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Chapter 1229: So angry

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On the 13th of July, the apprentice Army arrived at the imperial capital to report to the Celestial Empire’s compound.

Zhang songfu personally went into battle to give the new apprentices a military speech. Hu Wei and his wife held the line, and it could be said that they had accepted this group of young talents.

Second last, Jiang Xiao, Yi Zhizhong, and the others did not participate in the event. Instead, they were in the conference room discussing the daily life of the apprentice Army.

This apprentice Army was too special, and they couldn’t really be treated as “apprentices.” This was a team of great gods that had come to join them because of their fame!

Therefore, after a period of symbolic training, the best choice would be to form teams to protect the various large-scale combat teams of the approaching star Army.

It was worth mentioning that not only were the students reporting, but a teacher had also come to report.

Hai Tianqing!

Once again, he sat at the same table as her in the conference room of second last’s office building in the military camp.

Once, at the bonfire party of the Baihua forest tribe, hai Tianqing sat beside second last and drank thorny fruit wine with her. However, they were very far apart at that time.

Although hai Tianqing was sitting a few seats away from her, he was very close to her.

It had been so many years since his old tail feather was broken, and this was the closest hai Tianqing had been to his old teammate.

He had become a member of the approaching star Army and had once again regained the code name ‘four tails’.

Second last silently approved hai Tianqing’s re-enlistment but did not say anything.

Through everything that Jiang Xiao had done to old Wei Yu’s team members, second last was very clear that Jiang Xiao was trying to bring the broken team back together, or perhaps … Jiang Xiao was fulfilling the old captain’s wish.

Without a doubt, second last was very “pampered” towards Jiang Xiao.

No matter how cold, strong, or stern she was, she would definitely treat Jiang Xiao differently from everyone else in the world.

Hai Tianqing’s return seemed to be a matter of course.

In the middle of the meeting, Zhang songfu, the person in charge of the approaching star apprentice Army, brought Hu Wei and canglan over. The meeting lasted until the afternoon, and everyone was happy.

At the very least, Jiang Xiao was very satisfied. He didn’t have to do anything and just had to nod in agreement. It was a good feeling to have someone more capable than him to organize and build an apprentice Army.

After it ended, Jiang Xiao bade farewell to everyone and returned to his office building with his security guard.

Not long after he sat down in the office, Jiang Xiao began to feel that something was amiss.

He walked out of the house and stood in the empty corridor. He opened the window and looked down.

Looking at the scene below, he couldn’t help but laugh.””AI! You’re smoking downstairs, you’re being polite with me, you … Cough, come up and smoke, it’s fine. ”

Downstairs, Wu Yao was squatting by the wall and smoking. Clearly, she was here to look for Jiang Xiao, but she was probably trying to add another cigarette in advance.

Wu Yao did not dare to smoke at the entrance of the office building as a group of soldiers were standing guard. She could only choose to smoke at the side of the building, under the shade of the trees.

‘But …’ Jiang Xiao’s (Jiang Keli ‘s) perception was no joke, not to mention that it was only a low two-story building.

Upon hearing the familiar voice, Wu Yao stood up and turned around with a cigarette in his mouth. He looked up at Jiang Xiao through the gaps of the branches and leaves that touched the wall.

To be honest, Jiang Xiao’s heart was moved by her gaze.

It had nothing to do with love between men and women. It was purely human appreciation of beautiful things.

In Jiang Xiao’s heart, Wu Yao and “boorish woman” were on the same level.

However, compared to her previous fierceness, miss Wu Yao, who had traveled half the world, had restrained herself a lot.

Her golden hair was slightly messy, revealing her charming face.

In that pair of beautiful azure blue eyes, there was no longer that indomitable Valiance. It seemed to have calmed down a lot. Thinking about it … Maybe he had some hidden stories.

“Phew …. Wu Yao tilted his head and puffed out a mouthful of smoke before putting it out with his fingers. Jiang Xiao grinned and thought, this girl … Don’t you know it’s hot?

Jiang Xiao leaned half of his body out of the window and beckoned at Wu Yao.””Come.”

Wu Yao raised her eyebrows slightly and shook her head with a smile. She squatted down, tightened her thighs, and leaped up!

The rustling sound of leaves rustling could be heard …

The low two-story building was not a problem for Wu Yao. She jumped up directly and even held back her strength.

Jiang Xiao grabbed her palm and almost fell out of the window!


This shield was so heavy!

Was there a weight hidden under his clothes?

Jiang Xiao exerted a little force and pulled Wu Yao up while retreating.

Wu Yao grabbed Jiang Xiao with one hand and grabbed the window with the other before quickly climbing in.

Jiang Xiao let go of her hand and took a few steps back before patting the ashes off his hand …

Damn it, this girl was quite particular. She didn’t throw away the extinguished cigarette and had been holding it in her hand.

