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Published at 9th of October 2020 07:33:21 PM
Chapter 338: Chapter 338 - The Raid: Part 3

Chapter 338: The Raid: Part 3

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The grassland around Baine University was actually a few kilometers wide .

On the carefully curated grassland, streams upon streams of green light crashed and exploded as ethereal beasts formed out of dark powers tore at one another .

The students and tutors remaining in the school had formed into small combat units based around their respective workshops and fought independently while the professors, all of them at least Oppressor-class levels were the main pillar of this combat force .

The Sevenlocks Tower and Sect of Thousand Gear had gathered at least sixty cadres and focused all of them to this small area .

For someone to be a cadre in either Sevenlocks Tower or the Sect of Thousand Graces were at least four-wing Oppressors, and every one of them outside was an infamous criminal .

As the leader of the heretical sects, the Sevenlocks Tower had called upon at least half of the Migan heretical aces for the operation, forming three different strike forces to assault three of the Sealed Realms .

Baine University was the weakest of the realms .

The operation was almost like a small scale war between the Sevenlocks Tower and Carte Blanche’s hidden realm . And these wars between Transcendents were much more destructive than Redwin’s invasion of Xilin .

Even without any battleship cannonades or fighter jets, the destruction wrought was no less devastating, much more even .

Bluetail simply just stood there as he crossed his arms over his chest, behind him a monstrous blue tail pounded upon a white ice barrier repeatedly with deadly intent .

It was silence all around as no one dared to get close to the battlefield . Those with an ounce of bravery had all perished .

“You are old, and compared to that time, not only did you not get any stronger, you’ve gotten weaker…” Bluetail’s expression was calm, sympathetic even .

“And I, am still as beautiful, and even stronger…” He held his right hand out as a small blue dark power squirrel . The originally cute squirrel bore a totally different form in his hands .

The squirrel looked normal in most respects, but it had eight green eyes on its face, and its tail was much larger than normal . It clambered around Bluetail for a few grounds before stopping, as it stood upon his shoulder and gazed towards the school .

“Can you feel it? My dark power minion had already connected to the particle disruptors in the area . No one can reinforce you people, all of the entrance has been sealed shut . ”

He said as he walked towards the elder by the school .

“Cainphas, it was your era fifty years ago, and now it is my time!”

He spread his arms open as a dozen giant tails ripped through the air and crashed against the ice barrier like a heavy artillery barrage .

*Bam bam bam!!!*

Rents upon rents were being gouged out on the barrier as the staff-wielding elder, supported by two other tutors spat blood, yet his body still let out a large number of dark power threads .

The most basic Darksider manipulation ability was the threads, and many other abilities were actually built upon the threads as a basis .

At that very moment, his ice barrier was being torn apart by the massive force and returned to its most basic thread form .

“Hahahaha!! Die! Die! Die!” Bluetail laughed maniacally as he held his arms open while giant tails pounded the barrier in turn .

Amid the deafening din, three Sevenlocks Tower cadres had already deployed a simple teleportation device . As the metal box opened layer by layer, they carefully pulled a walnut-shaped, fist-sized crystal out of it . The three then placed the crystal on the top of the device, and gently turn the activation knob underneath .


As the sound of electric current rang out, the top of the device opened like a black petal flower before slowly closing again as the ‘petals’ grabbed on gently to the crystal .

“We can commence now . Soul Transference, connecting to city district unit . ”

“Activating camouflage mode . ”

“What about the disruptor?”

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“I’ve already sent a remote signal, but no response . Maybe the dark power fluctuations is too strong and had affected signal transmission . Don’t bother about that, let’s get it up and running . ”


The three quickly tinker about the device as they unleashed their own dark power to transform into various auxiliary tools to run the device .

Just as they focused on operating the device, a white silhouette slowly appeared from the grassland entrance afar .

“The soul vessel . ”

Lin Sheng caught sight on the soul vessel the moment he got it . And just as his gaze had landed on it, he dashed over right way .

*Bam bam bam!!*

Torrents of holy light shot out like a storm of blades with him as the epicenter towards the cultists, and within an instant, over a dozen cultists were pierced by the holy light and died on the spot .

There were corpses and gore all over, of the students and teachers left in Baine University, only about eighty were still standing and fighting .

The composite team formed out of the students and teachers was about three hundred strong against about two hundred odd heretics . There were still about half the number of heretics left while the students had suffered heavy casualties .

There was a gulf in combat experience, as this was the first time most students stepped into the battlefield . With the Sevenlocks Tower involved, heavy casualties were but a given .

The moment Lin Sheng destroyed the disruptor and broke into the school, it was the best possible time to relieve some pressure off of the defenders .

“Who goes there?!”

Two Sevenlocks Tower cadres overflowing with dark powers blocked Lin Sheng’s path .

“Death to all heretics!” Lin Sheng roared as he held his palm out . Holy power surged out like a tidal wave and turned into light pillars, engulfing the two cadres within .

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The moment Lin Sheng got past them, there were only bits and pieces of broken weaponry as the rest were simply just vaporized .

Lin Sheng’s eyes were on the soul vessel . His target was clear and in front of him .

Before he even got close, he roared out again .

“You dare steal our Holy Sanctum’s vessel?! Death awaits you!!”

With barely ten meters distance away, Lin Sheng held his hand out to unleash his holy power towards the white soul vessel at the top of the device .

“The hell? Weren’t this the soul vessel our boss had just made?” The three cadres guarding the device were baffled!!”

“Death to all heretics!” Lin Sheng was still in midair as he unleashed a radiance as bright as the sun as he charged towards the device .

“You have a death wish!”

Bluetail, standing not too far away, leaped up in fury as a giant tail slammed brutally onto Lin Sheng .


The two clashed against each other in midair like two meteors as white holy power beam and a blue storm of quills rained upon each other and exploded .

“You dare to take our holy relic! Die!” Lin Sheng blasted out circles upon circles of white halos . He may be spewing venom, but he had only formed a couple of holy orbs as he lobbed it at Bluetail before charging towards the vessel .

Bluetail had thought that he was about to have to fight for his life, and summoned countless tails to cover himself .

In the end, however, Lin Sheng had only tossed a few light orbs over and ran off to snatch the soul vessel; that pissed him off so much he almost spat blood .

“Ahhhh, I’ll kill you!!”

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At least a hundred eight-eyed squirrels appeared behind him, and all of them had a massive blue tail .

*Bam bam bam!!*

A swarm of squirrels charged at Lin Sheng as they launched their tails like missiles at him .

All of the tails then converged into a massive cone as it charged towards Lin Sheng .


Just as Lin Sheng was about to grab the soul vessel, he sensed an impending danger behind him .

With no other recourse, he turned to face the attack as he turned all of his holy power into a giant Warhammer and smashed it against the charging cone .

Thunder struck as Lin Sheng was sent flying and as he crashed and dug a shallow trench through the grassland .

Taking advantage of the attack, Bluetail quickly landed as many more eight-eyed squirrels formed up behind him to form up the second cone attack .

The intruder must have already suffered grievous injuries from that attack, and this strike would definitely kill him!!

He had no idea where this person came from, but to target the soul vessel so brazenly, and meant only… Hmm?

Bluetail’s murderous eyes suddenly went into a daze .

The person in white armor who had taken the brunt of his attack was getting up from the grass patch with nary a wound and was roaring as well as charging toward him .

“Give us back our holy relic!!”

Amid the thunderous clashing, the two struck at each other again .

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