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Leaving Strong Horse Hotel with quick, light steps, even though there is a slight oppressive ambience in the evening Hirst City, Ma Wen still feels like a duck takes to water.

When he enters an alley and steps into the shadow, he even instinctively does stealth actions.

That is some good habits which can help Thief be even more silent while in Stealth.

However, the Ma Wen now not only has a weak body, he is not even a Class-er, and naturally there is no way to activate Stealth skill.

Making a turn, 2 young faces are paying their earning today to a robust man——Ma Wen recognizes one of them, which is a Level 2 Thief. These young Thieves steal in the city but their earnings must all pay to the gang managing them.

That robust man takes a look at Ma Wen and seems to have seen the noble crest on Ma Wen’s sleeves and swears at something.

Ma Wen lowers his head and leaves quickly.

The he now has no right to stir up trouble.


As a city ruled by Southern Wizards Alliance, just like other cities, Churches of all the Gods have trouble developing in Hirst City. However, in recent years, Silver Church is the odd one out. Not only did they gained a firm foothold, they almost turned into the 3rd major forces in Hirst City. This has something to do with God of Silver’s Divinity. Although the arrogant Wizards always worship the great God of Wizard Lance and not give a shit to other gods, even the most arrogant Wizard will need money too.

Ever since God of Wealth died, as a god with weak divine power, God of Silver was still worshiped by merchants and the Wizards that ruled Fernand for an Era naturally is not any different.

Ma Wen knows very well what priests of God of Silver are like, these people are money-grubbers, as long as remuneration are sufficient, even Divine Spell that cannot be used many times a day can be wasted on you.

The priests of this Church are the odd minority that Divine Spell healing can be bought.

That young man originally knows these too, it is just that he wanted to save some money and saved him to death in the end. Ma Wen does not want to end up like him.

There is a pawnshop deep in the alley. The location is pretty remote but the reputation is not bad according to memory.

The owner of the pawnshop is an old Goblin wearing a pair of pince-nez and looks cunning. He smiles after seeing Ma Wen, apparently he is a regular customer already.]

A good pearl necklace was exchanged for 150 silver coins with Ma Wen’s efforts. Actually, based on his Accounting Skill, this necklace is worth at least 300 silver coins in the market and if Ma Wen wants to redeem this necklace, it will need at least 330 silver coins.

Pawnshop is a lucrative business. However, Ma Wen has no objections to this, his strength now cannot make it, his Negotiations Skill is only a miserable 19 and has no way to activate additional effects to make the old Goblin give him more silver coins.

He hides the small bag of money well. This world’s silver coins is actually roughly the size of little finger’s fingernail. 150 silver coins sounds a lot but it can be kept in a small pouch.

After leaving the pawnshop, before the fever gets more serious, Ma Wen found the priest on duty in the Silver Temple.

After paying 80 silver coins, this seemingly simple and honest middle-aged priest finally is willing to show “the radiance of God of Silver”.

A simple [Dispel Sickness] and [Weak Cure] made Ma Wen’s fever status disappear and HP is back to max again too.

“Your body recovered with the use of Divine Spell-Dispel Sickness!”

“Weak penalty all stats weakened by 70% removed!”

“HP recover: 26/26!”

Along with the warm flow from the Divine Spell and data crossing before his eyes, Ma Wen cannot help being a bit excited.

That damned Weaken penalty is finally gone!

26 HP recovered to max, he feels his physical strength is much stronger.

“You look very healthy now, lad.” God of Silver’s priest shows a streak of fatigue and shows him the door.

He is only the lowest level priest now. He can only cast 3 Divine Spells a day and using one will greatly exhaust his mind each time.

Ma Wen quickly leaves but he did not return to Strong Horse Hotel, instead he begins his plans!

To survive in this world!

He must have his own power to do that. All Gods and Abyss’ invasion is near but the most pressing issue is still the territory matter.

It is impossible to get rid of more than 100 Gnolls if Hirst City’s Lord’s guards are not deployed and within this baffling Gnolls’ attack, Ma Wen smells a conspiracy.

Especially when a soul-bound quest is actually recorded on his quest window:

[Recapture Territory – Gnolls Invasion]

[Quest description: 4th Era Wizard Calendar Year 297, summer, your territory was invaded by Gnolls. You barely escaped with your life and wants to seek help from Hirst City’s Mayor but the officials’ shirking attitude at the town hall is very suspicious. Maybe, your experience in the city should make you more vigilant. You cannot count on others and can only rely on yourself.]

[Quest reward: 1000 General EXP]

[Quest deadline: Remaining time 29 days]


Soulbound means, unless yo delete your account and restart, this quest will forever follow you. And Ma Wen obviously cannot delete account and commit suicide now.

