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Chapter 2309 A Risk Taken Out of Desperation

Borrowing Lei Long’s power, Long Chen had charged out of the lock of the heavenly tribulation. It was so fast and so sudden that no one was able to react, including Kun Pengzi.

No one had expected Long Chen to suddenly attack at this time, including Kun Pengzi. He had his eyes closed as he focused on absorbing the lightning. Without any defenses, Long Chen’s slap sent him flying into the distance.


The experts in the distance were all shocked. How could Long Chen be so powerful? If he had switched his palm for his saber, wouldn’t Kun Pengzi have been killed just now?

What they didn’t know was that Long Chen’s slap had only landed because it wasn’t a killing blow. It posed no threat to Kun Pengzi, rendering his sense of danger ineffective. If he really had used Evilmoon, then there was no way his sneak attack would have worked.

After slapping Kun Pengzi flying, Long Chen borrowed the rebound force to fly to someone not so far away, Tian Xiezi. A foot firmly planted itself into his nose.

Tian Xiezi had just sensed something was happening and opened his eyes, but all he saw was a foot flying toward him. He wanted to dodge, but it was too late. He was sent flying.

Just like last time, the offensive power wasn’t strong enough to cause any injury to Tian Xiezi, but such a thing was definitely worse than coughing up blood. Long Chen was intentionally humiliating him.

Evilmoon suddenly appeared in Long Chen’s hand. Shining with a cold light, Long Chen slashed it toward the distant Di Feng. At the same time, he shouted, “You shameless bastards, did I agree to let you in? Get the hell out!”

Having attacked Kun Pengzi and Tian Xiezi, there was enough time for Di Feng to prepare. A spear appeared in his hand.


Di Feng wasn’t shaken in the slightest, but Long Chen was knocked back by his spear. That was the difference in realms. Without stepping into the Netherpassage realm, there was still an uncrossable gap.

“Die!” Just at that moment, Kun Pengzi came flying back. He was so infuriated by that slap that he didn’t even care to absorb more lightning.

“How shameless! After all the benefits I gave you, you want to kill me!?” Long Chen suddenly retreated back into the core region.

“Be careful! Long Chen is trying to bait you in!” shouted Peng Wanli. As a spectator, he could see through Long Chen’s plot.


However, there was no way for Peng Wanli’s voice to reach the core region. It was drowned out by the raging thunder. Meanwhile, Kun Pengzi charged into the core region, his lightning halberd slashing toward Long Chen. Long Chen was sent flying once more.

Tian Xiezi and Di Feng followed at first, but when they approached the core region, their expressions changed. They suddenly stopped and hastily retreated.


The void above the core region suddenly exploded. A giant ring of light enveloped them all. Then one figure after another came flying out of the collapsed space, attacking them.

Every one of them was a young expert. They held various weapons, and battle intent soared out of them. Their manifestations appeared behind them, causing the Heavenly Daos to rage.

“Heavens, they’re all Empyreans with awakened manifestation, and it seems that their Spirit Blood is activated as well!” Shocked cries rang out.

“Where did they come from? Why were they just hiding in the sky? Are they experts from another world?!”

There were men and women amongst those newcomers, but the one shared aspect was that they were young. They wore ancient garbs that were completely different from the style of the current era.

“They’re not experts from another world. They are ancient heavenly geniuses who left an imprint on the Heavenly Daos when they underwent their tribulations. Their peerless talent qualified them to leave their mark on the Heavenly Daos,” said Daoist Heavenly Feather.

More and more figures descended from the sky, unleashing killing blows on the four of them.

This time, Long Chen had managed to drag down Kun Pengzi, Tian Xiezi, and Di Feng with him. These heavenly geniuses descending from the heavens were no longer just targeting him. Now Kun Pengzi and the others were sharing his burden.

“The Nine Forms of Heavens Extinction! Isn’t that our sect’s founder?!” shouted someone in the crowd suddenly.

That person was a disciple of the Heavens Extinction Gate, and he instantly recognized one of the techniques of the heavenly geniuses. It was a hundred times stronger than when he used it himself.

“That, that… isn’t that the one who swept through the continent seven thousand years ago, the One Arm Divine Saber, Liu Chuandao?! I’ve seen paintings of him!”

“Isn’t that our seventh generation ancestor, Zhao Qingfeng? Heavens, why is it that the same technique is so much stronger when he uses it?!”

