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“Brat, what are you hiding? If you’re smart, you’ll hand it over right now, and I’ll spare your life.”

That man looked to be in his twenties. He was tall and had excellently proportioned facial features, but the unconcealable haughtiness that came from him broke that image.

His powerful cultivation base had reached the late Tendon Transformation realm. However, the more amazing thing about him was that by just standing there, he gave off a heavy pressure. It was a pressure that came from the soul.

Seeing that man, Long Chen smiled extremely sincerely. It was always nice to run into old acquaintances.

“Crap-brother Qi, long time no see!”

That person was precisely the man who had appeared back in Phoenix Cry when he and Meng Qi had parted ways. Lu Fang-er had called him senior apprentice-brother Qi.

At that time, Long Chen had still been at Qi Condensation, while this senior apprentice-brother Qi had been an expert capable of controlling a second rank Magical Beast.

Once Meng Qi had left, he had attacked Long Chen, wanting to destroy his mind and turn him into an imbecile. It was only because Meng Qi had fortunately told Lu Fang-er to stay behind, just in case of anything unexpected happening, that Long Chen had managed to avoid tragedy.

Back then, Long Chen had felt he might explode from fury. He had had no enmity with senior apprentice-brother Qi at all. But after just meeting, he had wanted to turn him into an imbecile.

At that time, Long Chen had sworn that if he one day ran into senior apprentice-brother Qi again, he would definitely turn him into crap-brother Qi.

And so when he now ran into him here, Long Chen almost couldn’t believe his eyes. This was practically a heavenly gift.

“You know me?” Seeing Long Chen looking at him with delight and surprise, senior apprentice-brother Qi was a bit flabbergasted.

“Hehe, of course I know you! My impression of you is extremely, extremely deep,” laughed Long Chen.

“Then how come I have no memory of you? Don’t try to randomly make up friendships, or it’ll make your death even uglier,” sneered senior apprentice-brother Qi.

That was because no matter how senior apprentice-brother Qi looked at Long Chen, he felt he was extremely unfamiliar.

“Should I give you a reminder? Phoenix Cry Empire, Sunset Mountain, sister Meng Qi? Now do you remember?” Long Chen excitedly rubbed his hands.

“So it was you.” Senior apprentice-brother Qi was a bit startled. He finally remembered that youth who had just been an ant in his eyes.

Who would have thought that in just over a year, that youth would have reached this level. He had also reached the Tendon Transformation realm, and had even entered the Jiuli secret realm.

“You recognize me now? Hehe, looks like we really do have destiny together,” said Long Chen excitedly.

“Destiny? Hmph! Yes, we really do have destiny! Last time I wanted to slaughter you, you little bastard, but Lu Fang-er ruined things. This time let’s see where you run!” said senior apprentice-brother Qi icily.

Long Chen became a bit ‘horrified’, asking with complete confusion, “Why would you want to kill me?”

“Brat, I don’t care if you’re acting or if you’re really this stupid. Today, the only path left for you is death. No one can save you, and if you’re smart, you’ll tell me the truth. Are you really Meng Qi’s fiancé? I can give you quick death if you tell me. If you don’t… you won’t even be able to beg for life, and when you beg for death, it’ll become a luxury you can’t have.”

Long Chen nodded. So it really was like this. It seemed back when Meng Qi had come to find him to break off the marriage, others must have known.

It was very likely this senior apprentice-brother Qi had come especially to dispatch him. However, he had been stopped by Lu Fang-er. Long Chen wondered whether senior apprentice-brother Qi had gone to kill him voluntarily or because of someone else’s orders.

“Correct, I am Meng Qi’s fiancé. In the future, I will be her man. So what?” Long Chen said confidently and righteously.

“Haha, you want marry junior apprentice-sister Meng Qi? What a joke! An idiot like you is really a toad trying to eat swan meat.” Senior apprentice-brother Qi sneered with ridicule. He continued, “In our Wind Spirit Pavilion, junior apprentice-sister Meng Qi is practically a fairy. Countless geniuses admire her, and who knows how many Chosen-level experts would prostrate themselves before her. You, someone at the first Heavenstage of Tendon Transformation, want to marry a person who is a fairy in our eyes? You’re really trying to make me laugh to death. But since you told the truth, and also since you made me laugh so much, I’ll be generous and give you one chance. Hand over your spatial ring and then kill yourself. You better treasure this opportunity-”


Long Chen had been planning on learning a couple more things from senior apprentice-brother Qi’s mouth before attacking. That was because he was afraid that once he started attacking, he wouldn’t be able to control his emotions, and he didn’t have the ability to make a dead man talk.

However, he had underestimated senior apprentice-brother Qi’s ability to provoke him, and overestimated his ability to restrain himself. Despite doing his best to hold back, his hand didn’t listen to him and slapped across senior apprentice-brother Qi’s haughty face.

This slap of his was incredibly ruthless. If senior apprentice-brother Qi’s cultivation base had not reached the late Tendon Transformation realm, Long Chen’s slap could have possibly taken off his head.

Although he had only swung out of reflex and hadn’t added any extra strength, it still broke senior apprentice-brother Qi’s jaw, and all his teeth shot out.

Before senior apprentice-brother Qi even fell to the ground, Long Chen shot forward and grabbed his head. He then ruthlessly slammed his knee into his nose.

Crack. The hair-raising sound of bones breaking rang out accompanied by senior apprentice-brother Qi’s scream.

