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Within that endless darkness, he heard a voice sighing:

Time is running out.

That voice seemed to come from incredibly far away. It contained a trace of regret, as well as a trace of helplessness.

Long Chen could clearly hear that voice. He wanted to open his eyes to see where it was coming from.

But it felt as if his eyelids weighed a thousand pounds, and no matter how he struggled, he was unable to open them.

"Who are you?"

That voice didn't reply to him. 

The day the ties between worlds finally breaks will be the day all ten worlds' living creatures will be destroyed. Are you still unable to gather your resolve?

Long Chen angrily roared, "Who are you?! I don't understand anything about what you're saying!"

That voice sighed. I can't hear anything you say. We are not in the same spacetime. Please grow up faster, as we need you.

Heir of the Nine Star Hegemon Body, quickly awaken. Otherwise, it really will be too late.

Long Chen felt as if he was exploding from some kind of pressure. He angrily roared, "Explain what you're talking about!"

But his roar faded within the endless darkness. He suddenly opened his eyes, seeing a maiden in front of him.

That maiden was tall and slender, and with a veil covering her face, she appeared extremely elegant. Just her two limpid eyes were beautiful enough to steal a person's soul.

It was impossible to see her face, but looking at her, Long Chen almost forgot to breathe. Just those two eyes were so beautiful that they were impossible to resist. In fact, Long Chen felt a desire to give her his everything.

As soon as he felt that desire, he was given a fright. This woman's beauty was extremely odd. It seemed it was impossible to resist.

But Long Chen could confirm she wasn't using any secret techniques. This was entirely just from her innate eyes.

"You're awake."

Her voice sounded like the singing of birds, melodious and pleasant, containing a sweetness that caused one's entire body to relax. Long Chen's heart involuntarily pounded.

This woman's body seemed to possess some special magical power. To people, no, it should be to men, she possessed an allure that could not be resisted.

Just from opening her mouth, Long Chen felt as if all his blood was beginning to circulate quicker and his breathing became a bit rough.

"Hmm? As soon as you gain back your life, you start to have lustful thoughts?" That woman seemed to be able to see through Long Chen's inner heart with just a glance. It was as if in front of her eyes, Long Chen's everything was laid bare.

Long Chen's heart skipped a bit. This woman really was terrifying. His intuition told him she was extremely extraordinary.

"Were you the one who saved me?" Long Chen did his best to keep himself feeling terror, as if he didn't, it would be a different emotion that popped up.

"What do you think?" That woman's eyes crinkled slightly, which should be from a smile.

For some unknown reason, when Long Chen saw those crinkled eyes, Long Chen couldn't help having his heart skip several beats.

This was really too terrifying. How could such a terrifying woman appear within this world? With just a random action, she could draw away your complete attention.

In all of Long Chen's memories, the only person who possessed such an alluring beauty was Meng Qi.

But Meng Qi's beauty was like that of a grand immortal. With each one of her movements, she made a person feel as if they had entered a fairyland, making it so others were filled with worship.

On the other hand, this woman, whose face was mostly veiled, seemed more like a beautiful, seductive demon.

Despite knowing it was dangerous, he still wanted to touch her beauty. It was as if seeing her complete beauty would be worth losing his life.

Long Chen had to use his full willpower to calm himself down. He silently activated the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. Only then did he relax slightly.

"If you were the one who saved my life, then I, Long Chen, will remember this favor." Long Chen cupped his hands at her.

This woman clearly hadn't expected Long Chen to be able to keep himself calm like this. That surprise appeared in her eyes for a moment before it was quickly concealed.

"You're called Long Chen? This name's not bad, and your looks are also not bad. Otherwise I wouldn't have gotten involved to save you," said the woman.

Long Chen immediately felt awkward. He had been saved because of his face? Well, in any case, at least he was alive.

"You say you owe me a favor?"

"Yes," said Long Chen solemnly.

"How big of a favor?" That woman seemed to be teasing him.

Being looked at by that woman, Long Chen used his previous experience and didn't dare look at her eyes again.

And yet, not looking at her was also too rude. As a result, his gaze shifted, and he saw something he really shouldn't have looked at.

Big, really, really big! That dazzling sight choked Long Chen.

Seeing Long Chen suddenly stop talking and just look foolishly at her chest, a slight anger appeared in her eyes.

"Have you seen enough?"

Long Chen was startled, only now reacting. His face was now so red it had almost turned violet, and he wished he could find a hole to bury himself in.

After all these years, Long Chen had received much humiliation. But this was the first time he had run into such an awkward situation.

In truth, a hint of killing intent had appeared in that woman's eyes just now when she had noticed Long Chen just staring foolishly at her chest. But now seeing Long Chen had turned so red that it looked like blood might drip out of his face, she actually found it slightly funny.

This meant Long Chen really wasn't a pervert. Most of her anger faded away.

