells. Of course, if it was the special gate of the capital of the Morrince Empire, then even Legend rank spells wouldn’t be able to blast it apart.

The guard officer immediately turned silent. Standing still atop the city wall, fear overcame his eyes and he said in a trembling voice: “A Wizard! They have a Wizard!!”

“The city is breached! Those who surrender won’t be killed!” Yang Feng pointed at the Red Earth City and barked.

“The city is breached! Those who surrender won’t be killed!”

“The city is breached! Those who surrender won’t be killed!”


The uniform roars of the 2,000 cavalrymen behind Yang Feng frightened the warriors of the Red Earth City.

“Charge!” Yang Feng pulled the reins of his mount, barked, and took the lead to rush towards the Red Earth City.

As if a flood, the 2,000 cavalrymen surged towards the Red Earth City.

The guards atop the city wall of the Red Earth City were awed by the imposing aura of Yang Feng’s party and just watched as Yang Feng led the 2,000 cavalrymen into the city.

When Yang Feng’s 2,000 cavalrymen entered the city, they quickly took over the entire city.

A while later, 3,000 riding infantrymen of the Miracle City, who with difficulty learned equestrianism, finally rushed over from behind and took over the city quickly.

When the subsequent troops arrived, Yang Feng took the 2,000 cavalrymen to mercilessly pierce into the hinterland of the Morrince Empire.

The hunting fang corps was the strongest army of the Morrince Empire in this region. Now that the entire army was annihilated, a huge gap was torn open from the direction of the Red Earth Wasteland.

Yang Feng barged into the huge gap with the 2,000 cavalrymen. Within 13 days, 10 cities were breached in succession. The 10 cities were looted empty. Whether people, goods, or a variety of wealth, everything was taken away and was transported to the Miracle City in a steady stream.

The Molinson Province had a total of 44 cities. After conquering 10 cities, nearly one-quarter of the Molinson Province fell into Yang Feng’s hands.

The entire Morrince Empire was shocked, and the governor of the Molinson Province sent out 10 blood-written letters in succession, asking for help from the imperial capital.

Originally, the Molinson Province wasn’t located at the border, and the strongest troop in the province was the hunting fang corps. Now that the hunting fang corps was defeated, the Molinson Province was just a husk, and only had 100,000 local troops scattered among the various cities.

The 100,000 local troops were specifically designed to maintain public order and suppress armed rebellions in then Molinson Province, and their combat strength couldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath as that of the hunting fang corps. Additionally, with the long period of peace that pervaded the Molinson Province, the 100,000 local troops had atrophied. In fact, there were less than 60,000 local troops, and most of them were relatives and friends of senior officials of the armies and had no fighting strength to speak of.

Under such circumstances, the Molinson Province was like an unprotected cake from which Yang Feng could easily cut a slice off and take a big bite.

The only thing the governor of the Molinson Province could do was to pull back his forces, recruit people like crazy, and hole himself up in the capital of the Molinson Province, the Barroman City.

The silver sword corps stationed in the neighboring Zhero Province was ordered to set out to the Molinson Province by the Morrince Empire.

“The hunting fang corps was defeated by Ian. What a surprise! Although Amodeo isn’t much, but Fred is an experienced veteran, so how could they be so easily defeated?” A 35- or 36-year-old, rather handsome man dressed in commander uniform of the Morrince Empire thought out loud while on horseback. The rather handsome man was Magana, the commander of the silver sword corps.

The hunting fang corps was the strongest army in the Molinson Provinces. Besides, the Morrince Empire still mobilized 1 Archwizard, 10 Great Wizards, over 100 Wizards, and over 1,000 Apprentice Wizards to form a large Wizard squad and assigned it to the hunting fang corps. No matter how you looked at it, there was no way the hunting fang corps would lose to a nearly established, small force like the Miracle City that had less than 10,000 warriors.

A scout quickly walked over and reported: “Sir Commander, we found the cavalry of the Miracle City!”

Magana frowned and asked solemnly: “Where are they?”

The scout replied at once: “They are about 10 kilometers southwest from us. They appear to have just looted a city, and are heading towards the Anchor City along with a lot of wealth”.

Magana’s gaze congealed and he said coldly: “That’s the direction of the Rubaka City. These fucking thieves must have just looted the Rubaka City. Transmit my order! Everyone is to advance immediately, our target is the Anchor City. We’re going to take these fucking thieves from the back!”

The 20,000 warriors of the silver sword corps suddenly sped up and moved towards the Anchor City.

Halfway to the Anchor City, the warriors of the silver sword corps saw the richly-bedecked 2,000 cavalrymen carrying large and small bags. Simultaneously, there were 1,000 horses carrying huge bundles next to the 2,000 cavalrymen. The vast wealth weighing on the fast like the wind 2,000 cavalrymen slowed them down to the point that they were even slower than infantrymen.

When the warriors of the silver sword corps saw the 2,000 cavalrymen commanded by Yang Feng, their eyes turned bloodshot and they revealed greed.

Magana’s gaze congealed. He pointed at Yang Feng’s party with his blade and barked loudly: “Brothers, those are the rebels! Kill them all, and the riches on them are yours! I won’t take a single copper coin for myself!!”


“Kill! Kill them all!!”

“Kill them all, and the riches are ours!!”


The morale of the warriors of the silver sword corps rose to the limit, and their eyes were bloodshot. Under the command of the generals, they rushed madly towards Yang Feng’s 2,000 cavalrymen.

“Drop them!” Yang Feng swept the warriors of the silver sword corps with a glance, sneered, and ordered.

The 2,000 cavalrymen pulled down the bags on them and threw them on the ground. Countless valuables scattered on the ground, dazzling people’s eyes.

Next, the 2,000 cavalrymen pulled on ropes and the valuables tied to the horses scattered on the ground. The area seemed to be covered in valuables, looking fascinating

“Withdraw!” After discarding all the treasures, Yang Feng sneered, turned around, and retreated towards the Anchor City along with the 2,000 cavalrymen.


“These treasures are mine!!”

“Motherfucker, anyone who dares to fight me over my treasures will be cut down!”


Their eyes bloodshot, the warriors of the silver sword corps rushed towards the area full of valuables, and fought over them. Many warriors even drew their blades to fight for the valuables.

The warriors of the Morrince Empire were paid only 1 gold coin per month. The many gems on the ground could be sold for hundreds or even 1,000 gold coins. Just getting a gem was equivalent to tens of years or even 100 years of their salary, which naturally drove them crazy.

In particular, since Magana had promised that the valuables would belong to whomever got them, it was even more chaotic. No one had the mind to fight the enemy, and only thought about fighting over the treasures. Even many generals of the silver sword corps joined in the fight over the treasures.

Magana roared anxiously: “Get up! Stop fighting! Stop fighting!! It’s dangerous now! The cavalry of the Miracle City may be just waiting for us to fall into chaos!!”

Apart from the bodyguards next to Magana, no one else listened to him. Everyone had their attention fixed on the valuables, and fought over them.

“It’s time! Charge!” Yang Feng watched the chaotic scene through Magic Eye, then sneered and rushed towards the silver sword corps.

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