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In this era where the world is ruled by Wizards, normally only Wizards and their descendants can become nobility.

Ma Wen’s father is not a Wizard, only his grandfather is. Ma Wen’s grandfather is a high rank Wizard in the northern Wizards Alliance. At that time, Hirst City was not built yet, he led his followers to expand territories and claimed many new lands in the savage regions for Wizards Alliance. According to the agreement between Wizards Alliance and pioneering Wizards, a part of the land——which is the White River Valley now, became Ma Wen’s grandfather’s territory.

Because the new territory was pioneered and very close to savage regions so these new territories have more freedom than major cities in the south. Other than regularly paying tax to Wizards Alliance, they do not receive much commanding from the Wizards Alliance. Only when there is an emergency mobilization, they will need to respond to Wizards Alliance’s call.

Ma Wen’s grandfather had 2 children. The elder son is Ma Wen’s father Gin, the 2nd son is called Miller. After Ma Wen’s grandfather passed away, Gin inherited White River Valley and governed the territory in good order. Because Miller did not have inheritance right, after getting a considerable sum of legacy, he took the wealth Gin privately gave him and left White River Valley.

This Uncle Miller in Ma Wen’s impression had left for many years already. Until last year, he suddenly returned to the south. Apparently his business is very successful and is a wealthy merchant now. Miller bought property in Hirst City. The brothers met many times and Gin was very happy for his brother’s return and entertained him cordially.

In the innocent young man’s memories, although that Uncle Miller is slightly stingy, he was not too bad to them.

However, to the Ma Wen now, all those happenings in the memories showed many signs:

In the half a year Miller returned to Hirst City, his father Gin’s body suddenly began to get worse by the day——The 40 years old Gin was in his prime of life and was fit as a fiddle. Although he does not know sorcery, his is still a 2 Tier Warrior and singlehandedly killed a mutated Stone-toothed Boar before. Theoretically, his body could not have showed too much deterioration at this timing.

Even if it is illness, it is very difficult to cause much trouble to a robust Warrior.

However, it is because a baffling illness that his father Gin passed away half a year ago. The only 14 years old Ma Wen inherited the territory and nobility and began governing the territory conscientiously.

To a 14 years old young man, it was very difficult but judging from the results, he did well.

“Although this young man is kind and a bit cowardly, he is still quite talented in governance.”

“At his father Gin’s funeral, Miller came and cried hypocritically. And even said something strange.”

“The time he came back and the time father died matched so well, it is possible he’s the one to do it. Rumors has it that in the past, this Uncle Miller always hated father because he was unable to inherit the territory. Maybe this is the fuse for the event. Now that he is rich, he is back to get revenge.”

“Maybe, he even wants to take away White River Valley’s inheritance right. As long as I died, the even younger Winnie was not be a match for him. If he bought over the Akron Gang and Hirst City’s town hall, White River Valley will be his!”


In a mere few minutes, Ma Wen already thought of many things.

This Uncle Miller really is the most suspicious. However, they cannot make such a quick judgement, they still do not have any proof.

“Whether is it U

ncle Miller behind it, we still need to investigate further.”

Ma Wen quickly says: “Maybe that 2 Akron Gang members can clear our doubts.”

“Your point?”

“Come with me, lighten your steps.” Ma Wen says lightly: “2 people, leave one alive.”


Strong Horse Hotel front door, in the dark alley, the Thief boringly scans the unchanging scenery in front.

An exquisite hourglass is placed at the feet, the sand at the top is almost gone. This means it is almost time to check signal.

“That woman is probably sleeping like a log, what is there to monitor. Rumors has it the client likes this half-elf very much and wants her alive. Seems like boss will personally strike tomorrow.”

The Thief plays with the dagger in his hand while thinking.

He looks at the rooftop not far away and the other lookout is currently observing conscientiously.

And right at this time, his eyes suddenly shrinks!

A sneak silhouette is closing in onto that comrade on the roof!

“Who goes there!”

The Thief squints his eyes, his Sense is very high and can tell that it is a person in Stealth.

Thief from other gangs?

Before he can give any warning, his back suddenly turns cold!

“Shit! Someone saw through my Stealth!?”

He suddenly turns around and sees that half-elf holding a long sword in her hand charging over without hiding.

Her eyes closely locked on him and obviously knows his hiding spot!

The Thief’s reaction is very quick, with a agile turn, prepares to bypass the alley and not face this swordswoman head-on.

And right at this time, a shadow suddenly flashes over his peripheral vision!

A nimble shadow with fast movement, drops down from the roof and blocks his way.

The Thief bitterly looks at his comrade’s corpse on the roof and his mouth feels a bit dry.

Such a decisive and neat killing mean……

This fellow, could he be a real Assassin?

From he discovered the other party’s Stealth and prepares to kill his comrade until the elf swordswoman appears, it has only been a mere 2 or 3 seconds, he already completed the assassination?

