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Chapter 103 Fierce Battle

Everything was deathly silent. Only Long Chen's voice echoed throughout the field. His domineering words were like a huge hammer that smashed into the core of people's hearts.

Leaning on his broadsword which was stabbed into the ground, it was as if he was the only person in the world. Even as he just motionlessly stood there, his imposing manner caused people to be awed.

Suddenly he swung his sword, flinging the blood upon it off. In front of everyone's gazes, he slowly began to walk over to the fourth prince.

His broadsword was dragged along the ground as he walked. Its terrifying weight left a deep scar on the ground. That soft sound as it cut across the ground sounded incredibly loud in people's ears.

The fourth prince's expression changed. His first reaction when Long Chen looked at him was terror. He felt as if a god of death had locked onto him.

"Go kill Long Chen."

At this moment, the white-robed man who hadn't spoken up till this point put down his teacup. Thinking for a moment, he then added, "If you can't kill him, you guys also don't need to live."

Xia Youyu's expression changed, but he didn't dare retort. Coldly glancing at the fourth prince, he told the two people behind him, "Go."

Long Chen was in the midst of walking forward when three people charged over at him. They were Xia Youyu and two other Muscle Rebirth experts. One of them no longer had a nose; it was precisely the one who Long Tianxiao had almost killed.

"Die!" Those three weren't the slightest bit careless after having seen Long Chen defeat Ying Hou, a veteran Muscle Rebirth expert, in just three moves. They exploded out with their full force as they attacked Long Chen.

Xia Youyu held a steel pike in his hands with a black light shining over it. He was the first to attack, and an ear-piercing sonic boom rang out.

In the distance, Long Tianxiao was completely shocked. Although Xia Youyu was the Grand Xia's Emperor, his cultivation base was extremely high. Back when the two empires had been waging war against each other, he had once fought against him.

But back then, the two of them had been completely evenly matched without either able to gain an advantage. Later Xia Youyu ascended the throne and the two empires' relationship improved. No other conflicts like that occured again.

Seeing him attack today, Long Tianxiao noticed that despite being Emperor, Xia Youyu's cultivation base hadn't fallen at all. In fact, his cultivation base was even more refined than before.

That was also why Xia Youyu only had two sons. The imperial palace had countless concubines, but he was not at all absorbed with their female charm. That kind of willpower shocked others.

Long Tianxiao cared deeply about his beloved son and was afraid he would be unable to survive. He decided to quickly kill his two opponents and go help him.

Although Long Chen had revealed a completely shocking battle strength, using three Earth class Battle Skills consecutively, he was still too young. He was just in the Blood Condensation realm. Long Tianxiao didn't even know how he had managed to use Earth class Battle Skills consecutively.

But no matter what, three Earth class Battle Skills would greatly exhaust one's spiritual qi. Even Muscle Rebirth experts would have run out of spiritual qi. That was what Long Tianxiao was most worried about.

BOOM! Wu Hou and the other expert worked together to block Long Tianxiao's one attack, but their inner organs were greatly shaken

The two of them shivered. Only when three of them had worked together had they managed to just barely draw a tie against Long Tianxiao. Now that Ying Hou had died, they were immediately unable to endure and became strained.

Unfortunately they couldn't retreat at this point. Both sides had become water and fire without any possibility of reconciliation. Retreat was only death. The only option was to continue resisting. They weren't hoping to kill Long Tianxiao. They were merely hoping the others could quickly kill Long Chen and then come help them.

Seeing Xia Youyu's thrust, Long Chen didn't dare be overconfident. His broadsword hacked in front of him.

BOOM! When the sword and spear collided, both parties had to retreat several steps. They both looked at the other in shock.

Long Chen hadn't expected this luxuriously dressed man to be so strong. In terms of power, he was an even match for him.

Once Long Chen had advanced to Blood Condensation and his Qi and blood had merged, his strength had explosively grown. Despite Ying Hou being a Muscle Rebirth expert, he could already completely ignore him.

But Xia Youyu had surprisingly blocked his sword. Although neither of them had used their full strength, Long Chen could tell that this person was much, much stronger than Ying Hou.

"Excellent. In all these years, other than Long Tianxiao, you are the only one who could receive a blow from me." Xia Youyu shook out his slightly numb hand.

Although Xia Youyu was the Emperor of the Grand Xia Empire, he was absolutely obsessed with fighting. Furthermore, due to his extraordinary strength, his combat ability was unmatched.

In his entire life, when fighting against the same realm, other than Long Tianxiao, no one had ever been a match for him. He had become Emperor because of his powerful fists.

Having his hand turn slightly numb because of one of Long Chen's attack, he was absolutely shocked. But since he absolutely could not show weakness, he ended up boasting confidently.

"That doesn't mean you're strong. All it means is that you're a frog in a well who hasn't seen the world." Long Chen coldly snorted. He disliked these kinds of fakers the most, especially those who boasted so confidently without any true strength.

"Bastard. Let me see just what qualifications you have to be so insolent." Xia Youyu was infuriated by Long Chen's words. As an Emperor, saying a thing to him was a complete humiliation. His spear shot out. A lotus blossomed on the speartip as it thrust towards Long Chen.

The previous attack had just been a probing attack.

