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After they were done chatting about that topic, Marvin and Ivan started discussing more serious matters.

The appearance of the Fate Tablet was closely related to the fates of all those who lived in Feinan.

The Wood Elves, as one of the most powerful forces in southeast Feinan, naturally wouldn't easily let go of this opportunity.

Ivan made it clear that he would lead some Wood Elves and Sea Elves to participate in the fight for the Fate Tablet.

"The appearance of the Fate Tablet is different from the 3rd Era's."

"In the 3rd Era, a large number of fragments of the Fate Tablets scattered across the world and were obtained by many people, giving them the opportunity to rise up to Godhood."

"But this time, the 4th Fate Tablet appeared as a whole."

"And a tower followed the appearance of the 4th Fate Tablet."

As Ivan talked, the two of them quickly walked toward the lake.

Ivan's hands lightly shook, and a ripple appeared on the lake.

The surface suddenly changed.

The lake water started showing a view of Feinan from the sky.

The scene was incomparably clear.

Marvin noticed that in the depths of the First Mountain Range, there had appeared a huge hole.

That hole formed a ravine, which cut across the mountain range that was splitting the North from the South. If carefully exploited in the future, it might become an important trade channel between the North and South.

But the most surprising part was that a tall tower had unexpectedly appeared inside the ravine!

The fog slowly scattered, and a pale yellow energy was covering the area surrounding the tower.

That was Order Power!

At this moment, there was already a dense crowd surrounding the tower.

"This is the Sky Tower, the rumored Tower of the Wilds Shrine's Guardian," Ivan calmly said. "The 4th Fate Tablet is inside."

The Wizard Shrine's Sky Tower.

It somehow followed the fall of the Fate Tablet into this hole, or something like that anyways. This was something Marvin hadn't expected. Wayne also hadn't told Marvin anything about that earlier. This made Marvin feel somewhat uneasy.

'What did Wayne experience in the Wilds Shrine in the end?'

Marvin was a little worried about him.

Wayne should have had no reason to hide this information from Marvin.

In the eyes of others, it made sense for the Sky Tower to appear along with the Fate Tablet.

But Marvin felt that the Sky Tower was definitely related to Lance.

'Throwing Fate Tablet fragments down to Feinan in the 3rd Era, and now the Sky Tower being along with the Fate Tablet in the 4th Era.'

'Lance… What are you after?'

Marvin couldn't help contemplating over what this might mean..

But since the Sky Tower had appeared, Marvin wasn't too worried about the Fate Tablet being snatched by anyone else for the time being.

He had an understanding of Order Power. Such a dense amount of it would stop anyone that was not specifically allowed inside by the owner of the Tower.

In fact, from the scene they were looking at, there were many people who had reached the First Mountain's pass.

But they were forced by that Order Power to remain outside.

This wasn't the first time Marvin had seen this.

The Shrieking Mountain Range to the north of White River Valley had countless monsters and lifeforms locked there by Lance's Shackles of Order. They couldn't take even one step outside.

And the Shackles of Order around the Sky Tower were no different from the ones around the Shrieking Mountain Range.

Since no one could go in, those from other planes had no issue making moves on others...

Marvin even saw many Divine Servants already starting to fight!

"According to the legends, if you want to enter the Sky Tower, you have to get a pass."

"The Fate Tablet should be hidden on the top floor of the Sky Tower. If you really want to get it, you have to move step by step."

"I believe that knowledge of the way to get passes will soon spread around."

"At that time, bloodbaths will be inevitable," Ivan sneered.

Marvin nodded. "The current situation should still be under control, but in at most two days, a true chaotic war will probably erupt. Naturally, this is the true era of chaos."

Ivan took a deep breath, "Tonight I'll exterminate the last group of Wizard Monsters in the Three Ring Towers, and I'll then immediately hurry over."

"It's time to take revenge."

Marvin naturally understood what he meant.

Great Elven King Nicholas had died because of the plotting of those Gods!

The Gods were currently fighting the Astral Beast, so if he wanted to take revenge, he could only go look for those Divine Servants!

A debt of blood must be paid in blood.

The Elven War Saint was no lover of peace.

Marvin could only pat Ivan's shoulder, before deciding to leave.

Ivan had his path, while Marvin also had his own goals.

Both sides didn't necessarily need to act together.

Moreover, Marvin was worried about Wayne.

The little guy was only 10 years old, but he had gone ahead and left for the chaotic area.

Marvin was worried that he might come to harm.

Even though he felt like he should be able to protect Wayne from the dark, for some reason, that warning omen was still continuously pulsing in his heart.

He bid farewell to Ivan, and before he left, the two arranged to later meet under the Sky Tower.

Just as he was about to use Endless Path to rush toward the Sky Tower, a powerful wave of pain passed through his mind!

"Isabelle!" Marvin was startled.

He suddenly changed the direction of his Endless Path ability, aiming instead at a hill not far from the First Mountain Range!


Marvin's shadow flashed past.

Beside the hill, Isabelle's face was filled with pain.

Her abdomen had been pierced by Arcane Energy and she fell to the ground in pain.

'What's going on?'

Marvin hurried over.

Isabelle was covered in wounds, and a Healing Stone was flickering with a faint white glow as it tried to cure her wounds.

But that Arcane Energy was too powerful and fierce. The wound looked like it was expanding despite the efforts of the Healing Stone!

"I'm fine," Isabelle insisted, with a pale face and a complicated expression.

Marvin frowned. He activated his Wisdom ability to try to reconstruct what had happened here, and the following scene appeared in his mind:

Ten seconds ago, Wayne had used a long-distance teleportation spell to reach this place.

He stamped his feet there while looking at the Sky Tower in the distance, showing a prideful expression. "My things belong to me in the end."

"Teacher, I won't let you be disappointed."

"Because I am the true… God of Magic!"

After saying this, he suddenly turned around and sent a frightening Arcane Energy bursting from his fingertips, flying toward the hidden Isabelle, who had been trying to protect Wayne from the shadows!

Isabelle barely avoided a mortal injury, but she lost her ability to move.

Wayne remained silent and started walking to the Sky Tower.

Marvin was at a loss after finding out what had happened.

'What happened to Wayne?'

'He wants to become the God of Magic?'

Marvin had secretly tasked Isabelle to protect Wayne, not expecting that she might be detected by him.

And when he made a move against her, it had been so ruthless.

'What did my younger brother experience in the Wilds Shrine?'

'He… Is that still him?'

Marvin clenched his teeth.

An angry voice erupted in the distance, followed by Arcane Energy and Divine Energy clashing furiously.

There was an atmosphere of chaos and slaughter spread across almost the whole First Mountain Range.

Just as Ivan said, this was the start of… an Era of Chaos.

[Volume 4 - End]

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