“Very good. On your first day in the Army, you’re completely lawless and undisciplined. You actually dared to climb through the window of a deputy commander. I’ll give you a three-day little black room package!” Jiang Xiao said while turning around and entering the office.

Wu Yao’s face froze.

This was … What kind of tricks?

Law enforcement by hook?

She followed Jiang Xiao into the office and threw the cigarette butt into the trash can at the door. After looking at the sofa in the room, Wu Yao hesitated for a moment and decided not to sit down. Instead, he stood in the middle of the room.

Jiang Xiao waved his hand and said,”have a seat. Don’t stand on ceremony.”

“Just stand, save me three more days,” Wu Yao said.

Jiang Xiao sat down on the chair and tilted his head to look at Wu Yao, looking like he was a promising student.””Hmm, not bad. You’ve grown up.”

Wu Yao’s mouth twitched awkwardly.

“What’s up?”Jiang Xiao asked.

Wu Yao thought for a while and said,”let’s use our connections and favors.”

Upon hearing her words, Jiang Xiao laughed.”You’re rather honest and carefree. Aren’t you?”

“I want to go back to da Meng,” Wu Yao shrugged his shoulders.

Jiang Xiao grinned and said,’you want to protect your hometown? Then you can just go to da Meng and find a random local guard, and you can do it?”

“If I join another army, I can’t decide what I want to do and where I want to work.” While speaking, Wu Yao stared at Jiang Xiao quietly and said,”Xinglin is different. You’re here.”

“Uh …” Jiang Xiao scratched his head and asked,”what do you want to do back in da Meng?”

“I just want to defend the border as a Chinese soldier,” Wu Yao said.

Upon hearing her words, Jiang Xiao was stunned for a moment and thought, isn’t the request simple? Did he need to come to the approaching star Army?

Jiang Xiao placed his elbow on the table and leaned forward.””What do you mean? There’s a story?”

Wu Yao: “I once returned to da Meng as a casual Star Warrior and participated in three battles. However, the local military persuaded me to come back. After all, this is the border. It seems like I’m helping, but in fact, I’m just causing trouble for the local military and police.”

“Why don’t you join them directly?” Jiang Xiao laughed.

Wu Yao: “I’m too strong. My position changes too much.”

Jiang Xiao was speechless.

Jiang Xiao finally knew how others felt when they saw him bragging!

The crux of the problem was that both Jiang Xiao and Wu Yao were speaking the truth despite their infuriating words!

“You’re strong, no matter how strong you are … Can you be stronger than me?” Jiang Xiao couldn’t help but chuckle.

Wu Yao smiled.”That’s one of the reasons why I came to Xinglin. I don’t feel any pressure when I’m facing my superiors.”

Jiang Xiao couldn’t help but grimace in pain and said,””No, don’t you think you’re a little overconfident? What’s your star power level now?”

“Later stage of the star sea realm,” Wu Yao replied.


It’s really not bad, right?

After all, he was a contestant from the same batch as hou Mingming and Zhao Wenlong.

Although he was now at the peak of the sea of stars, don’t forget that he had a few months of experience fighting on the alien planet. During those months, Wu Yao was still on earth, where star power was thin.

In the past three years, Wu Yao had indeed grown rapidly. She had the right to be proud. After all, on earth, the peak of the universe was the ceiling, and she was about to touch the ceiling of earth.

But then again, that was once the ceiling of earth. At this time, after the earth and the strange ball had fused, the concentration of star power had changed qualitatively.

Not to mention the 50-year-old star Warriors like Xia Shanhai, this group of new-generation Star Warriors who were still rising rapidly would definitely have a considerable number of great gods entering the starry stage as time went by.

Jiang Xiao pursed his lips and said,”you’re only in the late-stage of the star sea realm. Yet, you’re already so arrogant. My friend, you’re too young!”

“What is too small?” Wu Yao asked.

“You’re too narrow-minded!”Jiang Xiao exclaimed.

Wu Yao was speechless.

Jiang Xiao said,”but I like the way you put it. Since you’re telling me that you’re after me, I’ll tell you the same thing. The fourth Regiment of the approaching star Army is the ghostly Wolf Army, and the fifth Regiment is the ghostly monk Army. You can choose one.”

“The ghost monk Legion?” Wu Yao’s expression changed.

She was very clear about the ghost Wolf Army. Recently, the news of the Star Beast Army had spread all over the land of China.

Wu Haoyang’s experiences were also dug out by the world.

He was a Star Warrior who trained hard in school on the first day of the Lunar New Year and accidentally entered a strange planet. After that, he met Jiang Xiao and became a senior member of the approaching Star team.

At this moment, Wu Haoyang was leading the ghost Wolf Clan, which he had a good relationship with on the alien planet, to guard the border of the eastern five Alliance in the North under the name of the 4th Regiment of the approaching star Army.

It could be said that he was in the limelight.

