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Chapter 1


I did this as part of a translation test for Qidian which I failed in the end LOL. Since I already translated these, I thought I might as well put it out. Still not sure whether I will continue since Qidian probably will.

It has been 3 days since Transmigration already.

Ma Wen stands at the window looking at the passing-by people on the streets at dusk. Diagonally across, there is a rounded women at the alley giving him the glad eye.

This is the best room in Strong Horse Hotel. One can see Hirst City’s landmark——Silver Hourglass from here directly. That is where the headquarters of Silver Church Temple.

Not far away, a thief steals a wealthy person’s pockets. His actions are very nimble. He should be a thief that has at least a level 3 Class.

Everything in front of his eyes is just like the real world.

The only thing different is Ma Wen himself.

“Stats window.” He recites in his heart.

A series of data emerges before his eyes:

Name: Ma Wen

Race Human / ?

Stats: Strength 11, Agility 16, Physique 9, Intellect 14, Sense 14, Charm 13 (+1)

Class: Noble 3 (150/200)

Adventure Class: None

HP: 10/26 (Fever)

[Weak penalty: Stats weakened by 70%]

EXP: 40 (Noble) [Unallocated]

Skill Points: None

Stat Points: None

Class Skill:

——Noble (Baron): Majesty 25, Management 31, Observation 16, Negotiation 19, Accounting 28, Equestrian 30……


Other than these data which is same as the game in his previous life, this world, that Ma Wen saw after waking up, is no different to real world.

He cannot understand this but after 3 days of asking around and adapting, he basically can confirm the 3 things below:

Firstly, he has Transmigrated, Transmigrated to the game he was previously obsessed with on Earth <Fernand Continent>.

Secondly, other than god knows why he can see the same system as in the game, this is a real world. Every life is fresh and alive and he knows them well.

Thirdly, he has a problem. And very serious problem.

If his memories are not wrong, he should have Transmigrated to the eve of “Cataclysm”. Very soon, this peaceful world before his eyes will undergo earth-shaking changes. The 4th Era ruled by Wizards is going to end. Gods join hands to destroy Universe Magic Pool and begins to lay their hands on this rich lands.

For that thing.

“4th Destiny Stone Tablet. Oh my god……” Ma Wen rubs his temples strongly in an attempt to make his thoughts clearer.

Actually, for now, this is still not the biggest trouble. Cataclysm appears half a year later, the chaotic times is about to come but his still has time.

As a legendary player, in the situation where he knows this world very well, although half a year is a tight timing, it is still sufficient for him to attain the strength to protect himself.

The key is now.

His fever has yet to subside, along with his loser template (stats), he may just die anytime due to this little cold.

This left Ma Wen very speechless. After spending 3 days to fuse with the memories of this 14-years old boy, Ma Wen sadly discovered that his body is not only not good, it is also a down-and-out noble who just lost his territory——A month ago, a group of Gnolls attacked his territory, occupied his castle and mine forcing him to seek refuge with Hirst City’s Mayor and hoping Hirst City’s Mayor can send troops to help him get rid of those unusual Gnolls.

In the process of escaping to Hirst City from his territory, the poor boy came down with a cold and died from the illness in the end. Th

is then gave Ma Wen a chance. God knows whether is it fate or not, the youngster whose memories he fused with is also called Ma Wen. Both parties’ will merge together and with Earth’s Ma Wen as core, a new soul is born.

The process of producing a new soul is very painful. Ma Wen used a lot of effort to persuade this body’s remaining soul to give up his initiative and the price is for him to swear to protect what that poor soul wants to protect badly.

Territory, little brother and a women too.

These are his most precious things and must use his life to protect. Two men’s memories merged together, feelings merged together too. Even if Ma Wen wants to go back on his promise, it is not that possible anymore.

Thus, although Cataclysm is terrifying, to Ma Wen, the more important thing is to get back his territory within a month.

Or else, the youngster’s remnant soul will curse him and all his already useless stats will be weakened even more. This is something Ma Wen is not willing to see.

Just so you know, that Thief which finally advanced to Rule of Dark Night he originally had in the game, its 6 initial stats has a total of a whopping 100!

Agility is even a logic-defying 20!

This means that when he is a Level 1 Thief, he already possesses an additional Agility Trait——[Wall Walking].

[Wall Walking]: Reward Trait for high Agility. You can walk upright on walls quickly for not more than 20 feet within a short period of time, disregarding the effects of gravity.

And it is this super strong Agility Trait that made Ruler of Dark Night great. When Ma Wen Transmigrated, only 11 players successfully attained godhood in the game and he was one of them.

However, this body now……

Ma Wen almost cannot even bear to watch anymore.

Not to mention Gnolls, even a goblin can destroy him one-on-one, right?

That is because he does not even have a combat Class and is only a useless noble waited on hand and foot. Those life skills, other than Negotiations and Equestrian which have some uses, doesn’t the rest have nothing to do with an adventuring life?

However, Ma Wen is also glad that this fellow did not change Class carelessly. If he were to have a useless Wizard template when he Transmigrated, that will be the absolute worst.

