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Chapter 97: Outlaw of the Crimson Road

Hearing the youth’s words, Marvin remained silent.

After a moment, he put away his curved dagger and said with a gentle tone, "You want to follow me?"

"Not everyone is qualified to do so."

"Take a look behind you…"

The elven youth didn’t understand so he turned around. He couldn’t have imagined that Marvin would suddenly hit the back of his head.


‘I knew that human youths were the most troublesome.’

‘I just didn’t expect elven youths to be the same.’

‘The world is big indeed, but also very chaotic. Do you have money to go out to explore? Travel expenses, weapons for self-defense. What, you don’t have any and want to go out? Going out alone, aren’t your parents worried?’

He carried the elven youth and walked back to the elven village.

That youth had definitely sneaked away.

In fact, the wood elves were very territorial, and they strictly looked after their children. If someone secretly took away an elf that hadn’t become an adult, they would basically be considered child slave traders!

Marvin didn’t want to be part of this.

He was returning that guy that didn’t know better to his village.

Marvin had also checked and and seen that this child’s aptitudes were ordinary, meaning he wouldn’t be picked by the Elven Iron Guard. This meant he might always stay in that small secluded village.

This also wasn’t too bad. Healthy and peaceful for a lifetime.

The youth woke up two thirds of the way there. He wanted to struggle, but was quickly frightened by a few words from Marvin and his curved dagger. He didn’t dare complain further.

Marvin simply used the wishful rope to tie him up and lead him along.

The youth reluctantly followed behind Marvin back toward the village.

He tried using words to move Marvin, constantly begging, pleading, and ultimately asking a favor.

Unfortunately, Marvin hadn’t paid him any attention from the start.

After a short period of time the village was in sight. Suddenly, Marvin smelled a strange scent.

He abruptly stopped. The youth didn’t understand and thus thought Marvin had changed his mind. "Sir?"


Marvin’s expression turned ugly.

This kind of scent… was a mix of the smell of blood and burnt corpses!

‘No good!’

Marvin immediately rushed forward and entered the village, ignoring the youth behind him.

But the current village had lost its appearance from half a day ago, when Marvin had arrived!

The elves had died a tragic death.

Blood covered the ground, and a fire was burning in the distance. A strange silence enveloped the land.

The smell of blood was so thick that it almost blocked Marvin’s nostrils!

They all died!

Not one was left alive!

‘So vicious. Who could do this kind of thing?’

Marvin was extremely shocked.

This small elven village was in the depths of Thousand Leaves Forest, completely secluded. Why would someone set their eyes on it?

Who could have the heart to do such a thing to a wood elf village?

Marvin stood there, motionless. The body next to his left foot was that of a small girl.

She was beheaded. But she still held in her hand that piece of white sugar Marvin had brought from River Shore City.

The small girl was very adorable. Half a day earlier she had still been jumping around, asking for candy from Marvin.

But now, not only was she dead, but her eyes were still open with a painful expression on her face!

"Aaah!" A shriek was heard from behind.

It was that elven youth.

He was startled and angrily looked at this hellish scene, completely unable to accept what had happened.

"Shut up!" Marvin coldly said.

The youth was stunned.

He had already turned completely daft.

He couldn’t understand. Why did this happen?

He had only secretly left the village for a short while. His relat

ives and friends were already lying down in a pool of blood.

"Follow me, don’t mess up," Marvin solemnly said. "The killer is still in the village."

He looked at the fire in the distance. A scarlet flame was slowly rising in the sky before its shape slowly turned into a curved dagger dripping blood.

Slaughtering a village… Red fireworks...

Looking at this scene, Marvin clearly realized what happened!

His expression turned solemn, as he whispered:

"Outlaw of the Crimson Road…"

Marvin would be unable to control this elven youth, so he tied him between some small houses and adding cotton in his mouth, to prevent him from running all over the place.

He then sped up toward the center of the village, at the place where the flame was burning!

His eyes were full of anger!

A green hill turned into a scarlet pool of blood. Marvin’s eyes turned red at the sight of the blood of these innocents!

This was a ceremony, an advancement ceremony!

Outlaw of the Crimson Road was a 3rd rank class, so the prerequisite to advancing was to have a total of at least 10 levels!

Usually, a 2nd rank class holder who had just advanced would have very low chances of being a match for an Outlaw of the Crimson Road.

But Marvin was different! He had faith in himself.

He also wanted to take a look at that extremely vicious guy, to see who it was.

In the public square in the middle of the village, the bodies of the adult elves were piled up together. Next to the pile was a burning wooden stake stuck in the ground.

The fire was mercilessly engulfing the dead bodies. Next to the pile of burning corpses stood two indifferent men in black clothing.

The fireworks had been released by one of them.

This was partially provocation, but also a sort of proof.

Proof that he had accomplished one of the Outlaw of the Crimson Road’s advancement missions, slaughtering a village.

That’s right, the Outlaw of the Crimson Road’s advancement mission was the most repetitive and the most cruel!

They had to massacre at least three villages of different races!

And none could be left alive.

This was a group of extremely grim people. They had completely broken away from orderly society, and even evil gods wouldn’t accept their faith!

"The fireworks have already been used, and the 2nd village has already been dealt with." The man who threw the fireworks laughed as he relaxedly said, "Those Elven Iron Guards won’t catch up to me in the forest."

"Thus, my advancement mission is already in the bag."

"As for that Great Elven King, with your [Knowledge Compass] disturbing his [Omniscient Awareness], he won’t be able to find who did this."

"He will pour his rage on human adventurers. Maybe those few human villages in the south will be slaughtered. Ahah, it’ll truly be more and more interesting!"

After saying this, he actually began to laugh nervously.

"The Shadow Spider Order, that group of stupid cunts actually dared to threaten me and think I would truly be afraid of them hunting me down!"

"I, your father, have now advanced to Outlaw of the Crimson Road! When I rise up to be a legend, I’ll kill you until nothing is left!" he exclaimed with a vicious smile plastered on his face.

The other man was holding a black compass and had an expression of approval on his face.

"I like this kind of unyielding arrogance you have, quite similar to me when I was young."

"The time and expensive resources we used training and levelling you up to expedite your advancement and join our organization wasn’t spent in vain."

"But the 2nd stage of your assignment hasn’t finished yet!" That man coldly looked at the shadow of a young man sprinting at the end of the road.

"Who is this person?"

"Regardless, hurry up and kill him! Since he appeared here, he must die!"

"Get it done fast. I’ll wait for you at the old place!"

He then leapt high and jumped above the village’s countless houses before disappearing into the vast forest.

The fire was getting fiercer at the edge of the village’s plaza.

Marvin held two daggers, calmly looking at the man before him.

That man had a strange look on his face. He carefully watched Marvin for a moment before suddenly reacting.

"It’s actually you!"

"Hehe, I almost didn’t recognize you without your mask!"

"Masked Twin Blades is actually a brat?!"

Marvin coldly watched him for a while, before saying two words.

"Black Jack!"

Enemies really meet on a narrow road!

It hadn’t been long since Marvin transmigrated but he had already met this Shadow Spider killer four times!

At the Deathly Silent Hills, outside Miller’s house, in the basement of the plague envoy.

And now, in an ordinary elven village of Thousand Leaves Forest.

Meeting face to face four times!

He tightly held onto his daggers.

"This time, I won’t let you escape." Marvin said.

Black Jack gave a stunned look at Marvin, but the latter didn’t wait for him to speak and already rushed forward ferociously!

This time, he would no longer deceive, he would no longer hesitate.

Because fury was burning in his chest.

Fuck tactics!

Only one word, KILL!

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