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Chapter 583: 583

No one knew that Pei Lin had attempted the Holyspirit Ritual that looked like a evil blood sacrifice alone at home . And she did not know whether the ritual was successful or had failed .

In the end, the so called Holyspirit failed to appear, and there were no suspicious changes in her .

She had reported to Lin Sheng the entire process and results .

Lin Sheng told her that the ritual had failed, but was close to succeeding, and if she were to hold it a few more times, it will eventually succeed .

While Pei Lin was disenheartened, but Lin Sheng was her only life-saver now, and she had to hold onto him and never let go .

 At the same time, she had found a martial arts hall and started training the swordsmanship under Lin Sheng’s guidance, while her progress was not that obvious, Pei Lin could feel that she was clearly improving .

Little by little, she was slowly building up into a sprint to breakthrough her previous bottleneck that she had been stuck in for a long time .

And this discovery made her even more confident in Holy Light Shines Upon You .

Over time, under Lin Sheng’s command, Pei Lin also held several more rituals to summon the Holyspirit .

Unfortunately, all of them ended in failure .

As the evil ritual failed in the end, it not only reassured Pei Lin, but at the same time worried her somewhat .

She was worried if she ran into another Corpsedemon before she had grown stronger, what should she do then?

So, in order to gain more ability for protecting herself and her sense of security, Pei Lin trained even more frenziedly .

But what she did not thought about was that the ritual had in fact not failed, and had instead all summoned legendary Holyspirits from it .

But none of these spirits had greet her, and instead hid away without showing themselves .

And that caused her to think that she had completely failed .

Holyspirits that had been summoned had lurked quietly in some corner under a unified will, as they waited for an opportunity .

And due to the ‘failure’ of the ritual, under Lin Sheng’s guidance, Pei Lin started a new round of preparation for the ritual .

“My strength had actually increased by thirty percent in this simple training regime!? Incredible!” — Giving Hope .

“This is normal . Thirty percent, based on normal progress, this is lesser than I expected . Seems this is due to the difference in the rules of the world . ” Holy Light Shines Upon You .

“Master, the Blackfeather training method, I had basically reached the level of a first stage, should you be teaching me the second intermediary stage?” — Giving Hope .

Now, Pei Lin did not even bother going to the public chat room and instead chatted with her master, Holy Light at any moment to allow Lin Sheng to keep track of the changes in her body’s perimeters at any time .

“No hourry, you have not reached the limit yet . The Blackfeather training method is a powerful training method I had learnt from an ancient civilization . This method could allow you to breakthrough your limits through swordsmanship training . But, this breakthrough would requie a large amount of time and practice, and was extremely difficult, but the advantage was that it did not ask much about your physical qualities . ”

The training method Lin Sheng had given her was the basic swordsmanship training regime he had gotten from Blackfeather City .

And just as Pei Lin was getting stronger bit by bit, a group of strangely dressed man and woman had appeared in the city she lived in .

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And these men and women seemingly gathering for a certain purpose and clustered around hotels and inns near Pei Lin’s house .

And the gathering of these people, was not known to Pei Shangyu due to Pei Clan’s deliberately kept it a secret .

A conspiracy against Pei Shangyu was slowly forming .

And just as the conspiracy was gradually approaching .

Night time .

At night, the city wall area was still full of people, although in smaller numbers than the day .

But simply by looking over, there were dozens of people wandering about the scenic spot on the barely ten meter long wall .

This was the area that Pei Lin and her friends had visited last time .

A few small carts selling snacks and drinks moved slowly long the city wall .

One of the cart owners slowly moved his cart to the side, and handed a custmoer the napkin he requested .

“Boss, I want a stick of fresh fruits . ”

Suddenly, a rumbling voice slowly rang out before the car .

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The cart owner looked up, and was stunned for a moment .

Standing beside the cart was a tall man wrapped in a black cloak .

The man lowered his head, and his face was obscured, but there was a pure white bizarre symbol on the cloak .

The symbol was a circling dots, and beneath it was a delicate and intricate white flower .

It was a flower that the cart owner had never seen before .

Seemingly noticing the cart owner’s gaze, the man looked his head and looked at the flower symbol, as he broke into a wide smile, revealing his brilliant white teeth .

“This is Baekje flower, and the flower language means that holy light shines upon everything . Isn’t it pretty?” He asked .

“Yes… very nice, very nice . ” The cart owner glanced to the side, and five more tall men and women in black cloaks had appeared without him noticing .

All of their cloaks had the similar Baekje flower .

His heart shuddered as he quickly skewered the fresh fruits and gave them to the man and his companions .

Then when it came to payment, the cash given by the other party was so new that it looked like they had just been printed .

The cart owner checked repeatedly many times over, before determining that it was a real banknote .

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The group in black cloaks bought some fruits and ate them as they rest for a moment . They all got close and chatted using a language that no one else understood before walking to the other direction of the city wall .

This group of people … seemed to be from the same organization…

The owner of the cart noticed this immediately .

But he could have never imagined that this group of people had came to this world barely ten minutes ago .

The black cloaks quickly moved along the city wall, and the moment they got off the exit, they gathered around .

“What a prosperous and peaceful world… just like our hometown very long ago . ” The tallest black cloak was a powerful woman with long hair .

She held a water bottle in her hand, and fiercely gulped the entire bottle down in a blink of an eye .

She then put the bottle down .

“The teleportation had went normally . What about the other teams?” She asked with a low voice .  “One them had lost contact, while the others are accounted for . Teleportation normal . ” Another man quickly answered .

“Very good . ” The girl nodded . “In this world full of heretics, spreading the word of the light is the mission of the Ecclesiarch like us . So, please do not take this likely . ”

“As a transcendent, we shall uphold the purity of the holy light, and to illuminate the others, and purge the heretics as we spread the glory of the Holyspirit King . ” Everyone said in unison .

“All of the vanguard teams have a two-wing leading the pack, and we are just one of them . There are a total of 32 teams, and all of these 32 teams need to get a handle on the general situation of his world, and establish a preliminary bridgehead in preparation for the subsequent arrivals of the main forces . ”

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