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Chapter 2109 Burning the Boats

“Boss, you want to spend all the money we currently have? But the armor for the Dragonblood Legion…”

Xia Chen was startled by what Long Chen was asking. He and Guo Ran were currently designing the best possible armor for the Dragonblood warriors.

If they spent all their money on a trap, then the matter of the armor would be run aground. Furthermore, before leaving, Long Chen had said to prioritize this armor over everything else. Changing plans like this was not Long Chen’s style.

“Something unexpected happened, and the armor can be postponed. There’s something more important for us to do. If things work out, then we won’t need to be worried about not being able to finish the armor,” said Long Chen.

Xia Chen thought about it for a moment. “Then the power of any formation I make will depend on what you need. Is it a trapping formation or a killing formation, how big does it have to be, where does it need to be installed? Well, if I were to give a rough estimate of how strong a formation built from all the resources we have on hand would be… to tell the truth, its power would be terrifying. I feel like trapping a fourth step Netherpassage expert would even be possible.”

A fourth step Netherpassage expert? Que Yuzhu and the others gasped. Could Xia Chen really make such a terrifying formation?

Xia Chen had never seen a fourth step Netherpassage expert fight. He could only estimate their power based on multiplying the power of a third step Netherpassage expert by ten.

He said that it was only a possibility, but this was enough to give a general picture of how strong such a formation would be. After all, Long Chen had plundered a lot of money from the Brahma secret realm.

Xia Chen and Guo Ran had spent that money on materials for the armor, but those materials could be used for formations as well. If they were all used, then it would be a truly amazing formation. But after the formation was set up, they would be out of resources and money.

“Guo Ran, don’t be distressed. After following me for so long, when have I ever suffered a loss when it comes to business? We’ll definitely get back ten times what we invest in. Even if you can’t build your armor for now, I can lend you something good.” Long Chen gave him a mysterious smile.

“Is it the same as last time?” Guo Ran’s eyes brightened. Last time, Long Chen had killed some disciples of the Mechanism Sect and sent him some good stuff.

Although the Mechanism Sect’s people were garbage, the things they made were top grade amongst top grade. After all, those were what they used to survive. They worked on them until they were perfect.

Despite most of what Long Chen had sent back being broken pieces, Guo Ran was infatuated with them. He had been obsessed, going over their minute and marvelous mechanisms.

“Here.” Long Chen tossed a pile of gleaming scales to Guo Ran. Intense Heavenly Dao energy fluctuations came from them, startling everyone.

“Heavenly Dao Spirit Silver? Am I dreaming?!” Guo Ran yelped. “Eh, why is there blood? What monster grows Heavenly Dao Spirit Silver on them?”

Seeing the blood and pieces of flesh stuck to the undersides of the scales, Guo Ran was dumbfounded.

“This is something I ripped off a certain fellow. Just like you, he created a scale armor for himself. However, he merged his armor with his flesh. I had no choice but to rip it all off,” said Long Chen.

Que Yuzhu and the others felt a chill. This was actually a person’s skin, and based on the fluctuations, that person had to be an Empyrean.

Whoever possessed enough of the legendary Heavenly Dao Spirit Silver to make a whole set of armor out of it must be one of those supreme geniuses of the ancient era.

Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and Tang Wan-er were amazed, but they also found it funny. Originally, they had thought that Long Chen would have to have some restraint when facing these supreme geniuses, but it was actually the opposite.

Meng Qi pulled Ye Zhiqiu over. Speaking spiritually, she asked her about Long Chen. Ye Zhiqiu explained how she had come to see Long Chen and everything that had happened afterward.

“Boss, you really are my best boss! This Heavenly Dao Spirit Silver is a priceless treasure! If I add it to the Dragonblood warriors’ armor, all their power should rise a level!” exclaimed Guo Ran. That appearance of his made it look like he was about to kiss Long Chen.

“If you want to use it for armor, leave it for yourself. The others don’t need it.” Long Chen solemnly shook his head.

“What? Why?”

“Cultivation is cultivation. Armor and weapons are still external power in the end. Unless you can be like Yue Zifeng who has abandoned everything but the sword, it’s best not to grow dependent on external power. You are a bit like Yue Zifeng. Zifeng has his sword, while you have your forging arts and endless creative ideas. The others walk a different path. For example, consider the original owner of this armor. He thought that a single set of armor could make him unrivaled. Now that he’s been defeated, his Dao-heart has taken a destructive blow. His cultivation path has definitely ended,” said Long Chen solemnly.