Jiang Xiao nodded and said,”yes. In addition to the apprentice Army that has just been established, the star Army will also have a new army. It will be composed of the ghostly monks from the ancient tower in the Central Plains.”

These guys are just like you, they are all battle maniacs and have a fanatical pursuit for battle. Now that I’ve gathered them, they’re quite obedient. I’m preparing to build the fifth Regiment of descending star and send the ghost monk Army to da Meng. ”

“Who’s the leader of the fifth Regiment?”Wu Yao’s eyes lit up.

“Me,” Jiang Xiao said.

“You?” Wu Yao was suspicious.

Jiang Xiao said,”I have bait. This team is different from the United Ghost Wolves. The ghost monks are closer to humans.”

They have a lot of thoughts, and their biological characteristics are clear. They are a double-edged sword, so I must lead them personally. ”

Wu Yao nodded and said,”alright!” I’ll go to the fifth group. ”

“Yes.” Jiang Xiao nodded and the office fell into silence.

After a long while, Jiang Xiao looked at Wu Yao and said,””So?”

Everything’s fine? Solved?

After getting what he wanted, Wu Yao was at a loss. Everything had gone too smoothly. Her good friend … Yes, he was indeed easy to talk to. His attitude towards his former friends had never changed.

Of course, everyone was mutual.

If Wu Yao wanted to be the regiment commander or make any excessive requests, Jiang Xiao would kick him out. However, Wu Yao’s requirements were actually very low and simple. She just wanted to be a small soldier and defend her hometown.

Wu Yao hesitated for a moment before he put his hand into his pocket.”How about … A cigarette?”

Jiang Xiao was speechless.

Outside the door, Chen lingtao carried a pot of hot tea and knocked on the door.

Chen lingtao was overjoyed to see Wu Yao!

F * ck! A celebrity!

He was a member of the 2017 World Cup national team! Although he was white-skinned, he was a pure Chinese and was just a small citizen.

His master was really awesome. He had heard that many of the students in the approaching star apprentice Army were young star Warriors who had made a name for themselves.

Jiang Xiao smiled and gestured to Chen lingtao before saying to Wu Yao,””Give it to him, let him suck it for me.”

Chen lingtao placed the hot tea on his desk and subconsciously reached out to take the Green Mountain that Wu Yao handed to him.

Chen lingtao looked embarrassed and glanced at Jiang Xiao weakly.

Jiang Xiao glanced at Chen lingtao smilingly and said,””Stop pretending. Can you hide the smell of smoke? If you have nothing to do, ask your sister to give you her blessings and cleanse your lungs. ”

Chen lingtao laughed in embarrassment …

While Jiang Xiao was drinking tea and chatting, in the world of calamity and shadows, his real body was killing in the Tianjin area.

At this moment, in front of Jiang Xiao’s original body was the bi ‘an bear with the sedevouring soul and a candle hat.

Without teammates, the black bear naturally took on the responsibility of a shield warrior.

Of course, with Jiang Xiao’s current Jiaoyang endurance, he actually didn’t need any large shield to block in front of him. He was just training the grizzly bear so that it could participate in more battles.

Jiang Xiao deliberately experimented with the third page of the star martial arts history. Transforming stars into martial arts, which weakened and activated the effects of star techniques in Star Slots.

However, the effect was not ideal.

Compared to the weakening effect, the enhancement effect was not worth mentioning.

It couldn’t even improve the quality of a STAR technique, but there would only be some changes on the basis of the same star technique.

This was very uncomfortable.

The weakening and strengthening effects were completely different!

It was just like a child who did well in his studies. If he performed at his normal level, he could be admitted to a second-tier college.

If you weaken him, you can use all kinds of methods to make his academic performance plummet, making him unable to even get into a third-tier University.

But strengthening? It could only improve the student’s original academic performance by a small margin, allowing him to be admitted to the best college in the second-tier college …

What was even more terrifying was that the enhancement effect was useless for top “students” like Jiang Xiao!

The highest grade of Jiaoyang quality was equivalent to a full score of 750 points!

He couldn’t even increase it by 1 point!

There were only so many points for the paper, and it was already full …

At this moment, Jiang Xiao’s body was surrounded by water droplets. The Jiaoyang-quality domain tears, clean tears, and sad tears had all turned into “water of star power” instead of “rain of star power”, and the range of the water droplets was extremely large.

Regardless of whether it was purification or output, there were water droplets floating within a radius of 50 meters with Jiang Xiao as the center.

The water droplets were frozen in mid-air, and the scene was simply too beautiful …

Jiang Xiao cast counter-current light on the fallen Shadow Witch and looked at its trembling body. He couldn’t help but sigh. “It’s not a good thing to have good grades.

The final test for the “E Huang treasure manual” was out, and it was time to raise my score, but I didn’t even have the space to raise my score.

Aiya~I’m so angry~”

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