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Chapter 73: Battle of the Holy Grail

The Battle of the Holy Grail came from an ancient story.

Feinan was originally surrounded by primal chaos. Great amounts of magic power surrounded various regions of the world, and the chaos magic turned people with low willpower crazy. They would fight each other tooth and nail.

This was a chaotic land.

Then, the wizard god Lance arrived. He made a Holy Grail and used it to absorb magic power all over the world.

In less than a millennium, Lance absorbed all the parts of Feinan’s [Source of Magic] scattered in various regions and created the Universe Magic Pool with it.

He hid the Holy Grail in the depths of the Universe Magic Pool. The one who got the Holy Grail would be able to control Feinan’s Source of Magic and dominate the entire world!

A lot of people had been constantly coveting this Holy Grail and tried to enter the Universe Magic Pool to look for it, only to come up empty handed.

The Holy Grail ultimately turned into a tale. The symbol of wizards’ supreme authority.¹

In the Three Ring Towers, the Battle of the Holy Grail was the symbol of the cooperation and competition between the three wizard towers.

The Battle of the Holy Grail was split into two categories: the best apprentices of the Academies and the best 2nd rank wizards.

The winner would be able to get an enchanted item as a reward, an enchanted Holy Grail.

The enchanted Holy Grail’s uses were endless. It was a very powerful magic item and also the crystallization of the knowledge of wizard craftsmen.

The Battle for the Holy Grail would take place every 5 years, so the timing could be considered very good.

And Wayne being able to fight his way through to enter the last round of the apprentice selection tournament was not easy.

Marvin didn’t wish for him to stop there. Moreover, he had been coveting that enchanted Holy Grail for quite a long time.

This thing was very useful.

Thus, he decided to use Wayne’s follower spot to take part in the competition.

Everyone was opposed to this decision.

But they couldn’t do anything about it.

Marvin’s attitude was unyielding, and he also displayed outstanding strength. As such, Hanzer couldn’t be uncompromising.

The old butler was the most astonished. When he left White River Valley, Marvin was just an ordinary noble.

Marvin was now surprisingly able to take part in battle.

‘How much did Young Master Marvin change in that time!’

And Wayne actually seemed exceptionally excited.

He had always trusted Marvin. Since his older brother said he would take part in the competition, he would take part in the competition!

‘Brother said he could win, that mean he would definitely be able to win.’

The only concern was...

"Using a follower’s identity, won’t you feel wronged? Brother?" Wayne asked.

"I won’t." Marvin shook his head. "As long as I can win, I won’t bother about these small things."

"That’s good." Wayne, who was still lying down to recover, nodded.

"You only need to rest now."

"Listen to Sir Hanzer. Tomorrow we will get the notification of the final qualifying round. Let’s wait and see," Marvin said.

In another room in Magore Academy dorms.

"Why did Dame Hathaway suddenly appear? And she became Marvin’s witness??"

"How could there be such a coincidence? Could it be a plot targeting my family? Which clan is responsible?"

"Not likely, no one is able to accurately grasp a legendary wizard’s thoughts. Is it really a fluke?"

White was walking in his room, somewhat impatient.

After the end of the trial, every member of the Unicorn family working in the Ashes Tower received a personal warning from Hathaway herself.

This was the Ashes Tower, this was Hathaway’s domain, not the Unicorn clan headquarters!

As for that pitiful judge, he was taken away after having been transformed into a pig.

A Half-Legend wizard’s shapeshifting spell… Who knew how long it would last?

Nevermind this.

The important part was that this event made the upper echelon of the clan very dissatisfied about White.

His father even sent a letter to scold him!

He was only the thirteenth successor of the Unicorn clan! Although there were numerous heirs, he was relatively outstanding. He reached peak of 1st rank wizard at only 13 years old. If nothing unexpected happened, he would advance to a 2nd rank wizard by the end of next summer!

However, he definitely couldn’t act on behalf of the Unicorn clan. What he did had definitely harmed the benefits the Unicorn clan received from the Three Ring Towers.

Hathaway’s fury was directed at their whole family.

This made White very gloomy!

How did it suddenly became something like this?

Could that little bastard really be his nemesis?

