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Marvin was silent.

What did that shadow mean?

He was clear about it.

The Shadow Prince!

A very active god during the Great Calamity, his avatars were all over Feinan. He once assassinated three Legends at the same time!

This was a very jealous and petty god. The people revering him were a part of the assassins and a few shadow wizards.

But if a legend appeared within those two classes, he would strangle his own follower without the slightest hesitation.

His famous quote was, "Just one assassin is enough in this world."

Marvin knew him; he was a complete coward. He liked to hide in the shadows. However, he was very powerful.

If Marvin wanted to advance to Ruler of the Night, the Shadow Prince wouldn’t let him off. In fact, Marvin fought against him an incalculable number of times in the game.

Marvin died three times, and the Shadow Prince died once.

But because Marvin was a player, he had the "Golden Generation" identity. He could keep reviving. The Shadow Prince only had one life, so Marvin still had the final win.

The final result was the fall of the Shadow Prince and Marvin successfully reaching Godhood.

But this was obviously in his previous life!!

The scene shown on the crystal ball was when Marvin killed the Shadow Prince and looted the Book of Nalu from his body.

He had no idea why Hathaway could see this scene.

This was really too puzzling.

"You want me to kill him?" Marvin said with a little bit of difficulty.

The current Marvin was definitely an ant to the Shadow Prince. He could crush Marvin between his fingers at any time.

""Do you think you can?"

Hathaway immediately sneered, "All of Feinan’s Legends are looking for this guy, but they still couldn’t catch him. You, a ranger that hasn’t even gotten his 2nd rank class, being able to kill him?"

"Then, why did you show me this?" Marvin asked in a deep voice.

"I need you to get this." Hathaway pointed at that scroll Marvin was holding in the crystal ball.

"The Book of Nalu."

Also known as "Book of Deception", it was a magic book written by the God of Deception Nalu in the last moments before his fall.

Each person could understand a few things from it, good, or bad. It totally relied on the person’s luck.

This thing was a god artifact!

"I don’t know this book’s current location, but it’s clearly not in the Shadow Prince’s hands."

Hathaway’s eyes were shining. "From what I’ve seen, you seem to have a special connection to this book. You should be able to find this book."

"Can you?"

Marvin hesitated for a moment, and then nodded.

"But only one page. My dream showed me the location of a page of the Book of Nalu buried not far from here."

Marvin chose to acknowledge that "Seer" identity.

Since Hathaway thought they were alike, there was no harm in carefully using this. He truly knew where the 6th page of the Book of Nalu was.

It would certainly be quite advantageous if he could hand it to a future legend.

"I’ll give you three months," Hathaway firmly said. "I have to reach legendary rank before that event happens."

"The Book of Nalu would help me accomplish that, even if it’s only one page."

"Now, tell me what you want in exchange."

The witch let go of the crystal ball and stared at Marvin.

"I hope you won’t be stupid and ask anything exaggerated."

When Marvin left the top floor of the Ashes Tower, it was already the middle of the night.

The two had discussed for quite a while. Because they shared the Seer identity, Hathaway seemed to treat Marvin as an equal. This was quite uncommon.

Unfortunately, Marvin knew he wasn’t a seer. What he saw wasn’t like Hathaway’s vague vision of the future, it was the true future!

The two chatted for a while. According to what Hathaway knew, the number of seers in Feinan Continent wouldn’t exceed ten.

Every seer had the potential of being a Legend. She wasn’t too clear about the origin of the seers, but it surely had something to do with the disappearance of the wizard god.

Marvin promised to look for the Book of Nalu for Hathaway. His requirements were very simple: Protect his younger brother Wayne, and form an alliance between the Ashes Tower and White River Valley.

Hathaway was straightforward and promised. She obviously knew the matter with the Unicorn clan. Ashes Tower’s strength was too powerful, they were unafraid of the Unicorn clan.

Shielding White River Valley was something very easy to do.

The news of the alliance would be announced tomorrow morning, and would then spread to all of East Coast. Thus, people who wanted to put their hands on White River Valley would think twice before acting.

Not everyone could take on an angry Half-Legend Witch.

For Marvin, accidently meeting Hathaway made everything much smoother.