Have to admit, the quest reward is really generous. The reward is actually 1000 General EXP. General EXP is the same highest grade of EXP as Kill EXP and can be allocated to any Class. 1000 General EXP can raise a basic Adventurer Class from Level 1 to Level 3+. In this world where obtaining EXP is quite difficult, this is skyrocketing leveling speed already.

Quest description already clearly said, this quest will probably need to rely on his own power to complete. If Ma Wen is still that weak, useless noble from before, what awaits him in the end is failure. Just like how he said to Anna, he wants to make changes.

Firstly, he cannot rely on the normal Class Noble, he have to have a combat Class.

And as a legendary player, Ma Wen already has an idea way before he stepped out of Strong Horse Hotel.


Hirst City, commercial district, Succubus Tavern’s backdoor.

A vagrant pitifully curls up in a sleeping bag and pleads to the passersby: “Give me some wine, even if it was diluted with water……”

He tries hard to lift his neck and sniffs furiously with his nose, seemingly being able to smell the scent of alcohol from passersby is something very satisfying.

“Scram, old drunkard!”

An quick-tempered hooligan kicks on the vagrant and the poor vagrant rolls a few steps with the sleeping bag.

Those that passed through the backdoor laugh out loudly.

They show no sympathy for this. This is the greyest zone of commercial district. There is only a distance of 2 streets from the slums, all kinds of gangs fight here all the time while all kinds of lucrative businesses unfold secretly here: flesh trade, slavery, military arms trade……etc. Those that gathers here are rarely good people.

Vagrant clutches his belly, dejectedly shrinks his head back into the sleeping bag.

After a group of people passed by, the small alley became a bit quieter.

However, when a genuine fragrant scent of rum surges over, he cannot help to poke out his head from the worn-out sleeping bag. Seems like he will not mind even if he suffered a vicious kick again like just now.

His eyes are only on that just opened bottle of wine.

“10 silver coins a bottle, Gold Rum.” A young voice can be heard.

Vagrant cannot move his sight away from that bottle of Gold Rum, he can only determine this is a very young man from the voice.

“Sir, have mercy, give some to me……” Vagrant suddenly leaps over and wishes to grab that bottle of rum.

However, Ma Wen has already predicted his reaction. Dodging with a big step, he says while looking at the vagrant whose eyes are turning red:

“To gain something, one has to put in effort first.”

Vagrant crawls out of the sleeping bag, a stench spreads out. He continuously swallows his saliva and asks with a shaky voice: “What do you want?”

Ma Wen hands over an already written letter while smiling, there is also a bright red ink paste. These are items he prepared beforehand.

Truthfully speaking, he cannot be sure whether this will work or not but this is the fastest way to Class Change. He only got to know about this shortcut from the mouth of a close friend in the game.

In <Fernand Continent> , it is not easy to get a Class. First, you must be well trained (which means base Class [Civilian] having at least 5 Class Levels), then you must complete the Class Change quest before you can get the related Class.

With how Ma Wen is right now, if he tries to get a Class step by step like ordinary people, that will a bit too slow.

He must try to take some shortcuts.

To take this shortcut, he even gave up on getting his favorite and most familiar Tier 1 Class [Thief] and chose another slightly similar Class. Thankfully among this Class’ ultimate advancement, there is also the ultimate Class [Ruler of Dark Night] or else Ma Wen will definitely not give up on the Class he is the best at.

Vagrant takes that letter, looks at it for a while and takes out a black thing while trembling.

“Made the right bet! This fellow really used to be high Tier Adventurer, at least a Tier 2 Adventurer!”

Ma Wen saw that Class medal and knew his observation were not wrong. This vagrant although looks down-and-out, many of his unintentional actions exposed his previous Class.

For example that action where he curls in the sleeping bag, it is a very useful Class Skill——[Hide].

“I cannot do this, my conscience does not allow me to do this!” Vagrant struggles a bit.

Ma Wen says while smiling: “Of course you can.”

After finishing, he passed that bottle of Gold Rum over to the vagrant.

The vagrant’s breathing suddenly becomes heavy, he grabs the black Class medal with force, presses on the ink paste once and finally leaves a mark on that letter.

Above is a circle of holly leaves, in the center is a name: Mark Sven.

Ma Wen ecstatically receives that letter. The vagrant drinks that bottle of Gold Rum like he was so thirsty. Before he finished drinking, Ma Wen already quickly left this alley.

Recommendation letter obtained.

Class Change quest completed.

Half an hour later, when Ma Wen walks out of the Ranger Guild, there is a sika deer medal on his chest.

This shows that he has successfully gotten a Tier 1 Class——[Ranger].

At the same time, he also gained a Title with special effects.

[Newborn Ranger]


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