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Chapter 95: Treasure Hunt

As dawn slowly arrived, Marvin tirelessly ran through the Thousand Leaves Forest.

He was running absolutely unrestrained, with a pass in hand so that even if he met the Elven Iron Guard, they would easily let him through.

He felt strength flowing all over his body after receiving the Night Monarch’s blessings.

His attributes had once again been strengthened, and he also received an attribute point because his overall level reached 6. Marvin didn’t hesitate to use it on dexterity. This was the path he had chosen. He wouldn’t consider using a free attribute point in another stat until he had 25 dexterity.

Thousand Leaves Forest was extremely huge, but Marvin felt familiar with many areas here.

That page of the Book of Nalu could be considered the easiest artifact to find in all of Feinan, even if it was only a damaged one. There was no danger.

‘I remember it was north of a small elven village, and there seemed to be a waterfall there.’

‘The plunge pool at the bottom of the waterfall was extremely cold. Only those with cold resistance +5 or higher could dive down.’

‘The Book of Nalu was placed in that pool.’

Marvin was on his way towards his objective while trying to recall the exact location of the hidden book of Nalu.

Thousand Leaves Forest was really too vast, and that elven village only had a few distinctive signs. Without enough information, finding the book of Nalu was impossible.

No wonder no one had found it all this time.

The sun gradually rose but it didn’t make Marvin feel unwell.

But the feeling of being like a fish in water he had during the night gradually disappeared.

Night Walkers were more powerful at night after all. Skills like Summon Night Crow would be in a sealed state.

But Eternal Night could still be used three times per day at most.

‘I shouldn’t be too far, time to take a break.’

Marvin stopped and sat under a tree. He took out some rations and water from the void conch, replenish some energy.

He also took the chance to take out that magic weapon.

Blazing Fury.

This weapon was a curved dagger that Sean personally crafted. It was made of a mix of many uncommon metals and precious materials. It also deserved its name of magic weapon due to its attributes.

This curved dagger actually had two great spells attached!

Arcane Missiles was a commonly seen instant magic that would summon a number of arcane missiles to attack the enemy, depending on the user’s intelligence level.

With Marvin’s intelligence, he could only summon 3 - 5 arcane missiles, but it was still very threatening.

This spell could be used three times a day.

The other spell [Blazing Fury] was very fierce in comparison. It was a 2nd circle spell!

And an AoE spell at that!

Its firepower was several times stronger than the Hand of the Fire God. Even though it could only be used once per day, Marvin was already very satisfied.

What made him the most grateful was that this curved dagger was tailor made!

However, this magic weapon normally couldn’t be wielded by Marvin due to his attributes. His strength was lacking!

The weapon’s usual strength requirement was 15!

But Sean had added a great amount of [Cloud Rock], a very uncommon and expensive ore. It forcibly reduced the weapon’s strength requirement to 12, a level where Marvin could use it.

The old blacksmith attentive side could clearly be seen.

It was at this time that Marvin truly understood that a weapon fitting himself should be forged by himself.

The person who knew you the best was still yourself.

He had previously thought of never touching his blacksmith class again after leaving the Eternal Night Paradise.

However, he realized that Sean had put a lot of thought into it so he slowly began to change his mind.

Maybe this blacksmith class wasn’t as uninteresting and useless

as he thought.

The only thing that made Marvin somewhat distressed was that to use Two-Weapon Fighting, his left and right hand daggers had to be identical in weight and size.

Even if they had Two-Weapon Fighting, an ordinary person’s right hand was a bit stronger than the left, so if the two weapons differed too much, it would make the attack uncoordinated.

Of course, having an occasional change of rhythm could definitely catch someone off guard. The main point was still how to use it.

He thought and finally decided to hang Blazing Fury on his waist, like the Kingfisher Jade.

He would use Fang for the time being. And switching daggers in battle wasn’t too difficult for him.

After familiarizing himself with the weapon, Marvin continued his journey once again. He soon found that familiar elven village.

This village was in the western part of Thousand Leaves Forest.

There were roughly 200 inhabitants who were all pure wood elves.

The village had a guard squad, but these people weren’t strong.The strongest had already been forcefully enlisted into the Elven Iron Guard.

This method of forceful enlistment, even if it was to defend Thousand Leaves Forest, lead to some resentment among the elves.

If not for that Great Elven King’s strength and charisma, the situation would have already reached the point of no return, throwing Thousand Leaves Forest into chaos.

When Marvin entered the village he only noticed a dozen young adults. Most of the inhabitants were elderly or children.

This was a very common elven village.

They were secluded, living peaceful and harmonious days. Outside the village was a large corn and banana field, enough for the wood elves to use as food for a long time.

Perhaps because they rarely met humans, a lot of elven children surrounded him, fearless. They used a clumsy common language to ask Marvin a few things.

Marvin was very fond of those children. He took out some snacks and divided it between them. These snacks were Marvin’s rations from the human world, so they couldn’t be bought in Thousand Leaves Forest.

The children took the things they were interested in, and actually surrounded Marvin even closer, making him unable to get away.

Elves during their childhood were very lively and curious about the world. This interest would gradually vanish as they grew to adulthood. Most wood elves would end up becoming aloof.

And those young adults initially seemed very cautious, but once Marvin showed his pass, they relaxed.

There weren’t many people who could get a pass and they were all close allies of the wood elves that wouldn’t harm them.

Soon, Marvin received a warm reception, especially after he took out some small trinkets from River Shore City out of his Void Conch. They were originally not worth many coins, but for the secluded elves, and especially the children, it was an exceptional novelty.

Marvin stayed in the village for a while, asking the village chief something about the northern waterfall.

As expected, the elder pointed out the exact location of the waterfall.

He still warned Marvin, "Young man, even though that waterfall is very beautiful, the water at the bottom is as cold as ice. Don’t enter the plunge pool by any means."

Marvin nodded. After thanking the older elf, he struggled his way out of the group of elven children and headed north, alone.

About half an hour later, he found the waterfall. Soon, the plunge pool emitting cold air appeared in front of him.

There wasn’t a single blade of grass growing around that plunge pool, probably because it was too cold.

Marvin approached the water, and sure enough, a gust of cold air was coming out.

‘It’s fortunate that I’m prepared.’

He checked his surroundings and saw no one. He then quietly took out a bottle of blue colored medicine and drank it!

[Short Cold Resistance Potion]!

It could temporarily give +8 to the cold resistance stat. The effect was quite amazing but the effect duration was very short, only 3 minutes!

This was something Marvin had asked for from Hathaway. The latter estimated as a seer that it was worth it and directly paid the potion in advance to Marvin.

In fact, this potion was very valuable. Even though it wasn’t as valuable as Dragon Strength, it could still sell for an extremely good price on the market.

After Marvin finished drinking, he didn’t dare to delay and hurried to jump in the pool!

His swimming skills were good, and although the plunge pool was deep, he more or less knew the exact location. Soon, after two failed attempts, he managed to grab the chest stuck in the mud.


Marvin, drenched and shivering, climbed out of the water while clutching a small chest.

The increase in his cold resistance stat didn’t mean he wouldn’t feel any coldness. He simply wouldn’t freeze.

Thankfully there was a small cavern in the surroundings. Marvin went in, took off his clothes, and lit a fire.

After warming up, he opened the chest. The lock on the chest had been worn down by the years and a simple pull was enough to break it.

A parchment was lying inside, along with a human skin mask!

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