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"Experts from the Corrupt path!"

Those Righteous disciples in the distance were all shocked. This group was wearing robes of the Corrupt path.

There were a total of seven of them, and the person at the front was a sinister-looking man. There was a long scar on his face that slanted from his forehead to his chin.

Just looking at that scar chilled people. That kind of scar clearly showed an entire portion of his head had been cut off. This person really had to possess a powerful life force.

As that person walked forward, his aura shook the heavens. That domineering will coming from him caused others to tremble in fear.


All of them were shocked, and some even stealthily began to retreat, ready to flee at any moment.

Even those two Favored swallowed some medicinal pills and began to retreat in fear.

The appearance of the Corrupt experts intimidated all of them. Behind the Corrupt Chosen, there were even two powerful Favored.

Most terrifying of all was the murderous aura radiating off of them. Just looking at them would make a person shiver in fear.

"Just now, was that fart from you?" Long Chen glanced at that person.

"Little brat, you're courting death."

Before the Chosen could even speak, one of the Favored stepped forward, pointing and cursing at Long Chen.

Suddenly, a figure flashed into motion and the Chosen sternly warned, "Careful!"

Blood splashed across the sky. People were horrified to see that powerful Corrupt Favored's head was gone.

As for the Chosen and the other people behind him, they were furiously glaring at a person holding a head that was still dripping blood.

"You say I'm courting death? If you have the guts, can you say it again for me?" Long Chen asked towards the head in his hand.

He waited a moment. In the end, that head didn't reply and Long Chen flung it to the ground. "No guts at all. You don't even have the courage to say it twice."

The distant spectators were all stunned. As for the two Favored that had been beaten by Long Chen, they were actually filled with elation.

Long Chen was definitely not human. He was some devil who could kill people without batting an eye.

The two of them profoundly regretted their actions, and even wished to slap themselves on the face. If they were so bored, they could have gone to provoke anyone, but why had they gone to provoke Long Chen? Did they have a death wish?

He didn't even place the Corrupt Chosen in his eyes, and he killed a Favored like killing a chicken. Thinking of how rude they had been to him, they couldn't help feeling some lingering fear.

Taking advantage of the Corrupt disciples' appearance, they fled while doing their best to suppress their injuries. They were afraid Long Chen would once more have an impulse to continue beating them. Even if they had a thousand lives, that wouldn't be enough for them to play with Long Chen.

"Tell me your name. I, Yan Xing, do not kill the nameless," shouted the Corrupt Chosen, his aura completely exploding out to suppress Long Chen.

"Telling my name to a person who is about to die is a waste of energy. Let's skip that." Long Chen shook his head. Devil Decapitator appeared and lazily rested on his shoulder as he indifferently looked at the Chosen.

"Today I'll pull out your muscles, flay apart your skin, and grind your bones to ashes!" The Corrupt Chosen angrily roared. A blood-colored saber appeared in his hand and he slashed out at Long Chen.

Although it was a simple slash, all his focus had been condensed on it. At his level, rather than letting out a complicated attack, he had reached the realm of going from 'complicated to simple'. This simple slash of his actually showed his incredibly profound insights into the saber.

"I don't like doing such complicated things. All I want is your head."

Long Chen snorted and Devil Decapitator swung out in a profound arc. As his saber swung out, Long Chen's energy crazily poured forth.

His power peaked the instant their two sabers met. This was a skill for circulating energy. Even without storing up energy in advance, Long Chen was able to bring out his full strength.

The ground rocked and a qi wave exploded out. A figure shot back, smashing into a mountain cliff. Despite how sturdy that rock was, he still smashed halfway through it.

"What?!" Everyone was shocked that the figure that was still standing in his original position was once more lazily resting his saber on his shoulder.

"Long Chen is capable of sending a Chosen flying?!"

Chosen were all monsters compared to these spectators. Some of them had never even seen Chosen fighting. They all assumed that a fight between Chosen had to be one that would shake the heavens and rock the earth.

But this powerful Chosen had been sent flying by a single hack of Long Chen's saber. That kind of effortless action had been no different from when he had sent those two Favored flying.

It wasn't just the Righteous path that was shocked. Even the Corrupt disciples' eyes almost popped out of their heads.

That Chosen was not like Jiang Yifan. He was well-known even amongst other Chosen. Although he couldn't compare to a top expert like Yin Luo, he was definitely shockingly powerful.

And yet, in just one move, he had been sent flying. None of them were able to accept this result.

Stones exploded out as a figure flew out of the crushed rocks of the cliffside. The Chosen's hair was dishevelled, and adding on his malevolent face, he seemed like a furious Magical Beast staring at Long Chen.