He had seen Long Chen kill Ying Hou in just three moves. And while he was sure that he could also defeat Ying Hou, he definitely could not kill him within three moves. A seventh Heavenstage of Muscle Rebirth expert was not so simple.

So he was actually filled with dread towards Long Chen. Inside he was far from as relaxed as he appeared on the outside. In their previous exchange that had focused on brute strength, he hadn't been able to gain even the slightest advantage.

So this new attack was based on skill and technique. Within a thousand spear images that formed a lotus, his true attack was perfectly hidden. If an opponent guessed wrongly, he would have obtained a chance to kill them in a single blow. That was one of best moves.

The instant Xia Youyu sent this spear attack, the other two experts also attacked. One held a scimitar while the other held a sickle, completely sealing off any of his possible escape paths.

Seeing those three Muscle Rebirth experts attack him at the same time, Long Chen's eyes brightened with excitement. Tightly gripping his broadsword in both hands, he coldly shouted:

"Whirlwind Slash!"

Following his shout, his broadsword slashed in a circle. Waves of Qi rolled off from Long Chen into the sky just like a hurricane's wind.

People were unable to see just what was happening inside that pillar-like hurricane. Suddenly explosive ringing came from within. It seemed like just one sound, but at the same time it sounded like multiple collisions.

Three sorry figures flew out after that ringing. People were shocked to see that it was Xia Youyu's group of three. Xia Youyu stabbed his spear in to the ground, but was still blown back over thirty meters despite doing his best to stop. An unhealthy red color rose onto his face. He had clearly suffered an injury.

As for the other two, they were not as powerful as Xia Youyu. They were sent tumbling back over a hundred meters before stopping. One of them slowly stood up and directly vomited blood.

As for the other, that was the man whose nose had been removed by Long Tianxiao. He vomited out mouthful after mouthful of blood, in the end directly fainting.

The hurricane finally came to a pause, slowly revealing Long Chen. Some people almost forgot to breath when they same him.

First he managed to defeat a Muscle Rebirth expert in just three blows. And now he had used one attack to completely force back three experts. This Long Chen was basically a freak.

The white-robed man in the distance finally revealed a shocked expression. Long Chen's combat strength caused him to think of those 'demons' from the sect.

He was just an outer disciple in the sect. This time he had managed to obtain an enormous fortune. As long as he completed the sect masters' mission, he could be promoted to become an inner disciple.

Then he would also obtain the sect masters' personal nurturing. And above the inner disciples were the even higher ranked core disciple demons.

Those people were all known to be paragons within their realm. Their terrifying talent and strength could cause anyone to go mad from envy.

As for Long Chen's current display of strength, while it wasn't enough for the white-robed man to become afraid, he knew that Long Chen was still just at the Blood Condensation realm. With his talent, he could easily stand side by side with those demon-class geniuses.

At the same time as he was shocked, he also felt another uncomfortable feeling. That was perhaps jealousy, an intense, uncontrollable jealousy.

Becoming an inner disciple was his life's goal. As for a core disciple, that wasn't something he didn't even dare think about.

But if the sect were to learn of Long Chen, they would definitely do everything they could no matter the price to have him join the sect, and they would make him a core disciple immediately.

A cold light flashed in the white-robed man's eyes. Long Chen had to die. It wasn't only just because he was his chess piece, but also because he didn't want another demon-class genius to emerge.

Long Chen let out a turbid breath. The Whirlwind Slash was as powerful as he had expected, but the exhaustion was also too terrifying.

This move was something Long Chen had come up with himself. It was based on the Three Style Parting Wind's changes. So rather than saying he had come up with it himself, it would be more accurate to say he had improved upon it.

After familiarizing himself with the Three Style Parting Wind, he had noticed that its principles were quite excellent and not as rigid as other moves. There was a great deal of room for freedom.

He had improved upon the principle of the Parting Wind Slice, increasing the speed and power, and then adding on the spinning of a martial weapon to form a tornado astral wind attack that created an area attack that blocked everything around him.

Previously Long Chen had only tested it a bit and found the effect to be quite good. Being attacked by three experts, Long Chen had been a bit afraid that its power wouldn't be enough, and so he had used his full force without holding anything back to attack.

The result was that its power was absolutely shocking. But the price was also very great as well. After just that one attack, he felt that he had used up over half of his body's spiritual qi.

Long Chen stamped on the ground and charged over. This was just a pleasant surprise; the battle hadn't ended yet. His broadsword came slashing down at Xia Youyu.

Xia Youyu still hadn't recovered from that previous attack, and seeing him attack again, he couldn't help being horrified. Long Chen was practically a never-tiring monster!

He took a deep breath. He knew that if he still didn't use his full force, he really would be done for. His entire body's spiritual qi surged out and madly flowed into his spear.

Crack. The ground beneath his crack began to crack, and the shock in his eyes was replaced with confidence. He thrust his spear forward to meet Long Chen, its power cause space to tremble.

"Cliff Destruction Thrust!"

An earth-shattering thrust! This was Xia Youyu's most powerful attack. It swiftly reached Long Chen.

Long Chen was immediately locked in place by that terrifying aura. Although he had never underestimated Xia Youyu, he had never expected him to possess such a powerful attack. This was definitely something that could threaten his life!

His FengFu Star circulated and spiritual qi immediately passed through nine of his acupuncture points. A strange light appeared over his broadsword.

"Then let's decide victory in one final move!"

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