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That figure was Little Snow. As soon as he appeared, he opened his mouth and a huge sphere appeared before him.

Space constantly trembled around that sphere. Thousands upon thousands of tiny wind blades were quickly circulating within it, emitting a sharp, piercing sound.

Those who were closer felt as if a knife was stabbing them in the ears, and they hastily covered them.

Long Chen was delighted. Little Snow had now advanced to the mid third rank, and his strength had multiplied. That sphere caused even him to feel a chill.

Suddenly, a red liquid appeared within the sphere. It looked like a demonic flame, constantly swaying back and forth.

After that bizarre flame appeared, Little Snow shook and that sphere shot forward.

At first it was only a foot long, but as soon as it left Little Snow's mouth, it began to grow, becoming over thirty meters wide.

Countless wind blades scattered from the sphere as it sped forward. Those blades were like the Grim Reaper's scythe as they mercilessly cut down the Corrupt disciples.

"Quickly spread out! It's a Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf King!"

Gui Yan was shocked and gave everyone a warning, his voice filled with shock.

The Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf was quite famous, and there were few cultivators who didn't know that it was dual wind and fire attribute, making it incomparably powerful.

It was said that amongst Scarlet Flame Snow Wolves, there was a certain variation that would make things kings amongst the wolves, and they were called the Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf King.

Little Snow's aura was unable to remain concealed from Gui Yan's eyes. Although it was a bit weak, that was definitely the aura of a wolf king.

If a Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf mutated to become a wolf king, their combat ability would undergo heaven-toppling changes. That was why he gave everyone a warning.

The Corrupt disciples were startled by his warning and all began to spread out.

However, Little Snow's attack range was too wide. In the blink of an eye, that sphere cut across hundreds of meters, leaving behind a large ditch as it passed, only stopping once it was miles away.

The Corrupt disciples that had been within that line had all been directly cut to pieces by the wind blades. They hadn't even had a chance to scream.

"How powerful!"

Even the Righteous disciples were filled with shock when they saw how powerfulLittle Snow was.

"Tu Fang, you damn bastards, you actually dare call yourselves the Righteous path? You're using such despicable methods; you're all just a bunch of shameless fuckers!" Gui Yan angrily cursed.

Their armies hadn't even touched yet, but the last two attacks had killed half of their Corrupt disciples.

If they had died in a normal manner, then that would have been fine. When waves cleansed sand, they would only leave behind the gold. What they wanted was that gold.

However, Long Chen's attacks had destroyed the gold with the sand, infuriating Gui Yan to the point that he felt like he might explode.

Tu Fang and the other Righteous Elders looked at each other in dismay as they were cursed by Gui Yan. They were also completely stupefied by what they were watching. They hadn't expected Long Chen to possess such a terrifying Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf King housepet.

His housepet's strength in a one on one battle would probably only be a level stronger than ordinary core disciples. But Little Snow's attacks were extremely suited for group battles like this. His ability to kill hordes of disciples at once was terrifying.

Even core disciples had been unable to receive that last blow. As for the ordinary disciples, they were killed as soon as they were touched.

Tu Fang and quite a few of the others had all experienced multiple battles between the Righteous and Corrupt paths. But this was the first time they had encountered such a fighting style. It was also the first time they saw Gui Yan cursing and raging at them like an old vixen.

As Gui Yan cursed them, Guo Ran took out his crossbow, beginning to crazily rain down arrows.

Because of the poison smoke attack, the Corrupt disciples had split up into two groups. Little Snow's attack had cut through the group on the right.

Now the other group was held back by Guo Ran. A huge cask of arrows was on his shoulder, feeding into his crossbow. The mechanisms continuously clicked as they shot out arrows.

"Fucking hell, there's more!"

The Corrupt disciples were all in a panic. Each wave of Guo Ran's arrows contained a poison pill given to him by Long chen.

In reality, without any overlaying, those poison pills weren't that toxic. The more powerful Corrupt disciples were more than capable of resisting it with their antitoxin pills and high cultivation bases.

However, they had already become intimidated by that first poison smoke. They didn't dare forcibly charge into these new poison mists that Guo Ran shot out, and they appeared extremely miserable.

Seeing that he was actually able to intimidate his opponents all on his own, Guo Ran didn't care about the cost and crazily continued to rain down arrows.

"Despicable Righteous path, you definitely won't have good deaths!" Gui Yan was completely infuriated now. He couldn't hold back any longer, and with a wave of his hand, a couple figures behind him slowly stood up, revealing their youthful faces.

"Kill every single one of these damn Righteous path bastards!" raged Gui Yan.

Those few nodded and suddenly moved, rushing towards them incredibly quickly. The man at the front was the quickest, cross a hundred miles in an instant like a phantom

Rushing forward, Long Chen saw that he was an incredibly demonic man. There was a crack between his eyebrows, looking like a closed third eye.

