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Chapter 98: Berserk Marvin!

Only one word could be used to describe the current Marvin.

That word was berserk!

Feinan was a cruel world where evil and justice were constantly fighting, so many people died as a result.

Marvin had also killed many people. But he never put his hand on an innocent!

Black Jack seemed to have made a lot of progress during this time and had surprisingly leveled enough to be able to advance to 3rd rank.

But Marvin wasn’t afraid!

As long as he hadn’t finished his advancement, as long as he wasn’t an official Outlaw of the Crimson Road, Marvin was confident he could get rid of him!

And he could kill him in a direct one on one battle!

"Clang!" Sparks flew as the curved daggers collided!

With [Blade Technique – Rapids], Marvin’s attacks flowed freely, while also keeping his dagger skills stable.

Black Jack coldly snorted, resisting Marvin’s assault!

His skills had also somewhat improved, but after countering a few simple blows, he was stunned to find that the progress of this boy seemed a lot more significant than his own!

Last time they fought in the plague envoy’s basement, Marvin was still oppressed by him, with no room to retaliate.

But now, after three strokes, the other side still had no change in his expression, and there was no issue with the strength of his blade or his rhythm!

‘This is weird.’

‘How long has it been? I improved so fast, so how could he still be able to fight back?’

Not letting Black Jack think, Marvin took the lead to press the attack!

In a duel of daggers, he paid the most attention to the techniques. The most important thing was to grasp the opportunity.

This didn’t require a violent attack, but required keeping one’s composure instead!

The more composed one was, the easier it would be for them to find a flaw in their opponent. Thus, launching the first attack would decide the outcome of the battle!

People storming forwards would usually reveal a flaw to their opponent. This was something unwise.

If it was the usual Marvin, he would always hold back. But today, he chose to be on the offensive.

He wanted Black Jack to die!


Marvin lowered his head. As if it was flying, the dagger in his hand hurriedly blocked Black Jack’s. Shortly after, Marvin leapt. As his body was in the air, he ruthlessly chopped downward!

This looked like a fierce Flying Cleave, but in the eyes of that old fox Black Jack, it was actually full of flaws.

‘He switched daggers. His strength also seems to have increased…’

‘His dagger mastery has improved a few times, no wonder he became more prepared. That brat’s potential is very high.’

‘It’s a pity he met me! You want to kill me? Shadow Spider’s men are unable to, so how could a brat?’ Black Jack sneered inwardly.

He suddenly dashed forward and rolled on the ground.

In an instant, Marvin’s lower body was exposed and within Black Jack’s attack range!

"Let me cut off your legs and see at how you’ll jump!"

He laughed nastily, ruthlessly raising his two daggers to chop at Marvin’s knees!

But at that time, Marvin suddenly chanted an incantation!

[Spell – Vine Metamorphosis]!

In an instant, his legs below his knees turned into two barbed vines!

As Black Jack looked with amazement, the vines circumvented the sharp daggers and abruptly coiled around Black Jack’s wrists.


The latter still resisted the pain and firmly held onto his daggers, not letting go.

‘This is really an expert!’ Marvin thought.

He leaned forward, both hands on the ground, and with the power of his waist and abs, flipped using all his strength to pull on Black Jack’s wrists!

[Personal Skill – Burst]!

In an instant, Marvin’s strength was increased a few times, forcibly turning his waist to throw Black Jack in the air with those vines!

The n

ext second, Marvin fell to the ground as the vines released Black Jack and his legs returned to normal!

The chance arrived.

Marvin turned, his right hand aimed at Black Jack who was still in mid air and lacking freedom of movement!

A ray of light emerged from the ring of prayers.

[Rainbow Jet]!

A frightening arcane energy emitted from the ring and hit Black Jack.

During this matter of life and death, Black Jack’s daggers were raised in front of him.

He used all his strength to use a defensive posture!

Powerful rainbow rays fell on his body but at least half of them were blocked by his daggers!

But crystals still started appearing on his body.


‘He actually had spells!’

