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"Sorry, my shop hasn't been doing too well lately, and I really can't lower my price like that. How about this? I'm not that unreasonable. I'll give you three hours to slowly consider whether or not you want to take my price! Don't worry, I'm not impatient!" said Long Chen.

Gui Yan almost fainted from rage. His disciples wouldn't even be able to last an hour, let alone three!

This was clearly him refusing to let them off! Now there were less than five hundred Corrupt disciples left.

As for the Righteous disciples facing them, they were still fighting strongly and their numbers were barely dropping by now.

"Fine, I agree to your conditions! Hurry up and stop!" roared Gui Yan furiously.

Hearing Gui Yan's voice, the Corrupt disciples sighed in relief, lowering their weapons.

But those Righteous disciples still didn't stop. In just an instant, over ten Corrupt disciples were cut down, their expressions filled with bewilderment, a single thought floating in their minds: isn't it already over? Why'd you still kill me?

"I'm sorry, what did you say? I couldn't hear it." Long Chen tilted his head to him.

"Bastard, I said I agreed to your terms! Stop!" Gui Yan's anger soared, his hair standing on end, his face green from fury. His angry roar caused the entire battlefield to shake.

"Oh, now I can hear you. Ah, so sorry. Brothers, stop attacking and fall back." Only then did Long Chen shout out his orders. In reality, he also wished to completely exterminate all these Corrupt disciples.

But that would not be strategically smart. These Corrupt disciples were Gui Yan's final hope. If they were completely killed, Gui Yan really wouldn't have any misgivings and would go completely crazy. And in his craziness, it would not be possible for Tu Fang to completely block him.

Once Gui Yan went completely crazy, just the aftershocks of his attacks would be able to slaughter these junior disciples. And so killing all the remaining Corrupt disciples wasn't worth it. 

Long Chen knew that was what Gui Yan had to be thinking, and so he only angered him to the perfect point. These remaining five hundred people would be left behind as a slight hope for the Corrupt path.

After all, after experiencing such a huge battle, these remaining disciples were all elites amongst elites. There was still a chance for them to rise again.

So Long Chen was leaving them alive to prevent Gui Yan going crazy, keeping more of the Righteous disciples alive.

As for whether there really was a chance of them rising again, Long Chen didn't really care. In any case, his goal had been achieved.

On the battlefield, he would be an undefeatable warrior going all-out to kill his opponents. But as a leader, he had to remain his calm, making sure to calculate everything.

That was why he preferred to battle rather than scheme. It was much more satisfying for him to resolve his problems with his fists rather than with his head.

Following Long Chen's voice, the Righteous path's disciples withdrew to stand by Long Chen.

Only then did the Corrupt disciples completely relax. Over half their number collapsed on the ground panting, while another portion of them simply fainted.

Their bodies and mental strength had been pushed to the absolute limit during that battle.

Following the junior disciples' battle ceasing, the senior disciples and Elders also stopped.

Tang Wan-er supported a pale Chu Yao over to Long Chen. Long Chen was extremely distressed to see her like that.

"Sorry, I was too much of a spendthrift. I ended up spending up everything before it was over." Long Chen's last attack had used up all of Chu Yao's spiritual qi. If he hadn't, he wouldn't have been able to block Yin Luo's final attack that had contained natural energy as well.

And so Chu Yao had not only used up all her spiritual energy, but her mind had received an acute impact at the end.

Looking at Long Chen, Chu Yao felt a burst of warmth in her heart. Long Chen was still the same Long Chen to her. No matter where he went, he was always the star, radiating a light that not even Favored were able to conceal.

In her heart, Long Chen was a true hero. No matter how strong she became, Long Chen still didn't fall behind at all. Under his lead, the entire battlefield had reversed perfectly.

She gently tidied Long Chen up a bit, fixing his disheveled hair. Her eyes were filled with pride for him.

Tu Fang led a bunch of Elder and senior disciples over to this side as well.

But when Long Chen looked at the crowd, his expression suddenly changed. "Where's Wilde?!"

Wilde's giant figure was nowhere to be seen, giving him a fright.

"Calm down, he's just sleeping," laughed Tang Wan-er. She pointed, showing him there were eight disciples carrying a huge wooden bed. Wilde was snoring loudly on top of it.

Wilde had managed to kill the hatchet-wielding Favored, but immediately after, the red light faded from his body and he fell asleep. No matter what they did, he wouldn't wake up.

Although Long Chen didn't know what exactly was going on, it was obvious it had to do with that abnormal state Wilde had been in. It was as if something had awoken within Wilde while he had been fighting. Long Chen didn't know what it was, but as long as Wilde was ok, it was fine.

Looking over everyone, Long Chen's heart sunk.

As he had expected, the fighting had been extremely cruel. It was impossible for everyone to manage to survive. Of their original three thousand Righteous disciples, only a thousand remained.

The monastery had come into this battle with over seventeen hundred disciples. But now, they numbered less than eight hundred.

Although he had long since anticipated such a bitter result, the number of casualties had been even greater than he had thought.

