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Chapter 177 Can You Not Heal Yourself

"I don't need you to heal me. I'm fine." Long Chen shook his head. He immediately understood this senior apprentice-brother was planning something against him.

"Trust your senior apprentice-brother's eyesight. If I say there's something wrong with your body, there's definitely something wrong. Don't fail to appreciate my kindness. I, Lu Chuan, am not someone who will randomly heal anyone," icily said Lu Chuan.

Lu Chuan's words startled everyone, especially Tang Wan-er's people. Wasn't this clearly bullying?

Originally they were filled with gratefulness for all these senior disciples coming to heal them. But hearing this, they no longer felt any respect for this 'senior apprentice-brother' Lu Chuan.

"Senior apprentice-brother Lu Chuan, I don't sense anything wrong with this junior's body. Now that we've finished our mission, we should return." Obviously Qi Yue had also seen through Lu Chuan's intentions.

Qi Yue was giving Lu Chuan a chance to back down. But Lu Chuan shook his head, "When it comes to experience, I joined the sect a month earlier than you.

"So junior apprentice-sister, trust your senior apprentice-brother's eyesight. I will kindly heal him. For you to not trust me really is hurtful.

"Junior apprentice-brother, come. Don't make things hard for your senior apprentice-brother. It wouldn't be good for me to have to forcibly subdue you."

Long Chen took a deep breath. If he still didn't understand Lu Chuan's intention, he really wouldn't be Long Chen.

This bastard wants to show off his abilities here, most likely in order to awe Tang Wan-er, retrieving the face he lost just now.

If you want to show off then show off, but for you to place your intentions on me… Long Chen was already extremely irritated.

"It'd be best for you to not force me." Long Chen indifferently said to Lu Chuan.

Tang Wan-er's people were all shocked. As soon as Long Chen's expression became like this, that often meant he had truly become angry.

"Refusing medical treatment is no good thing. If you're sick you must get treated. If not it will be difficult to treat in the future." Lu Chuan icily glared at him.

"Does your brain have a sickness for you to try to show off your senior status in order to attract a woman? It seems you not only have a mental illness, your eyes must also be diseased. Or perhaps you really are blind. Do I look that easy to bully to you?" icily snorted Long Chen.

"Are you trying to provoke me?" Lu Chuan's expression sunk. He began to raise his hands.


Qi Yue was about to go out to stop him, but Tang Wan-er pulled her back. "Let them."

For some reason she also found Lu Chuan extremely distasteful. Although he was a senior disciple, she felt Long Chen wouldn't be much inferior to him. At the very least he wouldn't lose out.

She understood Long Chen's temperament. That fellow was able to accept anything except loss. It was better to just let him go out.

"No, I wouldn't provoke an idiot like you," snidely corrected Long Chen, shaking his head[1].

"Bastard!" A rattan vine appeared in Lu Chuan's hands and he attacked Long Chen.

Long Chen sneered and grabbed the vine directly. Lu Chuan had obviously underestimated Long Chen's strength. Long Chen pulled, bringing Lu Chuan flying into him.

POW! Long Chen's hand viciously slapped Lu Chuan on the face, sending him flying back.

Tang Wan-er's people were still not that shocked. But Qi Yue's group were flabbergasted, watching this scene with disbelief.

In their group, Qi Yue might be the leader of their group and was number one in terms of healing and recovery, but when it came to combat strength, Lu Chuan superior.

And so despite the fact that Lu Chuan was technically Qi Yue's subordinate, he would often mess with her. Qi Yue also had no way to handle that and so she could only endure.

That gave her a constant headache, as her prestige as being their team leader would only grow weaker. Luckily the rest of her group had an understanding of her and supported her greatly.

Although none of them liked Lu Chuan, when it came to cultivation base and strength, Lu Chuan was the most powerful amongst them.

But even such a Muscle Rebirth expert was sent flying with a single slap as soon as he attacked.

Lu Chuan flew back dozens of meters, miserably crashing on the ground. When he once more got up, there was a very clear handprint on his face.

Feeling that hot pain on his face as well as seeing everyone's peculiar expressions, Lu Chuan immediately became infuriated.

"Fucker!" Lu Chuan roared and a wooden spear appeared in his hand. Although it looked to be made of wood, there were lines covering the entire spear that released a terrifying pressure. That sharp aura caused people to shiver. That was a weapon that was even harder than steel.

His aura exploded as he stabbed his spear at Long Chen. Terrifying Qi rumbled, shaking people's eardrums.

That spear shot straight at Long Chen's stomach. He was incredibly vicious, actually wanting to take Long Chen's life. Furthermore it was so fast that no one was able to react before that spear stabbed through Long Chen.

"Long Chen!"

Tang Wan-er let out a startled cry, her face pale. But she then suddenly noticed Long Chen who had been pierced through by that spear actually disappeared.

"Afterimage?" Lu Chuan immediately had a bad feeling.

BANG! Another hand viciously slapped across his face, the explosive energy once more sending him flying.

