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Chapter 106 Divine Ring Shocks

When the sword and saber images collided, space raged torrentially. Ripples that could be seen with the naked eye exploded out, shaking the land.

BOOM! Only at this time did an ear-ringing boom sound out. It was followed with the sound of a weapon shattering into pieces, and a figure was sent flying back, blood splashing everywhere.

"Father!" Long Chen cried out in fright. The saber in Long Tianxiao's hand was completely shattered, and countless shards of it were piercing his body, causing his blood to quickly flow out.

"Oh? You didn't die? Not bad."

The white-robed man was a bit astonished to see that Long Tianxiao was still alive. He should have been easily crushed by his previous attack.

"Oh, I see." The white-robed came to a sudden realization. "Even despite using your full strength to attack, you still kept some energy in reserve. You retreated by borrowing the explosive force and used that energy to defend."

That was precisely the advice Long Tianxiao had told Long Chen before. Circulate one hundred percent of your energy, but only use eighty percent in your attack. That would allow you to retreat more freely and give you a survival path when on the backfoot.

Otherwise Long Tianxiao would already be a corpse. However, despite that, Long Tianxiao's current situation was definitely extremely terrible. Having been fighting for so long, that previous attack of his had used up all his remaining spiritual qi.

Furthermore, he was bleeding intensely and there were even quite a few weapon shards that had pierced his organs. At this time he had already lost over half his combat strength.

"But all of this is futile. Ants are only just ants. Don't try to resist the plans fate has for you. That will only make your deaths even more painful."

The white-robed man apathetically shook his head. His longsword once more cut across the space, slashing down at Long Tianxiao.

His movement techniques were extremely strange. It was as if he had no weight at all. Wherever his sword was pointed, he would immediately appear there. He had already reached Long Tianxiao as soon as he raised his sword.

Long Tianxiao took a deep breath. As soon as he had realized this person was a sect disciple, he had already foreseen this conclusion.

He glanced at Long Chen and then also at his wife. He smiled slightly. Dying together with his family was also a kind of happiness. Together in the afterlife they would no longer ever have to part again.

His right hand was incessantly collecting Qi. He squeezed out all the remaining spiritual qi in his Dantian. He would fight till the end, but the chances of him bringing his opponent down even in death was extremely remote.

"Fuck off!"

BOOM! Long Chen angrily roared and appeared in front of his father, sending his sword to block the white-robed man's attack.

"You guys retreat!" Long Chen urged Chu Yao and the others. They half-carried Long Tianxiao further away. Long Chen also gave Chu Yao a healing pill for his father.

Long Tianxiao looked at Long Chen's back. He wanted to say something, but in the end he decided to keep his mouth shut.

The white-robed man let them support Long Tianxiao away, only indifferently watching them, his eyes filled with contempt.

"Everything you do is useless. I really can't understand you weaklings. How are you so stupid? Even now you still don't realize your destinies."

Long Chen glared at him. "Don't act like you're some amazing god. You're just a pile of dog crap. In your world you can only pad the bottom levels, so now you've come to this place to abuse your pathetic power. You're just a useless piece of trash."

The white-robed man's expression sunk. "A suicidal thing like you is about to have your insignificant life ended. In the face of absolute power, try to learn how you should act. Resistance will only increase your sins."

"Fuck off. According to your reasoning, you should just kill yourself right here, trash."

"Good. Then I'll let you see what is absolute power. Hopefully you can recognize your error in a bit."

The white-robed man crushed a seal in his left hand, causing a sudden wave of Qi to explode out. Long Chen was actually forced back just from those explosive Qi waves.

A rhombus appeared on the white-robed man's forehead. As soon as that rhombus appeared, his aura explosively grew. His aura was now so powerful that the pressure made it hard to breath.

"This is how terrifying sect disciples are." Long Tianxiao muttered to himself.

"Tianxiao, can Chen-er win?" Mrs. Long was extremely worried. She tightly clenched Long Tianxiao's hand. All she hoped for with all her heart was for him to reply that he could.

Looking at his wife, Long Tianxiao seemed to recall a scene from their youth and softly said, "Don't worry. Our family will never part again."

Hearing him say, she was greatly relieved. In her nervousness, she clearly hadn't understood his true meaning.

In front of the white-robed man whose aura had explosively risen, even Long Chen felt it was hard to breath.

This was what a sect disciple was? Their cultivation methods were completely different. This method of explosively increasing one's aura was also completely foreign to him. His combat strength was far, far too strong.

In front of the white-robed man, Ying Hou, Wu Hou, and Xia Youyu were all far too weak. They were practically just children in comparison.

The fourth prince watched in shock as his aura erupted. Even the space around him was being distorted.

He remembered back when he had asked how Ying Hou was and the white-robed man had indifferently replied that he was 'not bad'.