"I'll tear you to pieces!!!" The Chosen suddenly let out an angry roar, and light exploded from his body. Runes covered his body, and then, shockingly, began to leave his body, floating around him. A terrifying energy caused the ground beneath his feet to crack.

"What a terrifying aura!"

"This is the power of a Chosen?! Just relying on his aura, he'd be able to crush us to death!" An ordinary core disciple's face was pale white.

Although they were miles away, they were still able to sense that terrifying pressure. It felt as if a huge boulder was crushing their hearts.

Let alone fighting a Chosen, they wouldn't be able to even approach before being crushed by that terrifying energy.

"What a bizarre cultivation technique!" Long Chen was slightly startled. This was the first time he had seen runes leave the body. They were currently absorbing heaven and earth's spiritual qi to support him.

"Hehe, now you're afraid, right? Well it's too late now!" The Corrupt Chosen smiled sinisterly. With the addition of that long scar over his face, he appeared more malevolent than a ghost as he charged at Long Chen.

Originally, Long Chen had been wielding his saber with one hand. But now, he held Devil Decapitator with both hands.

"Fuck off!"

No technique at all. Long Chen slashed out like a woodcutter hacking at a tree. Devil Decapitator let out a cry and the sound of space being cut apart rang out as it slashed down.


Another explosion rang out, this time even louder than the last. Waves of qi soured out, and even the surrounding mountain valleys shook as if there was an earthquake.

The closest mountain in front of them collapsed completely. The cliff that was over a hundred meters high crumbled, huge boulders rolling down.

When the dust finally settled, people saw Long Chen was still standing in his original position and had yet to move. His posture was still the exact same as before. But the Corrupt Chosen was nowhere to be seen.

People looked around for where he had gone. When their eyes finally lighted on the collapsed cliff, they instantly stiffened.

"Could it be…"

Their exchange had happened too quickly, and had ended before people could even react. None of them had clearly seen what had happened.

But the direction Long Chen was facing was precisely that collapsed cliff. Then the truth was self-evident. However, people couldn't believe this reality.

Suddenly, the collapsed rubble began to rumble, and the ground quivered along with it. With a final bang, the rubble completely exploded out and a figure jumped out.

That was naturally the Corrupt Chosen. His eyes were scarlet red, his hair was a complete mess, and his entire body was shuddering. No one knew whether that was from fear or anger. He glared at Long Chen.

Long Chen glanced at him and shook his head. "Your boasting was enough to shake the heavens, but you only have this little ability? You even say you want to kill me? Hmph, even if Yin Luo came here, he wouldn't dare let out such a fart. Who do you think you are?"

"You are acquainted with Yin Luo?" The Chosen's heart began to leap.

"We can count as acquainted. He previously sent me a gift," said Long Chen lightly.

"What gift?"

"In truth, your Corrupt path's people also have your nice points. The very first time I met Yin Luo, he was neither a relative nor a friend, and yet he gave me such a nice item. I really was a bit embarrassed to receive it," said Long Chen somewhat bashfully.

"Nonsense! Yin Luo is our Corrupt path's Chosen! He wouldn't send anyone a gift, especially not someone from your contemptible, shameless Righteous path!" the Corrupt Chosen angrily roared. Obviously Yin Luo was an extremely grand existence in his heart.

"I'm telling the truth. The very first time we met, that fellow gave me his own leg to commemorate our meeting. Ah, that really did make me feel embarrassed." Long Chen smiled.

As soon as he said this, everyone's expressions changed. Yin Luo was incredibly famous, and everyone who had entered the Jiuli secret realm knew of him. And yet, Long Chen now dared to insult him.

"You… you are Long Chen?!" The Corrupt Chosen's expression completely changed.

The majority of the Corrupt Chosen had heard of a certain secret that most of the Righteous path had not.

The higher-ups of the supermonastery had suppressed this information and refused to allow it to spread. Everything that had occured in that battle back then had been concealed.

But the Corrupt Chosen had been harshly warned by their Elders. That warning was that they could not be so arrogant that they considered everyone else as beneath them. Even Yin Luo had met an unexpected failure, so there was nothing in this world that was absolute.

Long Chen had been ranked number two on their must-kill list, second only to the Righteous path's number one expert, Han Tianyu. That was enough to show how importantly they viewed Long Chen.

"Hehe, so you now know who I am. Well then, this game is over."

Long Chen's smile suddenly disappeared, and killing intent surfaced within his eyes. Devil Decapitator swung out, aiming straight for that Corrupt Chosen.

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