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When the Bloody Emperor's soul was summoned by Saydis' contract, getting taken to the Extreme Evil Hell, Marvin obtained the complete Blades of Sodom.

Even if he couldn't see all of the properties of the Blades of Sodom, he gradually felt more acclimatized to the power of this weapon while using it.

When the Bloody Emperor was able to kill a large number of Gods and Divine Servants in the 3rd Era, a lot of the credit was due to his incredible blades.

This Artifact was one of the few weapons that could restrain Gods.

Because Divine Laws were higher forces, the restrictions had powerful effects.

Many Legends would sink into predicaments because they had a hard time escaping from Laws that restrained them.

But the holder of Sodom's Blades wouldn't encounter this problem!

Even a restricting ritual on the level of Divine Shackles could only trap Marvin in this area, without being able to suppress him!

Thus, the furious Marvin turned into a genuine God of Slaughter!

He knew that this fight would happen sooner or later.

He had always been hiding or using clever tricks to deter the enemies when he wasn't strong enough.

But even at that time, he was very clear that this battle would happen sooner or later.

Those beings of the Astral Sea wouldn't allow a heroic existence like Marvin to exist.

After angering a few Gods, the rest of the Gods would agree to help with their revenge.

The plan to target Marvin was definitely suggested as a result of the Fate Tablet triggering a war.

But Marvin hadn't thought that they would appear with such unfortunate timing.

He was in a bad mood.

This time, he didn't use any stealthy or elusive tricks that he used before.

He chose to attack from the front.

He needed an unquestionable victory to send his message throughout the Universe!

Feinan's Humans weren't a group of inferior lifeforms that could only hide under the Universe Magic Pool.

They could also be very powerful.

Thinking of this, Marvin strengthened his grip on the curved daggers.

"First one."

His voice was icy, mechanical.

The others felt a shiver as that Cleric's head fell on the ground.

Because Marvin looked like an unfeeling machine as he swept over all of them, accurately recording everyone's position, appearance, aura, and other information while processing them in his mind.

A total of 63 people.

They formed three camps.

Three Divine Servants, 16 Inferior Divine Servants, and the rest were Legend-level Clerics!

The Wisdom Ability was churning through the information, calculating constantly. After Marvin killed one, he tried to see what would be the best way to take advantage of the shock he caused in order to handle this as quickly as possible.

Indeed, not only did he want to kill this group of irksome Divine Servants, but he also wanted to use the quickest method!

He was able to picture and run through countless plans in his mind.

Almost all of the plans were tossed away, leaving only one.

And all this took less than half a second.

The battle with the Divine Servants took up the most important part of the calculations.

With the increase in his level of strength, he had far too many options to choose from now. If he fought with just his instincts, he would likely suffer some unnecessary injuries.

In the game, he had the battle assisting system, which would help the players with planning and movement. Although he didn't have that in this life, he now had the Wisdom Ability which was far more powerful.

It only left the most optimal plan!

Marvin's eyes were filled with confidence.

Before the Divine Servants could recover from the shock of seeing Marvin being able to move through the Divine Shackles, Marvin already set the first step of his plan into motion!

[Eternal Night]!

The aura of the night spread up from the ground, covering the heaven and earth. In an instant, the forest was shrouded in darkness!

Perhaps it was because many the enemies encountered weren't very strong so he didn't need to use a large-scale skill like Eternal Night, or maybe it was because most of his fights would happen at night, due to his planning and the fact that night had gotten longer after the Great Calamity, but Marvin didn't use that characteristic skill of the Night Walkers very often.

He had used it so infrequently that, if not for the Wisdom Ability reminding him, Marvin might have actually forgotten to use this extremely powerful auxiliary skill here.

When the entire forest sank into darkness, those Clerics started feeling flustered for some reason!

Even if they were far stronger than mortals and possessed the [Eye of Divine Favor] that could see through the night, they actually felt fear and coldness when that dense darkness emitted from Marvin's body and shrouded them all.

They felt Marvin's aura strengthening.

And it was even more disastrous in the eyes of the three Apostles!

"How could this be!"

"His aura, his physical abilities… They doubled and broke through Human limits?"

Winston gripped his Holy Tome and tried to draw comfort from it as he almost cursed!

Was that guy still a Human at this point?

It was more conceivable for him to break through Godly Dexterity.

There had always been some geniuses since ancient times that could break through the shackles of Human bodies to reach this divine and dignified realm in their attributes.

But never before had he seen someone like Marvin that could somehow have such an additional huge boost after already reaching Post-Godly Dexterity, even doubling them.

What made them feel wrong was that they actually felt an aura that imposed control over the area!

Wasn't this like facing a God's [Perfect Domain]?

"Why do these shadows seem to have life of their own?" The Queen of Spiders' Apostle murmured, "Hasn't the Shadow Prince just entered slumber?"

"This Ruler of the Night isn't the Night Monarch… How could this be?"

The others were also staring foolishly at this scene, unable to react.

Some more panicked Clerics began crazily casting Divine spells at Marvin.

But the strange thing was that in the depths of that dark night, all the Divine Spells were "eaten" by the ever-spreading shadows!

None of the Divine Spells could even approach Marvin.

He held Sodom's Blades in his hands and stood there, coldly scanning everyone in the field of darkness.

Just this action had, in fact, sentenced everyone there to death!

"Don't misunderstand, I'm not doing this out of some sort of grudge."

Marvin expressionlessly clarified, "I'm just calculating the order in which I will kill all of you."

"By the way, your Gods are way too foolish. They knew that Glynos already died, but they still let you throw away your lives."

"Divine Shackles? Do you think those are powerful?"

"Sorry, I'm already the Ruler of Shadows."

The next second, countless shadows rushed out from Marvin's body, attacking those terrified Clerics.

As for Marvin, he flashed past them.

Shadow Escape!

Winston suddenly felt a huge danger looming.

He pressed the Holy Tome against his chest while loudly chanting, "My benevolent God, grant me…"

But he got no further before his sentence was stuck in his throat.

Sodom's Blades easily split open the Armor of Divine Power and the Law Barrier protecting him. Winston's head spun into the air as the Divine Source was absorbed by the advanced False Divine Vessel!

Just as Marvin prepared to kill his next target, a few lines of information flashed before his eyes:

[You reached the necessary number of lifeforms killed, Night Kill levelling up…]

[Night Kill (Lvl4) - Effect changing…]

[Would you like to fuse this passive specialty with your advanced False Divine Vessel (2nd advancement)?]

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