Just so you know, half a year later, Universe Magic Pool will be destroyed. Other than Legendary, all Wizard’s Level will have a forced drop in a Tier (5 levels). Wizards’ rule on Fernand Continent will be completely terminated. Other Class-ers will begin to rise, all kinds of God’s churches will also begin advocating their doctrines. Wars will ignite, all lives will be in suffering.

While Wizards, are the most miserable group of people. They lost the right to participate in the war before it even begun.


“Knock knock knock!”

Sound of door knocking.

“Come in.” Ma Wen walks back to the bedside again.

The one to enter is a young brunette girl who looks to be around 20-years old. She looks a bit tired. The cleaned leather armor has a few more sabre marks. Her ears is a bit pointy but probably is not a pure-blood Elf.

This is Ma Wen’s stewardess cum female bodyguard and is also the only one always by his side since he was down-and-out. He still remembered that night when fire burned down the barn, it was this women before him that, regardless of perils, killed a way out while pulling him, and saved his life from the hands of the Gnolls. During the tens of miles from White River Valley to Hirst City, it is also her who carried him on the road.

She is called Anna, a half-elf. Limited by not having scouting abilities, Ma Wen has no way to see her stats but based on these 3 days of observation, Anna probably is a Tier 1 Adventurer with 4 or 5 Class Level. Either Warrior or Ranger, higher chance it is the former, at least the Anna in his memories rarely used bow and arrow or things like traps.

Her weapon is a sword, and just like the leather armor, it is very worn-out already——because it has not been maintenance for very long

“Young master, I went to the town hall to ask today, the officials there still gave the same reply……”

Anna puts aside the long sword, the pretty face seems to be a bit tired: “However, I managed to earn 20 silver coins today, at least there is no need to worry about next week’s rent. And tonight, I can boil a soup for you too.”

“Sister Anna, how much money do we still have?” Ma Wen suddenly says.

Anna’s face shows a streak of surprise. This is the first time Ma Wen initiates a conversation with her after waking up from the high fever.

She does not think much and quickly replies: “29 silver coins.”

“29 silver coins? Not enough.” Ma Wen frowns: “What about the accessory box my mother left behind?”

Anna is first dumbfounded, then angry: “Young master Ma Wen? Could it be you’re thinking of selling your mother’s legacy?”

Ma Wen nods with a calm expression: “I remembered there is a necklace in it which should worth some money.”

Anna inconceivably looks at Ma Wen, her eyes shows much disappointment: “Could it be you’re thinking of going to the casino again?”

Ma Wen stuns for a bit, he did not think that Anna will misunderstand him. He searches his memories and discovers that when the previous owner of this body reached Hirst City, he still had some money, as a result, he was cheated by a “friend” harboring ill intent and entered the casino.

In the end, he naturally lost a large sum of money. Since then, the youngster’s body which was slightly better, was getting sicker.

Obviously, that so-called friend is the casino’s steerer. There to cheat people with some money and no background like Ma Wen.

“I will never give it to you. Young master Ma Wen, if you need money, I will earn it.” Anna stubbornly says: “But I will not allow you to fool around. You should know, young master Winnie has already owed Wizards Alliance 2 months of tuition fees, if he does not continue to pay the tuition fees, he will be forced to drop out of Magall Academy.”

“Not much money is left already, it cannot stand anymore squandering!”

Ma Wen breaks into laughter, he lightly says: “Sister Anna, I want you to give me that necklace is not to use it for gambling but to use it to treat my body.”

“Treatment?” Anna stuns for a bit.

“My body is not getting better, it cannot go on forever. I know as long as you give a priest of God of Silver money, he will cast the lowest level of [Dispel Sickness] and [Life Recovery] on me. Then, my body will be back to normal.” Ma Wen explains, “I cannot be a weak noble anymore.”

“I need training and battle. I want to get back our territory. I want to protect some things I cherish too.”

He stands up from the bedside, changes a set of clothing and looks livelier.

“Believe me, Sister Anna.”

He looks at the half-elf stewardess.

Anna grits her teeth, and takes out that accessory box from bottom of the luggage case in the end. There is indeed a pearl necklace in it.

“I will go with you, lest you get cheated again……”

“No need.” Ma Wen takes the accessory box with a slightly serious expression.

“Sister Anna, you have been busy for a day, it’s time you take a good rest. I may not come back tonight. You need to be careful. I heard 2 local hooligans seemingly talking about you at the aisle today.”

“They’re probably up to no good. Although you’re a Tier 1 Adventurer, some gangs are very powerful. We still need to be careful.”

Up until Ma Wen left, Anna was blankly sat there.

For some reasons, the Ma Wen today seems a bit different. Very different from that kind and weak young man from before.

He looks almost a bit……domineering, just like his father.

That is a kind of majesty unique to nobles.

And outside the door, Ma Wen looks at the data log and cannot help but to shake his head.

“Feels like there will still be some guilt in using Skill on Sister Anna…… Forget it, make it the last time.”

[Data Log]:

“Majesty (25) activate……”

“Testing target’s willpower……”

“Skill activation successful……”

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