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As Shi Yan had shown his Star power Upanishad, the members of the Cloud Tribe understood it immediately. Dalsa, Cilan, Fan Hui Nai, and Quin understood the matter.

The most famous legend of Cloud Mist Territory was about Skyfall Star River, an Absolute Beginning divine weapon. Tens of thousands of years had passed as many experts cultivating Star power Upanishad from the world outside came to Cloud Mist Territory through the territory entrance. They had stayed in the sea of clouds to find Skyfall Star River.

Gradually, most of them were gone. The Cloud Tribe killed some and some had gone missing.

Eventually, people stopped coming here until Fan De Lei broke through to the Territory Ancestor Realm. With Star power Upanishad, he had a fixation to that legendary Skyfall Star River divine weapon.

He had commanded the experts of the Phantom Clan and directly conquered the Cloud Mist Territory, preparing for a long search mission.

The territory entrance to Cloud Mist Territory became the Phantom Clan's possession, which prohibited people from entering the area.

Fan De Lei and Dalsa were suspicious since they didn't know why Montecie had deliberately taken Shi Yan's team to Cloud Mist Territory. They thought that Montecie had aimed at Fan De Lei. And now, seeing Shi Yan use Star power Upanishad, they understood his reasons.

He was here because of Skyfall Star River.

"It seems that Montecie has told you about the mysteries of Cloud Mist Territory. No wonder why you don't want to leave the holy land. You want a share of Skyfall Star River!"

Fan De Lei pulled a cold face and smirked, "I had Cloud Mist Territory and cultivated here for years. I haven't found anything. Do you think you can find it?"

"I'm here to seek shelter. About Skyfall Star River… it's by chance then," said Shi Yan.

Right from the start, he didn't come here for Skyfall Star River. He wanted to find a safe place for Grace Mainland. At this moment, he didn't know why he felt restless and insecure.

The feelings came from his deep soul.

It was like a pair of bright eyes watching him in the dark; it felt like they belonged to a bloodthirsty beast that was waiting for a chance to bite and chew him off!

This feeling became stronger day by day.

He pondered for a while and he understood it. Finally, he knew where the source of his insecurity was.

- Desolate!

Desolate has awakened and recovered! His power was increasing every day. He had two soul clones. Once Desolate recovered relatively, Shi Yan would be his primary target. When he got Shi Yan's co-soul, his soul would be complete!

Every second Desolate became stronger, the pressure from Shi Yan's co-soul increased. As they had a magical connection, no matter how far Shi Yan was from Desolate, he could feel it every minute.

He had to get stronger and enter the Territory Ancestor Realm as fast as possible! He had to try everything to increase his power!

Otherwise, when Desolate came and he didn't have the power to resist, what awaited him was annihilation!

At least, he knew that he wasn't Desolate's enemy. Once he was caught, he would be killed. He had to seize the chance to get stronger before Desolate absorbed all of his clones.

Skyfall Star River was a divine weapon suitable for Star power Upanishad. If he got it, he could use it to enter the Territory Ancestor Realm and his competence would greatly improve. Thus, when Montecie told him about Skyfall Star River, he was moved.

"I have a suggestion," all of a sudden Quinn, the Great Priest, opened his mouth. He turned to look at Fan De Lei and then at Shi Yan and Emperor Sea Shark. He then said, "They rumor that Skyfall Star River sank deep in the sea of clouds. As the Great Priest of the Cloud Tribe, I understand the ancient language of our tribe. As far as I'm concerned, the rumor is true. We also know that many forerunners had come and explored the deeper areas in the cloud sea. After many generations, they found a strange location. It's sealed with many layers of spaces. We have to unfold those layers to know what is hidden down there…"

Quinn's words caught people's attention, their eyes bright.

Quinn's realm wasn't high enough, only at Second Sky of Immortal Realm and he wasn't really talented. However, he was much older than the Old Dalsa. He had chaired the worshiping activity of the Cloud Tribe for many years, so only him knew many secrets of the Cloud Tribe. Thus, when he said he knew the mysteries of Skyfall Star River, there was no doubt.

"The previous Great Priest guessed that if Skyfall Star River had sunk deep into the cloud sea, it should be under those space layers. The members of the High Priest Committee have explored for generations to find that area. Without our guidance, I'm sure you can't find it even if you spend one thousand years."

His face turned arrogant when he said that. "If I die, no one knows that area!"

Fan De Lei had a strange light in his eyes, "Keep talking."

"According to legends, Skyfall Star River was guided there. Something under the cloud sea had attracted it. That thing should be right under that space wall." Quinn's eyes turned hot. "We really want to know what's down there. I've been hiring experts with Space power Upanishad to break that seal. Unfortunately…"

He shook his head, "The warriors with Space power Upanishad I found are at low realms. The best one I could find was at First Sky of Immortal Realm. He died because of drained energy during the progress of breaking layers of spaces."