When that man was just five miles from them, he suddenly opened his hand. Space fluctuated, and a golden lotus appeared, floating above his hand.

That golden lotus caused all of heaven and earth to buzz. A berserk energy began to soar.

Long Chen's expression changed. This man was too terrifying. That lotus in his hand possessed an incredibly destructive strength.

That demonic man coldly snorted, and that golden lotus shot out of his hand straight towards Long Chen.

Space seemed to explode wherever this lotus passed as if it was unable to endure that terrifying strength.

This was the most powerful attack Long Chen had ever seen. This fellow was definitely a Favored, or there was no way he could be so terrifying.

"Everyone scatter!" roared Long Chen. This attack was too terrifying, and it was definitely a group attack. Ordinary disciples wouldn't be able to resist it.

Just as he was preparing to take out Devil Decapitator to face off against this terrifying golden lotus, a gorgeous ray of light appeared in the sky, a huge arrow shooting out. "Piercing Cloud Arrow!"


That gorgeous arrow collided with the golden lotus, emitting a huge explosion. Long Chen was sent flying by an incredibly powerful aftershock.

The Xuantian Monastery's disciples had already scattered due to Long Chen's warning. However, they were also thrown into the air by the aftermath. Luckily they were far away enough and had high enough cultivation bases that they weren't heavily injured.

After that explosion rocked the land, everyone was shocked to see that despite the collision occurring in the sky, a huge crater hundreds of meters wide had been smashed into the land.

A figure walked over to the battlefield. He held a simple, multi-colored bow and wore a long cloak. A somber air came from him.

Long Chen was startled. He hadn't expected for that man who had called himself Mo Nian to appear now.

Seeing Mo Nian, the demonic man's eyes narrowed slightly. However, his expression was still flat and he didn't say anything.

Mo Nian flung back his hood and looked at the demonic man. "You should be Yin Luo, correct? I hear you're a once-in-thousand-year genius from the Corrupt path."

The other fellows also arrived at this time, but they all stood behind the demonic man. Obviously the demonic man was their leader.

The Corrupt disciples, whose charge had been stopped, now all gathered together, ready to attack at any moment. Corrupt disciples were comparatively inhuman. None of them retreated even though only ten thousand of them remained from their original twenty thousand members.

The battle had come to a sudden stop. The Righteous disciples also gathered together. Everyone knew a chaotic battle was about to begin.

"Correct, I am Yin Luo. Who are you? It seems I haven't heard of anyone like you," said Yin Luo.

"I'm Mo Nian. I am not from this Su Prefecture. I heard that an amazing fellow had appeared in Su Prefecture's Corrupt path, and I wanted to meet you. My family's old man spends all day saying I'm not putting in any effort and will be surpassed by you. Just listening to him pisses me off, so I've come over now. Perhaps if I can cut you down, that old man won't keep buzzing in my ear constantly." Mo Nian lightly raised his bow as he spoke.

Mo Nian's appearance caused Tu Fang and them some shock. There wasn't such a Favored amongst their Righteous disciples.

"Could he be from Mo Gate?" wondered Tu Fang.

"Now that you mention it, you should be right. Perhaps only someone from Mo Gate is capable of pushing archery skills to such a divine level," nodded Hua Yu.

The others only half understood what they were saying. But since the two of them also weren't sure, they didn't ask any further. But they knew that this person called Mo Nian had to have an extremely terrifying origin.

Yin Luo raised his head back and laughed at Mo Nian's words. "This is the first time I've met such an arrogant person! Interesting!"

Yin Luo had been acclaimed as rare, once-in-thousand-year genius of the Corrupt path. He had never met a match for him in the same realm.

Even amongst Favored, there were few who could last more than ten exchanges with him. That was why he led the other Corrupt Favored.

Now that he heard someone actually thought they could kill him, he couldn't help laughing. He didn't remember anyone ever having said such boastful words to him before.

"Of course it's interesting. Otherwise I wouldn't have wasted so much time and effort to run away from that old man." Mo Nian smiled slightly. He then suddenly turned to Long Chen and said, "This friend, I hope you won't mind that I'm taking your opponent."

Long Chen graciously spread his hands. "If you're interested, you can take them all and I won't mind. It'd be best if you also included those old farts over these as well!"

Mo Nian stared blankly for a moment before laughing heartily, "Excellent. Since this friend has handed him over to me, I won't be courteous!"

Mo Nian's aura suddenly erupted. The land shook, and a terrifying wave of qi soared into the sky. Gusts of wind began to fly around him, appearing extremely shocking.

"Yin Luo, hand over your life!"

Mo Nian's bow shook and an arrow appeared. A terrifying aura spread, and it shot out like a bolt of lightning.

Yin Luo snorted and said to the people behind him, "You guys can go kill the smaller fish. I'll slaughter this arrogant brat."

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