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Chapter 185 Strict, Impartial, Incorruptible

Long Chen's expression changed, but before he could say anything, Elder Sun waved his hand. "Bring him away."

Senior apprentice-brother Wu icily laughed and was just about to go over to chain him up.

Ling Chen angrily cursed at Elder Sun, "You old bastard, are you blind or have your eyes grown dim with age?

"With your powerful spiritual energy, how could you possible not be able to tell that where I was standing just now was clearly three hundred and one meters away from the pavilion door?

"You're clearing being unjust, but even a person like you is able to become an Elder? The Xuantian Monastery really is blind."

Long Chen's Spiritual Strength was extremely powerful and he had long since noticed there was someone watching from the side. He knew that the person observing this all was definitely at the Elder power level.

And that was why Long Chen had dared to fight just now. But he really hadn't expected this Elder would forcibly suppress him before even determining what was true. That caused his anger to burst out.

Long Chen's cursing completely appalled everyone. Was he crazy? First he fought someone in the same generation, then he fought his senior apprentice-brothers, and now he even dared point at an Elder and curse him. That was completely insane.

"How brazen!" Elder Sun angrily shouted. A powerful pressure immediately locked Long Chen in place, crushing onto him like a huge mountain.

Even Tang Wan-er who was beside him was implicated. Under that pressure she was unable to move and even breathing was difficult.

She was just enduring a slight fallout. The focus of that pressure was on Long Chen. Who knew how much pressure he was under.

Long Chen coughed out a mouthful of blood. His bones were crackling under that pressure. It seemed as if his entire body's bones could break at any moment.

That bastard was actually planning on using that pressure to force him to kneel. A dense killing intent surfaced from Long Chen's eyes.

He bitterly supported himself. Even if he was crushed to death, he definitely wouldn't bend his knees.

He also swore to himself that this old ghost better not let him get an opportunity, or today's humiliation would be returned to him a hundred times.

As Long Chen was bitterly enduring and feeling as if his bones were about to break, a clear voice rang out.

"Elder Sun, what are you doing?"

As soon as that voice rang out, Elder Sun was greatly startled and hastily withdrew his pressure. At some time, Elder Tu Fang had appeared.

As soon as that pressure disappeared, Long Chen would have collapsed to the ground if Tang Wan-er hadn't helped him stay standing.

Long Chen was once again leaning on Tang Wan-er's beautiful body, but it most definitely wasn't him intentionally taking advantage of her. He was simply completely worn out. The pressure of an Elder-class expert was too frightening.

Tang Wan-er's face was red, but she still held Long Chen up. She had no misgivings about that. A deep hatred of Elder Sun filled her heart.

"Reporting to Elder Tu Fang, Long Chen was making trouble in front of me, refusing to comply with the law enforcers, even violently resisting, damaging the surrounding structures. Due to lack of a better choice, I was trying to capture him in order prevent him from causing greater destruction," respectfully said Elder Sun.

Although they were both Elders, Tu Fang was the one with the highest authority within the monastery, the Enforcement Elder.

"Oh? There was such a thing? What do you say Long Chen?" Tu Fang turned to look at Long Chen.

"Elder Tu Fang, with your discerning eyes, I'm sure I don't need to explain such an obvious thing." Long Chen pointed to a footprint in the ground.

That was the spot where he had provoked that cheating law enforcer who had faked his measurement, putting Long Chen within the fighting-prohibited region. He had long since set up that proof there, leaving two clear footprints on the stone slab.

Seeing that footprint, both that law enforcer and senior apprentice-brother Wu's expressions sunk.

They had never expected Long Chen to have left behind such evidence in secret. Their faces turned pale.

"Elder Tu Fang, don't believe a word from this brat. He purposely left that after you arrived in order to fake evidence," hastily lied senior apprentice-brother Wu.

"You can easily ask any of the observers to see if it's fake. Other than fighting with you after, I never stepped near that place again."

Long Chen cupped his fists to the surrounding people. "Fellow apprentice brothers and sisters, we're all newcomers. But now you've all seen these law enforcers abuse their power to oppress us newcomers.

"You don't need to lie. Just tell the truth that you saw. With the Enforcement Elder right here, tell the truth about how these dregs use their cultivation base and authority to abuse their fellow disciples.

"Are you alright with being abused by the bottom feeders of the previous generation?"

As soon as he finished speaking, there were immediately people who walked out. "I will testify that this footprint was exactly where Long Chen had been standing the entire time."

"Right, this powerful law enforcer used his iron chain and his powerful mid Muscle Rebirth cultivation base to force him back from there."

"It really is laughable. Sometimes I really doubt our senior apprentice-brothers' intelligence. Before fighting, Long Chen was clearly purposely standing there motionlessly. As for why, can you still not tell?"

Naturally these newcomers all possessed their own pride. In the past few days, they had been arrogantly pushed around by these law enforcers, causing them to feel some dislike for them.

It wasn't really that Long Chen had some amazing skill in inciting people's passions. The main thing was that they were already feeling displeasure towards these law enforcers, so they naturally wouldn't give up a chance to complain.

Hearing everyone's ridicule, senior apprentice-brother Wu's expression became exceedingly ugly. He angrily glared at those people testifying.

