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Chapter 101 Looking Down Disdainfully

"Long Chen!"

Seeing that figure, everyone's heart madly pounded. Long Chen had actually managed to make it back at this critical moment.

Originally Chu Yao had already closed her eyes, waiting for death. But opening her eyes and seeing that familiar figure she had been longing to see, her tears began to flow out of her control.

"Sorry, I'm late." Long Chen hugged Chu Yao and gently patted her back. "Don't worry, I'll handle everything."

Suddenly an angry roar rang out. The soldiers who had been tightly encircling the Long household's people suddenly let out frightened cries.

At some unknown time, a huge snow white wolf had appeared in front of them. Opening its mouth, a wind blade shot out.

That wind blade was like a rapidly whirling crescent moon. As soon as it left Little Snow's mouth, it immediately multiplied in size and mercilessly cut down the soldiers in front.

That terrifying wind blade cut them down like a sickle going through grass. Over a hundred soldiers that had been in its path were all cut to pieces, blood filling the sky.

"Good job Little Snow. Do your best to kill them for me!" shouted Long Chen. He was filled with killing intent for these people which were surrounding his household. Whether it was voluntary or not, he would definitely never forgive people who hurt those he was close to.

If he had been late just a single step just now, Chu Yao and his mother would have definitely died. That was the thing that frightened him the most, so he wouldn't show any mercy.

"ROAR!!!" Little Snow once more shot out a wind blade. The space in front of him immediately became empty of living enemies. Those soldiers were all immediately terrified by the appearance of such a powerful Magical Beast and all ran away.

Little Snow's two attacks immediately relieved the pressure on them. The two Muscle Rebirth experts Long Tianxiao had brought along worked together with Shi Feng and the others to drive back the attackers.

"Mom, your son has been unfilial and made you suffer." Long Chen couldn't help being ashamed when he looked at his mother's haggard face.

"Foolish child, what suffering has your mom endured? You are the one who has had to endure pain."

Although she didn't know exactly what had been happening with Long Chen during this time, she definitely knew his days had not been better off. Looking at the travel weary Long Chen, her heart hurt for him.

Long Chen was about to say something when his expression suddenly changed. He had just noticed Aman and quickly rushed over to him.

Aman's face was now a sickly yellow color. His eyes were sunk in and his aura was incredibly weak. His lifeforce was like a flickering candle that might be extinguished at any moment. After all, no matter how powerful a person was, they would never be able to endure that many Bone Eroding Needles.

Aman who was on his deathbed slowly opened his eyes when he heard Long Chen's voice. He spoke as if relieved of a great burden, "Sorry brother Long, Aman is too stupid and useless. I failed the mission the entrusted me and hurt mom so greatly…"

"No, you did very well. But now I'll handle everything." Long Chen cut him off. Aman was covered in Bone Eroding Needles and was on his last breath.

Killing intent soared within him. The pain of a Bone Eroding Needle was something that a Pill Cultivator like him was completely aware of. Having tormented an originally sturdy man into such a state, Long Chen's anger was almost enough to make him explode.

"Brother Long, I might not be able to go on." Aman was a bit ashamed.

"Nonsense. With me here, you definitely won't die. You still have to fight alongside me in the future."

Long Chen took out a pearl from his ring. That was something that that expert from the Spirit World had given him right as she was leaving.

That wasn't really a true pearl, but a ball of water. But it was so dense that it seemed just like a pearl.

An extremely powerful life essence was contained within it. Long Chen pressed down on the pearl with his finger and a sparkling droplet of water floated out of it and into Aman's mouth.

As soon as that drop entered Aman's body, he actually gradually began to awaken from his almost dead state.

"Bear with the pain. I'll remove those needles." Seeing that it had been effective, Long Chen began to use his Spiritual Strength. Those dozens of Bone Eroding Needles were all carefully extracted by his Spiritual Strength. Aman let out a pained grown and directly fainted.

Long Chen gave Aman a quick examination. He realized Aman's body had entered a state of suspended animation in order to protect itself. The strong life essence he had given him was currently slowly spreading throughout his body and he wouldn't be in any danger. But he would be unable to fight for a while.

After telling Bao-er and the others to look after Aman, Long Chen looked around. With the addition of Little Snow, those soldiers that were still continuously poring over from every direction were now unable to break through their defensive ring.

Long Chen's arrival had impacted Shi Feng and the others greatly. They felt themselves become filled with strength and they fought on even more valiantly.

Only at this moment did Long Chen have the time to carefully examine the battlefield. A couple miles away were huge blazes that were continuously collided. That was the place where grandmaster Yun Qi was fighting Wei Cang and Wang Luyang.

In another place was a tall and muscular man. The sword in his hands danced as he valiantly fought against three Muscle Rebirth experts.

Seeing that figure, Long Chen's heart warmed. That was his father than he had not seen in many years. But that impression of him from his childhood was still as clear as ever.

Long Chen smiled. Waving his hand over the ground, he collected those Bone Eroding Needles. Raising and placing his broadsword on his shoulder, he began to walk out.

When he arrived at where Shi Feng was fighting against the invading soldiers, he slashed out his sword and over a dozen soldiers at the front were immediately blown back.

