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This was a narrow alley with buildings on both sides.

There was no place to take cover in the whole alley, making it very suitable for archers.

The moon was hidden from sight, leaving the alley pitch black. But Marvin had Darksight!

He could clearly see a beautiful silhouette standing on a roof not far from there, a bow aiming at Marvin!

It was a female archer.

And on the other end of the alley, another figure quietly appeared.

When Marvin saw the man’s appearance, he couldn’t help but be shocked!

That man was actually the barman he had stunned!

The one who had given him the information to kill those three from the Marcus Thieves Society. 

‘I understand…’

‘This guy was killing with a borrowed knife.’

Marvin shivered thinking about it.

He didn’t expect to be tricked even when being this careful.

The current barman was totally different compared to the previous nervous youth. The change in his presence was very noticeable.

He had changed clothes and was now wearing a set of battle gear. He was a ranger holding two daggers like Marvin.

However… This guy was a 2nd rank ranger!

According to Inspect, this man only had the base class Ranger, but he was level 7!

‘A 2nd rank class holder… Along with an archer…’

‘Hold on! Two people…’

He suddenly thought of something and couldn’t help but let out, "You are Wolf?"

The man on the other side stopped his footsteps and displayed a weird smiling expression. "You are a smart one."

"Seems like you aren’t useless. You were able to cleanly eliminate three of my subordinates."

"And you were able to quickly guess my identity. Such an interesting opponent." Wolf openly expressed his thoughts.


Marvin felt depressed.

He looked at that archer, muttering ‘So that’s Kitten.’

Marcus Thieves Society only had two people remaining.

And they both appeared in front of Marvin at the same time!

His current situation was very dangerous.

"Why did you kill your subordinates? Aren’t they your companions?"

Marvin had his back against the wall. He cautiously tried to buy some time.

The archer was very troublesome, especially since she controlled the high ground. If he was shot, it would be life threatening.

What’s more, Wolf was on the side, looking at him like he was prey. This guy was a level 7 ranger. Even though he hadn’t advanced, he still somewhat suppressed Marvin.

In Feinan, a lot of adventurers weren’t able to find a suitable advanced class. Perhaps they lacked money, or perhaps they couldn’t find an advanced teacher. Thus, quite a lot could only improve their base class. Bases class could also reach 2nd rank, but after level 10, they had to advance if they wanted to go any further.

Wolf was like one of those that couldn’t find a way to improve and helplessly leveled up their base class.

Even though base classes were more balanced, they couldn’t match up to advanced classes when it came to becoming stronger.

Thus, Marvin urgently needed to advance.

Facing Marvin’s question, Wolf couldn’t help but smile. "Of course we were companions. Otherwise, how could the information be so detailed?"

"I’m very grateful you killed them. I’ve been wondering how to eliminate them lately. Doing it myself is a bit unreasonable after all."

"I worked with them for many years. I felt hesitant to kill them directly."

Marvin felt sick listening to the hypocritical Wolf. 

Damnit, hesitant? Borrowing a knife to kill, what’s the difference?!

"You still haven’t answered my question. Why kill them?" Marvin calmly asked.

Wolf shrugged. "We recently had a big job."

"I understand," Marvin quickly answered. "You want to keep everything for yourself."

"There are two of us, so it’s not like I’m keeping everything to myself," Wolf happily replied.

He felt that the outcome had already been decided.

But from the current situation, it really seemed that way. Wolf was two levels higher than Marvin and there was also an archer on the high ground. As long as Marvin gave them an opportunity, they would easily kill him!

"Don’t speak nonsense!"

"Get rid of him and let’s take off tonight! Far away!" The archer standing on the roof coldly exclaimed.

‘Turns out the two were a pair of married thieves, no wonder they could act against the other three!’ Marvin suddenly understood.

As cold light flashed from his daggers, Wolf helplessly sighed, "Nothing I can do about it, I married a violent woman."

"I wanted to chat a bit more with you, but it’s time to work now."

"Since you helped me deal with them, I’ll let you have an honorable death. I’ll try to leave your body in one piece, how about it?"

He hadn’t finished talking when a dual wielding shadow threw himself over!

Marvin didn’t try to escape!

He knew that escaping would only result in a dead end.

His perception allowed him to feel something behind him. The archer had been aiming at him all along!

If he retreated, he would be an easy target, completely screwed!

He could only stand and fight!

Marvin thus directly rushed forward, daggers blazing!

Blade Technique - Rapids!

A detailed and refined blade technique was executed under the moonlight. Marvin’s every move was extremely accurate. Marvin and Wolf were equally matched for a moment!

The latter had a shocked expression.

He obviously had the level advantage and his weapon mastery should be a lot stronger. However, the other side’s blade technique was very refined. Wolf’s fierce attack couldn’t break through Marvin’s defense!

Wolf felt it was too unbelievable.

But it was the result of the strength Marvin had painstakingly built up!

It was true that Wolf’s level was higher, but the both sides had similar weapon mastery level, and Marvin had blade techniques on top of that!

Marvin and Wolf’s curved daggers were locked into a dance, sending flashing cold rays of light through the alley and making "Clank" sounds.

‘Turns out Wolf is only this strong!’

Marvin’s heart relaxed a bit.

Even if that guy was a 2nd rank class holder, he hadn’t advanced and thus didn’t have the bonus attributes of an advanced class.

The two extra levels were at most just a few more skill points and an attribute point. And Marvin’s killing skills were a hundred times better than Wolf’s!

Marvin could put him down in less than 3 minutes in a duel!

But this wasn’t a duel. There was an archer behind him.

Marvin couldn’t go all out!

He had to pay attention to Kitten’s bow.

He couldn’t fully focus on Wolf, leading to a deadlock!

‘Damn it! If this goes on, I’ll definitely lose!’ Marvin’s heart was beating extremely fast.

Because he couldn’t endure a long fight due to his stamina!

Consecutively killing those three earlier already used up a lot of stamina. The current one versus two, which also included a long range class, put too much pressure on Marvin!

He had to find a way to turn the tides!


After both of them ruthlessly collided yet again, Wolf noticed something and retreated.


An arrow had been shot!

Marvin rolled, the arrow dangerously brushing past him! But this time, the dodge was a bit more awkward.

Wolf laughed nastily, raising his daggers and attempting a ruthless beheading slash!

The earlier roll made Marvin lose the upper hand. He curled and raised his dagger as to block!

But he suddenly threw his right dagger and began to quickly chant!

Vine Metamorphosis!

His hand quickly turned into a slender vine and coiled around Wolf’s right ankle.

The latter hadn’t expected a trick like this!

Ranger spells were in fact very rare!

Especially in the south where druids were less active.

This Vine Metamorphosis thoroughly broke Wolf’s rhythm. Marvin took advantage of this to make him stumble and fall on the ground.

Marvin took a deep breath, raising his left hand up, and then suddenly stabbing downward!

But it only went half-way before he had to stiffen his body to dodge half a step toward the side!


Another arrow!

Marvin couldn’t completely dodge this arrow. The triangular arrowhead pierced Marvin’s shoulder.

Marvin felt an acute pain!

"Fuck!" he bellowed. He didn’t think twice and still slashed at Wolf’s head!

The archer in the distance let out a mournful shriek and crazily shot arrows!

It looked like it was raining arrows.

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