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Aloha. So here’s another novel that I’ll be putting up for the voting. This novel is semi-based on Dungeons & Dragons. I’ve never played D&D before, so if there’s any D&D players here and it looks like I got a term wrong, feel free to leave a comment. Although you also have to note that once again, this is only semi-based on D&D. So it’s its own world but it just uses a D&D type system and background.


Title: Night Ranger, 暗夜游侠, an ye you xia

Genre: Otherworld Game

Synopsis: Epic player Maven crossed over to the eve of The Cataclysm.

The gods teamed-up and destroyed the Cosmic Magic Pool,

Gods, demons, epics, devils, liches, dragons and other legendary beings appeared one after another.

This is the story of a young ranger in an age of turmoil becoming the Ruler of the Night.

Chapter 1: Newborn Ranger (I)

The third day after crossing over.

Maven stood at the window looking at the people coming and going on the dusk street. At the diagonal corner there is a plump woman throwing winks at him.

This is Boisterous Stallion Inn’s best room, from here he can directly see River-Beach City’s iconic landmark — The Silver Hourglass, that is the location of the Silver Church’s temple headquarters.

Not far away a thief stole a rich man’s purse. His movements are very nimble, he’s a thief with at least three class levels.

Everything before him is exactly the same as the real world.

The only thing different is Maven himself.

“Stat page.” He muttered in his heart.

A series of data appeared before his eyes:

Name: Maven

Race: Human/?

Attributes: Strength-11, Dexterity-16, Constitution-9, Intelligence-14, Wisdom-14, Charisma-13 (+1)

Class: Noble-3 (150/200)

Adventuring Class: None

HP: 10/26 (Fever)

[Debuff: Attributes decreased by 70%]

EXP: 40 (Noble) [Undistributed]

SP: None

AP: None

Class Skills:

–Noble (Baron): Majesty-25, Management-31, Observation-31, Diplomacy-19, Accounting-28, Horseriding-30…

Besides this set of data the same as the video game in his previous life, this world Maven saw after waking up is no different from the real world.

Towards this he cannot wrap his mind around it, but through three days of inquiring and adjusting he can basically confirm three things.

Number one, he crossed over to another world, into the game that he was obsessed with on Earth, “The Continent of Faenin”.

Number two, besides this system that is the same as the one in the game that he can see for some reason, this is a real world. Every being is alive, moreover he knows them all.

Number three, he’s in trouble. Very big trouble.

If his memory isn’t wrong, he most likely crossed over to the eve of “The Cataclysm”. Very soon a drastic change will occur to this peaceful world before him. The history of the fourth age of Faenin ruled by sorcerers is about to end. The gods teamed-up destroying the Cosmic Magic Pool and started to dip their toes in this rich land.

For that item.

“The fourth Tablet of Fate. My god…” Maven rubbed his temples, attempting to make his thoughts clearer.

In actuality, just looking at the current situation this isn’t the biggest problem. The Cataclysm occurs half a year later, the age of chaos is coming soon but he still has time.

As an epic level player, under the circumstances of being familiar with this world, half a year’s time may be a bit tight but it is enough for him to possess the strength to protect himself.

The key is what’s in front of him right now.

His fever hasn’t retreated yet and adding his own trash template (stats), he could die at any moment because of this little cold.

This made Maven completely speechless. After spending three days to assimilate the memories of the 14 year old teen, Maven discovered in sorrow that his body is not only not good, he’s also an abject noble who’s just lost his land — One month ago a group of gnolls attacked his land, occupying his castle and mine, forcing him to only be able to go over to the castellan of River-Beach City, hoping that the castellan of River-Beach City can send troops to exterminate that group of irregular gnolls for him.

In the process of escaping to River-Beach City from his land, the poor youth caught a cold, in the end dying from sickness thus giving Maven a chance. Not sure if it’s some sort of fate, but that youth whose memories he assimilated is also called Maven. The will of both parties merged together with Earth’s Maven as the core, producing a new soul.

The process of the birth of the new soul was incredibly painful. Maven spent a lot of effort before finally convincing the remnant spirit in the body to let go. The price is that he swore to protect what that poor bloke wanted to protect.

His land, his little brother and a woman.

These are what he values the most, he must use his life to protect them. The memories of the two people merged together and their feelings also merged together. Even if Maven wanted to go back on his word that isn’t really possible.

And so, The Cataclysm may be scary, but for Maven what’s more important is that he has to take back his land within a month.

You have to know that added together, the six initial attributes of his thief that ultimately advanced to Ruler of the Night in the game before was a total of 100 points!

This means that when he was a LV1 thief he could already possess an additional dexterity characteristic — [Wall Run].

[Wall Run]: Reward characteristic for superb dexterity. Within a short period of time you can rapidly move on an upright wall not over 20 feet, disregarding gravity.

It is exactly this super amazing dexterity characteristic that created the Ruler of the Night. When Maven crossed over there were a total of 11 players in the game who successfully apotheosized, he is one of them. (TL: Apotheosized is become a god.)

But this body right now…

He practically couldn’t stand looking at it.

Don’t say a gnoll, probably even a gnome could destroy him 1v1?

Who told himself to not even have a single combat profession, he’s just a pampered useless noble. Of those life skill abilities, besides diplomacy and horseriding having a bit of use, the rest are completely unrelated to the life f an adventurer, okay?