This is absolutely unbelievable!

When did gangs in the streets every see this kind of killing mean before! This is purely a quality that super assassin can display after killing god knows how many powerhouse in the night.

When he sees that assassin’s face, he is so shocked his jaws drops:

“It’s you! How did you not die? You……”

The Thief is already shocked beyond words.

Anna’s sword is held against his back and says coldly: “You’ve 2 options. Cooperate with us, or die.”

The Thief obediently drops the dagger and opens up his hands. He has already gave up resisting. Not to mention that seemingly weak young noble having such scary assassination abilities, the half-elf in front of his eyes is a Warrior with at least 4 Class Levels, in a frontal confrontation, he has no chance at all.

“Tie him up, I know an abandoned warehouse nearby.” Ma Wen says lightly.


North of the city, in an abandoned warehouse.

“I swear, I already told you everything I know.”

That Thief called Dink is tied up tightly on a chair and says with a bitter face: “I’m only in charge of lookout and not in charge of striking.”

“You still have not told me why is Akron Gang trying to kill me?”

Ma Wen says coldly.

Dink says while acting pitiful: “I really don’t know……”

“Ah! What’re you doing?” Thief’s face is filled with fear.

Ma Wen sneers, grabs Dink’s right hand and slices on his wrist lightly with a small knife. Blood immediately flows out.

“It doesn’t hurt at all right?” Ma Wen says while sneering: “But I slit your vein, your bloody will slowly dry up.”

After saying, he slit on Dink’s wrist lightly again.

“You’re a devil!” Dink is really scared: “Stop right now.”

“Tell me what I want to know. I’ll release you.” Ma Wen says calmly: “If not, we’ll leave this place and let you bleed to death.”

Anna looks at Ma Wen worriedly. She certainly knows some necessary means of interrogation but she is worried about Ma Wen’s state.

He seems to be a bit too ruthless already. Seems to be turning from kind to another extreme.

“It’s all because I’m too useless. I failed at protecting Young Master, let him suffer such a huge shock and changed like this.” The half-elf bites her lips and her hand holding sword has veins showing because of being too white.

Under Ma Wen’s interrogation, Dink almost broke down. These gang members are not tough guys that gone through training against interrogation originally. They only joined the gang to feed their families so their minds are very weak.

In his previous life, Ma Wen met some religions’ fanatics before. Getting information out of their mouth gives the most headache.


“This fellow really doesn’t know who is trying to kill me. He only knows is a wealthy merchant in the city and paid a high price.”

“Akron Gang is only a 2nd-rate force in Hirst City. Their boss wants to rise up and this requires a large sum of money. That wealthy merchant apparently promised to invest after the deed is done.”

“Only their boss had met that client before. The rest of the underlings are only acting upon orders. To know who the mastermind is, we still have to find that fellow called [Tiafes].”

Ma Wen silently ponders.

To save his life, Dink spilled out everything.

Akron Gang is not a large force, other than Tiafes himself is Tier 2 Warrior, the strongest among the rest is a mere Level 4 Thief. Their base is [Pyroxene Bar], it is a famous underground casino in the slums and they engage in flesh trade too. It is a very messy place.

Tiafes is a very cautious man, Pyroxene Bar is almost built into a small fortress, especially the backyard and basement. It is not that easy to sneak in.

Ma Wen is a Ranger after all and not Thief that specializes in dismantling traps and Stealth and has no way to get close to Tiafes silently.

“Young Master, what should we do now?” Anna asks.

For some reason, the Ma Wen that awoken from serious illness made her has a sense of dependency.

“You said you’ll release me!” Dink says loudly.

Ma Wen walks over and, with a few sounds, uses the machete in his hand to cut the hemp rope.

Dink stuns for a while. He did not expect Ma Wen to really release him so readily.

Anna frowns and wants to say some but who knows at this time, Ma Wen strikes like a lightning and a cold light flashes over.

Cover mouth! Slit throat! Blood squirts!

Dink stares his eyes out and struggles for a while before dying.

“I’ll give you freedom but I never said I won’t give you.” Ma Wen calmly pushes away that Thief’s corpse that did not died in peace and cleans his machete.

Anna shudders slightly: “Young Master Ma Wen, what’s wrong with you? This is not like you at all.”

Ma Wen looks at Anna and says sincerely: “Everyone has many sides. Under the conditions now, I must become another me.”

“I’ll not allow to snatch away my territory and also not allow anyone to attempt to harm you.”

“I’ll never allow it.”

He holds Anna’s cold hand and says lightly: “You’re one of the most important people in my life. If someone is dealing with you, I’ll definitely make him pay for it.”

Anna’s face blushes and seeing such a scary Ma Wen, her heart actually has a sense of security.

She is a bit embarrassed and shakes off Ma Wen’s hand and says with a soft voice: “Young Master, what do we do now?”

“Go to the cemetery.”

Ma Wen mentions an unexpected location.

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