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Once the talisman entered the Barbaric Wind Beast’s mouth, it exploded. A piercing light shone out and the world rocked.

“What terrifying energy!” Long Chen was shocked. That little paper contained a mountain-shattering berserk energy.

The Barbaric Wind Beast let out an angry snarl. Just its voice caused the dome of the sky to quiver.

“It’s injured.” Long Chen noticed some blood stains on its mouth. However, it was clearly not a fatal injury.

The talisman’s explosion cut off the Barbaric Wind Beast’s inhalation. The instant Han Tianfeng’s feet touched the ground, he fled for his life.

A single talisman was worth thousands of spirit stones. Even he felt pain using one.

However, after seeing that his powerful talisman had been unable to cause any heavy injury even though it had exploded in its mouth, Han Tianfeng completely gave up on obtaining this Wind Spirit Crystal.

The ground suddenly trembled. The Wind Spirit Beast’s six feet stamped on the ground, and it shot forward at Han Tianfeng, looking like some six-legged serpent.

Its body was huge like a mountain, but its speed was quick as lightning. Furthermore, it also shot out a three-meter-thick sphere at Han Tianfeng’s back.

Han Tianfeng hastily dodged to the side, avoiding that sphere.

Shooting past his body, that sphere shot straight through the mountain in front of him. Rumbling could be heard as the sphere pierced straight through multiple mountains. With the heavy mist, it was impossible to tell just how far that attack had reached.

However, from the sound, perhaps that one attack had managed to pierce through hundreds of miles of mountains. That was too frightening. If you were struck by that kind of attack, you would instantly turn into a bloody mist. Even your bones wouldn’t remain.

Han Tianfeng fled frantically, but the furious Barbaric Wind Beast closely pursued. The two of them almost instantly entered a mountain valley and disappeared. However, the continuous rumbling of the Barbaric Wind Beast’s attacks continued to ring out.

“Little Feng-zi, you’re not bad!” praised Long Chen inside. Not daring to tarry, he quickly rushed over to the mountain of wind spirit stones.

This mountain of wind spirit stones seemed to have bizarrely grown out of the ground. They could be easily dug out with hands. There were several little indents which had been dug out by Zhao Mingshan and the other Chosen.

Rather than bothering with the countless wind spirit stones, Long Chen quickly climbed up to the peak.

The wind that the Wind Spirit Crystal was constantly releasing blew his robes back, and was so powerful that he had to use his full strength to resist it.

It looked like a large wind spirit stone, appearing around seven feet long. It looked almost like a large icicle that had been stabbed into the mountain.

Gripping the Wind Spirit Crystal, Long Chen pulled up with his full physical strength. He realized that the Wind Spirit Crystal felt like it had grown out of the mountain, and no matter how hard he pulled, all that happened was the mountain continuously shook. Countless wind spirit stones began to come off the mountain and were blown out by the terrifying gales.

“Shit!” Long Chen’s expression changed. At least tens of thousands of wind spirit stones had now shot out because of him.

Han Tianfeng and the Barbaric Wind Beast definitely hadn’t run that far yet. This many wind spirit stones flying out would definitely be sensed by them.

As a fifth rank Magical Beast, the Barbaric Wind Beast’s intelligence was close to a human’s, and it would definitely realize what was going on.

“Divine ring! FengFu Battle Armor!”

Long Chen no longer had any misgivings and released his full strength. His divine ring appeared behind him, and a star shone in his eyes.


The huge Wind Spirit Crystal was finally unable to endure, and rose out of the mountain.

“Yes!” Long Chen celebrated. He directly stored it into one of his spatial rings. But when his Spiritual Strength attempted to absorb it, instead of entering his spatial ring, his spatial ring exploded.

“What? It can’t be absorbed into a spatial ring?!” Long Chen was startled. It was a good thing that this spatial ring was just one of his battle spoils, and all the good things inside it had long since been put away by Long Chen, so its loss wasn’t anything major.

However, if there was no way to put it into his spatial thing, then he really was screwed. It wasn’t as if he could carry such a huge Wind Spirit Crystal while running.

If he really attempted that, he would be like a beacon of light in the night. The Barbaric Wind Beast would hunt him down, and even if he could escape, he would become a target for countless others.

“Auwu!” Suddenly, Little Snow let out a roar from his spiritual space.

Long Chen was filled with ecstatic relief. He hastily let out Little Snow, and Little Snow quickly placed the Wind Spirit Crystal in his mouth.

“Nice job Little Snow!” Long Chen activated his Spiritual Strength, returning Little Snow into his spiritual space.

As soon as Little Snow returned to the spiritual space, he spat out the Wind Spirit Crystal. However, his mouth had still been badly mutilated.

The energy contained within the Wind Spirit Crystal was too violent. Although Little Snow hadn’t attacked it, in order to draw it into the spiritual space, he had needed to keep it tightly bound in his mouth, which had been extremely dangerous.

Although that had succeeded, Little Snow had been badly injured by the wind that was naturally released by the Wind Spirit Crystal.

Seeing Little Snow not hesitate to be injured for him, Long Chen felt both emotionally moved as well as sad. He owed Little Snow far too much.

