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It was said that there were two paths to the Spirit Realm in the Gods Realm, the easiest one to reach was the Gods Realm. The path to get there was not going to be tested, but it was equivalent to courting death, so even if the path to reach the Spirit Realm was easier to pass, no one would choose it.

The other path to becoming a deity was in the Divine Realm, which was the holy land of the Continent of the King back then. Currently, that place had already been exposed.

Chen Xiang had gone to that place a few times, but he had never gone deep there. The only time was when he went in with Liu Meng'er, and got the Divine Book.

There, Chen Xiang also had an old friend who was a blue dragon.

Lv Zhen had gone to the God Realm before, he did not succeed in passing through the God Realm Road, but right now, there shouldn't be any problems. However, he still wanted to do some things against the Hell Devil Emperor s in the Di Tian region.

Chen Xiang entered the Spirit Realm, but he did not know of it.

"This guy should have already gone to Gods Realm." Chen Xiang looked at the ruins here, and then walked forward.

The Path of God was a difficult path for many experts back in the day. But now, it had become relatively easy, mainly because the experts now were all relatively strong.

Originally, Chen Xiang wanted to see Hua Xiangyue and Wu Qianqian, but there was no news of them. They were travelling all over, disguised, Nine Heaven World and many other Endless Heaven Realm, it was not easy to find them, he could only give up.

"Xue Yi, this little gluttonous dragon, what kind of madness is this, to go to the Gods Realm alone. What if she doesn't have anything to eat there?"

Chen Xiang was suddenly a little worried about Long Xueyi, she needed to eat a lot of good things to become strong, and she had always relied on him to do so.

Chen Xiang followed Feng Yujie's instructions. After arriving at the God Realm, he ran in the direction of a faint golden light. That place was the location of the God Realm road, the place where he could enter the Gods Realm.

On the way to the Heavenly Mystery Road, Chen Xiang encountered all sorts of naturally formed powerful illusions, and he was able to bypass them all. On the road, he saw many corpses, and all of them died on the road.

Chen Xiang was currently in a boundless desert, on that road which was emitting a faint golden light, giving people the illusion that he was not too far away. On the other hand, Chen Xiang had already been walking for more than ten days, but he still had not seen the so-called road to becoming a god.

"What's going on? If I had known earlier, I would have asked him more carefully. He hasn't arrived yet." Chen Xiang looked around to make sure he did not fall into the array.

He continued to walk in the desert for three more days, which made him feel strange. Along the way, more and more corpses appeared, but he didn't encounter any danger. Most of the corpses were dried up, and the cause of death didn't come from their physical bodies.

"Is that the entrance to the Path of All Gods?" Chen Xiang could already see a pale golden vortex in the sky in front of him, which was a spatial passageway.

Chen Xiang looked at the corpse at the side and frowned: "Could it be that all of these bodies fell out from the Path of God?"

It didn't work. This was the same way death worked, which made Chen Xiang a little worried.

"This Path of God is really dangerous." Chen Xiang looked carefully at a relatively fresh corpse. This corpse's bones were supposed to be very strong, but now they were very weak, and its dried up flesh was the same. It was as if all the strong energy in its body had been sucked out.

Chen Xiang rushed to the entrance of the Path of Divine, observed carefully, then jumped in, and entered the whirlpool.

"It really is a spatial passageway, and it's very unstable." In order to prevent himself from having problems during passage, Chen Xiang used the power of the spatial laws to reinforce the spatial passageway.

Otherwise, a chaotic and tyrannical spatial energy would occasionally appear in this tyrannical spatial passageway. This power was extremely terrifying, and if one could not block it, then if one was lucky, they would be able to leave their corpse outside in the desert.

If one was unlucky, they would most likely be torn into pieces by the powerful energy and scattered around the Path of God.

The spatial energy here was a strong power of law. This kind of power of law maintained the operation of countless dimensions, such as Gods Realm, Nine Heaven World, and so on. It was strong and mysterious.

"This Path of God is indeed difficult to walk on. If I don't control the power of space then I will at least suffer a lot of torture if I want to pass it. This is also a test for humans."

Chen Xiang could be said to be extremely relaxed on the way here, but when he tried to retreat, he discovered that the spatial energy would become even more berserk, and he nearly lost control of it.

"It seems like this Path of God can only be taken forward and not backwards. This is a one-way path." Chen Xiang sighed: "In the future, if you want to return from Gods Realm, it seems that you need to at least have the strength of a Super profound God."

If it was an Empyrean God, it would definitely be very easy for them to return. Those Deities Templar had sent down so many Deities, all sent down by the Empyrean God himself.

