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In any case, fighting experience was always very valuable.

Right now for example, even though Marvin was still quite a distance from the other side and he didn’t use any reconnaissance type skill or spell, he could still make a quick decision.

Those two adventurers were 2nd rank class holders.

They were very sturdy above the waist and used cheap two handed greatswords, one of which had some rust on it.

This meant that they didn’t maintain their weapons, or possibly they didn’t have money to maintain them.

‘They don’t have any special signs, so they should be 2nd rank fighters. Looks like level 7 or 8.’

The only thing that made Marvin glad was that both of them should be like Wolf, not having an advanced class.

In fact, there was a huge difference between 2nd rank class holders who advanced and those who didn’t.

After advancing, the new class would strengthen the body and would have a lot of powerful skills. This could make someone completely reborn.

Ever since Marvin transmigrated, even if he killed a few 2nd rank class holders, he had to use special means to deal with those who had advanced.

For the gang boss Diapheis, he used [Rainbow Jet]. For those two barbarians protecting Miller, he relied on his loyal subordinates’ [Desperate Strike]. As for the gnoll shaman, Marvin simply used a potion, and it was a close call.

Every advanced 2nd rank class holder was very troublesome.

The kind like Wolf was much easier to handle.

Fighters’ basic skills weren’t like those of the powerful advanced classes.

Marvin held his breath and slowly approached.

Regardless of the true situation, since Sean had him handle it, he certainly had his reasons.

He was currently Sean’s apprentice, so he could only do as he was told.

Moreover, these two adventurers really didn’t look like good people. Killing two adventurers who violated an agreement wouldn’t weigh on his mind at all.


The forest was part of the wilderness. A ranger’s stealth not only had no penalty, it also got a little bonus!

He stayed in the shadows, slowly approaching.

Even if a 2nd rank class holder who hadn’t advanced was easy to deal with, it still had levels, attributes points and skill points there, so Marvin couldn’t be careless.

The situation didn’t seem that urgent. He simply coiled behind a tree and used Listen.

Before joining battle, he had to properly judge the situation. This was Marvin’s fighting principle.

The girl was in between the two adventurers, and both sides had been silent for a long time.

After a moment, one of the adventurers impatiently said, "Miss Kate, it’s not that we want to make things difficult for you."

"We already circled the Thousand Leaves Forest a few times, facing enormous risks. You know how troublesome those elven iron guards are."

"Even if we haven’t found what you were looking for, we already did our job. If you want to keep searching, you’ll have to pay more!"

The other man continued in a low voice, "or you could use other means of payment."

"We would be very happy to help such a pretty and kindhearted young lady."

His smile was a bit wretched, his eyes checking out the girl’s body.

Marvin’s sight fell on the girl.

But after a quick glance, he gasped!

She wore a skirt, and her face looked as delicate as porcelain, with purple eyes. She had a very gentle appearance.

Most noticeable was that long purple hair.

Miss Kate...

Marvin took a deep breath.

This young lady wasn’t an ordinary person!

He knew her.

‘What was that geezer Sean thinking? Hero saving a beauty?’

‘This girl only has to think it and those two adventurers would die within minutes.’

‘However… This girl is a lot more attractive than in the game. She has looks worth of being called a femme fatale.’

A ripple appeared in Marvin’s heart.

It’s not that he had never seen a beautiful woman, but beauty like this made him gasp. There should only be a few of them in all of Feinan.

This girl was simply the most favored woman in all creation. There was not the least bit of a flaw from head to toe, perhaps besides being a bit too small. Her figure and complexion reached the apex.

It was also because of this excessive beauty that she and her forces’ headquarters, Rocky Mountain, attracted a huge disaster.

After the Great Calamity, there were many female gods jealous of her and her sisters’ looks. They use a conspiracy and a war to destroy Rocky Mountain.

This was the first spectacular military campaign. More than a hundred thousand high level player took part in this event, [Rocky Mountain Defensive Battle]. Although Rocky Mountain’s side ended up losing and the gods won, those three ladies’ breathtaking display of strength left behind a deep impression in the hearts of the players!

They were called the [Three Fate Sisters]. It was their trio who set up the first large scale human territory after the calamity. Rocky Mountain. Rocky Mountain’s rise was also the rise of shamans because the three sisters were blessed by Fate as [Fate Shamans]!

The three sisters were all Legends!

The girl standing in front of Marvin was one of the three Fate Sisters. The second one, nicknamed Kate. No one knew her real name.

A Fate Shaman’s strength was very frightening. They were a group of people blessed by the will of this plane. Their natural charisma was extreme. They could take a nap after a meal and suddenly understand an extremely strong legendary spell.

If ordinary wizards had to strive to learn knowledge and study to increase their casting abilities, then fate shamans were godlike students among the casters.

They didn’t even need to study! They would automatically learn powerful spells. Even if the frequency at which they learnt a spell was random, they were extremely powerful.

Ever since the creation of Feinan, there had been no more than twenty Fate Shamans. During the Great Calamity three of them appeared!

And they were three sisters!

The strangest part was that these twenty fate shamans were all women. This made most of the male apprentices depressed, but they could only envy these women treasured by the will of the plane.

‘She must have deliberately used a way to hide her charm.’

’Otherwise these two adventurers might have already been unable to stop themselves from assaulting her. Maybe in their eyes, she is just a good looking woman.’

Marvin looked at his own logs and didn’t notice any kind of check. This proved his theory.

He was a little confused. What was old Sean thinking?

‘Could he not be aware of that girl’s destructive strength?’

And wanted him to be a hero saving the beauty?

But at this time, Kate suddenly said, "I don’t have more money."

"I already paid you when we were moving through the forest and you promised to help me find the [Amethyst Rock].

"However, these past few days, you made me go in circles around the forest. You swindled me. This is a breach of our contract."

The two adventurers exchanged glances and couldn’t help but smile, displaying a perverted look.

"I didn’t expect to be found out by you."

"Amethyst Rock? We’ve never heard anything about it!"

"A delicate young girl like you should be able to satisfy me..."

One of the men stepped forward, grinning. "We wanted to handle it when we entered the forest, but we wanted to see how much you had on you. We couldn’t open your storage after all."

"Having such a high grade storage item, yet still running around by yourself, definitely a young noble who ran away from home after an argument."

"I already miss the previous one… Hehe…"

Kate seemed somewhat flustered.

Her voice grew a little louder. "Don’t get close!"

"I’ll kill you!"

Her hair suddenly began floating behind her, and a hint of pain could be seen on her face!

Marvin could feel a destructive power emerging from her body!

‘Hold on…’

‘Fuck me! The current Kate is still unable to control her power. Her Fate Shaman ability is still not completely activated!"

Marvin instantly reacted!

The current Kate was still in a transitional period. Her fate power had awakened but she was unable to control it.

She couldn’t act as she pleased. If she did, she wouldn’t be able to control the aftermath of those kinds of Heaven Destroying spells.

This was the great elven king’s territory! If there was a Fate Shaman behaving atrociously here, he would ruthlessly eliminate her!

Marvin finally understood why Sean let him take care of this!

Those two adventurers still acted recklessly. One of them actually threw himself at her!

"Don’t come over!" Kate’s face turned extremely angry!

Huge flames appeared around her body!

The adventurer took a step back!

At this time, a shadow suddenly attacked, his curved dagger ruthlessly slashing toward that adventurer’s waist!

"Control your power!" Marvin furiously shouted.

"I’ll take care of these two men!"

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