He flew high into the air from the force of the blow, blood filling the sky. He flew a beautiful arc through the air before tumbling to the ground.

Long Chen didn’t dare look at his own hands. Only now did he realize he had involuntarily struck him.

Was it that his patience was growing thinner, or that the skills of the idiots around him had grown stronger? He had actually struck without even realizing it.

“You damn bastard!” Senior apprentice-brother Qi stood up, his face covered in blood. His own face felt foreign to him. He could clearly feel there was something slowing out from his nose and eyes, but he couldn’t feel anything from his skin.

Being caught off guard, he, a grand Beast Tamer, had been injured by such a lowly fellow’s sneak attack. Furthermore, this injury was the most humiliating kind, causing his fury to burn.

“Contract summoning!” Senior apprentice-brother Qi formed a hand seal in front of him. Space twisted and three huge Magical Beasts appeared in front of him.

Long Chen was slightly surprised. Two of his Magical Beasts were Curved-Eyed White Tigers, and the third was a Rockscale Python.

The Curved-Eyed White Tigers were at the peak of the third rank. They were over thirty meters long and their auras were extremely powerful. As for the Rockscale Python, it was surprisingly a fourth rank Magical Beast and was over three hundred meters long. Although it was only at the early fourth rank, that powerful pressure coming from it was comparable to a Chosen.

“No wonder it’s said that Beast Tamers are terrifying existences. Although he’s only at the Tendon Transformation realm, he’s able to control a fourth rank Magical Beast.”

Fourth rank Magical Beasts were equivalent to the Bone Forging realm for cultivators. Furthermore, Magical Beasts had powerful bodies that possessed extraordinary strength and abnormal defense. Ordinary human cultivators were not equal matches for Magical Beasts of the same rank.

Senior apprentice-brother Qi was just an above average Beast Tamer. And yet, he was still surprisingly able to control a fourth rank Magical Beast.

“Bastard, you dare attack me, a grand Beast Tamer? Don’t even think about getting to die today! I’ll tear out your soul and burn it for a hundred years first!” Senior apprentice-brother Qi’s face had caved in, especially his nose, and it made him appear exceptionally sinister.

He wanted to clench his teeth as he said this, but he was unable to. His jaw was broken, and his words were extremely unclear.

Hearing him speak, Long Chen’s head buzzed, and he almost lost control and involuntarily struck him again.

Senior apprentice-brother Qi was really just too strong. With just a couple words, he was almost able to provoke Long Chen into impetuously attacking him without hesitation.

“Go!” Senior apprentice-brother Qi swallowed a healing pill. His unclear voice ordered his Magical Beasts to attack Long Chen. The three Magical Beasts immediately roared and charged at him.

“Little Snow, kill them all.”

Long Chen didn’t say much. He directly summoned out Little Snow. That was because he didn’t dare personally attack, as he was afraid of losing control.

The instant Little Snow appeared, he let out a heaven-shaking roar. His white hair stood on end, and a powerful pressure shot out.

Those third rank Magical Beasts instantly turned sluggish from Little Snow’s pressure.

Fights between Magical beasts were extremely direct, and different from fights between cultivators. Other than some poisonous Magical Beasts, it was mostly whoever possessed a more powerful pressure that would be able to suppress their opponents.

That kind of pressure was strictly based on rank. If their rank was lower than their opponent, an uncontrollable terror would well up within them.

So as soon as Little Snow released his aura, those third rank Magical Beasts were suppressed. Even the fourth rank python was suppressed.

Suddenly, space buzzed as Little Snow spat out a huge wind blade. It was like a divine blade cutting apart the sky, slashing towards the three Magical Beasts.

What was inconceivable to Long Chen was that the two Curved-Eyed White Tigers were clearly filled with terror and despair, but they didn’t dodge.

Long Chen was unaware of just how strict the ranking suppression was in the Magical Beast world. A fourth rank Magical Beast possessed an absolute suppression towards third rank Magical Beasts.

For example, back when Long Chen had brought the Barbaric Wind Beast running around, he had run into quite a few Magical Beasts that were at the peak of the fourth rank. But as soon as they had seen the Barbaric Wind Beast, they had almost pissed themselves and fled for their lives.

These two Curved-Eyes White Tigers didn’t even have the ability to dodge. They were directly cut in two, their blood filling the sky. As for the python, it coiled around itself and used its powerful defensive ability to block Little Snow’s attack.

And yet, Little Snow’s attack was not so easy to block. It was sent flying by the wind blade, and a huge portion of its scales fell to the ground, its blood spraying everywhere.

“A mutated Magical Beast?” 

Senior apprentice-brother Qi ignored his own injuries to look at Little Snow in shock. As a Beast Tamer, he could easily recognize Little Snow’s status.

And it was because he recognized his status that he was so shocked. Other than in legends of mutated Magical Beasts, he had never heard of a Magical Beast that was capable of breaking through the restrictions of its bloodline.

A mutated Magical Beast had not appeared in tens of thousands of years. But now, one had appeared in front of him.

Greed appeared in his eyes. If he could obtain a mutated Magical Beast, then with his special techniques to raise it, it would definitely become a terrifying existence in the future.

“You can die now, you brat. This Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf is mine!”

Senior apprentice-brother Qi roared. A huge spiritual arrow appeared between his hands and shot out at Long Chen.

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