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Chapter 88: Hero saving a beauty?

Thousand Leaves Forest.

The forest at night looked very peaceful. Moonlight shone atop the tree, forming many shadows. No one knew what was hiding in the shadows.

However, this silence didn’t feel desolate. The entire forest was in a kind of harmony.

If Marvin was a druid, he could obtain a lot more information about this forest and even what every tree witnessed.

But as a ranger, the forest was also his favorite area. He could feel this place’s tranquility.

A formidable power was protecting this place.

Just before Anthony’s fall, when that Eye of the Bright Sun was looking at the whole East Coast, day and night without stopping, it made people feel at peace.

In the Thousand Leaves Forest, all the natives received the Great Elven King’s blessing.

Every tree, every squirrel.

Evil power didn’t even think of causing trouble in that place. And the greedy adventurers also didn’t dare go too far. The elven iron guard closely watched the borders of Thousand Leaves Forest. Any intruding human would be driven out or locked up in prison.

It was very difficult to break out from the elven cells.

On the edge of the forest, two shadows were quickly moving forward, one following the other.

Marvin felt gloomy, yet excited at the same time.

Sean really did act too quickly, right? From leaving the Night Monarch’s incomplete plane, the [Eternal Night Paradise], he immediately urged Marvin to enter the Thousand Leaves Forest.

After experiencing the life of a blacksmith for a whole year, Marvin was tired.

That kind of exhaustion wasn’t physical but rather, his mind was tired. He was now forcing himself to move forward, only relying on willpower and the urge to become a Night Walker.

Indeed, before setting off, Sean’s words were already clear.

The next task was the Night Walker advancement’s final task, receiving the Night Monarch’s blessings through a baptism.

If he completed this task, Marvin would smoothly advance to a Night Walker, becoming a member of the Night Walker’s organization.

And a new candle full of vitality would be added to Sean’s candle holder.

"The Night Monarch’s grave was set up in the Thousand Leaves Forest. At that time, the Thousand Leaves Forest was still not under the control of the elves."

"Thus, to receive the Night Monarch’s blessings, one has to sneak into the Thousand Leaves Forest."

"Careful on the way, you cannot be found by the Elven Iron Guard, or else it may be very problematic."

This was what Sean told Marvin before setting off.

He turned silent once he finished explaining, displaying the strength of the Night Walker’s former leader. This geezer claimed to have suffered a serious permanent injury to his arm and leg, but he was still able to run very fast!

Marvin simply couldn’t catch up to him! If he hadn’t deliberately reduced his speed, Marvin would have already been left behind in a few seconds.

This once again awed Marvin as to a Night Walker’s strength.

Sean wasn’t a Legend!

He was once extremely close to being a Legend, with class levels of [Level 8 Ranger – Level 12 Night Walker]. After 5 levels, Night Walkers would rarely pick another advanced class and instead keep leveling their class to reach 3rd rank or level their base class. This increased their ability to adapt in battle. And Sean was one of them.

This was related to the powerful specialty of Night Walkers.

Even if Marvin didn’t know the amount of people Sean had killed, his [Nocturnal Kill] specialty had at least reached level 4 or higher.

‘He wouldn’t be able to run that quickly otherwise…’

‘In any case, I also reached the dexterity threshold and my running speed is extremely fast, but I still can’t catch up to him.’

‘This isn’t coming from his dexterity, it’s the Night Walker’s abilities at night!"

Marvin struggled to run behind Sea


He rarely ran with all his strength like this. The only advantage was that he didn’t need to be aware of his surroundings.

He only needed to follow Sean running through every place.

Marvin suspected that his teacher’s abilities in a forest at night might be stronger than that of druids.

It’s a pity that when Sean was at his best, he had apparently received a severe injury. His fighting ability was far weaker than back then, or else advancing might be possible.

Thus, the two, teacher and disciple, crazily ran through the Thousand Leaves Forest in the middle of the night.

Darksight’s benefit was brilliantly displayed. Even when running at lightning speed, everything around him could enter his sight.

And a year of tempering had improved his constitution. These 2 points of constitution were not to be underestimated. It was like a transformation for his stamina and resistance.

Not only could he run faster, he could also run for a longer period of time.

The most important part was that, along with his constitution increasing, Marvin’s specialty [Burst] would have a higher attack ceiling.

This was an increase to his strength that he couldn’t easily assess.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have time to study the curved dagger’s attributes. Marvin had been thinking of stopping to examine [Blazing Fury]’s stats and hidden stats. But sadly, Sean didn’t leave him the chance.

That old geezer said that if Marvin lost him, the Night Walker’s advancement would be failed.

With such a strict condition, Marvin could only run after him.

Soon, they’d entered Thousand Leaves Forest’s depths.

After a moment, Sean suddenly stopped and made a sign to Marvin!

‘There’s an issue?’ Marvin shivered. He immediately stopped and calmly leaned against a tree.

Sean nodded and then disappeared from where he stood!

What was this ghost-like ability!

Marvin eyes went round and he almost let out a surprised cry.

Sean was 50 - 60 meters away before suddenly disappearing and then reappearing behind Marvin!

If he had wanted to kill Marvin, it would be too easy!

Even an Ace Phantom Assassin’s most famous gap closer [Shadow Shift] didn’t have such a range!

What’s more, it was night right now, so there was no shadow behind Marvin’s to shift to!

Apparently the Night Walker class had a lot of skills worth exploring.

Thinking of this, Marvin couldn’t help but be excited.

"Don’t make a fuss, kid," said Sean coldly. "Night Walker’s abilities are far beyond what you imagine. If at that time I wasn’t young and arrogant enough to tease a Legendary Wizard, I would have also become a Legend by now!"

"There is a situation ahead. I think you should use it as some kind of test."



Sean’s words didn’t make any sense, but Marvin still reacted. 

‘The situation ahead?’

He moved forward but there was no one in his field of view, and there wasn’t any sound either.

‘Sean said in front, how far in front…’

"There is a girl 5 kilometers forward. She hired two adventurers as guides to enter the Thousand Leaves Forest."

"She is apparently looking for something, but those two men intend to go back on their deal. That girl is now in danger."

"Go get rid of those men. I was deeply impressed by your killing skill, so it shouldn’t be difficult, right?"

Sean added some information.

Marvin was simply dumbstruck when he heard that.


"Five kilometers!"

"Wait! How do you know that much?" Marvin couldn’t help but exclaim.

Sean whispered, "Because that girl came to Oak Town several days ago. She seeked Jane to make her a new set of clothes. The two chattered for a bit, so I know the ins and outs. As for why I can see that far, it’s because I have the Night Monarch’s blessings. There is no place my eyes can’t see."

His eyes then became dazed, apparently gazing at that place in the distance.

He urged, "Hurry up!"

"Those two adventurers are about to start!"

"You are a youth, aren’t you looking forward to being a hero saving a beauty? Now is the time."

Marvin remained silent.

He had never been interested in being a hero saving a beauty!

Night Walkers were Feinan’s guardians. Protecting some major secrets were their responsibilities, but was it really a class where he absolutely had to pull out his blade and help someone whenever he met with an injustice?

He looked at the weird geezer’s expression, smelling a hint of a plot.

This was definitely strange!

But he could only helplessly speed forwards for now!

Sean followed behind him. Soon, Marvin no longer noticed him.

‘Damnit, he is really an old fox.’

Marvin cursed inwardly.

Telling him to do such a troublesome thing.

He soon arrived at the place Sean mentioned, a small clearing.

Two adventurers were surrounding a delicate woman.

Their smiles were very sinister.

The important part was that the two were damn 2nd rank class holders!

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