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Chapter 94: Fortune Fairy

"Don’t be nervous, this is the Night Monarch’s blessing!" Sean explained.

Kate felt relieved and curiously looked at that round green fire gradually merging with her body.

Marvin, who just finished his advancement, stood up and looked at Kate with curiosity.

He didn’t know what she would get.

Sean patted Marvin’s shoulder. "Kid, you are already a qualified Night Walker."

"Members of our organization don’t have any set duty. Your only mission right now is to kill the crimson patriarch of the twin snakes cult."

"But you are still weak. Wait until you have fully developed and then make some trouble for him. As for the others, unless there is an emergency, we won’t gather the members."

"Where you go next is up to you."

Marvin nodded.

He was extremely grateful to Sean. The old man gave him the opportunity to advance to Night Walker and gifted him a magic weapon!

And a full year of blacksmithing, giving Marvin a remarkable tempering.

He was about to express his thanks, but the old blacksmith suddenly said in a low voice, "This girl isn’t simple."

"Befriending her is good. It would be advantageous and a harmless matter. Her future has no limit. The Night Walker organization need allies like her."

Marvin instantly understood.

He also let Kate receive the Night Monarch’s blessing because of wanting to make friends with a future powerful shaman.

The Night Walker organization wasn’t big but it had many allies. The Great Elven King of Thousand Leaves Forest, for example, was one of their most loyal allies.

These relationships needed to be protected. Old Sean as a former leader naturally dealt with these things easily.

Even though it might seem a bit calculated, if one wanted to survive in this world, having all kinds of friends and allies was indispensable.

Thus, Marvin nodded.

After a few minutes, the ghostly fire was completely absorbed by Kate. She opened her eyes with a bright expression on her face.

"Thank you," she said sincerely to Sean. "I seem to understand a little how to control my strength."

The old fox only chuckled. "This is your own power. The Night Monarch’s blessings only gave you a path to follow."

"Also, this is Marvin’s advancement ceremony. If you wish to express your gratitude, you should also thank him."

"He was the one attracting the will of the Night Monarch, giving you the blessings on the way."

Hearing the old man say this, Marvin couldn’t help being somewhat moved.

He was giving Marvin all the credit. And Kate seemed to have received a lot of benefits from the Night Monarch’s blessings.

As expected, Kate hesitated and then said, "It seems like I don’t need the amethyst rock."

"I’m about to go back, Big Sis needs my help. If you are interested, you can come take a look at Rocky Mountain."

"But before I leave, I’ll give you a gift to repay you."

She then softly chanted an incantation.

Old Sean slightly squinted.

This was a summoning spell!

Marvin heard a part of the spell. This was a shaman’s common pet summoning incantation.

‘Is she summoning her pet?’

Marvin felt somewhat curious.

Soon, a simple magic circle appeared in front of the three. Something plump emerged from the magic circle!

Its skin was pink and it looked chubby. It was extremely adorable. There was a pair of very small wings on its back.

"Ding! Ding! Quickly wake up!"

Kate was holding this plump thing. The creature lazily kept her eyes closed, pretending to be asleep and not wanting to wake.

Marvin and Sean looked at each other in dismay.

The girl was somewhat embarrassed.

She explained, "Ding is still young, she needs long periods of sleep…"

She then blushed and pinched that small thing’s cheek and shouted in a low voice, "Ding, wake up quickly!"

"Otherwise, next time you

wake up there won’t be any coconut jelly to eat!"

That last sentence seemed effective. The pitiful thing strenuously opened its eyes and tried hard to move its wings.

At that time, Marvin saw what it was!


‘It’s actually an extremely rare Fortune Fairy?’

‘Even if it’s a child, isn’t Kate’s luck simply too frightening?’

Marvin was completely speechless.

He finally understood what being a [Child of the Plane] entitled. Born as a Fate Shaman under the care of Fate, her pet would obviously be a fortune fairy.

Old Sean’s expression also changed, he clearly had enough experience to recognize Ding’s identity!

Fortune fairies were a very rare type of lifeforms. Forget the common wood fairy, even a higher fairy couldn’t compare with this mythic lifeform!

In all of Feinan’s history, not many fortune fairies appeared.

People didn’t know much about them, but Marvin knew. Fortune fairies were in fact a fragment of a Fate Tablet!

During the third era, many living creatures successfully became gods because they received a fragment of one of the three fate tablets. But some fragments went missing, or developed intelligence, drifting away amongst Feinan’s wildernesses.

Even gods couldn’t find these Fate tablet’s fragments. A small portion of those turned into creatures that went beyond an ordinary person’s imagination. Fortune Fairies were one of them.

Feinan had all kinds of aloof and remote gods, but they were unlucky all this time because the fate fragments took shape of creatures like fortune fairies.

They usually slept in the wilderness only waiting for a rare classes such as Fate Shamans to summon them as pets, probably because of their perception. And they thus became fate shamans’ pets.

"Come, Ding, give a blessing to this Mister."

Kate pinched Ding’s chubby face as if she was coaxing a child.

The latter yawned, dispirited. It took a glance at Marvin and displayed disdain. "Why should I bless such a vile man?"

"I don’t like him."

Her voice was soft, but her tone was sassy.

Kate was embarrassed. Her face turned stiff and she said, "This is an order from your Master!"

"Ah? I dislike this kind of order without a reason the most!" Ding angrily flew up. She extended her short small finger at Marvin and yelled, "I’ll strike this man with thunder and lightning!"

"Aurora Lightning!"

Lightning suddenly flashed in the sky!

Marvin was startled!

3rd circle spell, Aurora Lightning?

And it was an insta cast? He would die if he delayed!

He hurriedly withdrew, frightened, and rolled away!

But his reaction speed was nowhere near the Aurora Lightning’s speed. The frightening electric current directly ran through Marvin’s body, frying his hair and turning his face pitch back!

But he didn’t have any negative reactions apart from those!

‘This is Aurora Lightning? I’ve already been electrocuted?’ Marvin looked at his log window with fright.

He hadn’t lost a single hair.

‘Hold on…’

A few log windows appeared:

[A fortune fairy used a 3rd circle spell on you, Aurora Lightning.]

[Dodge failed…]

[Fortune fairy exclusive specialty – (Everything Will Be Fine) activated… Variation occurred in the Aurora Lightning…]

[You received fortune fairy’s blessing – Luck +1 – Duration: Unknown]

Marvin immediately checked his character window and sure enough, at the bottom was a new line, [Luck +1].

‘Luck +1? What’s the use?‘

Marvin didn’t have a similar experience in the past. A stat like Luck was very vague and couldn’t really be checked.

Ding, still floating after casting the spell, suddenly became very dispirited. "Wuwuwu," she wept while falling.

"Why is it that every time I want to kill, it turns into a blessing?"

"I’m really too kind! I want coconut jelly, I want to sleep!"

Marvin was speechless.

Kate carried Ding in her arms, feeling somewhat sorry for her. Ding laid down in her embrace and immediately fell asleep.

"Ding’s blessing consumed a lot of strength," explained Kate.

"She is still young after all."

"I hope this blessing can help you when you are in danger."

"If you have time, come take a look at Rocky Mountain."

After saying this, Kate didn’t stay any longer and bid farewell to Marvin and Sean before leaving Thousand Leaves Forest alone.

And after advancing, Marvin also had to part with Sean.

The old man returned to Oak Town to continue his half-secluded life.

Marvin continued his journey north, going toward the northwest.

Not only was the eternal flower, the flower most loved by the wood elves, in that direction, but there was also a page of the Book of Nalu.

He had promised Hathaway to find this badly damaged artifact.

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