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The moment the Divine Shackles appeared, Marvin knew that this battle couldn't be avoided.

He knew that the longer Dark Phoenix remained in Wayne's body, the more dangerous it would be for Wayne, but he had no choice right now.

The only route left to him was a bloody escape path paved by the corpses of these irksome Clerics!

Divine Shackles was a very powerful Divine Spell Ritual.

It could not only seal a space, stopping people inside from leaving, but it also stopped those outside from entering.

The followers put out the banners of their own respective Gods while the others chose to wait and see.

Marvin's Perception wasn't blocked, so he could feel many pairs of eyes watching this forest with attention.

They had no plans to hide themselves.

This battle had more implications than just private grudges.

It was the first battle between the representative of Feinan's natives and the outsiders since the Universe Magic Pool shattered.

The only unfortunate thing was that in the eyes of the others, Marvin's chances of winning were basically nil!

Even if there were no actual Gods here, they were all high-ranked Divine Servants or Divine Citizens, but the number was too great.

If they were split apart, letting Marvin fighting them one on one and giving him a chance to use his roguish skills, this Ruler of the Night might be able to reverse the situation.

But this wasn't the case, unfortunately.

Divine Shackles already took shape.

Even if it was the Shadow Prince, that God with the Shadow Domain, he would still be unable to display more than 50% of his strength under the suppression of such powerful Divine Shackles!

This was characteristic of rogues; in a direct confrontation, it was very difficult for them to get an advantage.

Let alone since those Gods had sent out their strongest lineup of people below their Angels, creating the most powerful army in Feinan.

Over sixty Clerics from various Secondary Planes were backing the three Apostles.

Headed by the Dream God's First Divine Servant, Winston, their strength was enough to make a powerful Mid God suffer.

Marvin was screwed!

This was what those spectators were thinking. They came from all parts of the Universe, from Secondary Planes, from the Abyss, from Hell… They might all have ulterior motives, they might all be hostile toward each other, but they would all be pleased with Marvin's death.

In the eyes of these outsiders, Feinan's natives should just be enslaved.

They were inferior lifeforms, dregs with no beliefs, but they had been occupying the most beautiful territory in the Universe for such a long time.

This was a sin in itself.

And they even dared to resist, making the followers of the Gods even more upset.

Thus, after the fall of the Plane Guardians, Marvin's death might finally cause the remaining powerhouses of Feinan to realize that they had no hope, and instead just hide away, ceasing their futile resistance.

After all, in this era of chaos, Marvin's name was like a banner surrounding Feinan.

With him alive, Feinan had hope.

But the spectators didn't know how stupid they were.

On a hill not far from there, a thin girl carrying three swords silently looked at the pale yellow space where the Divine Shackles had condensed.

That was the phenomenon of Divine Power transforming into Order Power.

Order Power was this world's most original power. Besides the Wizard God, no one should be able to summon it.

Even Gods could only use their most first-rate Divine Power to develop an imitation, and couldn't substitute or control it.

"To be honest, I actually admire Marvin."

A young man stood beside the young girl, not hiding his pride at all. "But Humans are just Humans in the end."

"To be able to reach this stage is already amazing. But this is his limit. If he can't ascend to Godhood, he will stop at this point forever."

"Unfortunately, my father actually appreciates him. Although he has a Devil Bloodline, he is essentially a Human with a fixed upper limit. He has angered too many enemies that he shouldn't have provoked. Dying at the hands of those Gods' followers is something that would have happened for sure sooner or later."

The girl silently shook her head.

The man raised an eyebrow. "You have a different opinion?"

The girl coldly responded, "I am also a Human."

The man was dumbstruck, before laughing for a bit. But as he glanced at the three swords behind the girl's back, he couldn't help but admit defeat. "You are different. I told you many times, there is the bloodline of an Ancient God in your body. Not just anyone can handle the Valkyrie's inheritance. Any other Human would have already been crushed to death."

"Don't look at me with this expression, I know you are very fierce, I can't defeat you at the moment."

"But think about the future. I am thinking about it for you! This is the era of the Astral Sea! Feinan won't be able to remain in the hands of the Humans. If you are willing to follow my father…"

His voice abruptly came to an end.

An ice-cold purple Holy Sword was already on his neck.

Eve indifferently muttered, "I know your power keeps growing every day, and I also know that your father is Anuba Grant, the God of Dawn and Protection... Very troublesome."

"But don't you forget. No matter how fast your strength grows, as long as you are at my side, I can kill you at any time."

The man let out a hollow laugh, a gloomy expression on his face.

When the church of Dawn and Protection was initially established, Eve had been cautiously watching it.

He had stealthily come to Feinan this time, but he was quickly captured by Eve. With his strength and identity as the son of the God of Dawn and Protection, if it had been anyone else, they wouldn't have been able to make him submit.

Only Eve could.

The Valkyrie's three Holy Swords were some of the rare few things in this world that could restrain him.

His strength had recovered quite quickly, but he still didn't dare fight against Eve. He could only follow behind Eve every day, always on edge.

This might be the most sullen descendant of a God in history.

The man laughed at himself.

But at this time, Eve's tone had a rare hint of ridicule. "You think my weapons are the only ones in the world that can restrain you?"

An expression of surprise appeared on the man's face, before turning extremely grave!

Because in the forest, a low sound suddenly made its way to them.

It felt as if a pair of claws was ripping through the air.

At the core of the Divine Shackles, Marvin leapt straight up!

He was like a bolt of lightning with his daggers in hands as he appeared directly behind a Cleric of the Queen of Spiders.


A head fell as his hands flashed!

It was as if that dense Divine Power Armor didn't exist!

"Sodom's Blades!" The God Descendant felt numb. "No way?"

Marvin was naturally unaware of those things happening outside the barrier.

He had dared come alone to the Sky Tower because he had a clear understanding of his strength.

With the help of Sodom's Blades, even the Shadow Prince wasn't his rival.

Let alone a group of mere Divine Servants!

The Divine Shackles truly restricted Marvin's body. But those Divine Servants didn't think that this pair of ordinary-looking daggers were the famous God Slaying weapons.

It came with its own passive -

[Order Ripper]: User has active immunity to all restrictive Laws.

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