Now looking at this, that evaluation had definitely been an overpraise of Ying Hou. The difference between them was far too great.

The white-robed man's aura finally began to stabilize, a sign he had reached his highest realm. The current him could now display his true power.

"Are you prepared? Prepared to receive this."

The white-robed man smiled indifferent and slightly slashed randomly.

That light slash seemed to cut apart space, emitting a sound like the sky was splitting apart. A ray of light shot towards Long Chen.

"Parting Wind Slash!" Long Chen didn't dare underestimate it. His FengFu Star was circulating at its fastest speed as he slashed out.

BOOM! Long Chen felt both his hands be intensely shaken as he was sent flying back. The webbing of his hand had been slightly torn and blood slowly flowed out.

"Not bad. See if you can take this one."

The white-robed man once more waved his sword, gracefully and shockingly fast. A ray of Sword Qi extended dozens of meters into the air and once more slashed down. This attack was several times more powerful than the previous one. Even space revolved around it.

BOOM! Long Chen once more slashed out and was once more sent flying. He spit out a mouthful of blood. That last attack had shaken his inner organs. That sword blow was clearly a kind of Battle Skill.

At the same time, Long Chen also noticed that the broadsword now had a thumb-sized nick in it because it was unable to endure such terrifying force.

As for the white-robed man's longsword, it wasn't the slightest bit damaged. That longsword clearly had to have been made from special materials for its hardness to be so out of the ordinary.

Looking at the shocked Long Chen, the white-robed man smiled. "Now do you finally understand how insignificant you are in the face of absolute power? That's why I said, ants shouldn't resist the plans fate has for you. Don't struggle. You can die now."

His longsword pointed towards the heavens. Heaven and earth shook as a cold ray of Sword Qi shot up. Even the distant people could sense a terrifying pressure coming from it. That sword was incomparably horrifying.

In front of countless people's appalled gazes, the longsword turned in the sky. Its light enveloped the entire sky as it mercilessly shot down at Long Chen.

"NO!" Chu Yao cried sorrowfully. She wanted to charge over, but she was too far. She couldn't even die together with Long Chen. She closed her eyes, not wanting to see that painful sight.

BOOM! Waves of Qi surged over the land. Smoke and dust covered the sky. The terrifying Sword Qi had cut a huge ditch dozens of meters long.

The distant people watched dumbstruck, their expressions lifeless. That kind of scene was already something that had far exceeded anything in their imaginations. It was too horrifying.

But when the dust finally scattered, they were practically unable to believe their own eyes. That was because they saw a certain figure.

That figure was somewhat miserable, but was standing there as steadily as ever. It seemed as if no one could possibly knock him down. An incomparably determined willpower came from him. It was a willpower that could shake even the blue dome of the heavens.

"Oh?" The white-robed man had thought that that attack would have ended everything. He had even been about to put his sword back into its sheath.

Within that dust was a man carrying a broadsword who slowly walked forward. Behind him was a ring of light. With each step that man took, the ring became increasingly distinct and larger.

At the beginning it only had a diameter of three meters. But by the time he walked out of the dust, the ring of light had already reached a size of three hundred meters, appearing like a giant rainbow arc in the sky.

At the same time, an endless violent aura from Long Chen's body surged. His robes fluttered and his black hair danced. His starry eyes were filled with an icy intent.

"Please receive this ant's attack!" Long Chen suddenly shouted. His shout was like a dragon's roar, capable of breaking mountains and incredibly domineering.

The white-robed man was actually given a frightful shock. He realized that Long Chen's aura had completely changed. It was like an angry sea that was incessantly sending waves to attack heaven and earth. Its power was incredibly frightening.

Long Chen took a single step. When that step touched the land, the surrounding people could all feel the earth shake as if a huge monstrous Magical Beast was bounding across it.

The ground completely cracked from that single step. But Long Chen had already shot forward and was slashing at the white-robed man.

The white-robed man coldly snorted and slashed out with his longsword.

"Just an ant also dares.... what?!"

BOOM! Long Chen's attack hadn't looked to be anything special. But when his longsword touched Long Chen's broadsword, the force from the broadsword had exploded like a volcano. The white-robed man felt an irresistible force send him flying. The power within caused his Qi and blood to violently turn.

This was the first time the white-robed man was astonished. He could clearly sense that that terrifying energy hadn't been from a Battle Skill, but simply from Long Chen's body.

As soon as the white-robed man had stabilized himself, an explosive shout rang out.

"Parting Wind Slash!"

By the time he reacted, Long Chen's attack had essentially already reached him.

He was horrified. Long Chen's attack speed was far too quick! He was like a wild tempest that didn't give people the slightest chance to catch their breath.

BANG! Being forced into such a dangerous situation, the white-robed shouted and slashed his sword out to meet Long Chen's sword.

He was once more blown back. But when he finally stabilized himself, everyone watching let out a burst of startled cries.

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