Now, Chen Xiang suddenly felt that the Gods Realm's rules were not bad, they could restrain so many gods, if not it would be too easy for the Hell Devil Emperor to come to the Nine Heaven World.

But now, he was actually worried about how long the rules of the Gods Realm would last, and that there were many rules that could be changed, such as when the Nine Heaven World grew up, they would change the rules so that everyone could fly away the Nine Heaven World that was created by the Nine Divine Kings.

"The Nine Heaven World will definitely be stronger than the Gods Realm in the future. Otherwise, the Nine Divine Kings will not be persecuted." Chen Xiang had a premonition that the strength of the Nine Divine Kings was much stronger than the gods, but the reason why none of the nine of them were able to survive was because they had created a Nine Heaven World with unlimited potential.

The Path of Gods was very long, Chen Xiang had never thought that a spatial passageway could actually be this long. In the past, the spatial passageway he opened had always been able to arrive at his destination in an instant.

But this also meant that there was a huge difference in time between the space where Nine Heaven World was located and the space where Gods Realm was located. There might even be a time difference, or there might be a possibility of there being some sort of gap between the two spaces.

Right now, Chen Xiang did not dare to mess around in the spatial tunnel, it would be extremely difficult for the spatial tunnel to be so stable.

"To pass the Path of God by oneself is also a proof of oneself." Chen Xiang thought back to what Xue Xianxian and the others had said to him, that they wanted him to pass through the Path of Gods.

Chen Xiang who was extremely sensitive to space had already sensed that there was an exit in front of him. When he reached the last section of the road, the space became much more stable.

"In front of us is the Gods Realm." Chen Xiang suddenly tensed up: "The Hell Devil Emperor still has the Tracing mantra on me, maybe he already knows that I entered the Path of Gods. If that's the case, then maybe he will send people to guard outside."

Chen Xiang slowed his pace and was thinking about how to safely enter the Gods Realm.

When the Hell Devil Emperor sent someone with blood to the Divine Prison previously, he did not manage to capture Chen Xiang. Now that he found out that Chen Xiang was going to the Gods Realm, the Hell Devil Emperor felt that Chen Xiang had walked into a trap.

"The Hell Devil Emperor will definitely come secretly. If possible, he doesn't want to share the Heavenly Alchemy with others either. He definitely didn't tell the other gods that I have already come to the Gods Realm."

If that was the case, Chen Xiang did not need to worry about too many gods attacking him.

If that's the case, it would be too eye-catching, and would definitely be suspected. Previously, when the God of Fortune cooperated with him, he also channeled a lot of manpower into his body, causing him to lose a lot of profound God s, so the God of Fortune would definitely not let me off.

Thinking that the God of Fortune, who was stronger than even the Hell Devil Emperor, would want to capture him, Chen Xiang felt a lot of pressure right now.

"Looks like I have to leave as soon as I get out. I wonder how the Gods Realm's space is like, with my current strength, how long can I open up a spatial tunnel?"

Chen Xiang had already been secretly operating his energy, but at this time, he was getting closer and closer to the exit.

The moment he stepped out, a bright light pierced him. This was a normal sunlight, but it carried a strong aura of divine force.

"As expected." Chen Xiang only needed a glance to know that there were a lot of strong Warriors hiding around. A few of them even belonged to the profound God.

Chen Xiang had already used his superb transformations, turning himself into a small, old man whose entire body was riddled with wounds.

The people waiting for him here were definitely going to be killed in one strike, so once they identified the person, they would immediately make their move. If it wasn't for Chen Xiang coming, they would have probably missed the opportunity to make their move.

But they had already missed the opportunity. The moment Chen Xiang came to the Gods Realm, the space around him began to fluctuate like water patterns before he even breathed in much air.

The group of assassins had also received a message from the Hell Devil Emperor, saying that Chen Xiang had already appeared in the Gods Realm.

The group of killers had been waiting for a long time, seeing an old man covered in blood, they subconsciously thought that it was not Chen Xiang, so they gave him a very short and precious time.

Just this little bit of Chen Xiang was already enough for Chen Xiang to use his spatial energy to escape this ambush point.

Just as Chen Xiang had guessed, the Hell Devil Emperor only knew that he had entered the path of the gods, and did not know when he would come out.

The Gods Realm's space was much stronger than Di Tian's, so Chen Xiang was unable to travel too far. However, it was still able to help him escape from his most dangerous moment.

Chen Xiang had shuttled to the limit several dozen times consecutively, and was already far away from the exit of the road.

After arriving at the Gods Realm, he had not even seen what the Gods Realm was like before he crazily ran away. who was resting thought back to the murderous intents from the profound God, he had a lingering fear in his heart.

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