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She shouldn’t be able of such coordination several months ago.
Nowadays, her brilliant acrobatic coordination surpasses a professional fighter.
Her movements started flowing clearly in an obviously short amount of time, allowing us to take a glimpse of her talent.
They are still template-like movements and she’s unable to cause much damage to the Knight instructor accompanying her, but it would surely be different talk if she had a proper equipment and would not her opponent be out of her league. Ellie’s equipment is an ultralight magic tool with power and penetration enhancements tailored just for her, I have no doubts that it would at least double her fighting power.
As for the Knight instructor, he’s a person with superior hand-to-hand combat abilities even among the servants of the Christophe House. It can’t be helped.

These techniques would be dangerous even for a Knight like that without protective gear.
This coordination, if I’m pushed to say, is not to cause damage, but rather to shake the brain and disturb the balance.

Because she has considerable stamina, she performs the same movements again without breaking a sweat.
She doesn’t get totally exhausted even after performing such intense training for some time.

「Ellie is still only eight and she’s reaching the point of Sani…… I’m touched」

「She’s still has some way to go if I have to say so myself. As expected, it will be the real deal once something like a fighting spirit comes out from her hands」

【It comes out……?】


「Once in a while~」

【…… It comes out……】

While nonchalantly observing Ellie’s growth, I learned a frightening truth during the after-lesson idle chat.

I wonder if Ellie will be able to fire Kamehameha or something soon.
Rather, I wonder if Obaasama can already do it? I truly want to see it. Let’s coax her next time.

After the observing time, it’s Reki-kun time in the Reki-kun room.
Reki-kun became truly big.
He grows as I sleep. Just to what extent is he going to grow? While looking forward to it, I’m also slightly anxious.

I will have a hard time playing with him if he grows that large.
Even though it’s quite a chore already.

【――That’s wrong. Since two red fruits were eaten, three are remaining. But, because Kuti is carrying one more fruit, there are actually four fruits, you know? Therefore, how many red fruits are in this space?】

「…… Wafun」

「It’s not unreasonable. Look, it’s properly written there, see? That Smugface is carrying one fruit」

「…… Wafu」

【Eh? It doesn’t count in the number when carried? Please don’t mind that. Look, what’s the total amount then?】

「…… Wa…… wafuu」

【Yes, well done. Then, the next problem is――】

Reki-kun is bright. For a wolf, though.
He properly understands our words, he possesses intelligence to the degree where we can understand each other without any problems.
But, his intelligence degenerates when it comes to simple additions and substractions. It’s surely his weak point.
But, it’s different if he doesn’t do it just because he’s bad at it.
Even though Reki-kun is a wolf――a Salvarua, even though he’s my pet, he’s a child whom I have a mutual understanding.
The range of his usable sorcery will be very narrow unless he can do calculations.
Salvarua can normally use sorcery instinctively, but the efficiency of their sorcery would improve if they understood calculations.
Because Reki-kun is Salvarua and my pet, it’s only given that he will be given a special education.
That’s why we are doing this.

――Look, if you subtract 9 from 14, you won’t get 8, right!
――Kuti is carrying 5 books on her back, so it’s wrong, do you understand!
――Sani sensei has crushed 4 chairs, so the numbers don’t match, alright!


Reki-kun gets dejected quite easily.
I don’t think it’s good for me who broke him to say it, but I feel like he’s a poor loser.
It’s probably best to make him gain confidence first.

When I roll ‘that’ toy in front of the nose of Reki-kun who is sprawled on the ground, his eyes start sparkling and the flow of his magical power instantly accelerates.
What Reki-kun is good at is playing with ‘that’ toy.
With that tremendous speed unmatchable to his large body size, he will get the ball I told him to fetch without a doubt.
A true God Speed. A blow that would defeat even a god.

I keep Reki-kun who completely recovered his mood company and play with various toys.
It’s generally just a fetch, but even I who has more stamina than ordinary two-year-olds will get tired after a while.
When that happens, it’s ride-on and running time.

Jenny is still restless when I get on Reki-kun, but Reki-kun is more important at the moment than Jenny, so I will have her to endure.

Hunger is the best spice after all.
It will feel more pleasant if you endure. Enduring too much is no good though.
That’s why, please wait a little longer.

Reki-kun runs acrobatically until he’s satisfied.
The exclusive saddle the Christophe House’s craftsmen variously improved is now completely capable of coping with Reki-kun’s movements.

Specifically, it can cope with Reki-kun who turns in the air with me on.
Thanks to the several attached magic tools that can withstand Reki-kun’s movements, safe even for little girls, is a fitting slogan.

Naturally, something like this is not used for general horseback riding…… it can’t be used.
In the first place, people riding horses can’t twist in the air.
This saddle is a magic tool that was made to make it possible.
Because Obaasama cracked a smile when asked about the production cost, it’s something that mustn’t be asked.
As for the magic tool, it appears it was delightfully made by Eliott and others in one night. As one would expect.

Reki-kun is satisfied and I do the daily brushing.
During the brushing, Jenny became so restless I thought she might reach the summit anytime soon.
Even though she has been desperately trying not to let it out, nowadays, her eyes are completely nailed on me and her hands are fidgety.
As I thought, Mira’s yesterday’s incident must have been thoroughly investigated.

The time of Jenny’s capture is soon.
I can pridefully say that the preparations are perfect.
The mission plan is already rewritten and complete.

Today, on this day, at this time.
The portion of my strongest personal maids collapsed.
Now then, liberate, release, and break down, Jenny!

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