Although Maven also rejoiced that this guy didn’t randomly pick a class. If what he was facing after crossing over was a garbage sorcerer template then that would truly be the worst.

You need to know that in half a year the Cosmic Magic Pool will be destroyed. Besides epics, the levels of all sorcerers will be forcibly dropped by one rank (5 levels). The sorcerer rule on Faenin will come to a complete end, other classes will start to rise and a multitude of theistic churches one after another will also start to preach their doctrine, the flames of war ignited, all life in hardship.

And sorcerers are the saddest group of people. They’ve already practically lost the right to participate in the fight before the flames of war are even ignited.

“Knock knock knock!”

Door knocking sound.

“Come in.” Maven returned back to the bedside.

The person who came in is a brown haired girl who looks around 20 years of age. She looks a bit tired, her cleanly washed leather armor has some new slash marks. Her ears are slightly pointed but she most likely isn’t a pure-blooded elf.

This is Maven’s female housekeeper plus bodyguard and is also the only person who’s stayed by his side until now since his abjection. He still remembers on that night where fire incinerated the barn, it is precisely this woman before him who selflessly pulled him along and cleared a bloody path out, saving his life from the hands of the gnolls. It was also her who carried him and walked dozens of miles from White River Valley to River-Beach City.

Her name is Anna, she is a half-elf. Limited by his scouting ability Maven is unable to see her stats, but based on his observations over these three days Anna is roughly a rank 1 adventure with 4 or 5 class levels. If she’s not a warrior then she’s a ranger, and she leans more towards the former. At the very least in his memory Anna very rarely uses bows, traps and the like.

Her weapon is a sword, like that leather armor it is also very worn-out — Because it hasn’t been maintained for a very long time.

“Young master, I went to the Town Hall today and asked. The officials there still gave the same response…”

Anna placed the sword to the side, her fair face looks a bit tired: “But fortunately I earned 20 silver coins today, at least we don’t need to worry about next week’s rent. And at night I can also make a soup for you.”

“Anna, how much money do we still have?” Maven suddenly asked.

Anna’s face revealed a hint of surprise. This is Maven’s first time talking to her on his own since waking up from his fever.

She did not think, quickly responding: “29 silver coins.”

“29 silver coins? Not enough.” Maven furrowed his eyebrows: “Where’s the jewelry box my mother left behind?”

Anna was first stunned and then furious: “Young Master Maven? Could it be that you want to sell-off your mother’s mementos?”

Maven nodded his head, his eyes very calm: “I remember that there’s a necklace inside, it should still be worth some money.”

Anna looked at Maven in disbelief, her eyes revealing a deep disappointment: “Could it be that you want to go to the gambling house again?”

Maven was stunned for a moment, he didn’t think that Anna had misunderstood him. He searched through his memory, discovering that when this body’s original master had just arrived at River-Beach City they still had some money in their hands, and that he was tricked by a “friend” harboring ill-will, entering into a gambling house.

The result is naturally that he lost a large sum of money. Since then the young man whose body originally had some slight improvements became even sicker.

“I will not give it you. Young Master Maven, if you need money I will go earn it.” Anna said stubbornly: “But I will not allow you to mess around. You should know that Young Master Winnie already owes the Sorcerer’s Alliance two months of tuition. If we don’t continue to pay the tuition then he will be forced to drop out from Magor College.

“We don’t have much money left, we cannot spare to squander again!”

Maven couldn’t help but let out a laugh, lightly saying: “Anna, the reason I want you to give me that necklace is not to go gambling but to use it to cure my body.”

“Cure?” Anna stared blankly for a moment.

“My body hasn’t been getting better, continuing like this isn’t an option. I know a priest of the God of Silver, as long as we give him money he will cast the lowest level [Remove Disease] and [Heal] on me, like this my body will return to normal.” Maven explained saying: “I can’t continue to be a feeble noble anymore.”

“I need to train and fight, I want to take back our land. I also want to protect some things that I hold dear to me.”

He stood up from the bedside, changing his clothes and looking a bit more energetic.

“Believe in me, Anna.”

He stared at the half-elf housekeeper.

Anna bit her teeth, in the end taking out the jewelry box from the bottom of the luggage. Sure enough there is a pearl necklace inside.

“I’ll go together with you so as to avoid you getting tricked again…”

“No need.” Maven took over the jewelry box, his expression a little serious.

“Anna, you’ve been working for the whole day, you should have a nice rest. Tonight I might not come back, you have to be careful. I heard two hooligans on the aisle today who seemed to be talking about you.”

“I don’t think they have good intentions. Even though you’re a rank 1 adventurer some gangs are very powerful. We still have to be careful.”

Up until Maven left the room Anna was still blankly sitting there.

Not sure why but today’s Maven seems a bit different. Very different from the kind and feeble youth in the past.

He looks a bit… domineering, just like his father.

That is a kind of majesty unique to nobles.

And outside the door Maven looked at the data record, unable to help but shake his head.

“I feel a bit guilty using a skill on Anna… Whatever, last time I guess.”

[Data Record]:

“Majesty (25) launched…”

“Conducting Will Save on target…”

“Skill successfully launched…”

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