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Chapter 3697 Long Qinian

“What a tyrannical Blood Qi!”

Long Chen’s heart shook. A vast Blood Qi pressure came from this person like a tsunami, applying such pressure that it was hard for Long Chen to breathe.

However, the most shocking thing was that this person was just a Divine Lord like him. He looked very young, but his spiritual fluctuations were a bit odd.

When Xia Guhong saw him, he was surprised. He clearly recognized this person, but Long Chen also saw his distaste for this person.

“Xia Guhong. I didn’t expect to run into you here. I heard that your woman died? You really are trash. You couldn’t even protect your woman, but you still have the face to live in this world?” That man glared at Xia Guhong resentfully.

The surrounding people instantly had their attention drawn here. They stared in shock at this person. What kind of person was Xia Guhong? How could someone dare to insult him like this?

Furthermore, he directly attacked Xia Guhong right where it hurt. Was he looking to die?

It had to be known that Xia Guhong was a Divine Venerate. This person’s Blood Qi might be powerful, but he was still in the Divine Lord realm. So, Xia Guhong could crush him with a wave of his hand.

However, this person seemed fearless. He wasn’t afraid of Xia Guhong at all. That resentful look in his eyes made it seem like the two of them had a certain relationship.

“The evil dragon mark. Heavens, isn’t that the Long Qinian that was called the Devil Asura back in the day?! I remember, he had a nickname, the Evil Dragon Prince!”

“Long Qinian? Didn’t he try pursuing Luo Qingying, drawing Xia Guhong’s ire? Xia Guhong then struck him, and he was injured by the qi of the Dragon Sparrow. Afterward, he silently vanished. Everyone thought that he died, but he’s actually still alive!”

“His cultivation base, his spiritual fluctuations… He must have sealed himself after being beaten by Xia Guhong! He only awoke for this opening of the three thousand worlds.”

“Isn’t he rumored to possess Supreme Blood and a terrifying evil dragon contractual beast? He never encountered a single person who was a match for him until he encountered Xia Guhong.”

As soon as people recognized Long Qinian, they began to whisper. This was actually a person from the same era as Xia Guhong.

Both of them were Luo Qingying’s pursuers, but Long Qinian’s pursuit of her had failed. Afterward, he found trouble for Xia Guhong, only to end up almost being killed by him. He then silently vanished. No one had expected him to appear at such a time.

Xia Guhong didn’t say anything in response to Long Qinian’s mocking. He only raised his wine up and drank.

Long Qinian walked over to his table. He then eyed Long Chen for a moment before looking at the wine on the table. He sneered, “It seems that you’ve used this thing to numb yourself all these years. Is it what allowed you to hold on for so many years? Luo Qingying really was blind. How did she choose a coward like you? If she had chosen me, she definitely wouldn’t have died so young. Xia Guhong, you really are trash.”

Long Chen was originally planning on ignoring Long Qinian, but this bastard was going too far. Long Chen couldn’t help frowning. “Senior Luo Qingying lived a clean and honest life. How could she choose someone like you whose mouth is full of crap? It would be best if you shut your mouth and stayed further away. I don’t want your crap to get in my bowl!”

“Who do you think you are?! Is there room for you to speak here?!” Long Qinian barked at Long Chen. Seeing how young Long Chen was, he actually thought that Long Chen was Xia Guhong’s disciple.

As for himself, he was someone from the same generation as Xia Guhong. According to seniority, Long Chen truly was not qualified to speak here.

“Who do you think you are? Do you not see that my big brother can’t be bothered to even look at you? Let me tell you, my big brother has the necessary self-restraint to do so, because he knows that if he even looked at you, that would be bullying you. But I don’t have that self-restraint. If you don’t shut your butthole, be wary of getting slapped in the face,” retorted Long Chen without the slightest courtesy.

Long Chen knew that Xia Guhong’s cultivation base outclassed Long Qinian by far too much. If he attacked him, it would be viewed as bullying. Other than that, Xia Guhong had pursued the Wine Dao for so many years. He had long since grown indifferent to such mundane things.

On the other hand, Long Chen’s principles were different. Why should he have to restrain himself? Anyone who irritated him better be prepared to be slapped in the face.

Long Qinian laughed. “Hahaha, and why should I-”


The sound of his laughter was interrupted by Long Chen’s slap. Long Chen’s hand viciously struck Long Qinian’s face from a bizarre angle. As a result, an explosive sound rang out, one that shook people’s ears. It was like Long Chen’s slap was also striking their faces.


Long Qinian shot out of the restaurant like a shooting star. The wind broke the void, and ripples spread. He then smashed into some ruins in the distance.


The earth quivered when he landed. Feeling this, people in the distance jumped, not knowing what was going on.

“This technique is perfect, with nothing to nitpick. The will came before the thoughts, and you moved before the will even formed. This is a technique that transcends common sense. Amazing!”

Long Chen’s easy and graceful movements were something that moved even Xia Guhong. This was an unavoidable attack. Even he wasn’t sure how Long Chen did this.

Long Chen shrugged, helplessly saying, “I just have plenty of experience in this regard. There are simply so many idiots in this world. There’s nothing I can do about it.”

Even he had forgotten when this technique started to show off its power, becoming a one-hundred-percent-guaranteed hit.

In any case, within a certain range, it didn’t matter what his opponent’s level was. Within that range, this slap never missed.

However, this was not a killing blow. Even against a weaker opponent, it was unable to kill them. If this technique could kill them, their sense of danger would alert them and allow them to dodge.

Although it wasn’t a killing blow, the mental damage was immense. That was especially true for those experts who were extremely conceited. This technique was specially made for those people.

The more conceited they were, the more effective this move was. Once they lost all their faces, it would be even worse than stabbing them.

“Haha, then let me raise a toast to this move!”

Xia Guhong laughed. The current him was like a calm lake. There were very few things that could excite him. But this slap did make his heart feel exceptionally relaxed.

Long Chen then laughed and drank along with Xia Guhong.

“Little bastard, get out here!”

At this moment, the void exploded and Long Qinian roared, his voice shaking the sky. The sound of his voice drew countless eyes.

“I don’t dare to fight someone with so much crap in their mouth. These clothes are very precious to me, so I can’t get crap on them. Just treat it as me being afraid, alright?” Long Chen’s lazy reply rang out.

This person might be very powerful, but Long Chen wasn’t afraid of him. The only reason Long Chen avoided it was because he didn’t want to fight here. There were so many powerful enemies in the surroundings, and it wouldn’t be worth it to expose his trump cards.

“Long Chen, you’ve also come?”

Suddenly, a delighted voice rang out, one that was like birdsong in Long Chen’s ears. He was overjoyed and immediately looked toward the source. As expected, he saw Yu Qingxuan’s figure.

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