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Chapter 3465 Your Whole Family Consists of Fools

A sphere of light grew between the two of them, growing until it created a giant zone of death. Lightning raged within. As the ten thousand Daos were suppressed, heaven and earth twisted. Even the stars in the sky shuddered.

“What kind of power is this?!”

The disciples inside the academy stared in horror, feeling as small as ants. They sensed incredible destructive power within that raging sphere.

They had all advanced to the Divine Lord realm. Although they wouldn’t dare to say that they were now unrivaled beneath the heavens, at the very least they should be considered experts.

However, this battle between Long Chen and the Nine Underworld Luocha taught them what kind of power was required to stand at the peak.

The Nine Underworld Luocha’s manifestation shuddered and ancient desolate qi came pouring out of her. Right now, runes flowed on top of her body. It was like a true Luocha had been revived, its power swallowing the heavens.

As for Long Chen, his divine ring circulated and the starry river quivered. His 108,000 stars were all burning, sending endless power pouring throughout his body. That power then converged within his saber.


Both of them shouted at the same time. As a result, two pillars of light exploded out of the sphere, charging into the clouds. Astral winds tore at the world like blades, while countless holes appeared within heaven and earth. The world was left riddled with holes, seemingly on the verge of collapse.

Countless invisible spatial blades then followed the astral winds. Seeing this scene, the experts fighting quickly retreated. But the sea demon race’s giant bodies were unable to dodge, so they were cut to pieces, their blood soaking the ground.

“You fool, if Long Chen is pulled under the Divine Venerate, it would be a great meritorious achievement! But you just want to destroy him!” Seeing this power of Long Chen’s, Enpuda glared at Liao Bencang.

“You’re the fool! Your whole family consists of fools! You were the one who carelessly lost the Vile Dragon Domain, and now I’m taking it back. Killing Long Chen is also my achievement. You damn fatty, if you don’t shut your mouth, I’ll kill you! Don’t think that your little smarts will let you do whatever you want!” Liao Bencang furiously pointed at Enpuda and cursed.

Enpuda’s expression sank, but he didn’t continue speaking. Despite his bellyful of anger, he knew how to endure. He knew that if Liao Bencang was truly enraged, this idiot would really attack him here.

Enpuda was originally planning on using everyone else’s life to threaten Long Chen. He had gotten a general grasp of Long Chen’s character, so he knew his weakness.

However, this idiot Liao Bencang was too stupid. His vision was shortsighted, and he was afraid that after Long Chen submitted, the credit would go to Enpuda. Thus, he wanted to kill Long Chen so that it would be Enpuda who had made the mistake and Liao Bencang who was fixing it. The credit would go to him, and the blame would go to Enpuda.

Long Chen and the Nine Underworld Luocha’s figures began to appear and vanish. Every clash between them was a full-power exchange that shook the heavens.

What no one had expected was that the Nine Underworld Luocha was different from ordinary assassins. Her attacks were sharp, but she didn’t use too many tricks. She mostly fought openly and directly.


It was just that she was so fast it was like she had a transportation formation activating around her. She blinked through the void, leaving countless afterimages.

Lightning crackled beneath Long Chen’s feet. While using the Lightning Falcon race’s movement art, his speed was also pushed to the limit. When the two of them fought, it looked as if dozens of them were fighting at once.

People were unable to see clearly. As they tried to grasp where they were, explosions rang out in new places. The battle was chaotic.

As the two of them fought, their speed only increased. Furthermore, people were shocked to find that their auras were also growing stronger. It was as if they would grow limitlessly.

Their auras were like the fires of a furnace, which grew stronger as they burned. Golden light began to appear out of Long Chen’s body. That was a sign that his Blood Qi was unleashed to the limit.

As for the Nine Underworld Luocha, divine light was shining around her. She had almost merged with her manifestation. The Luocha behind her was originally illusory, but as time passed, the eyes of the Luocha opened at some point, and a violent divine pressure crashed down. It was as if a devil god from ancient times had reappeared.

“The Luocha has opened its eyes. Long Chen’s death is at hand.” Seeing that, Liao Bencang smiled confidently. Only he knew just how strong the Nine Underworld Luocha was.


An intense explosion ended the clash between Long Chen and the Nine Underworld Luocha. After their last exchange, both of them fell back.

Suddenly, the Nine Underworld Luocha stuck out her tongue and wrapped it around her dagger. Blood then flowed out of her tongue, instantly dyeing the dagger red. When the dagger turned crimson, the aura of her life vanished. But the Luocha behind her seemed to have come to life.

“Long Chen, you blasphemed my Luocha race. Your death won’t be enough to wipe out your sins. Although I have not fully mastered the Luocha Possession and can only unleash a tenth of its power, it’s more than enough to kill you. Go repent in the other world.” The Nine Underworld Luocha’s voice rang throughout heaven and earth. It was as if thousands of Luochas were speaking at once.

When she raised her dagger this time, the stars twisted. Within a brilliant light, there seemed to be an invisible power condensing on her dagger.

Upon seeing that, all the experts fighting couldn’t help but stop. Even the enemies slowly retreated. Those devils and sea demons ran.

As for the one fighting Jia Luo, Bai Zhantang, his expression completely changed. He actually abandoned Jia Luo to fly toward Long Chen. He knew just how terrifying this technique was.

“If you save him, I’ll have enough time to kill your two women, as well as your son and daughter.” Jia Luo smiled sinisterly.

Bai Zhantang’s fury soared. He once more charged at Jia Luo, but Jia Luo sneered and dodged, refusing to fight him directly.

Seeing Long Chen in danger, Bai Shishi was about to fly over to fight alongside him when Long Chen raised his saber.

At this moment, a sharp will soared. In the face of the Nine Underworld Luocha’s heavy aura, battle intent raged within Long Chen’s eyes.

“I already said, the Luocha race is not qualified to act arrogant in front of me.”

Rumbling rang out of his body like a flood was breaking through multiple dams. After eighteen dams, Long Chen’s saber began to quiver, and a giant saber-image soared into the heavens, one that caused the heavens to quiver. After that, a destructive aura unfurled.

Cracks sounded and lightning thundered. When the saber-image pierced into the heavens, the Heavenly Daos quivered. This saber was something even gods and ghosts would flee from.

Moreover, all the murderous aura was sucked dry, and all the rumbling of manifestations vanished. The world fell deathly silent.

Everyone, including Enpuda and Liao Bencang, was shocked. They had never seen such a terrifying saber before.

“No matter how strong you are, you will still die to my Luocha Soul Extermination Stab!” shouted the Nine Underworld Luocha. The Luocha behind her unleashed an attack that caused the heavens to collapse.

“Then let’s see just who will die… Split the Heavens 2!”

Long Chen shouted, holding his saber. As a man and saber merged, endless power flooded out. It was as if a volcano that had been suppressed for millions and millions of years had finally found a way to explode.


Both of their ultimate techniques erupted, smashing into each other in front of countless appalled gazes.

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