Seeing that Long Chen had his head lowered away from her and wasn't saying anything, she said, "The reason I saved you is actually because I feel like you'll be an extraordinary figure in the future. You also don't need to thank me too much. However, I will remember what you just said. You owe me a favor."

At this time, Long Chen felt something was a bit wrong and hastily said, "I owe you a huge favor. I'll definitely help you out with whatever you need. However, let me just say, you can't harm any one of my friends."

"Hehe, don't worry, I'm not a bad person. I have no interest in hurting your friends!" she laughed. Her eyes were like bright crescent moons, and Long Chen's heart pounded out of his control. 

Just what kind of bewitching demon was she? If she revealed her whole face, wouldn't his soul be directly snatched away?

"Furthermore, the other reason I saved you is because I feel that for someone like you to die to someone like him was really not worth it."

"Did you kill him?" asked Long Chen.

"I don't dare kill such a person. I'd be afraid of him staining my hands."

Long Chen nodded. That was best. That bastard had taken advantage of when he was weak to try to kill him. Long Chen was furious enough to explode.

The thing that infuriated him the most was how Jiang Yifan had acted so arrogantly. Just thinking about it made him grind his teeth in anger. It was like he thought he was pridefully defeating him in his peak state.

If Jiang Yifan really was killed by this woman, then Long Chen would definitely feel regret. Such a damnable person had to be played to death, not beaten to death.

"Ok, you've awaken, so I'll leave. But remember, you owe me a favor. If I need you in the future, you better not renege on your debt. Otherwise, sister will be deeply hurt." The woman laughed lightly.

"Don't worry, in all my life, I, Long Chen, have never uttered any empty talk," said Long Chen solemnly.

Since this person had saved his life, no matter what her goal had been in saving him, he definitely owed her a huge debt.

As long as it wasn't something that would hurt the people close to him, Long Chen swore no matter how dangerous it was, he would do whatever she told him. That was how a man should act.

"Hehe, I've heard those that are handsome are also trustworthy. Then sister will leave now."

That woman smiled slightly and waved her hand slightly. Taking a single step, she suddenly disappeared from in front of Long Chen. When he saw her again, she was already several miles away. In just a couple blinks, she disappeared.

"What a fast movement technique!" Long Chen was startled. That woman's movement technique seemed slightly similar to the footwork Mo Nian had used back then. That kind of speed was completely abnormal.

"At least I have the Netherworld Ghost Steps. Once I train in it, I won't be any inferior to them."

Long Chen still had the secret technique he had tricked from that Corrupt path's expert. However, his cultivation base was still too low to use it. As soon as he tried, he would feel a sharp pain from his meridians like they were about to explode.

Right now, he couldn't cultivate. He had to first rest and adjust himself. His wounds were still healing at this time, so it seemed he hadn't been unconscious for long.

Opening up the map and looking around, he couldn't help being startled. That woman had brought him a distance of several tens of thousand of miles.

However, she hadn't brought him deeper into the secret realm, but to a very remote area on its edge. There were no good opportunities here, so no one would come here.

"This is a pretty good place." Long Chen could sense his cultivation base rapidly rising. He would quickly be able to break out of his shackles to reach Tendon Transformation.

Even if Long Chen didn't deliberately cultivate, just the special primordial air here was enough to make his cultivation base continuously rise.

"No, I have to completely recover before making my breakthrough. Otherwise, I really will end up dead."

Long Chen remembered that first terrifying heavenly punishment. If he wasn't in his peak state before it happened, he would be doomed.

He checked inside his spiritual space and saw that Little Snow was slowly absorbing the medicinal pills Long Chen had given him.

Little Snow had lost too much essence blood and would need a certain amount of time before recovering.

After that battle, Long Chen had seen through Little Snow's shortcomings. His defense was too low. But his attack power and range was definitely extremely suited to group battles.

He might be at a disadvantage in a one against one, so it would be best for the two of them to work on some cooperative strategies.

Long Chen consumed a qi recovery pill that allowed his aura to quickly rise. Three days later, he opened his eyes.

He stood up and stretched, his bones emitting some crackings noises. Now he had finally recovered to his peak.

It went without saying that the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art was too powerful. This kind of recovery ability was far faster than others.

However, the only thing Long Chen was thinking about at the moment was that ancient voice with its urgent tone. It really will be too late.

Long Chen had never understood just how those Pill God memories had suddenly appeared in his head.

But the one thing he knew was that after he had merged with those Pill God memories, his fate had completely changed. He would need to resolve this riddle step by step.

But this riddle was too large and had surpassed Long Chen's imagination. Thinking about how that voice had continuously said time was running out, an indescribable sense of crisis filled him.

Just as Long Chen was lost in thought, his body emitted a rumbling sound. Something in his body seemed to have been broken, and a powerful aura soared out of Long Chen's body.

"I've advanced!" Long Chen was delighted.

Suddenly, the weather of the world completely changed. Black thunderclouds gathered from all directions.

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