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Chapter 708 Knights of Jealousy

The nine demons had a connection to each other.

Although their senses were cut off, the devil puppet people seemed to know that Xiao Bai was fine. It was just that something had cut off the connection between them.

"What is Lil 'White doing?"

Su Ji guessed it after he took off the MP4's earpiece.

Could it be that he had gotten into some sort of plane with Qin Chao?

Hmph, Qin Chao this damned fellow. Everyday, he doesn't even think about cultivating, he only knows how to mess with his own woman!

How did he end up as a vampire? However, Qin Chao could only see and not eat it.

He did not know whether he had gotten his hands on the Human Yuan Golden Pill or not.

These days, there were too many troublesome matters!

"Su Ji, when class is over, let's go eat something."

Childe of Cao Clan, who was sitting not far from Su Ji, flattered him.

Su Ji was about to go crazy. This fellow had pestered him everyday, to the point that he was no longer interested in attending his tutorial class.

She didn't know how many times she had rejected him. Could it be that he was shameless?

Actually, it was not that Childe of Cao Clan did not have any dignity, it was just that his father told his son a painful piece of news. That is, their family lost money on the stock market, basically facing bankruptcy.

This young master had no choice but to sell his treasured BMW and change it to Mazda 6. Right now, his only hope was to get rid of this little daughter of the Su Clan in front of him.

Only by taking care of her would there be hope to revive life in their family.

As such, he didn't want the dignity of a young master anymore.

In any case, he felt that his downfall was much better than that crappy security guard's. As long as he was a normal person, he should have chosen the one who drove the horse, not the one who rode the horse!

But unfortunately, he did not know that Su Ji was not an ordinary person.

"Sorry, I don't have time."

Su Ji was feeling annoyed about Xiao Bai, so he didn't have a good tone to speak with.

"Don't be like this. Whether we succeed or not, you should at least give me a chance."

But Childe of Cao Clan was like a sticky candy, she could not get rid of it.

"Cao Yu, how many times have I told you this? We're really unsuitable!"

Su Ji's temper rose, and he threw his MP4 on the table, staring angrily at the Young Master who was sticking to him, "Moreover, I already have a boyfriend. If you want to chase me, then duel him first! If you win, come find me again! "


When Cao Yu heard it, his eyes immediately lit up.

After all, he had learned karate for many years. Even if that security guard had learnt some martial arts, he definitely couldn't be a match for his karate black belt!

Haha, little beauty Su Ji, let's see what you can use to reject me this time!

"Then let's make an appointment and have a try with your boyfriend! I must get your heart! "

Cao Yu said aggressively.

"Deal! He will come and pick me up later. You two can have a good fight!"

Su Ji just wanted to find a reason to quickly ask this bastard for help.

"Alright, alright, alright, Su Ji, wait for me!"

Cao Yu was already full of confidence, it was as if he had already predicted it, that Su Ji would sit in his horse's seat and gently lean into his arms.

Beautiful! If it could really be like this, it would be worth it even if she died!

The bell for the class interrupted this fellow's daydreaming.

Everyone returned to their seats and waited for the English class.

Since English is one of the compulsory subjects in the college entrance examination, so the tutorial class also arranged such a course. Su Ji did not skip class. Although her English was already very good, she had nothing better to do anyways, so it was good for her to come listen to the class.

However, she was still quite depressed. Although compulsory examinations were not a problem for her, with this year's new policy, the country required the entrance examination to take two additional courses. These two courses were something she had never come in contact with before.

It seems that this is to raise the threshold of the examination and strengthen the elite education.

There weren't any elites left in the university. It was likely that the country didn't want graduate students to be as rampant as university students.

It was a pity that under this policy, Su Ji was still alright.

As for many of the students, their hair had already turned white from worry.

This was the truth. A good friend who graduated from university together with Su Ji had been taking the exam for three consecutive years.

Since he failed the previous two years, this third year was even more difficult. Last time when Su Ji went to visit her, he discovered that her originally jet-black hair was now completely white. He was so shocked by Su Ji that he almost thought he saw his classmate's mother.

The night was full of worry for the youth. He had not made up such a story out of thin air.

Just as Su Ji was playing with his ballpoint pen and waiting for class to start, a beautiful and slim blonde female lecturer slowly walked in from outside the classroom.

As soon as she entered, all the boys in the classroom stared at her.

In the past, the English teacher was just an ordinary old lady from a foreign country. But now, there was actually a blonde beauty with blue eyes. This made them all excited!

What's more, this woman had a big chest and buttocks, and she was pretty! This English class was finally worth it! The money wasn't spent in vain.

"Hello everyone, I am the new female teacher, my name is Tina."