Hearing this, the Dragonblood warriors’ hearts shook. They had been excited about some even stronger armor, but they suddenly found that their dependence on that armor was growing greater and greater.

What would happen if they one day lost that armor? Would they lack the confidence to fight on their own? Would they even have the courage to fight with their lives on the line?

Thinking of that, Gu Yang and the others began to sweat. The path of cultivation was full of holes. Fortunately, they had Long Chen who was able to retain a calm mind and managed to lead them away from those holes.

“These pieces of scaled armor are just some broken toys. This is the real gift I’ve brought for you.”

Long Chen took out the God Extermination Cannon. A harsh aura came out of it, making the people near it stand on edge.

“This is the God Extermination Cannon. Supposedly, it is the Mechanism Sect’s supreme treasure. This thing’s quite powerful. I almost lost my little life to it. If you can take it apart and figure out how to replicate it, you would be the number one offensive force within the Dragonblood Legion. Even I would concede my place,” said Long Chen.

He still remembered the attack from the God Extermination Cannon clearly. Just the recoil had blown him back.

If he had known how to use it, then Zhao Wuji’s little life would have been lost a thousand times over. It was truly a terrifying killing item.

“Other than that, I’ve also got a photographic jade of Zhao Wuji’s fighting style. I probed his various offensive and defensive mechanisms. I used my own blood to get it, so work hard on studying it,” said Long Chen.

“Boss, you really treat me well! If I was a woman, I’d definitely repay you with my heart and body!” Guo Ran was so grateful that his eyes reddened.

“That’s alright. That only works for good-looking people. For someone like you, it would be like biting the hand that feeds it,” said Long Chen, drawing out laughter.

Guo Ran slipped away after obtaining the God Extermination Cannon. He didn’t want to waste a single second. He immediately got to studying it.

As for Xia Chen, he was also getting itchy. The complete divine runes on the God Extermination Cannon were extremely attractive to him. However, Long Chen hadn’t finished with him here yet, so Xia Chen endured.

“Race leader Que, choose five hundred of your strongest experts in preparation for a battle,” said Long Chen.

“Just five hundred? Isn’t that a bit too few?” asked Que Yuzhu.

With the help of the Myriad Spirit Diagram, the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race’s lost inheritance had been regained. Regaining their divine abilities and inheritance had also caused their bloodline, which had been declining, to show signs of returning to its ancestral state.

The current Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrows were now far more powerful than before. Let alone five hundred experts, they could even take out fifty thousand experts, all of whom were incredibly powerful.

“Five hundred is enough. This isn’t a siege, so we don’t need too many people. But these five hundred people must be experts capable of cooperating,” said Long Chen.

The Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race’s divine abilities could have their power increased by working together. But if there were too many of them, it would make the attack chaotic and dispersed.

“Alright, I’ll pick out five hundred of our strongest experts.” Que Yuzhu nodded.

Long Chen turned to Gu Yang. “Call out the Dragonblood warriors that are still in seclusion. We need to prepare for an upcoming battle. Unlike other times, we need to drill some formations. As for what kinds of formations, I’ll tell you later.”

Gu Yang nodded and left for the Dragonblood Legion’s territory.

“Xia Chen, I’ll tell you my general plan. You tell me what kind of formations you can arrange…”

Long Chen and Xia Chen spent six hours before finalizing the plan. After that, the Dragonblood warriors and the experts of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race began drilling their formations.

Xia Chen was busy setting up formations, while Guo Ran was lost in the study of the God Extermination Cannon and the scaled armor, as well as the photographic jade that Long Chen had brought. It could be said that he was so infatuated with these things that he forgot about food and sleep.

Long Chen was also busy. He, Meng Qi, and Chu Yao went into seclusion together. The two of them had extremely powerful Spiritual Strength. He needed their help to refine pills.

“Meng Qi, you come first. Your Spiritual Strength is a bit stronger. I’ll teach you the steps and crucial points.”

Long Chen explained some things that were important while refining pills. Meng Qi had previously helped Long Chen refine pills, so she picked things up quickly. She could be a good example for Chu Yao.

Long Chen took out the Moon and Star Refining Furnace. He already had a large amount of medicinal powders he had previously refined. Taking a deep breath, he took out nine portions of the medicinal powder and put them all in the pill furnace.

This time, he wanted to refine a full furnace of Hundred Flower Dao Resonation Pills. Time was pressing, and he had to go all-out upgrading the Dragonblood Legion.

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