Black Jack awkwardly fell on the ground, his left half of the body feeling numb, a sign of crystallization!

His Hp had also dropped by a third.

Marvin squinted, feeling a bit depressed.

This guy Black Jack was too powerful! A lot stronger than Diapheis.

But he saw Black Jack quickly take out a small bottle and gulp it down. The crystallization on his body was immediately contained.

This guy had many good things on him, to actually have an anti-crystallization potion?

Marvin used three cards in his combo: Vine Metamorphosis, Burst, and Rainbow Jet. And it only made things a bit difficult for Black Jack.

‘Can’t let him recover his strength!’

Marvin made a decision and hurriedly rushed two steps forward, ruthlessly slashing with both weapons. It forced Black Jack to repeatedly roll away.

‘Want to escape?’

‘It’s not that simple!’

Marvin quickly caught up. Black Jack was half squatting when Marvin angrily slashed down!

Fortunately for him, his reaction was extremely fast and he barely managed to block at the last second.

He was furious!

As someone about to become an Outlaw of the Crimson Road, he was actually pushed back so far by a 2nd rank rookie?

This was completely inconceivable!

But before he could even fight back, Marvin suddenly threw two ropes!

Wishful Ropes!

Before entering Thousand Leaves Forest, had Marvin bought a back up rope, just in case. He hadn’t expected to earn the [Rope Master] title so fast!

Because it was a duel, [Chaotic Battlefield Expert] was unable to display its effect, so Marvin had already changed to Rope Master!

Two ropes attacked at the same time, one from the left, the other from the right. Under Marvin’s exquisite control, they captured both of Black Jack’s hands, binding his wrists. In an instant, he was covered in weak points!

"Die!" Marvin bellowed, both daggers slashing down!

But that that time, Black Jack’s body suddenly shrank!

A strange energy spread through his body. Both hands were freed from the wishful ropes control, and he suddenly disappeared in front of Marvin!

[Secret Skill – Vanish]!

A rarely seen skill.

Marvin had seen him using that skill last time in the basement.

But this ability was also within Marvin’s plan.

Vanish was a powerful skill with high priority, able to break free from all crowd control.

Then the user would shift.

‘Must be nearby!’

‘He shouldn’t be able to escape too far!’

Marvin turned, and immediately saw a shadow on a roof out of the corner of his eyes!

They weren’t far from each other!

Black Jack was crouching there with an ashen face, holding both daggers horizontally in front of him and looking like a vicious cheetah. He started to move!

He hadn’t been embarrassed like this for a very long time, especially by someone he had easily toyed with in the past. This kind of feeling made him depressed!

"Brat, your offensive is over!"

Black Jack daggers flashed with a thick radiance, his whole body turning extremely gloomy.

[Blade Technique – Abyss Phantom]

This was a type of high level Blade Technique, able to send out a burst of countless daggers!

The last time he used it, even the Paladin Gordian couldn’t help but cautiously guard against it.

But Marvin didn’t cower and didn’t yield. Instead, he headed up!

When both sides were about to collide, Marvin suddenly dodged by twisting.

[Eternal Night]!

In an instant, with Marvin at the center, the surrounding light was swallowed!

It was as if it was nighttime in that space at that moment.

Black Jack couldn’t see anything at all. He panicked and could only crazily attack his surroundings!

However, Marvin with his darksight was extremely calm. He circled around to Black Jack’s back.

Abyss Phantom had a time limit. Marvin coldly counted the remaining time of the other side’s Blade Technique.

Seven seconds later, Black Jack’s chaotic attacks seemed to stagnate for an instant.

A flaw!

Marvin unhesitatingly pounced on him.

This time, he was holding Blazing Fury in his left hand and Kingfisher Jade in his right!


Blazing Fury easily blocked one of Black Jack’s shadow daggers!


The Kingfisher Jade dagger deeply stabbed into the back of Black Jack’s head!

Marvin suddenly did a forward somersault and kicked the handle of the Kingfisher Jade dagger.


The dagger sank further into Black Jack’s head!

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