"Sir, don’t be worried," The black clothed man coldly reassured. "As far as I know, even if that Wayne’s curse was removed, his body hasn’t recovered."

"He’ll definitely be unable to participate in the final round."

"Sir must quickly prepare for the Battle of the Holy Grail."

White slowly stopped and nodded. "You are right, we need to calm down now."

"Maybe Dame Hathaway sent people to watch us."

"Even if the outcome is not as great as I expected, I still got what I wanted."

The next day.

Hanzer brought the notice about the final round of the selection tournament.

"Forest zone?"

"For real?"

Marvin looked at the notification and couldn’t help but smile, stunned.

Hanzer was also at loss. "The Battle of the Holy Grail had always been conducted in a snow mountain."

"Thus, everyone had always prepared for such… But this time, an order apparently came from higher-ups to change it to a forest…"

From above?

Wayne and Hanzer both looked at Marvin. Marvin was even more stunned.

Who else is above Magore Academy? It’s obviously the Half-Legend Dame Hathaway.

It was her idea?

Hanzer suspiciously looked at Marvin. "Mister Marvin, Wayne is my favorite disciple. I think you don’t need to hide too much from me."

"If you really have something to do with that higher-up… Some relationship. Everything would make sense."

Marvin forced a smile; Hanzer didn’t randomly say that.

Marvin was a ranger. It would be normal in the snow, but in the forest, he would simply be like a fish in water.

After their side signed up yesterday, the terrain was immediately changed to a forest. This made it quite difficult for people not to harbor suspicions.

Now, a few high level teachers from Magore Academy were secretly communicating, guessing about Marvin and Hathaway’s relationship.

They felt that they had underestimated this White River Valley’s baron. This guy was actually close to the Ashes Tower’s Master.

As for the proof?

Sticking out for Marvin in the Arbitration Hall, forcefully changing the rule to the greatest extent to help Marvin. Still not enough?

Marvin also didn’t know what to say.

He was really not too familiar with Hathaway. Even though he had heard of her through a few quests, he had only heard a bit about her character.

Eccentric, but detesting evil. Like Anthony, she was one of the few wizards who took care of the ordinary people.

‘She wouldn’t really change the rules for me, right?’

‘What does this mean?’

He felt a little apprehensive.

But in any case, the forest terrain was the best news for the two brothers.

In the competition in two days, there should be many people watching the match.

"What? They’ll actually participate?"

White looked at the document in his hands and almost jumped from his chair!

Furthermore, it wasn’t the previously decided snow mountain area, but they’d actually changed it to the forest area.

What does this mean in the end?

Who could guess the Dame’s thoughts.

"Competing is not an issue." Fierceness could be seen on White’s face. "I heard his older brother would replace his previous follower and participate in the competition."

"The two brothers will fight together, so I just have to kill them!"

The black clothed man said in a low voice. "Sir, you still have to be somewhat careful and make sufficient preparations. I have a feeling that this Baron Marvin has some tricks."

"Only a country bumpkin who can play around with two curved daggers, what else could he do?"

White sneered, "This is a world ruled by wizards."

Ashes’ Tower highest floor.

A young girl was lazily lying down on a sofa.

A parrot flew in and stopped on her snow white ankle.

"Everything has been settled?" Hathaway quietly asked.

The parrot answered, "The notice has already been sent. Forest area, and the competition will be the day after tomorrow."

"I’m not sure why you suddenly asked for this."

"Was it just because that boy saw through your identity?"

Hathaway stretched, displaying snow white skin through her pajamas.

She snapped her finger, seemingly bored, turning into a 6 years old girl.

"Is that not enough?"

"That youth named Marvin is fun. His younger brother would at most be an outstanding wizard."

"But Marvin himself might become a Legend!"

"It hasn’t been lively in a long time. I hope this Marvin would give me a nice surprise. Fighting a wizard and a guardian in a forest would still be very difficult.

1- A/N - If you are interested in the wizard god Lance, you can take a look at Coconut’s previous work, "Headshot Wizard"

T/N - I don’t think anyone is translating this right now, but I know some of you like to read raws, so if you are interested. "爆头巫师"

T/N - Guardian (shield-bearer) is different from Guardian Knight (Church’s protectors). Class name suggestions are welcomed.

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