He originally still needed to handle the Unicorn clan, but now, the pressure would disappear.

He hurried back to Wayne’s bedroom and saw that the small guy had already been sleeping. After explaining a few things to the old butler, Marvin left Magore Academy right away.

The true Battle of the Holy Grail would start two weeks later. Wayne should have recovered by then.

Marvin would proceed with his previous plan in the meantime.

He hadn’t forgotten the Eternal Flower promised to the Mad Lich, and now he also had to get the Book of Nalu for Hathaway. These things were both hidden very well but fortunately, Marvin’s memory was exceptional, and he had a deep affinity with treasures, or this would have been a real headache.

Of course, the most important part was still ranking up!

Turning into a Night Walker was the most important part of Marvin’s plan. If he couldn’t advance, even if Wayne and Marvin worked together, they might not be able to win the enchanted Holy Grail!

To turn into a Night Walker he needed to find a member of the Night Walker organization.

Marvin rented a horse in Magore Academy and rode toward the north in the night!

To the northwest of the Three Ring Towers was a large dense forest spreading for a thousand kilometers, the Thousand Leaves Forest. It was also the territory of the wood elves!

Marvin knew the location of a Night Walker. He lived in seclusion in the surroundings of the Thousand Leaves Forest.

That guy was apparently no good, but if he could get his recommendation, his advancement would be as good as done!

Oak Town.

As the human town situated the furthest north of the Three Ring Towers, Oak Town had always been the paradise of adventurers and merchants.

All kinds of trade went there, including slave trade. Of course, no elven slaves were included in this place.

As this was a mountainous area adjoining the wood elves’ kingdom, even greedy merchants didn’t dare to anger the elven king. Especially since in the last hundred years, the new elven king had shown his ability and an unyielding attitude.

The high elves’ glory was already being forgotten, and all high elves were already in the Eternal Nation. Only the wood elves and some other ordinary elves were left behind.

The wood elves were the most united among them. They gathered in the Thousand Leaves Forest, listening to the elven king’s orders, and had knowledge and treasures from the 2nd era. Although mankind had already been drooling over the resources in the Thousand Leaves Forest, the formidable elven king, with the help of the Elven Iron Guard, had locked human wizards, slavers and businessmen out.

In the past hundred years, very few elven slaves had appeared in the South.

Because if an elf went missing, that powerful Legend elven king would set out and ruthlessly slaughter a whole human village!

This guy was a star killer among elves! He simply didn’t conform to the elven temperament.

Even if the Elder assembly was dissatisfied with this new Elven King, they also had to admit that under the lead of this king, the wood elves were once again rising up, regaining part of the glory they had during the 2nd era.

At least, the South Wizards Alliance prohibited elven slavery, and took the initiative to be friendly with the wood elves kingdom.

Oak Town’s existence was a symbol of a friendly cooperation between both sides.

Both sides were there to engage in trade, abiding with the old social order. Harsh but fair.

But this didn’t stop humans from going north.

The elven king didn’t allow any human to enter the Thousand Leaves Forest.

Once caught, one would immediately be imprisoned. Elves usually didn’t kill, but their dungeons were quite durable.

Even though it was like that, the Thousand Leaves Forest was too vast and there were too few elven iron guards. There were still many adventurers secretly entering the Thousand Leaves Forest to gather some good things.

As long as luck was with them, they would be able to earn quite a bit.

Even if they met an elven iron guard, as long as they didn’t anger him, said a few friendly words and gave up everything they got in the Thousand Leaves Forest, they might be able to escape unscathed.

Thus, Oak Town was always a good place for low level adventurers to gamble.

When Marvin arrived at Oak Town from The Three Ring Towers, it was already morning.

He led the horse into town.

‘If I’m not wrong, that guy lives in seclusion in Oak Town.’

‘The exact location is… Forget it, paying a visit at night is more fitting.’

‘I hurried through the middle of the night, I’m beat… 9 constitution is really too bad.’

Marvin approached an inn’s door while yawning.

He paid and went to sleep.

He woke up in a daze, at nightfall.

After he ate his fill, he pulled himself together and left the inn, strolling down the street.

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