Once the Wind Spirit Crystal entered his spiritual space, although it continued to emit its terrifying pressure and wind, this spiritual space was not the same as a spatial ring’s space. Space was not necessarily static in this spiritual space. Although there were dashing winds within his spiritual space now, there were no signs that it would cause the space to collapse.

Long Chen gave Little Snow some healing pills. Although those injuries looked frightening, they weren’t serious. They had only been caused because Little Snow’s mouth naturally didn’t have any defensive ability. He would be healed quickly.

Suddenly, a furious roar shook the heavens. Long Chen jumped. That fellow had definitely sensed something was wrong and was crazily rushing back.

That was because once the Wind Spirit Crystal had been placed in the spiritual space, the wind spirit stones had naturally stopped blowing out, and the mountain valleys became a deathly calm.

Originally, Long Chen should have immediately rushed off. However, in the end, he wasn’t able to overcome his greed. He raised Devil Decapitator and slashed it down on the mountain.

With his divine ring and FengFu Battle Armor supporting him, his saber cut off a thirty-meter segment from the top of the mountain peak.

He quickly absorbed that portion into a spatial ring. Although he didn’t get a close look, Long Chen estimated the wind spirit stones in that segment numbered at least in the millions.

After gathering them, Long Chen quickly shot far away.

Just as he was about to disappear into a mountain valley, an enormous figure appeared where that small mountain was. Seeing the Wind Spirit Crystal had disappeared, the Barbaric Wind Beast seemed to go insane and let out a furious roar.

“Shit, I was noticed. As I thought, you can’t be too greedy.”

Long Chen entered the mountain valley. If he had just been a hair faster, he would have disappeared from the Barbaric Wind Beast’s line of sight.

But unfortunately, he was still just a bit too slow and was noticed. The Barbaric Wind Beast once more let out a heaven-shaking roar and charged at Long Chen.

Long Chen immediately felt numb. He used the Netherworld Ghost Steps to rush forward like a phantom, fleeing as fast as lightning.


An attack narrowly shot past Long Chen, piercing straight through the mountain by his side. That terrifying power made Long Chen’s heart pound.

That Barbaric Wind Beast was too fast. Even while using the Netherworld Ghost Steps at its max speed, Long Chen was unable to throw it off.

The thing that vexed Long Chen the most was that these mountain valleys almost formed a maze, and yet there were many parts he went through that were perfectly straight, giving an advantage to the Barbaric Wind Beast. There were several times when Long Chen was almost struck by its attacks.

“Damnit, the surroundings have been completely changed by this fellow. I can’t find my original markers!”

Long Chen realized that many of the mountain valleys had been wrecked by the Barbaric Wind Beast’s attacks, and he could no longer sense the closest Spirit Guide Pills he had buried.

He could only run as fast as he could. At the same time, he spread out his divine sense in an attempt to find any of his untouched markers.

“Oh, that little fellow hasn’t run?” Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength hadn’t found any of his Spirit Guide Pills, but he had found Han Tianfeng. He was currently hiding an unremarkable corner of a mountain valley.

After thinking for just a moment, Long Chen understood that Han Tianfeng was extremely crafty. He had most definitely sensed something and was preparing to go steal the Wind Spirit Crystal.

Although Long Chen was aware the Wind Spirit Crystal had already been taken, there were still countless wind spirit stones there. Long Chen’s last attack had only cut off less than a tenth of the total mountain.

This Han Tianfeng was definitely no good person. Previously, Long Chen had already heard him set his intentions on Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu, which infuriated Long Chen. Do you think that my, Long Chen’s, women can be lusted after by you?

If he drew away the Barbaric Wind Beast, allowing Han Tianfeng to collect that huge amount of wind spirit stones, Long Chen would definitely end up coughing up blood. There was no way Long Chen would let Han Tianfeng take advantage of him like that.

At this time, Han Tianfeng had an astonished expression and was hiding in a corner. He felt that the situation was a bit unusual.

He suspected that it was very likely that someone else had also entered the Misty Mountain Valleys. Thinking of the previous signs he had run into, he thought of an extremely infuriating possibility: that he had been used by someone else.

He wanted to go back and see what was going on, but he could sense that the Barbaric Wind Beast was still in the vicinity. He had also heard its berserk roar, so he didn’t dare show himself.

However, he could still be considered an audacious person. He was preparing to hide himself until he found a good opportunity to fish up some benefits.

Even if he couldn’t obtain anything, he still had to find out who it was that had schemed against him. Otherwise, he felt as if he might die from anger.

Unfortunately, he had no idea that his extremely hidden position had already been noticed by Long Chen and that Long Chen was already planning on working together with him to get away from the Barbaric Wind Beast.

As Long Chen fled, he was constantly changing angles, and was calculating the Barbaric Wind Beast’s attack frequency. Suddenly, a terrifying attack shot out from behind him.

“Hehe, finally.”

Long Chen suddenly dodged to the side. That attack shot past him, going straight for a certain corner of a mountain. That mountain was right behind where Han Tianfeng was currently hiding.

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