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Chapter 116 Battle of Tongues

Long Chen turned back to see that that old man who had just shot by had now quickly returned.

That old man's face was very wrinkled, appearing quite frightening. When he arrived right in front of the three of them, he was especially terrifying.

When Long Chen didn't reply, the old man impatiently shouted, "This old man asked you whether or not you're Long Chen!"

"Yes, I'm Long Chen. Do you have advice for me?" Long Chen was a bit baffled, but he still replied.

"You're Long Chen?!" That old man ground his teeth. His eyes became bloodthirsty like those of a beast, appearing exceptionally terrifying. The three of them couldn't help retreating a couple steps.

Long Chen's spiritual qi began to circulate. He was ready to fight at any moment. He could sense a horrifying aura from that old man's body.

"Does senior need something?"

That old man looked at Long Chen, his eyes like blades as he coldly said, "You're the junior generation. Do you not know to greet the senior generation when you meet?"

Long Chen was startling, but suddenly a terrifying aura locked him in place. He felt as if he were being crushed by several tons, making it so he couldn't breath easily.

Aman was still alright and was just barely able to withstand it. But Chu Yao's face immediately turned pale without the slightest trace of blood. She was shaking and about to fall.

Long Chen immediately pulled Chu Yao closer to himself. He used his spiritual to resist that terrifying spiritual pressure.

"Have you fucking eaten the wrong medicine?" Long Chen couldn't help being infuriated and cursing. Did this old man have some mental disorder?

"Ignorant junior, this old man will teach you a lesson today about how to respect your seniors!" Seeing Long Chen was trying to resist, he was a bit surprised and increased the spiritual pressure.

Aman angrily roared and his body turned slightly red. He tenaciously resisted the spiritual pressure, giving the old man a shock

The spiritual pressure he was releasing was enough to make it so even Muscle Rebirth experts were unable to endure. But this giant kid was able to resist it with just the power of his physical body.

Despite being by Long Chen's side and having him counteracting the majority of the spiritual pressure, Chu Yao still suffered harm and spat out a mouthful of blood, her face as pale as paper.

"You old bastard, go to hell!" Long Chen angrily roared. He was just about to summon out his divine ring when a calm voice rang out.


That voice wasn't loud and was filled with calm without the slightest bit of anger. But that old man's face immediately turned pale. Although he was a bit unwilling, he withdrew his spiritual pressure.

Long Chen immediately felt the pressure lighten. Chu Yao was finally relieved of that great pressure, but her face was still completely pale.

Only then did Long Chen realize that at some point, several people had appeared around them. They were currently observing them with a bit of surprise.

There were a total of seven people. They were mostly old men with only one beautiful woman who appeared to be in her thirties. But her expression was completely icy cold.

That voice had come from one of the old man. That old man's face was like an old plank, looking as if he had been carved by a knife. His expression was serious as he coldly looked at that old man which had attacked Long Chen. "No wonder after all these years you have yet to make any progress. All your cultivation has been on thickening your skin."

The others all had odd expressions with a bit of ridicule in them. But within their gaze was clearly a delight in seeing his misfortune.

That old man's face immediately turned red. He was furious, however he didn't dare release that anger.

However he still forced out, "This kid was rude to a senior. So what if I teach him a lesson? For Elder Tu Fang to care about this is a bit too far!"

"Zhao Changxing, don't bother trying to cover up anything. Isn't it only because you didn't manage to swallow up all the profit this time and ending up wasting all your effort that you released your anger on a youth? Your Blood Gathering Sect's people must really not care about your face anymore," coldly snorted another old man.

From that, Long Chen immediately understood why that that old man called Zhao Changxing would target him like this. So he was from the same place as that white-robed man.

If it weren't for him being too weak, he would have jumped up and immediately attacked this old man.

"A grand Bone Forging expert actually attacked a Blood Condensation junior. Your skin is really thick. If I peeled it off, it could even be used as a shield impervious to sword or spear, water or fire." Another person also coldly ridiculed him.

That Zhao Changfang only held some fear for Tu Fang. He was completely unafraid of the others. Hearing them ridicule him, he sneered, "If you don't accept this then let's settle things with our fists! There's no need to learn from your wives and fight with your tongues!"

Those two people who had spoken out were infuriated and were about to say something when Tu Fang lightly waved his hand, stopping everyone's quarrel. "You're all from your various sects with brains and faces. Don't let a junior generation laugh at you. Let this matter stop here."

No one continued to argue after that old man said that. But suddenly one of the Elders looked approvingly at Long Chen and said:

"Little fellow, you're really not bad. When I heard that you beat a sect disciple, I didn't even believe it. But seeing you easily resist a Bone Forging expert's spiritual pressure, you really do possess the ability to kill an outer sect disciple. How about it, do you have interest in joining my Clear Sea Gate? With your talent, you'll at least be an inner disciple. If you are favored by the seniors in the sect, even being promoted to core disciple wouldn't be difficult."

