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Every city has a cemetery.

Nobles’ cemetery has magnificent buildings, strict management and specialized guards while the slum’s cemetery in the southern city appears to be much more desolate.

Every city’s slum’s cemetery is classified as city’s charity project and officials in charge of it are rarely not corrupted so there is always not enough manpower hired.

Slum’s cemetery is always pretty dilapidated and is the gathering place of all kinds of thieves, robbers and grave-robbers.


At midnight, the crescent is up on the sky.

Ma Wen brings along Anna and sneakily appears in the slum’s cemetery’s south-west entrance.

Of course, he is not here to rob graves. These pitiful poor people had never have a few good days when they are alive, their corpse after dying normally does not get peace. No matter how short of money Ma Wen is, he will never set his ideas on these pitiful souls’ corpses like those crappy grave-robbers.

He is here to look for the slum’s cemetery’s watchman.

That is right, slums cemetery has a watchman too. It is just that this watchman is hired by the town hall will petty money, is only in charge of routine care and is very irresponsible.

Through searching in his memories, Ma Wen knows that this watchman is called [Hesse], is a very weird old man.

Ma Wen remembers this name.

“Back when the game just started, the first Tier 2 elite BOSS that was killed, its name seems to be this……”

“Corpse-robber, Hesse. Always using his identity as cemetery watchman, robbing what remaining value the poor has. He sold these corpses to the Necromancer hiding in Despair Hills north of Hirst City in exchange for meager rewards. Finally, in a transaction, he obtained the Necromancer’s book and became a blasphemer who can summon the dead, a corpse-robber destined to be hated by all righteous gods from then on”

Corpse-robber Hesse, Ma Wen’s target is him.

If it goes according to history, the start of the game is half a year later. Maybe the Hesse now still has not gotten the manual of Necromancer and evolved into a scary Tier 2 Warlock.

This is worth taking a gamble.

Ma Wen silently estimates his side’s strength. A Level 2 Ranger but has experience of memories of a Ruler of Dark Night; a Level 5 half-elf Warrior——on the way, he asked Anna’s Level and got a shocking result.

It seems that Anna had become a Level 5 half-elf Warrior for a very long time but because of being busy with things at White River Valley, she did not had the time to return to half-elves’ settlement to look for a qualified instructor to advance into a more powerful Tier 2 Class. Her strength is not bad and is the reason why Ma Wen survived until now!

“Level 5 half-elf Warrior, at least has 120 HP and possesses a racial Trait, a Class Specialty and a personal Specialty, plenty of strong Skills, it is practically a super helper.”

Against Ma Wen’s questioning, Anna told Ma Wen her Trait, Specialty and all kinds of Skills without reservations.

Warrior’s commonly seen Skill [Cleave], [Basic Parry], [2-hit Combo] etc, these are very practical techniques in combat. Anna’s basics are very not bad.

As for the Trait and 2 Specialty, those made people very envious in Ma Wen’s eyes:

[Racial Trait: Swordsmanship Proficient]: Your swordsmanship mastery Level +1.

[Class Specialty: Tenacity]: As long as not dealt with fatal/crippling damage, damage effect will not affect your movement.

[Personal Specialty: Accurate]: Your sword will always be aimed at your enemy’s vital point.

Anna’s racial Trait is pretty rare and almos

t only appears in pureblood elves and very rarely in half-elves. Her luck is not bad. Things like swordplay proficiency is very difficult to raise and requires years of training and accumulation. Without this racial Trait, Anna’s swordplay proficiency Level is [Swordsmanship Expert] but with the boost from racial Trait, she instantly becomes a scary [Swordsmanship Master].

Ma Wen knows that even among Tier 2 Class-ers, few has such a high swordsmanship mastery Level. Swordsmanship Master means that Anna’s swordsmanship is almost undefeatable when faced with evenly matched opponents!

And the 2 Specialty [Tenacity] and [Accurate] is very practical in combat. The former lets one immune to the effects of pain on combat and guarantees the continuation of combat prowess and survivability; and the latter allows her to stab opponent’s fatal or crippling point even more easily and forming greater damage.

No matter what, this half-elf butler of his has strength exceeding Ma Wen’s expectations. This gives him more confidence in his actions later.


Slum’s cemetery, in a quiet little wooden house.

The dim candlelight is accompanied by trembling sounds of wood, a tall silhouette is working hard at farming.

It is just that the object he is farming, is actually a young girl with a pale face and without any life!

Young girl’s eyes are lifeless, there is even pus flowing from her eye sockets but that tall silhouette is indifferent to it.

Outside a window on the side, 2 silhouettes silently and speechlessly watches this scene.

Not even Ma Wen expected when Anna and him found the small house the watchman of the cemetery lived in, this fellow is actually raping a corpse.

This is utterly devoid of conscience!

That young girl’s corpse is not that badly decomposed and should have died from some illness. This is definitely the best tool to vent his lust in corpse-robber Hesse’s eyes!