Both the disciples inside the sea of lightning and the experts outside were filled with shock. Occasionally, someone would recognize one of the heavenly geniuses.

Those people’s attacks were so powerful that Long Chen and the others were instantly pushed into a wretched state. Long Chen especially was covered in blood. He was unable to block so many powerful ancestors.

“Quick, record the techniques of the ancestor!” shouted someone. This was a chance that would never come again.

After many years, including several wars, many inheritances had been lost. Now they were seeing those inheritances once more. As a result, people hastily recorded the techniques used by their ancestors.

“They were all famous figures of their eras. They were witnesses to the Martial Heaven Continent’s glorious history.”

“Long Chen definitely sensed something, so he actually attacked Kun Pengzi and the others to draw them into the core region with him. Now those three are sharing the attacks with him. Without them, Long Chen would have been killed by the heavenly tribulation.”

Long Chen was covered in blood. These experts were truly powerful. The skills which had made them peerless heavenly geniuses were not fake.

Just blocking one of them was difficult. With so many of them attacking at once, he was constantly being injured.

The only fortunate thing was that these heavenly geniuses were manifestations of lightning. As long as he avoided being struck in his vitals, those attacks wouldn’t be fatal once they met his dragon scales.

Suddenly, Evilmoon sent him a message. “Long Chen, you can’t pass this tribulation like this. The lightning is filled with death and destruction, not giving you any breathing room. Other people can grasp the life energy within the lightning to adjust themselves, but you aren’t the same as them. You’re just exhausting yourself. Other than your physical body growing a bit stronger, there haven’t been other changes. Don’t you feel that it’s strange?”

“I’ve also sensed that problem. This tribulation is different from my past tribulations. I can’t absorb it,” said Long Chen, vexed.

In the beginning, he had been able to absorb the lightning to strengthen his body. But toward the end, he wasn’t able to strengthen himself at all, while the lightning continued to damage his body.

“Long Chen, try to use the Swallow the Heavens, Devour the Earth divine ability,” suggested Evilmoon.

“You want me to devour them?” Long Chen was startled. Was devouring lightning composed of death energy not suicide?

“There’s no other way. Your aura isn’t changing. My guess is that this heavenly tribulation’s laws have changed specifically to kill you. Even if you survive to the end, you won’t advance to the Netherpassage realm.”

Long Chen thought about it. That was true. It had been many hours since his tribulation had started, but his aura hadn’t grown at all. Although his physical body had improved slightly, it wasn’t too big of a change.

That was why even after so much time, he was still unable to match Kun Pengzi and the others. He couldn’t continue like this. He would either be killed by the heavenly tribulation or Kun Pengzi and the others.

Kun Pengzi and the others also started to be flustered by the attacks of these ancient heavenly geniuses. Once they couldn’t endure it any longer, they would definitely join forces to kill Long Chen. Once he was dead, the tribulation would end.

“Fine, I’ll risk it.”

Long Chen clenched his teeth and suddenly took the initiative to absorb the lightning into his body. As a result, his whole body turned numb. He was almost killed when a sword almost slashed through his head. He only narrowly avoided it.

As the lightning entered his body, Long Chen felt like he was going to explode. Every inch of his body screamed in pain.

“Evilmoon, you better not be conning me!” If the divine ability of the dark evil dragon race was useless against this lightning containing only death energy, he would be doomed.

Just at this moment, Lei Long came flying over, enveloping him and blocking the attacks of the heavenly geniuses for him.

Lei Long’s body appeared exceptionally weak in front of the attacks of these heavenly geniuses. Its body was repeatedly torn apart, but within this sea of lightning, it could recover by absorbing the surrounding lightning. It endured.

Countless runes lit up within Long Chen’s stomach. They were like the stars in the cosmos. The lightning surged into his stomach, and he activated Swallow the Heavens, Devour the Earth.

Long Chen felt his life energy fading. He was horrified. If this continued, he would definitely die.

Just as Long Chen was about to give up on this, the primal chaos bead shook ever so slightly. The lightning runes he had absorbed were instantly blasted to pieces.

Once they exploded, they reformed into new lightning runes. Those lightning runes contained half death energy and half life energy.

“It works!”

Long Chen cried out in delight. He summoned his divine ring, absorbing the lightning with all his power.

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