The beautiful teacher spoke in a very pleasant voice.

But for some reason, Su Ji didn't have any good feelings towards this beautiful teacher.

Un, it seems that I am also a beautiful teacher.

Could it be jealousy of a woman?

"Teacher, you're so beautiful!"

A male student couldn't help but ask.

"Hehehe …" In the end, he was still an open-minded foreign teacher. Not only was he not angry from talking about this in class, he even smiled. "Really? Do you think I'm the most beautiful? "

"Mhmm!" The male student immediately nodded and shouted, "Those who think the new teacher is the most beautiful, please raise your hands!"

As he said that, he raised both his hands up high.

Following that, a large group of male students raised their hands up high.

Especially that Cao Yu, his performance was extremely terrible. He was almost lying on the seat, his feet almost up.

"What is it..."

Some of the female students below expressed their dissatisfaction, "How is she good-looking? She's really a bunch of perverts."

This voice seemed to have grown a little bit. Not only did the female teacher not get angry, she even laughed happily.

"Heh, you're jealous."

A boy on the side said.

"Fuck you, I'm not jealous of her, crazy!"

The female student rolled her eyes.

"Alright, let's stop messing around for now and come to class."

As the female teacher said this, she waved her hand and began her lesson.

During the lecture, Su Ji had no choice but to sigh. This woman was truly outstanding, to the point that they were jealous. Her figure was perfect, her looks beautiful, and even her knowledge was enough to drive people mad with jealousy.

Did God send such a woman to kill other women?

Su Ji was still alright, he had a firm heart.

But the other girls were already looking at the teacher with hatred in their eyes.

Thus, this lesson was a form of enjoyment for boys.

To the other girls, it was a form of torture.

Finally, the class ended.

Tina packed up his documents and said to the students who had all sorts of expressions.

"We'll end the class here. Everyone, let's end the class here."

"Ah?" So soon after class ended! "

The boys hung their heads in dejection.

"Phew, it's finally over!" If it's her next time, I won't be coming to English class! "

Several girls discussed together.

", can you come over and help me?"

The female teacher pointed to the basic teaching plans on the table and said, "These are really too heavy. When I think about how far I have to go before I can return to the office, it gives me a headache. , can you help me carry it? "

"Teacher, I'm willing to help you!"

"I, I, teacher, I'm too strong, let me do it!"

"Teacher, let me do it. I'm a student of sports, so I can carry a cow!"

The boys fought like wolves and tigers as they rushed to speak.

"No need, let Su Ji help me instead. Thank you for your gentlemen behavior. "

Tina still politely rejected them.

Su Ji thought that she was afraid that he would be entangled with her.

However, he would also be able to get rid of the annoying Cao Yu in the meantime, so as to avoid him bothering him after class.

Therefore, Su Ji nodded and said.

"Okay, no problem."

She walked forward and picked up the few tomes, and followed behind Tina.

"I'm really sorry. We have to cross the sports field to get to the classroom office."

Tina and Su Ji walked out of the classroom and said apologetically.

"It's alright, I'll just take a walk before it gets too far."

Su Ji replied fluently in English.

"Teacher Tina, you are indeed beautiful, to the point of making others jealous."

Su Ji said as the two walked.

"Thank you." Tina laughed, "Then Su Ji, what about you, would you be jealous of me too?"

Su Ji thought, the foreigners are always so direct.

"It's fine, hur hur."

She could only laugh along.

At this time, Tina pointed at Cao Yu who was behind him.

"He's your boyfriend?"


Su Ji curled his lips in disgust, "A loathsome bastard like you will bore me to death everyday."

"He seems to be very serious about chasing after you."

Tina winked at Su Ji, "Look, you've already walked so far, and he's still following you."

"But I feel like he's here for you, Teacher Tina?"

Su Ji laughed, "Teacher, look, he is staring straight at you right now."

"Beautiful things will always make people happy."

As the two walked onto the empty field, Tina said, "When this beauty doesn't belong to you, jealousy will arise in your heart, causing the original sin to arise. Because of jealousy, because of wanting to destroy, and because of wanting to destroy. "

"Why did Teacher say such philosophical words?"

Su Ji was curious.

"Because I'm jealous."

As Teacher Tina spoke, he suddenly turned his head and looked at Su Ji with a strange smile.

Su Ji suddenly realised something and immediately retreated two steps.

And at this time, the beautiful female teacher Tina who was standing in front of her underwent some changes.

Her golden hair had now turned into a green poisonous snake, hissing and emitting killing intent as she glared at Su Ji.

"Sorry, I forgot to mention my name. I am one of the knights of seven deadly sins s, jealous of Knights. "Come and take your life."

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