Everyone's expression quickly changed and they all one by one opened their mouths as well.

"I'm from the Yuan Returning School. I can guarantee that you'll definitely have the position of a core disciple. How about it?"

"A core disciple is nothing. Little fellow, let me tell you, not only will I guarantee your a core disciple status, you will also have a high chance of obtaining our sect daughter who was been called the number one beauty of our sect. Little fellow, don't disappoint my good opinion of you."

"Hey, you conman! Your sect daughter is only eight years old! Must you trick others like this?"

"Hmph, as long as he cultivates for another ten years, what would that matter? How is it conning?"

Long Chen's group of three could only blankly watch these sect people with high statuses and even high cultivation bases that could stand shoulder to shoulder with that Zhao Changxing.

Such strong people were actually fighting over Long Chen to pull him into their sects. That was completely out of Long Chen's expectations. Originally he had thought he would have to beg and suck up in order to get accepted.

"Hmph, kid, you've caused a great deal of damage for our Blood Gathering Sect this time. But if you join my Blood Gathering Sect, I'll generously agree to forget about this and put all my effort to grooming you." Even Zhao Changxing's anger now disappeared and he thickened his face.

Zhao Changxing had come here to represent the Blood Gathering Sect in the negotiations. After all, the vein of ore was noticed by them the earliest, so no matter what, they should at least get a portion.

But after coming here, he was dejected to find that the Phoenix Cry Empire's territory had a total of seven sects around it.

According to the past customs, if a vein appeared in this area, everyone would extract it together and split it equally. That way was most likely to avoid any disputes.

But the Blood Gathering Sect's actions were a grave violation, the result being that they were kicked out. They wouldn't even be able to obtain even a single piece of the spirit stone mine.

That was why Zhao Changxing was so angry. He was helpless in the face of the other six sects' agreement. And especially since Tu Fang was present, he could only swallow his anger.

That was why his fury had exploded when he noticed Long Chen. But once he thought about it for a moment, something didn't seem right.

He could immediately tell that Long Chen was just at the Blood Condensation realm.

But such a person was actually easily able to resist his powerful pressure without the slightest panic. That immediately caused him to have some doubts.

And then as soon as he thought about it for a moment, he realized Long Chen must be the main reason their plan to obtain the entire spirit stone mine had failed, causing him to feel even more fury.

But as part of their sects' agreement, they were unable to directly attack people from the secular world. He had had no choice but to offer a lame excuse as to why he attacked him. Although he didn't dare kill Long Chen, he had to at least suppress him a bit to relieve some of his anger.

And now seeing all those people try to rope in Long Chen, he immediately had to backtrack. He had already failed to obtain a single thing from the spirit stone mine.

If he could pull in an extraordinary talented disciple back, that would make up for some of that. The sect wouldn't lose out too much. That was why he had opened his mouth.

But when he opened his mouth, the others all became silent and looked at him strangely. There was ridicule, despise, and even some admiration in their looks.

"His thick skin is probably the thickest in all of history," people couldn't help sighing inside. But none of them said anything. Since he had offered such a choice, it was up to Long Chen to choose.

"What do you think? Do you want to return with me to the Blood Gathering Sect? Think about it properly kid. Don't regret your decision."

Zhao Changxing's gaze was tightly fixed on Long Chen. The threat within his words were obvious.

"Hahaha!" Suddenly Long Chen laughed so hard that even tears started to come out, causing Zhao Changxing's face to becoming increasingly ugly.

"Kid, what are you laughing about?" raged Zhao Changxing.

"Oh, nothing. I've just been moved by how you have no need for any face. I also want to say a single thing to you," laughed Long Chen.

"What thing?" Zhao Changxing narrowed his eyes and icily asked Long Chen.

Long Chen revealed a blessed smile and slowly enunciated each word. "Fuck off however far you can think of!"

His words were light and he was smiling, but his words were both extremely shocking and funny.

"You…!" Zhao Changxing raged, his hair standing on end from his anger. He looked just like a furious lion. He wanted to slap this kid to death with a single blow, but he didn't dare.

"Ok, just you wait!" Zhao Changxing viciously threatened before turning and leaving. Who knew whether he was afraid he would explode from his anger and he needed to vent a bit, but every single step he took formed more cracks on the stone road.

Seeing that Zhao Changxing had ran off in his anger, everyone laughed. They all wondered whether Long Chen had properly thought his actions through.

Long Chen turned to look at Tu Fang who had remained silent in the competition over him. "Senior, I wonder what kind of treatment I could get if I joined your sect?"

Tu Fang slowly opened his eyes and glanced at Long Chen, regretfully saying:

"It would be extremely difficult for you to join my sect."

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