He became stirred up and said to Shi Yan, "You have Space power Upanishad at the Peak of Immortal Realm and you can cast the Space Crystal Wall. It means that your real competence is higher than that! Perhaps you can go there and see if you can break that wall. We will know what hides down there!"

"What about us?" hissed Cilan.

"No one knows what's hiding down there and how dangerous it could be. Moreover, I know our Cloud Tribe can't decode that secret. Thus, I'm suggesting that we all go there to unlock this tens-of-thousands-of-years secret," shouted Quinn.

He made his own calculations. Seeing Shi Yan, Emperor Sea Shark, and Fan De Lei have equal powers, he invited both sides. He wanted to make the two sides compete against each other. He would find the best chance. Thus, he told the secret in front of both Shi Yan and Fan De Lei.

Shi Yan and Fan De Lei exchanged looks. They didn't discuss how to share Skyfall Star River. They pondered then nodded, indicating that they agreed with Quinn's suggestion.

Right after that, Shi Yan sent his soul message to Grace Mainland.

Shadows pierced through the atmosphere of Grace Mainland, hovering by Shi Yan and Fan De Lei. They were Ming Hao, Xuan He, Frederick, Audrey, Azure Dragon, DeCarlos, Lei Di, and Blood Devil, all the Immortal Realm experts. But they weren't all the experts that had come to Grace Mainland from the other star areas in Desolate Territory.

Seeing them, Cilan, Dalsa, and Quinn became solemn.

They didn't expect that small life star could have so many experts. Especially Ming Hao, he was at the Peak of Immortal Realm and he was just one step away from the Territory Ancestor Realm. Soon, he would enter the Territory Ancestor Realm.

All the members of the Cloud Tribe felt pressure as they found that those intruders were actually powerful dragons. They shouldn't underestimate them.

"You don't mind if I get someone to help?" Shi Yan grinned, "Yeah, I've thought for you guys. In case things go wrong, we can get more defenses, right?"

Quinn nodded.

"We don't have enough manpower…" Cilan muttered.

"We should call some experts. It will improve the possibility to get through that secret. It's good for everyone." Dalsa felt the pressure so he hurried to use the Sound Stone to call for help and summon the experts of his clan.

Fan De Lei furrowed his brows and sent his soul message to gather his subordinates.

Several hours later, the Immortal Realm experts of the Cloud Tribe, the Phantom Clan summoned by Dalsa and Fan De Lei had come. There was a dozen of them.

It was also the strongest force of Cloud Mist Territory.

"Dive," Fan De Lei smiled when he saw his subordinates come. He gestured Quinn to depart.

Quinn nodded and took the group under Grace Mainland, diving into a thick layer of clouds.

Shi Yan went with Emperor Sea Shark, Ming Hao, and the others. As soon as they got into the cloud sea, their vision was affected a lot. The milky clouds were so thick that they could only see the ones flying next to them. Releasing the Soul Consciousness, the area reflected in their heads was also limited. This place was covered by the endless white mist.

Cloud Mist Territory was immensely vast. If it was the same down here, it was like finding a needle in a haystack for the ones who came to explore the Skyfall Star River. It was almost impossible.

The High Priest Committee of the Cloud Tribe had spent generations to find that strange location. They had exerted a lot of effort.

Deep inside the cloud sea, Shi Yan believed Quinn's words. Without his directions, even if they spent one thousand years, they wouldn't be able to find anything.

Quinn and his High Priest Committee grouped while Shi Yan and his fellows, Fan De Lei, Cilan and his subordinates formed two groups. The three groups moved fast through the cloud sea. Following Quinn, they were heading to that mysterious place the High Priest Committee had found.

Time flew fast. It was ten days already.

They were still moving under Quinn's direction.

When they gradually became impatient, Quinn suddenly slowed down. People were stirred up immediately, divine light shooting from their eyes. They hurried to catch up with him.

Quinn halted.

He was hovering in a strange area where the light was rippling. Shi Yan and the others gathered. They saw something like a rippling pond in front of Quinn.

Squinting, Shi Yan used his space power to sense. Concentrating, his Soul Consciousness was like a needle thrusting into the layer of light waves.


A wave of space energy emitted from that light wave area. Shi Yan's eyes brightened as he smiled, "It's a space wall, indeed. Moreover, it's naturally made. Wonderful!"

The naturally made space wall was rare. It was the masterpiece of Nature, so it had more mysteries and powers of Space power Upanishad.

Sensing for a while, Shi Yan confirmed that if he could break this natural space wall, his understanding of Space power Upanishad would advance to the next level.

His enthusiasm was triggered.

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