It was the exact same angle and attack as the previous one, but this time the distance he flew back was no longer the same. He no longer flew in an arc; this time he was blown back so hard he was flying in a straight line.

Lu Chuan smashed into the stone wall behind him, causing a loud boom that caused everyone to cringe.

But the stone wall was extremely sturdy and he simply splatted against it.

He vomited out blood. Inside that vomit were also a couple teeth. Seeing that there was still some flesh on those teeth, people shivered.

Everyone looked at Long Chen as if he were a monster. Was he really a newly accepted disciple? He was far too strong! How was this even a battle? It was more like beating a child!

"Boss is mighty!" A cry came out from the crowd. Guo Ran had been frightened greatly when he saw that spear stab through Long Chen. But now he finally had a chance to cheer for Long Chen.

Lu Chuan's face had another large handprint that was on the other side of his face now, practically symmetrical. But one side had swollen up much more than the other, causing him to look like a freak.

"Didn't you want to show off your great strength and your exquisite healing skills? Now you have a chance," Long Chen icily said to Lu Chuan.

Now that he said that, Guo Ran and the others finally understood why Lu Chuan would force Long Chen like this. So he had been planning on using him to display his own abilities.

Then remembering how he had taken action to try healing Tang Wan-er's wounds, everyone finally came to a sudden realization.

If you really needed someone to make an example out of, there were many possible candidates. For him to choose Long Chen, was he tired of living?

Long Chen's ridiculous combat strength had already surpassed the monster-class. Even those Elders were all shocked by him.

Furthermore, with Long Chen and Tang Wan-er's relationship, to use Long Chen as an example to obtain Tang Wan-er, he must really have a mental illness or be blind. Had he not seen how close the two of them stood?

Everyone was deathly silent. Lu Chuan was already completely dazed, only recovering after a long time. Then sensing the painful heat coming from his face, he glared at Long Chen, his eyes spitting flames.

"Hey, I waited forever for you. Are you still putting on a show or not? Can you not heal yourself? You can't put on your show?" Long Chen impatiently said.

"Hundred Vine Trap!" Lu Chuan roared. Suddenly countless vines charged out of his hands at Long Chen like hundreds of slithering snakes.

That had happened so quickly that no one had even realized what had happened before Long Chen was completely ensnared by those vines. He was completely caught with only his head exposed at the top.

Tang Wan-er and the others had never seen such a bizarre technique, blankly staring at Lu Chuan's hands.

Those vines had flown out from Lu Chuan's flesh. This was the first time any of them had seen a wood cultivator's techniques, so they were all shocked.

To use one's own flesh to give birth to rattan vines was odder than any other kind of ability they had seen.

Those vines had come out from Lu Chuan's body and were controlled by him like his own fingers. That kind of ability had surpassed anyone's expectations.

"Now you can shut up you bastard!" Lu Chuan sinisterly glared at Long Chen. The vines then began to slowly tighten even more, wanting to crush Long Chen within.

Long Chen indifferently examined those vines. "Why do I need to shut up? It's not like my teeth have already fallen out and all that remains in my mouth is a bunch of crap."

Everyone was startled. Despite being completely trapped, Long Chen was still able to say such things. Was he not afraid of paying for his actions?

Tang Wan-er had been worried at first when she saw Long Chen trapped, but then she thought of something and relaxed, actually laughing inside.

"Your mouth really is hard, but I want to see just how hard it'll be later." Lu Chuan snorted, urging his vines to tighten to the limit.

But Long Chen's expression was still completely indifferent with just a touch of ridicule as he looked at Lu Chuan. He didn't say a single word, acting as if he were just watching a monkey perform.

Lu Chuan's expression gradually grew uglier. Those handprints on his face had now become even clearer. It was almost possible to see even his palm lines.

"I don't believe I can't crush you to death!"

Lu Chuan roared and his whole body's Qi surged out. His spiritual qi poured into those vines. Everyone could see those vines grow even thicker.

But no matter how he strengthened those vines, it seemed as if they had reached some sort of limit and were unable to tighten any further.

Lu Chuan was completely astonished. These vines had all been formed from his core energy. Their toughness was even greater than steel rope.

Let alone flesh, even steel would have been crushed. But Long Chen's expression was completely completely composed. That meant that Long Chen's physical body had already reached an inconceivable level.

"Have you finished playing? Can you take back your useless little strings?" Long Chen asked the astonished Lu Chuan.

Lu Chuan immediately reacted and put away his astonished expression, coldly snorting, "Do you think that I'm helpless now? You're too immature! I'll whip your face into mush!"

Another vine the thickness of a thumb grew out of his palm. He raised that vine high into the air as if it was a whip and thrashed it down on Long Chen's face.

[1] There's a pun here based on the pronunciation of ma, the question particle, and the word for mom. Lu Chuan says: Are you trying to provoke me? The end of the sentence ends with the question particle 吗. This sounds similar to 妈 for mother. So Long Chen responds to him, No I'm not trying to provoke your mother, I'm trying to provoke you. I just replaced it with some sarcastic remark.

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