That number represented the lives of his friends, brothers, comrades. Long Chen saw that many familiar faces had disappeared, forever gone from this world.

That caused Long Chen such pain and anger that he angrily roared at the Corrupt path's experts, "What are you bastards still waiting for? Hurry up and hand over all your spatial rings! If anyone dares try to hide any, we'll immediately start fighting again, not resting till death!"

Long Chen had been mostly calm this entire time. But his eyes had turned completely red after he had looked over everyone who had returned, and everyone who had not. How could the Righteous disciples not know what Long Chen was thinking?

Whether it was the monastery's disciples or the other Righteous disciples, they all felt Long Chen was a true, one-hundred-percent man. Despite being so powerful, he didn't have any of that lofty, solitary mannerism of an expert. Instead, he was someone who treated each of his friends as a brother.

Despite Long Chen doing his best to cover up his pain, everyone could tell how deeply affected he was inside.

"No rest till death!"

"No rest till death!"

"No rest till death!"

The Righteous disciples, who had only just calmed down, once more erupted in anger. Clenching their weapons tightly, they seemed like a pack of ferocious animals, viciously glaring at the Corrupt disciples.

Gui Yan had actually been intent on bargaining the price down when he saw the battle calm down, but now seeing that the slightest spark might cause a final, all-out massacre, he hastily ordered the Corrupt disciples to hand over their spatial rings.

Those Corrupt disciples all sighed sorrowfully. The rules of the world had changed now. These Righteous disciples definitely far, far surpassed the Corrupt disciples in terms of fierceness.

Only once all the Corrupt disciples handed over their spatial rings did the Righteous disciples finally calm down slightly.

"All of you just wait. This isn't over!" Gui Yan viciously glared at Long Chen before bringing the Corrupt disciples away. Their originally grand and vast army had truly been decimated this time.

Of over twenty thousand new disciples, they only managed to leave with five hundred alive. This was an unprecedented defeat for them.

"Long Chen, you should keep this golden spear!" Song Mingyuan and Luo Cang walked over, carrying Yin Luo's golden spear.

Long Chen knew this was a spirit weapon and was extremely powerful. But in terms of heaviness, it was slightly lower than Devil Decapitator. Furthermore, he was unaccustomed to using a spear.

He said to Mo Nian, "How about you take this as your spoils of war? You'll be able to justify yourself with this once you return."

From what Mo Nian had said, Long Chen knew that he had actually run away from home in hopes of defeating Yin Luo. Unfortunately, Yin Luo was just too powerful. Even with the two of them joining hands, they were unable to kill him.

And in truth, it wasn't just the two of them joining hands, but three. If it hadn't been for Chu Yao, Long Chen and Mo Nian would both have died under Yin Luo's final attack containing natural energy.

Even with the three of them working together, they were still unable to make him stay behind. Mo Nian and Long Chen felt a bit helpless about that. They had no choice but to admit Yin Luo was too powerful.

"I already have my spoils of war. What could be better than this?" Mo Nian was no longer as indifferent as before. Holding Yin Luo's severed leg, he proudly stroked it a couple times.

Everyone shivered in repulsion. He was looking at that leg like it was a tender, lovable leg of a beauty that had enchanted him.

Weighing this spear, Long Chen sensed it was thirty percent lighter than Devil Decapitator. If he hadn't had a weapon advantage during his fight with Yin Luo, it might not have been possible for him to force him back.

Sinking into thought for a moment, he thought to himself that there was no one else within this new generation of disciples who was capable of wielding it. But then he realized that there was one person.

"Gu Yang!" shouted Long Chen.

Gu Yang walked over from out of the crowd. His broken arms and other injuries had already been healed by the Skywood Palace's experts. Other than his spiritual qi being exhausted, he was completely fine.

"You're also specialized in strength. You can have this spear. Try it." Long Chen held out the spear to Gu Yang.

Gu Yang's eyes reddened slightly. He wanted to take it, and yet he also didn't dare to take it. "Long Chen… I…"

"Stop wasting words and take it. This things too heavy and my arm's getting sore." Long Chen straightforwardly pushed the spear into Gu Yang's arms.

Gu Yang stumbled back several steps from its incredible weight before being able to stabilize himself.

Gu Yang was incredibly moved. Even in his entire family, they only had a single treasure on the same level as this spear. But Long Chen had simply directly given it to him.

He had once forced Long Chen into a land of absolute death, and yet Long Chen didn't hold the slightest grudge anymore. Even with Gu Yang's haughty nature, his eyes brimmed with tears. "Long Chen, I…"

"You don't need to say anything about giving your heart to me. I'm sure you already know what kind of man I am. I only like beautiful women." Long Chen hastily shook his head, not wanting to hear Gu Yang's emotional words.

Everyone couldn't help but to laugh. Tang Wan-er blushed, stealthily glancing at Chu Yao. She saw that Chu Yao was just laughing without the slightest anger.

"Since the battle's over, I should also return." Mo Nian walked over to Long Chen.

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