The door of the little wooden house is kicked open and the furious Anna instantly forgets about Ma Wen’s plans from before.

She is already very angry.

To those that profane the dead, she who has very strong spiritual mysophobia will only leave him with one way!

That is death!

Anna’s steps are very fast, charging over and slashes down!


That tall Hesse is agile and actually managed to dodge it and jumps down from the bed.

His face is distorted with anger and surprise.

He does not know why someone is here to disturb his ritual at this timing!

“Pitiful half-elf girl.” Hesse’s low voice can be heard: “Since you destroyed my ritual, this corpse has lost her value, then use yours to make up for it!”

He suddenly swings his hand, a dark flame comes out of his hand!

“Damn it, it is [Corrosion Fire]!”

On the other side, the Ma Wen who sneaked in from the small window, his heart sinks when he saw the dark flame.

Corrosion Fire is a 2 ring spell and is the signature move of Warlock. Being able to insta-cast Corrosion Fire, it means that Hesse has already officially advanced into Warlock!

Even if he is not the elite form he is half a year later, it is still quite troublesome.

Anna is shocked and lowers her head to dodge. Corrosion Fire instantly melts away a large hole of more than 1 meter in radius on the wall!

This dodge gave Hesse a chance instead to make a sudden dash and open up the distance between Anna.

The small wooden house is actually quite big and has a few rooms. Hesse escapes to the living room and stands behind the sofa.

Low Tier spellcasters does not have too much close range combat abilities and cannot be closed in by Warrior.

However, once the distance is opened up, the spellcaster with many high damaging low ring spells will have an advantage without a doubt.

God knows from when his hands suddenly has a thick magic tome.

At this time, Anna charges over yet it seems like she knocked into a wall as a result!

Air Explosion!

A ball shape blast explodes from where Hesse is and flips everything in the surroundings over!

Anna is no exception too!

She stumbles and falls on the ground.

Although Anna’s strength is not bad, her experience of fighting with spellcasters is very lacking!

Hesse smiles and exposes his mouth of yellow teeth.

“You’re dead for sure.”

And at a corner he is not looking at, Ma Wen is focusing his gaze on the ring on his hand.

That is a black diamond ring. If Ma Wen remembers correctly, this is a Shimmer item!

Its effect is to instant cast a designated spell not higher than self’s spellcasting Level! The restriction is can only be used once every 3 days!

“So he cannot instant cast Corrosion Fire!”

“This is the effect of black diamond ring. He is delaying for time so that he can cast stronger spell.”

“He is not a Tier 2 Warlock, just a Tier 1 Illusionist that is darkness-baised!”

Everyone knows that Illusionist has limited defensive spells.

Low Tier Wizards have very tight spell slots, they at most guarantee 3 defensive spells in their spell slot. And Corrosion Fire and Air Explosive are considered so.

Ma Wen takes a deep breath and knows he cannot be anxious.

Anna has attracted Hesse’s attention. The half-elf’s Level is not low and gave him certain amount of pressure.

This is a chance. He must handle it well.

The prerequisite is for Hesse to use the last defensive spell.

Anna climbs up from the ground, a light shout, a quick charge, the sword in her hand steadily stabs toward Hesse’s heart!

This is a full power strike of a Level 5 Warrior. Hesse’s spell is not ready yet, if he were stabbed, the spell will be interrupted without a doubt!

His face shows a sense of helplessness. He grits his teeth and flips the magic tome to the first page!

After a few short syllables, a thick faint yellow armor hovers over Hesse’s body!

0 ring spell, [Low Rank Wizard Armor]!

Ma Wen’s eyes glows, this is the 3rd defensive spell!


The long sword stabs on the armor and almost pierced a hole through!

However, the force rebounded from the Wizard Armor makes Anna’s wrist shake and almost lose grip of the long sword.

Hesse takes this chance to take half a step back and completes the spell he prepared just now!

In a moment, continuous eerie screams can be heard.

Outside the small wooden house, there is a rustling sound.

Hesse’s body gradually fades away, his voice is filled with triumph: “Enjoy Zombie’s Feast, after your body is shredded into pieces, I will enjoy your soul……”

Anna looks outside the window with surprise and anger.

It is a patch of black outside the house. It is actually zombies summoned by Hesse!

Right at this time, a cold voice suddenly sounds off in the house:

“Did your teacher not teach you, when executing [Void Transfer], it is the weakest moment of Warlock? Mr. Hesse?”

A cold machete is put onto Hesse’s neck, easily cut through the hovering Wizard Armor and then cut open a big wound on Hesse’s throat!

Black blood squirts like a geyser!

Hesse’s head drops down just like that!

Ma Wen walks out from the shadow, steps over the Warlock’s corpse that could not rest in peace and looks outside the window with a grim face.

“We have trouble now, it’s cursed zombies. Lock the doors and windows now!”

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