"Elder Tu Fang, look at that fellow's gaze. He's clearly preparing to get revenge on us who are just saying the truth. Please deliver justice Elder Tu Fang. This narrow-minded fellow is hatefully glaring at us. How could it be just to have such a person be a law enforcer? That's just a nightmare for us newcomers!" a person immediately reported him.

Senior apprentice-brother Wu's face turned green from rage. Veins pulsed on his forehead. But he didn't dare raise his head to look at that person, simply doing his best to remember that person's voice.

He cursed inside, "You new brats, just wait! We'll have plenty of time together!

He had also been a newcomer once. Back then he had also been put into his place by the previous generation's senior apprentice-brothers.

Now it had finally come to his turn to do the same, but the result was completely different. This group of brats were actually brazen enough to resist!

Tu Fang looked at the footprint and icily asked, "Who measured the distance?"

That law enforcer with the handprint on his face immediately became ashen. He took a step forward, reporting, "Me…"

"As a law enforcer, you actually publically defrauded others, entrapping those of your same sect. Gather your things and return to your family," sighed Elder Tu Fang.

Everyone was shocked. Just like that, one their senior apprentice-brother's would be expelled? That was too severe!

"Elder, I…" That person was completely shocked.

"No need to say anything. As a member of the Righteous path, you should act openly and upright. But your action just now is a grave offense.

"This is different from breaking the monastery's rules. Your conduct has already crossed into the Devil path. The monastery cannot accept someone like you. If the monastery is still within your heart, reflect upon yourself once you return home on how to be an upright cultivator," said Tu Fang.

That person sighed. He wanted to say something, but after stealthily glancing at senior apprentice-brother Wu, he nodded and left.

"Wu Qi, you just came out of imprisonment less than a month ago. It seems you didn't properly reflect during that time," icily said Tu Fang.

"Disciple accepts his mistake. Disciple was mislead by others, causing him to act this way. Please give me your punishment Elder." Senior apprentice-brother Wu hastily admit his mistake.

"I know you were not mislead by anyone. You also know that. But according to the monastery's rules, there isn't enough proof, which is your luck.

"Of course, luck is also a kind of strength. So I won't expel you. Although I suspect you used the authority the monastery bestowed upon you for personal vengeance, there is no proof. So you are very fortuitous.

"You did not personally go measure the distance before rashly taking action. You failed your obligations, so all the damage that was caused here today is your fault.

"Go to the Law Enforcement Hall. Receive five hundred canes and be imprisoned for a half a month," ordered Tu Fang.

When senior apprentice-brother Wu heard five hundred canes, he almost fainted. That was no walking cane, but a special cane made of golden wood! There was even poison on top of it. A light tap would cause enough pain to cause a person to cry.

Usually the most severe punishment would only be two hundred canes! For it to be five hundred canes now, if he didn't die, he would definitely at least shed a layer of skin.

But he knew that the Law Enforcement Elder Tu Fang was like a mountain. If he didn't accept this, he would increase his punishment. He could only clench his teeth and lower his head.

"Elder Sun." Tu Fang looked at Elder Sun with a somewhat complicated expression.

"Yes." Elder Sun's heart shook slightly. He had a bad feeling.

"Go face the back of a mountain for seven days. I will find someone to take your place here," said Tu Fang.


Elder Sun assented. Without saying anything else, he simply left.

This time everyone, including Long Chen and Tang Wan-er, were flabbergasted. Elder Tu Fang really was a strict and impartial person, worthy of being the number one Elder of the monastery.

Elder Sun hadn't dared to say the slightest bit in the face of his punishment. Elder Tu Fang hadn't even had to give him a reason.

This kind of incorruptible character was definitely something everyone, including Long Chen, admired deeply.

"Many thanks Elder for distinguishing right from wrong. So I won't bother you about your previous deceit against me." Long Chen cupped his fists.

"Haha, then thank you." Tu Fang naturally knew Long Chen was talking about how he had tricked Chu Yao into going to the Skywood Palace.

At that time there was also no way around it for him. The Xuantian Monastery and the Skywood Palace had a friendly relationship. If he didn't help Hua Yu say anything, that wouldn't be excusable.

Originally Tu Fang actually had been feeling quiet guilty about that. He had been thinking that once Long Chen arrived at the monastery, he would perhaps give him some further help cultivating to make it up to him.

But once he learned Long Chen was a Divergent, that idea completely died. And due to his upright character, that matter truly was like a fish bone in his throat, causing him to feel extremely uncomfortable.

He hadn't expected Long Chen to just directly brush that matter away now. That definitely relaxed him greatly. He also appreciated that Long Chen truly was a sensible youth.

Since the matter had already passed and he and Chu Yao had already gone to different places, even if he decided to make this into a bigger issue, that already had no meaning.

Seeing Long Chen dared to speak like this to Elder Tu Fang and for the usually serious Elder Tu Fang who never laughed to actually cheerfully accept his thanks, everyone was completely stunned. This world really was crazy.

"Ok, everyone can proceed with their day."

Elder Tu Fang waved his hand and left just like that. The stunned crowd could only look foolishly at Long Chen.

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