"You're a good brother." Long Chen patted Shi Feng's shoulders. To stand by his Long household's side even at this time, he was definitely a true life and death brother.

"I'll let you guys handle this place. I'll go over there and settle an old grudge with Ying Hou." Long Chen didn't wait for Shi Feng to say anything before walking out just like that.

Long Chen had managed to block an attack from Ying Hou as soon as he had arrived, shocking everyone. Seeing him slowly walk out now, those soldiers couldn't help trembling and slowly fell back a couple steps.

"What are you afraid of?! It's just one person! Everyone attack together. As long as we kill Long Chen, our families will live in riches for generations to come!"

A loud shout immediately stirred up everyone's passions. No matter how strong Long Chen was, he wouldn't be able to block their huge army of hundreds of thousands of men. They would definitely be able to tire him to death.

The soldiers roared and raised their weapons, charging over at Long Chen like a powerful tide. But Long Chen seemed to have not even seen them, merely looking over to the distant Ying Hou.

"Careful!" Shi Feng shouted in alarm. Seeing that Long Chen ignored those soldiers, he nervously called out a warning

Long Chen still seemed to act like he hadn't heard him. Still walking in his original direction, he was immediately submerged by the huge army.

"Pill Flame Wave."

Suddenly a huge wave of fire roared, immediately spread hundreds of meters, the rolling waves of heat swallowing up the surrounding soldiers.

"AHHH!" Miserable screams rang out as the terrifying flame turned them into flame people. The people closest to Long Chen didn't even have the chance to shout out before being directly turned to ashes.

As for the ones that were further away, only they had had the opportunity to scream to their heart's content. However, those screams were all cut short, and in just a breath's time, everything became eerily silent.

The soldiers were all completely horrified and hastily fled. They finally realized that Long Chen was also a Pill Cultivator with a terrifyingly powerful Pill Flame.

Flames surged all over Long Chen's body. It was impossible to see him clearly, but they could tell his huge sword was still swung over his shoulder and he was slowly walking forward.

From the start, Long Chen hadn't paused his steps. Those people that had blocked him were treated as just dust on his path.

As he slowly walked, his Pill Flame scorched the land and filled the soldiers with fear.

It was as if a flame god had descended down and was filled with disdain for everything and everyone. No one dared to go block Long Chen again. Instead they all began to retreat, and an open path appeared in front of Long Chen.

Chu Yao was filled with emotion as she looked upon that god-like back. He was alway so reliable, never disappointing anyone.

Shi Feng, Fatty Yu and them had their passions ignited even further as they watched Long Chen's back. He walked right through an army of hundreds of thousands, his enemies nothing to him and none daring to block him. Just how imposing was that?

Having been impacted by that scene, those soldiers that were originally full of spirit became sluggish, their morale plummeting.

That relieved a great deal of pressure on Shi Feng and them. After all, they weren't trying to exterminate their enemies, but just to defend.

Otherwise with Chu Yao and those two Muscle Rebirth experts, killing a path out of the army would have been extremely easy.

But they had to properly protect Mrs. Long and them. If a soldier managed to charge through their blockade, that would be a complete disaster. And so they were unable to truly fight freely.

Luckily Little Snow had now joined them. A second rank Magical Beast was even more intimidating than a Muscle Rebirth expert in their eyes.

Although Little Snow's wind blades could only be used after saving up energy for a while, his actual physical body was so tough that their spears were completely unable to pierce his skin.

Just like that, Long Chen walked out of their encirclement. He rushed over to his father's side. As for those soldiers, he couldn't be bothered to kill them.

His mother had many guards. Those ordinary soldiers were completely unable to approach. Right now there was something more important for him to do. His true enemy was right in front of him.

As for the fourth prince, he had immediately started to feel uneasy when Long Chen had appeared. Seeing Long Chen's current display of strength and confidence, it seemed the present was starting to deviate from his original plan.

If he didn't have misgivings about that person, he might even have had an urge to run. The fourth prince suddenly turned to Xia Youyu. "My army has already gone out. It's time for your side to also start moving."

Xia Youyu mockingly smiled, "Are you ordering me? Or begging me?"

The fourth prince was speechless for a moment. He cursed every single member of his family inside, knowing that this bastard truly was incomparably sinister.

He had only sent out a single Muscle Rebirth expert from his side to maintain appearances. But he was actually just purposely watching as the Phoenix Cry Empire fought irreconcilably against the Long household.

That was to lower Phoenix Cry's military might. After he had obtained the Phoenix Cry Empire, if its strength was already greatly lowered, they would have to rely on the Grand Xia in order to survive.

"We are working together. It'd be best for you to understand that." The fourth prince ground his teeth.

"I'm not working with you. Since the person I'm working with hasn't said anything, I don't need to make any move." Xia Youyu laughed mockingly.

The fourth prince's expression immediately became ugly. Turning his head back, he saw a white-robed man sitting in a chair amongst a crowd of people, silently drinking tea.

At the same time as the fourth prince's heart was filled with anxiety, Long Chen arrived at Long Tianxiao's battlefield. Looking at the familiar figure, Long Chen smiled slightly.

"Can you give one to me?"

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